What color is good for the eyes?

What light to use


What color is good for the eyes?
What light to use

External objects have various colors, which can make the objects stand out clearly and beautifully, and make people have different emotions and hobbies.

  Excessively bright colors can cause people to feel tired, and changes to excessively dark colors can make people feel heavy; red and yellow can give people a dazzling feeling, and cyan and green can give people a cool and calm feeling.
The absorption and reflection of light by various colors are different. Red reflects 67% of light, yellow reflects 65%, green reflects 47%, and cyan reflects only 36%.

Because red and yellow reflect light more strongly, they are prone to glare and dazzle.

Cyan and green are relatively moderate in the absorption and reflection of light, so they are more suitable for the human nervous system, cerebral cortex and retinal tissue in the eyes.

For example, grasses and greens can absorb the ultraviolet rays that are harmful to the eyes in strong light, while reducing the glare caused by strong light to the eyes.

-This article is organized and published by Jiajia Tesco Health Products Mall. When a person looks at a distant tree in a glass window after intense study or work, the nervous nerves will feel relaxed and the eye fatigue will disappear.

  What color of light is better for the eyes when reading?

  Generally, the most commonly used lights when reading are fluorescent lamps, light bulbs and yellow sun lamps.

In principle, as long as the reader is sitting upright, reading habits are good; then according to personal habits, no matter which color of light is selected, it will not cause great damage to the eyes.

  However, for comparison, fluorescent tubes are constantly flickering and emitting light; the degree of instability of this flicker is far more than that of sun lamps and light bulbs.

It’s like when watching TV, the picture is changed from many pictures and continuously connected and combined.

  The pupils of people’s eyes will tremble because of such flashes, constantly zooming in and out; therefore, it is better to use a sun light or a light bulb when reading.