Shu Xiujuan was shocked,She doesn’t know why Zhang Changlin attacked her,I had to frown and raise my knees,Can block Zhang Changlin’s leg attack。

boom!The knees and legs of the two hit each other,Shu Xiujuan realized something was wrong,Because Zhang Changlin’s kick is soft,Powerless,It’s like a joke。
original,Lu Menglin broke Zhang Changlin’s finger with gang strength just now,Taking advantage of the opponent’s weakness,Kicked his ring jump hole,Caused a conditioned kick,Attacking Shu Xiujuan,Cleverly confuse the enemy。
at this time,Lu Menglin’s whole person seems to have turned into a sharp arrow,Rushed to Gong Anguo not far away。
Under him,Gang Jin burst,The surrounding air made a whistling sound。
Gong Anguo couldn’t even dream of it,That young man was able to escape the surrounding of the five great strengths at once,And can burst into such a terrible speed to rush towards yourself。
Too late to think,Gong Anguo’s heart fell instantly,Eruption of internal strength,Head on to Lu Menglin with a punch。
There is sturdiness in this punch,Like pulling a hard bow and shooting a big arrow,Blasted the air all at once,It can be regarded as Gong Anguo’s full shot。
Lu Menglin took advantage of the momentum,Horse shaped cannon punch,Hard bridge hard horse,Punch out。
A pair of fists,Two gangs broke out at the same time。
This moment,The space between the two seemed to be dropped by a bomb,The sound extends in all directions。
Gong Anguo’s Iron Arrow Fist,Among the six powerful warriors,One of the most powerful techniques。
Gang Vigor as an Arrow,Concentrated burst,Strong penetration,Punch out,The surrounding airflow made a bursting whine,Awe-inspiring。
boom!boom!boom!The two people are full of vigor,Made a continuous popping sound。
Jian Gang vs. Pao Jin!Fierce collision,The ground is shaking,Gives the illusion that the earth is shaking。
Under the two violent collisions,Lu Menglin’s body shape stays still,But Gong Anguo retreated two steps in a row。
Can Jian Gang not match the gun power?People who saw this scene couldn’t help being surprised。
however,Lu Menglin did not stop attacking,He knows well,Fall again,The truth of three exhaustion,Another serial artillery blast。