Not bad,It’s Mu Yi from Sunny Home,Hu Yang remembers that this brother answered correctly,Rewarded。

Muyi Private Message,Request,Still the old rules,Directly to your own anchor——sunny day。such,Get more on sunny days,No need to change hands to waste。
“no problem!Speaking of,Sunny girl is also our acquaintance。”Hu Yang said。
He asked Hua Zai to brush five rockets for the sunny girl who just aired,It’s a return to the support of the sunny girl yesterday,Help her make headlines by the way。This time period,Five rockets are enough to sit still for three minutes。
It just aired on sunny days,No makeup yet,Face is a little swollen。
now,She is trapped,Five rockets suddenly floated up in my live broadcast room。
one look,Is Hu’s number,She quickly thanked。yesterday,She just gave one131400The Moonlight City of Coins。did not expect,Brother Hu is so polite,Today I gave her a half-million dollar rocket。
Huazi explained,This is what her family Mu Yi won。
“Mu Yi?He got it right again?”Surprised on a sunny day。
Mu Yicai spoke in the live broadcast room of his anchor,The reward is just a rocket,But Brother Hu gave five of them this time。
“one way or another,Thank you brother Hu,Thanks also to my brother Mu Yi,Love you so much。”My brother,Of course the favorite,After all, it’s his own official。
Mu Yi started to support her from the Civilian,Duke until now,Spent tens of thousands of RMB。
at this time,Hu Yang explained in his live broadcast room:“Lingbi is a county in Anhui,Lingbi Stone is their specialty,Just like the Duanyan here,Characteristic industry。
Maybe you don’t understand,Our country has had stone watching since ancient times、The tradition of playing with stones。
then,Four famous ornamental stones appeared,Respectively are:Lingbi Stone、Taihu Stone、Yingshi、Kunshi。Lingbi stone is the first of the four famous stones。”
The collection and appreciation of Lingbi Stone can be said to be well-known for a long time。Since ancient times,All the Tibetan stone houses have treasures of Lingbi,There is Su Shi’s if there is a documentary record“Little Penglai”、Fan Chengda“Xiao Emei”、Zhao Mengfu’s“Wu Lao Feng”。
And the coquettish emperor Li Yu loved“Lingbi Yanshan”,Song Huizong also played with a small Lingbi Xiaofeng,Question“Mountain high month small,Come to the bottom”character,Let people engrave on the side of the peak,And seal。
have“Tianxia Stone”Lingbi Stone,Aggregate、sound、shape、All beauty is one,Occupy a major position in the ancient Chinese antique culture,It is a recognized stone treasure throughout the ages。