Tian Xingyao looked at Lin Yoona’s disappointed expression,I also felt embarrassed for a while,Because he really can’t say anything more valuable。

Even these,He also thought of it suddenly。
Because of work,Between Tian Xing Yao and the boss,most of the time,Talking about work matters,Or is there anything more fun happened to the couple they met?。
After all, away from home,No one wants to talk to outsiders too much about their private affairs。
in fact,To this,Tian Xingyao understands the boss very well。
because,Don’t say it’s the boss,Even Tian Xing Yao himself,Just about his relationship with the boss,He also rarely mentions his family affairs in front of the boss。
and so,Since he treats others with the same attitude,Then he has no reason to ask people to treat himself with an alternative attitude。
“Xiao Fan,How to do?We still don’t know what happened to the boss?”Lin Yuner said worriedly。
In fact,Lin Yoona was from the night of her accident,I feel that there is something wrong with the boss。
That evening,Xiao Fan placed the frightened Lin Yun’er with the boss,Ask the lady boss for help,The boss said nothing,Should come down,I’m not afraid that I might offend Ouyang’s family,So I can’t mix on this wind chime island。
Xiao Fan handled everything that night,Back to the boss,When I went to pick up Lin Yoona,They didn’t wait in the place where the normal boss wife would appear at first,When Xiao Fan and the others find the boss,I found that the lady boss was sitting in a chair in a daze,Staring at the starry sky outside。
and,She didn’t even turn on the light!
now think of it,Maybe it happened that day,But the lady boss,To keep Lin Yoona from worrying,Frozenly smiled and sent the two of them out。
Lin Yoona is really upset at the time,Why didn’t you keep an eye on,If I found something wrong with the boss,,Then can you untie the boss’s heart?,Help her through the difficulties?
but,Again,There is no if in this world。
Even Lin Yoona regrets it now,It also has no effect。

First683chapter Smash!Until your heart beats!

Know that you have a heavy weight in others’ hearts,No one will be unhappy,Gordon Bell is no exception,Although he didn’t change his mind because of this,But I am very happy after all:Look,Although the guy Ken Olsen said he values me very much,But how much he values me,I don’t have this guy in front of me.?Pity,If I could get to know him earlier,Maybe we can be a good pair。vertexX23US
Wait for Chen Geng to finish,Gordon Bell just coughed slightly,Said:“Mr. Fernandez,Thank you very much for your importance,But I really don’t plan to work in a company right now,You know,My heart is not too good,Just had surgery a few months ago……”
“Speaking of this,This is what I want to say to you next,”Chen Geng said with a smile:“Mr. Bell,You may have heard of,I have a very good relationship with the senior management of China。”
“Yes,I heard it before。”Gordon Bell nodded,He does know this,Many people know this,Everyone in the computer industry in the United States knows that Fernandez Chen’s data research company’s computer picture tube,Quite a part from China,But Gordon Bell is curious,What does this matter have to do with my heart?
“So how much do you know about Huaxia’s Chinese Medicine?”
“Chinese Medicine?”Gordon Bell frowned:“I am not very clear,But I know they seem to be a kind of witch doctor,Always use some weird bugs、Animal hair、skeleton、Dead body or even feces as medicine……”
Speaking of which,Gordon Bell even shuddered:“Oh, God!This is crazy,This is absolutely unscientific。”
Stool as medicine?Chen Geng also shivered,Subconsciously want to refute,But then I remembered that there is a drug that is really animal feces:Luminosa,Which is bat droppings,It seems to be able to treat some eye problems。
Look at“Laozi is dead,Never touch Chinese medicine”Gordon Bell,Chen Geng wisely decided not to discuss with him whether TCM is scientific,But to say:“Mr. Bell,We are all technical people,Can not be falsely spread,But to believe in the final result。”
“Does Chinese medicine have therapeutic effects??”Gordon Bell murmured。
“How not?”Chen Geng smiled:“Miss Karen Carpenter, do you know?”

