Fiscal International prepares to apply for permit

Fiscal International prepares to apply for permit

Source: Daily Economic News, every reporter Huang Xiaocong, every editor Xiao Ruidong, foreign news enters the public offering industry, and there is new news.

  Recently, a reporter from “Daily Economic News” was informed that some “foreign private placements” have shown greater interest in public fund licenses.

For example, Fidelity International stated that it will actively prepare to submit applications for foreign public fund licenses at an appropriate time.

  A person from a foreign agency said: “It depends mainly on your own ability and preparation.

When we feel that the conditions are mature, we will actively consider the issue of permit release.

According to Liu Youhua, a private placement ranking website: “Foreign direct application for public offering permits is currently not the biggest problem in terms of system and entry permits.

This will be an important step in opening the capital market to the outside world, meaning that the degree of opening up to the outside world in the financial sector will be further enhanced.

“Daily Economic News” reporters noted that recently there is market news that these “foreign private placements” can already apply for the establishment of public funds and have corresponding registered capital requirements.

  According to the reporter’s further understanding, if you want to apply, you can already apply.

However, although some foreign institutions are expected to be relatively strong, they have not made any further moves.

  A person from another institution said: “As far as I know, there is no notification about the public application for registration. We also actively communicate with relevant departments.

(For us), of course, I hope that I can get a license and exhibit in China as soon as possible.

However, no application has been submitted.

“In addition,” Regarding the registered capital, it is actually not the focus of our attention.

No matter how many millions, it has little impact on foreign countries. After all, they are all top-ranked asset management companies in the world.

What we are more concerned about is actually outside the timetable, there is a lot of information that is not clear.

For example, it may be difficult to adapt some requirements of local fund companies to foreign institutions. What will happen when applying for them?

All need further communication.

“The relevant person in the agency further said.

  With the advancement of the timetable, the budget of foreign applications for public funds may be further clarified.

At the same time, the real competition between foreign public offerings and local public offerings will also come soon.

  Liu Youhua pointed 北京夜网 out: “The advantages and disadvantages of foreign public offerings and local public offering funds are also obvious.

The advantage is that international brands have a large influence and it is relatively easy to raise funds. They can use the brand effect to quickly enter the market.

The disadvantages are also obvious. There are many types of domestic public fund products, and most of the products have very obvious characteristics of the Chinese market. Their valuation and market pricing, as well as investment logic are very different from foreign countries. Investment philosophyTo adapt to the Chinese market, it still takes time to observe.

“At the same time, Liu Youhua also said:” In the short term, it will not have a large impact on the domestic public fund market, because domestic public funds started early and experienced 武汉夜网论坛 more than a decade of development, both in terms of system construction and market influence.More mature.

With reference to the development of foreign private equity in China for two years, the management scale is about 60 billion.

Therefore, it is foreseeable that the short-term impact on local public offerings should be quite limited.

“According to the data of China Securities Investment Fund Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as the Association), since June 2016, Fidelity, BlackRock, UBS and other internationally renowned financial institutions have actively established foreign private equity management institutions in China.

As of early August this year, a total of 21 foreign institutions have registered with the association, with 46 products on file, and asset management scale of 5.4 billion yuan.