“It seems that your strength and your mouth are not at the same level。”Zong Xueqin said calmly。
Tu Cancan’s body became stiff,Because she knew she was no longer qualified to talk to each other。
the first time,Someone can actually solve the trick just now,Who is the woman in front of me,Why she is so strong。
Even if she has been in the Tujia,Have never heard of the other party’s existence。
Well, the convenience is the person Xia Chenglong is looking for,no doubt。
Xia Chenglong is in the magma demon behind her right now,If she runs or jumps down for help,The other party should be able to express。
but……That’s not what she likes to see。
“I haven’t lost,You didn’t win。”
Zong Xueqin didn’t talk to Tu Cancan anymore,Just walk over,The red aura permeates between each step,Look unique。
The aura in Tu Cancan’s body is soaring,It’s just that I still didn’t get the desired result。
Unable to move,And the qi in the body are sealed at this moment。
Actually she should be able to think of,The woman who can escape from Xia Chenglong’s hands time and time again,Definitely not an ordinary existence。
This level of battle has long surpassed ordinary people’s imagination。
Tu Cancan collapsed weakly to the ground,Her vision gradually blurred,Finally lost my intuition。
Zong Xueqin’s expressionless face,Surround it directly with aura,Then turn around and go in the direction where you came from before。
Suddenly an outsider appeared,Make it no longer peaceful here,As a woman who is careful about everything,Any unusual situation may cause unimaginable consequences。