If it’s on the battlefield,When Qilin fought alone,Who will help him

She might be uncomfortable now,But this is what she wants to grow,Necessary step。
As Qilin’s best friend,See her like this,Lena is also uncomfortable,But they are soldiers of the company,The enemies we need to face in the future are far more powerful than all people on earth today。
Last time,A gluttonous pioneer flagship is wrong,Let Cheng Yaowen withdraw from the battlefield。
To know that these people,They are all rare super genes in the universe,If you really use your power,Not to mention the pioneer flagship of gluttonous,The gluttonous army is here,Facing them, there is only a fate。
Now the time for Xiongbing’s company to grow up is very tight,They don’t have a century to grow up,I don’t even have a year。
The devil has come,Huangcun disappeared without a trace,Presumably it was Morgana’s hands and feet。
But can the earth find Morgana now?!
Stop it,Even if it’s Deno 3 to clean up,There is no way to find a trace of the devil。
And a little bit,Lena believes in Xin Zhao,She believes that if Xin Zhao dares to train Qilin like this,There is a way to help her break through the psychological barrier。
After Qiangwei and Lena left,Xin Zhao also noticed this。
He is standing there,Obviously a big living person,But Qilin seems to be unable to see it,Or she dare not look,Subconsciously chose to block Xin Zhao。
And after realizing this,Xin Zhao was also shocked by Qilin’s talent。
The world knows three realms,See the mountain is the mountain,See mountain is not mountain,And the last sight is still mountains。
Qilin is too talented,I don’t know it’s because of the Kamikawa Sniper gene,It’s her own sake,Obviously the super gene of Shenhe generation,However, Qilin has shown a level of strength far surpassing her peers。
Her situation now,It’s a problem that only veterans who have been sniping for many years.。
Qilin used to go too smoothly,Sniper rifle,It’s like hands and feet,The level of proficiency rises,Then she was forced by Xin Zhao,Reached this point soon。

“Lao Deng,Why do you talk so little today?Something on my mind?”It’s Mr. Yao who is in the meeting,I usually have a good relationship with Deng Ping。

“No,Nope!Anyway, it’s not reasonable。”Deng Ping absent-minded。
“It will take a while to eat,Or kill two?”Teacher Yao asked。
Teacher Yao is a rude person,to him,What engineering quality,Meeting,It’s all a cutscene,As long as the school can pay wages on time,Play a few games for him when he is okay,It’s a very comfortable day。
“it is good!”Although Deng Ping has something on his mind,But don’t want to be seen by Du Shaoping,Had to agree。
then,Deng Ping and Teacher Yao started the game,Recklessly,Battle for a group。
Project leader,Du Shaoping, the brother-in-law of Principal Huang, saw it,I went out after sitting for a while。
After a while,Xiao Luo, a migrant worker, came upstairs。
“Teacher Yao,Boss Du called you something。”Ronaldinho is a big dark-skinned man,I heard that he worked in a small coal mine before,I don’t talk much,Just look at people sideways。
Teacher Yao was a little surprised,But he still put down the chess pieces,Hurried out of the office。
He is not so stunned like Deng Ping,Don’t you dare to offend boss Du,They are Principal Huang’s brother-in-law,Just say something,I can’t eat in school and walk around。
The two went downstairs,Xiao Luo said to Teacher Yao:“Teacher Yao,Mrs. Du said he would treat you to oranges,I want you to go to the vegetable market to buy,He reimburses you!”
“what?How embarrassed!no need,no need!”Teacher Yao felt unreliable after hearing this,Shook his head quickly,Going upstairs。
I didn’t know that Ronaldinho hugged him,Anger:“I told you to buy it,You go buy!Reimbursed,Not hurry up?”

