2016 Snooker Crown Winning J Final O’Sullivan vs Higgins Live Video Recording Results 7-10_1

2016 Snooker Crown Winning J Final O’Sullivan vs Higgins Live Video Recording Results 7-10
On November 13th, the 2016 Snooker Championship Championship Tournament continued. In the final, the Rockets O’Sullivan and the wizard Higgins started the battle of the Kings Mountain.After a number of draws, Higgins won three games in a row after 7-7, and finally defeated O’Sullivan 10-7. He won the championship championship for the first time in his career and will receive 100,000 championship bonuses.Higgins defeated O’Sulliman’s championship. O’Sullivan’s state remained very good. He defeated the single-time limited-time champion Hull in the first round, defeated the German masters champion Gould in the second round, and scored 100 in the semi-finals.After defeating Allen, he reached the final for the third time after winning the championship in 2013 and 2014.O’Sullivan’s final opponent is Higgins. The Wizards have just won the championship of the Chinese Championships. This season’s winning streak of Murphy, Trump and Ding Junhui top three players, reached the final for the first time.The two of Snooker’s four kings and 75 three heroes have met in the final for the first time in nine years since the 2007 Super League final.In the 2016 Snooker Championship finals O’Sullivan vs Higgins Phase 1 in the first phase of the game, Higgins quickly entered the game in the first game, with a single score of 75 points and scored a 1-0 lead.In the second inning, Higgins’ attack was interrupted after 19-0, then O’Sullivan chased a shot and scored a super score to win a 1-1 draw.Since then, the two sides have each achieved a one-shot victory, and the score came to a 2-2 draw.  In the 5th inning, O’Sullivan quickly obtained the opportunity through the bench, and scored 90 points in a single shot. Higgins quickly completed a 79-point overshot in the sixth inning, and the game scored 3-3.In the seventh inning, Higgins won by 65 points in a single shot, and in the eighth inning, O’Sullivan scored 61 points and won 4-4.In the final game of the first stage, the two sides entered the competition stage, and O’Sullivan won the game with a 5-4 lead. Previous page12Next page