at this time,I saw a shooting star burning with flames suddenly appeared from the distant sky,Cut the sky,Landed directly not far from Song Chen and the others,The huge shock caused by the meteorite awakened Song Chen and Zhao Yue who were still sleeping。

“what happened?earthquake?”
Zhao Yue stood up with a confused look,Looking at the crumbling wooden house,Hurriedly pulled Song Chen out,For fear of the wooden house collapsing,Causing them to be crushed under the ruins of the wooden house。
“This should be the vibration caused by the heavy object landing,Look over there,The dust rising to the sky,Did the meteorite land??”
Song Chen also looked inexplicably at the huge dust rising in the distance,Said doubtfully,The shock just now almost made him think it was an earthquake,It turned out to be just a meteorite landing。
“and many more,Meteorite landing?Qin Shihuang is still in power?Isn’t this the meteorite engraved with the dead Qin Hu??”
Song Chen suddenly flashed in his mind,Remembered the previous class,A record I saw in the book,It is said that one day,Meteorite landing,Some villagers found the words Dead Qin Zhe Hu on the meteorite,After the news reached Qin Shihuang Yingzheng,Ying Zheng furious,Baili,Regardless of gender,Kill all,land,All burned,Chidibaili,No grass grows,If it is really that meteorite,Song Chen feels he needs to run away。
“What meteorite?”
Zhao Yue looked at the panicked Song Chen with a dazed expression,Don’t understand why it’s just a meteorite,I made this fellow scared his face pale。
“If i expected,This meteorite is engraved with the words “Dead Qin Zhe Hu”,According to records,Qin Shihuang’s victory killed all creatures in a radius of a hundred li,Prevent information leakage,How far are we?”
Song Chen saw Zhao Yue’s puzzled eyes,Explained,Looking at the dust in the distance,Distance from oneself,It would be nice to have ten miles,In other words,The location of myself and others is also within this radius,and,This is Qin Shi Mingyue World,Maybe there are already trapped assassins to investigate the situation where the meteorite landed.,Thinking of this, Song Chen suddenly felt uncomfortable.,The desire to run is stronger。
“Is it within a hundred miles??Just rely on us two ordinary people,I’m afraid even if I start running now,Can’t go far。”
Zhao Yue said calmly,This is also true,With them two ordinary people,Really can’t go far,Maybe Qin Shihuang’s order to Yingzheng came down,Then is the death period of both of them。
“How do you say this luck,Really bad enough,no solution anymore,Brother Zhao,Let’s go,We leave this world,Have mercy on my inner strength cultivation method,Finally came to this world of high force value,result,Just because of the meteorite falling from the sky,Had to run away,Strength。”
Song Chen thought for a moment,Said helplessly,Although I am very reluctant to give up this world’s internal cultivation method,But my life is important,It’s just a rare encounter in a world I’m familiar with,Just to avoid danger,Have to leave,Make Song Chen feel very heavy,But helpless,After adjusting my mentality quickly,Take out the bronze wooden door,Pulling Zhao Yue with an unknown face,Next second,A white light flashed,The two disappeared in place。