So the room where I hung up the phone seemed exceptionally quiet。

Qiao Zhentian stared at the window solemnly,Is it possible that the Qiao family is destined to suffer this??
The work efficiency on the phone end is very high。
It probably took less than half an hour,Qiao Zhentian’s phone rang。
After Qiao Zhentian answered the call,There was no sound,Listening carefully to the information about Xiao Fan reported to me over the phone。
Although outsiders can’t hear what is said on the phone,But if there are outsiders present,I will definitely notice the look on Qiao Zhentian’s face,It can’t be described as a shock.。
Until the call came continuously“Dududu”the sound of,Qiao Zhen only reacted,I already hung up on the other end。
Qiao Zhentian an ass,Fell on the sofa without any image。
Even if Qiao Zhentian has been the head of the Qiao family for so long,I have never been so gaffe。
After Qiao Zhentian calmed down a little bit,,Then I picked up my phone with my trembling hand,Called Qiao Shan。
But Qiao Zhentian didn’t know how much his hands trembled,Anyway, he kept dialing the phone several times,Qiao Shan’s call was completely connected。
Qiao Shan is the same as Qiao Zhentian,I’ve been waiting motionlessly for Qiao Zhentian’s call。

Living in a warehouse is not unusual,The U.S. warehousing industry is very developed,Many families rent warehouses to store or are extremely valuable、Or things that are not available at home,The price is not expensive,The monthly rent of some warehouses is only a dozen dollars,Also because of this,The warehouse has become the choice of some economically distressed poor——Even if the warehouse has no windows,But at least it’s better than sleeping on a park bench.?At least not to suffer when it is windy and rainy,Don’t worry about being stolen if you put something。

“Thank God?what……That’s right,God finally ended your bad luck,”Chen Geng smiled slightly:“After arriving at my company, you have several options,But if you didn’t lie to me,I think you deserve the month1500Dollar salary……”
“1500USD?!”Statham’s jaw almost fell off。
He just wanted to find someone800It’s just a dollar monthly job,This is a level that has just reached the average salary in the United States,1500USD?He can’t even think about it。
“Is at least1500USD,”Chen Geng seriously corrected:“If you didn’t lie,Over a month2000USD is also possible。”
Statham’s reaction surprised Chen Geng,He is not ecstatic,Not yelling,But she covered her face and cried,A big sweat of a meter and eight was crying and crying in front of Chen Geng, covering his face……
Bob and Anderson will be here soon。
Just a glance,Chen Geng was convinced that Tom didn’t make trouble,These two are indeed technical,The unique temperament of a technician can’t hide it。
I haven’t found a job for a while,Both of them are a little stiff,Although I am a little surprised that my future boss is Chinese,But both of them are very smart and didn’t ask much。
Chen Geng said honestly first:“Mr. Bob,Mr. Anderson,Time is precious,We won’t delay each other’s time,Be more frank……I believe Mr. Tom has briefly introduced my situation to both of you on the phone.,Both of you have a preliminary understanding of my company,Right?”
The two nodded together。
Chen Geng:“well,What do you care about、Want to know or want to understand,You can ask me now,After answering your doubts,When I evaluate your professional qualities,right now,Please ask whatever you want,Ok,Mr. Bob,you first。”
“I?Oh……”Bob hesitated,Just asked:“Mr. Fernandez,Mr. Tom said you are the owner of a used car sales company?”
“Yes。”Chen Geng nodded。
“I don’t understand,Since you are selling used cars,Why look for us?”
This question is not only what Bob wants to ask,The same thing Anderson wanted to ask,Bob’s question is out,Anderson waited for Chen Geng’s answer with the same look of expectation。
“Because our company’s used car sales strategy is different from that of other used car sales companies……”Briefly introduce the used car sales model of Fernandez to the two、Especially after they arrive, they are responsible for the maintenance and repair of used cars,Chen Gengcaidao:“So I need two experienced、Engineers who can quickly identify vehicle problems and breakdowns,And Mr. Tom recommended you to me。”

Sedum didn’t open his eyes,Said helplessly,He really doesn’t want to do it,I don’t want to go to other worlds,I don’t want to work for others,therefore,If you can use words to persuade the foreign visitors,Also a good choice。

