2017CBA All-Star Xingrui South Xingrui VS North Xingrui live broadcast address_1

2017CBA All-Star Xingrui South Xingrui VS North Xingrui live broadcast address
This Saturday, at 19:00 on the evening of January 7, Beijing time, the CBA All-Star Star Race will begin to compete.Unlike the main game, the competition among young players will be more intense, and they will seize every opportunity to attract the attention of fans when they don’t have much playing time on weekdays.  2017CBA全明星星锐赛南区星锐VS北区星锐直播地址:乐视直播(无插件)CCTV5(CNTV无插件)互动图文直播比分直播  【赛事信息】:CBA星锐挑战赛  【直播对阵】:南区星锐VS北区星锐  【直播时间】:2017-1-7 周六19:00  【比赛看点】  后起之秀——赵睿  本赛季刚打CBA的赵睿让人眼前一亮,积极的态度,很The aura of play made the fans remember this young man. In the games with Liaoning and Shenzhen, Zhao Rui has played well, and his performance has been unanimously praised by experts. Some people even say that Zhao Rui will be this year.Can enter the national team, so he is a strong contender for the star sharp MVP.  后起之秀——高诗岩 阿不  由于在去年的星锐赛上做出过撒盐这一哈登式的动作,所以高诗岩被球迷们称为高哈登,而且,高诗岩在对球的处理上也有过人The difference between him and Zhao Rui on the back line is very interesting.Abdul is the face of Xinjiang team. He looks handsome and has many fans. At the same time, his three points and defense are an integral part of Xinjiang. He has also won the MVP of the Youth League.Not to be underestimated.  后起之秀——付豪 沈梓捷 范子铭  从阵容来看,南区在内线优势明显,付豪、沈梓捷和范子铭均是各自国青队中的内线主力,而且三人还在去年夏天入选过国奥队,在At this point, the North District has no players comparable to its reputation and strength.  The rising star Guo Kai Wang Hong Hu Longmao Guo Kai, Wang Hong and Hu Longmao three players who were selected at the CBA Draft last year are also worthy of attention, and they will correct the names of the draft players.  [Emerging List]South Region players: Zhao Rui, Yang Jinmeng (Guangdong), Shen Zijie (Shenzhen), Fan Ziming, Guo Kai (Guangzhou), Fu Hao, Lei Meng (August 1), Hu Longmao (Fujian), Lai Junhao (Zhejiang)), Sun Minghui (Guangsha)    North District players: Gao Shiyan (Liaoning), Pan Ning, Zhang Hui (Shandong), Shi Deshuai (Tianjin), He Chongda, He Xining (Beijing), Abdul Shalam (Xinjiang),Liu Tianyi (Jilin), Wang Hong (Shanxi), Ding Haoran (Qingdao) extended reading: 2017 CBA All-Star Weekend Schedule Schedule 2017 CBA All-Star South-North Star Challenge Team List 2017 CBA All-Star Challenge Online Video Live地址2017年CBA全明星赛南北区名单 首发阵容球员名单