Women’s and women’s diseases identified by belly button shape

Women’s and women’s diseases identified by belly button shape

The navel is cold, and if the navel is cold, it is easy to have diarrhea and cold. This is the reason most people understand.

For women, it can even affect menstruation.

Therefore, navel care is important.

Dialectical disease of belly button shape: What does it imply for gynecological diseases? Let’s take a look below. I hope that it can help everyone, especially female friends, to understand some to ensure their own health and prevent the emergence of gynecological diseases.

  First, identify the disease from the shape of the navel 1, the navel is small: it means that the body is weak, the hormone secretion in the body is abnormal, the body is weak, and the mental condition is not good.

  2, Navel depression: When obese or abdominal inflammation, such as adhesion tuberculous peritonitis, the navel will be sunken inward.

  3, protruding navel: when there is a lot of hydrops or ovarian cysts in the abdomen, the navel will expand and protrude.

  4, downward shape: Attention should be paid to prevent suffering from gastric sagging, constipation, chronic gastrointestinal diseases and gynecological diseases.

  5, upward shape: The navel eye extends upward, almost becoming a triangle with the top upward.

People with this kind of belly button should pay more attention to 6, the left side of the belly button: should prevent poor gastrointestinal function, constipation or large intestinal mucosal lesions.

  7, the right side of the navel: should pay attention to diseases such as hepatitis, duodenal ulcer.

  Second, the navel should be cold. Remember to keep the navel warm.

The navel is different from other parts of the abdomen. There is no muscle and light tissue under the umbilicus, and the blood vessels are abundant.

As the final closure of the abdominal wall, the skin is thinner, with high sensitivity, strong permeability, and fast absorption.

Because of its poor barrier function, the body is relatively weak, and it is susceptible to cold and cold.

  Pay more attention to the warmth of the umbilicus when sleeping to avoid causing diarrhea or cold.

Especially for young women, especially menstrual women, the blood vessels are in a congested state. The umbilical gown is most likely to contract the pelvic vessels due to cold, resulting in poor menstrual blood flow. Longer periods will cause dysmenorrhea, prolonged menstruation, and irregular menstruationReconcile.

  Third, the umbilical health care method 1, massage the navel sitting, lying, vertical imitation, as much as possible to relax the whole body, fully expose the abdomen, first rub your hands with the palm of your hand against the navel, press one hand on the navel, press clockwise firstRotate the counterclockwise direction from small to large by 50?
100 times, pressing gently should be gentle, not strong, once every morning and evening.

  The umbilical cord and the kidney move through the gas, and the spleen, stomach, small intestine, and large intestine are located in the perinatal umbilicus. Massaging the shrine and abdomen can increase appetite, dredge the ventilator, help digestion, strengthen the physique, flourish, and cause gastroenteritisPeptic ulcer, prostatitis and other diseases.

  2. Traditional Chinese medicine is applied to the umbilicus as it is really hot and constipated. You can apply mirabilite to bitter cold and diarrhea. For cold abdominal pain, apply umbilical ginger such as ginger, Wuyao, cinnamon powder, cloves, etc.

For the elderly and infirm, different medicines can be applied to the umbilical cord according to the deficiency of constitution, qi, blood, yin and yang, and physical fitness and longevity.

  Umbilical therapy and oral administration have the same purpose.

When the umbilical is applied, the medicine passes through the skin and reaches the meridians.

And through the meridian’s qi and blood flow injection, the medicinal properties are spread throughout the body with the qi and blood running, to achieve the purpose of warming the meridians, passing qi and blood, dispersing cold and dampness, reconciling the viscera, yin and yang, and strengthening the physique to prolong life.

  3. For navel cupping, choose a large hot pot, apply flash fire method, and place the hot pot on the navel. 15?
Remove the can in 20 minutes.

Navel cupping can treat hypertension, dysentery, chronic diarrhea, acute measles, and allergic rhinitis.

  The navel is supplemented with Zusanli, Zhongzhong, and large vertebra cupping. Menopausal psychological characteristics and health care introduction every day or every other day, every 20 minutes, can enhance the body’s immune function, increase appetite, and eliminate fatigue.