“This young man is Jingtian?Wing on the boy?”
Mu Qingge listened to the lazy words of the man before him,Obviously drowsy,Said with a smile,Exquisite and beautiful face,Full of soft smile,If Sedum opens his eyes,I will definitely be surprised by the appearance of this foreigner in front of me,Like a fairy in the dust。
“First of all,I am Sedum,Secondly,The last shopkeeper went home for retirement,and so,now,I am the treasurer of Yongan,Boy or something,It’s past。”
“If the girl is fine,Go away,Yongan Dang is closed today,and,There are groups of wives or something,Not what I wanted,The girl found the wrong person。”
Jingtian said calmly,Still big business?I just want to seduce him out of the world he lives in,Then let someone kill??Or work for her?Sedum said,He wants to see it today,He is the first person in the chat group to speak eloquently,Or the second-order visitor from another world can speak well。
“Master Sedum is completely different from what I expected,Prosperity and wealth don’t want to either?This is wealth within reach,Does Lord Sedum really want to?”
Mu Qingge asked curiously,Looking at this Yongan Dang, there is only Jingtian in front of me,The snow girl she expected is not there,Obviously the Sedum Sedum in front of him has not yet started his magnificent journey。
but,This is different from what she knows,Shouldn’t Sedum be a young man in Yongan now??but,History is not the same,Sometimes just because of a little accident,It will cause a huge change。
but,Mu Qingge still doesn’t give up,She really doesn’t believe it,An ordinary person can refuse wealth within reach,Either this ordinary person has no desires,Either,This ordinary person is weird。
“Is there a free dinner in the world?Anyway, I don’t believe there will be,and so,girl,give up,I’m just an ordinary shopkeeper,Don’t need much money,Enough。”
Jingtian said calmly,The visitor from another world in front of him clearly does not intend to use force,I just want to use words to seduce him,but,Sedum said,His vision is far beyond this foreigner,I want to seduce him with words?wishful thinking。
“Since Lord Sedum doesn’t believe it,I’ll tell the truth,I am the lord of a city,In my city,There are many guests coming and going,It’s just a genius like King King Sedum who has an eye for knowledge。”

“How do we fight now?”

Mo Mo looked at the people around,My eyes are asking when to start。
“Of course do it now!”
Ding Sheng raised his hand and raised his gun,It’s just a shot at those who are surrounded。
Ding Sheng takes the lead,Zhu Ziqing is naturally also welcome,As for Shan You,The other party hasn’t done it yet,He has already joined the flock,Only Shirley is having a headache,How to write the report of the shooting in the cemetery of martyrs。
Watching Ding Sheng change the magazine with one hand,Then go to class;I also watched Mo Mo quietly lurking in every corner of the cemetery,Then poison,Then someone poisoned…
Shirley frowned,Looking at the chaotic cemetery of martyrs,Shirley suddenly had an urge to resign。
Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty Wolf Spider Lang Zhu
Tarantula,Not a professional killer organization,Nor is it a professional mercenary organization,Not any other professional organization。The reason why tarantulas can survive in this extremely competitive world,More often,It depends on the unprofessional nature of its organization。
Low barriers to entry,Good benefits。Just dare to kill,Do less and take more,Thirty is not a dream last day。
It is relying on the large number of people,So the tarantula group,The reputation in the industry is gradually getting better,In recent years,Other well-known organizations look down on cleaning work,Almost all fell into the hands of tarantulas。
With stable cash outflow,Whether it’s recruiting,Still update weapons and equipment,Tarantulas have also undergone a drastic update revolution。
&; About the Li Family,People in the industry have heard,Can be forced to keep billing by an innkeeper,At first,Some organizations don’t look at Xiangchen,But I feel that the Li family has been sitting in the leading position for so many years,Already old,No more!
But when the news of losing again and again came,All organizations and intermediaries,Began to re-examine the innkeeper named Xiang Chen。
No one knows about the Li family villa,But this does not affect the judgment of the situation of the situation of the experienced old rivers and lakes。There are fewer and fewer orders about Xiang Chen on the market,But the amount is increasing。
When the amount breaks through to an extremely attractivediglion.Number,Some sane organizations are still evaluating gains and losses,Tarantula can’t sit still,After the Li family withdrew all the orders,,The only last order still on the market,It is also the one with the highest amount。
I received the news that Xiang Chen went to Li’s villa,I received the news that Xiang Chen came out of Li’s villa again。of course,The tarantula’s eyeliner also reported that there were other people around Xiang Chen and Mo Mo.,But this is for tarantulas,It’s not a resistance,As for the more people,It’s just buy one get one free,Anyway, the employer is so generous,It’s okay to send a few more heads!
I learned that Xiang Chen and the others stayed in the Martyrs Cemetery for a long time,The tarantula’s senior management no longer intends to wait and die,After all, when people feel complicated and sad,,Not much can turn grief and anger into strength,This is a summary of years of work experience for tarantulas。

