2017 World Championship Xu Jiayu men’s 200m backstroke final match time live broadcast address_1

2017 World Championships Xu Jiayu men’s 200m backstroke final match time live broadcast address
On July 28th, Beijing time, the 15th day of the 2017 World Swimming Championships, five gold medals will be decided in the swimming arena, and Xu Jiayu will attack the men’s 200-meter backstroke gold medal.The following is the final live broadcast address of the Xu Jiayu men’s 200-meter backstroke at the 2017 World Championships.Xu Jiayu of Yitong, who scored 1 minute, 54 seconds and 79 seconds in the men’s 200-meter backstroke semifinals, ranked first in the semifinals and was 0 faster than the Olympic champion of the event, American star Murphy.14 seconds.He set a national record of 1 minute, 54 seconds and 03 in the National Swimming Championships this year, ranking second in the world rankings this year.  Russian player Lei Luofu traveled 1 minute 53 seconds 81, ranking first in the world ranking this year.It is expected that the title fight will start between Xu Jiayu, Lei Luofu, and Murphy. To win the championship, it may take 1 minute and 54 seconds to swim. This is not a small challenge for Xu Jiayu. Original title: The final time of the 200-meter backstroke in the 200-meter backstroke of the 2017 World Championships