“Now this physical attack should be impossible,Want to hurt him,Maybe you can only use the spirit to attack!I just said,The resentment on this person is very heavy,Maybe we can use this as a breakthrough point!”

Everyone heard that Xia Chenglong gave another way,It’s suddenly bright:“What should we do?”
“Just listen to me for a while,Just do according to what i said!”
Today’s Xia Chenglong has vaguely become the backbone of everyone,So what he said at this time,Naturally, people will not refute!
Watching,The grave guard has such a strong defense,to be frank,I saw Xia Chenglong,I am also very entangled with myself,What to do next!
After all, use the spirit to attack,As an expert in the concentrating state, he can indeed,But before that,He never tried,So it’s still quite difficult at this time!
And this new attempt may open new doors for him,Or maybe because of the damage to the soul, your cultivation base will plummet,These are all possible,In fact, if it is an ordinary person,I would never take such a risk for these strangers in front of me。
to be frank,Even today’s Xia Chenglong doesn’t want to,But when I thought it was about to enter winter,The military expenditures for this world have not been allocated yet,The national treasury is almost empty because of such a long war!
So at this time Xia Chenglong is ready to fight to death!
At this time, he was running his own true energy,Run your own practice as described in the soul book I read earlier!
At this time Xia Chenglong only felt his head rise,As if it was about to burst,At this moment, he let out a scream from his mouth!
Everyone saw him like this,I sweated for him one after another in my heart,Not to say how much Xia Chenglong is loved and respected by these people,Of course there is also a part of it,Actually the most important,Or they hope Xia Chenglong can bring themselves in!
Xia Chenglong felt his soul was about to be torn apart by others,As if there is a strong hand grabbing his soul,I tore my soul into two parts,Then it became four segments,Eight dan…
In the end, Xia Chenglong finally couldn’t survive,At this moment, he just feels black in front of his eyes,And then immediately lost consciousness,He can’t remember what happened after that!
Xia Chenglong at this time,I feel like I am in a white fog,And the person in his mind at this time,Saw this scene before me,I also sighed faintly at the time!
At this time, Xia Chenglong’s sea of divine consciousness trembled violently,Originally that person was being shut down,Was also awakened by this strong tremor!
“Ugh,This is the time for me to retreat so much,Your kid made such a moth for this seat!”
But even though that person said that,But because I am also in Xia Chenglong’s sea of consciousness,If this little guy would die like this,Then I will disappear,So naturally he cannot be called Xia Chenglong,Just die like this!