I only heard the pedaling sound of the beast’s hoof flapping on the ground,And the rough nose of Fengqi Beast,And the three knights on the back of the beast,It’s quiet and silent,There is no sound at all。

In a flash,The wind riding beast has rushed to the front。
Bei Gongya can’t think about it,Can only strive to burst out the 34th level of light pattern power in the body,Like a mainstay,Nail yourself in the middle of the road。
Because if he can’t hold it,Once hit by the wind riding beast,,The cavalry on the back of the beast only has to draw a knife backhand,Then with this huge and unmatched momentum,Can cut him over。
boom!Lightning power burst,The momentum of the 34th-level warrior immediately suppressed the three wind-riding beasts,Make them afraid to move forward,Shengsheng stopped。
Bei Gongya was finally relieved,He didn’t relax his practice during this period,Use family resources
,Hit me desperately,Finally got some results。
If it is still the 31st level fighter,Just now,I’m afraid he has become a dead soul under the hoof。
but,Bei Gongya hasn’t been proud for long,Because the three black blood guards on the back of the beast were blocked,The three drew their swords almost simultaneously,Don’t ask questions,Chop down directly。
Seeing three sword lights rising into the sky,Condescendingly,Powerful,Bei Gongya also made a decisive decision,Pull out the ruling soldier on your back without thinking about it,Raise the magic weapon in your palm,Pushed out。
These three knives were smashed on Beigongya’s ruling gods,Made a clear crash。
A clip of Bei Gongya’s arms,Abruptly ate the strength of the three,Do not give in,A mouthful of old blood came up,Secretly swallowed again。
“Hey!Liu Wenzhang,Brother came to catch the wind for you!Just come to drink!”
at this time,There was a loud roar in the air,The Great Sound,Tens of miles away,It is the amazing effect of Lu Menglin’s strength。
The three wind-riding beasts were originally stopped by Bei Gongya,Courage taken away,Suddenly heard such a loud roar,One after another,Lying on the ground。
The three cavalry on the back of the beast reacted very quickly,Almost at the same time as the mount was soft,Immediately roll off the saddle。
The three are not flustered,But horns,Draw a knife in hand,Staring forward vigilantly。

Lao Zhou feels a little bit unable to turn his mind,Abandoned monkey,Why did you become a spendthrift??

“Hey!Any more?”Pan Long and others are also very excited,Shout at the monkey。
Just finished,Something flies over again,Lao Zhou can’t help it anymore。
“Oh shit!How is stone?”Lao Zhou is extremely depressed。
A look at the audience in the live room,All laughed。
Hu Yang guessed:“Find something to eat,Take care of them,Follow up later。I think,This group of monkeys should have found the treasure。”
“Ancient tomb?”Everyone blurted out。
“Not necessarily an ancient tomb。”
The little high man was so excited,Unexpectedly this time not only found the bloodstone,Can also explore treasures。This opportunity,It’s a lifetime,Luck too。
everyone,All have a heart to explore treasures。
Lao Zhou nodded immediately:“I’ll get some fruit or something,You are waiting。”
Finished,I didn’t wait for everyone to react,Rushed out。
The audience in the live room,Especially friends from Zhejiang,Envy and envy,Some people regret not coming out。Be bold,Forcibly ask for a leave or something,At least there should be one of their shares,Isn’t it much better than they go to work honestly??
now,Even more to explore the treasure,How many people dream!
“Ugh!I also took time off,But the leader does not approve。Oh shit!Had known,I resigned and followed out。”
“me too,But dare not mess around,If the job is gone,Mortgage is terrible!”
“Waiting for Brother Hu to come to Jiangsu。”
“It is estimated that the next stop is the magic city?”