They should be shooting small videos like Douyin,It’s rare to see such a handsome big brother and beautiful and elegant young lady,Not used as video material,It’s too wasteful。

but,These middle school students didn’t have the courage to come forward and start a conversation,Maybe in their imagination,The three sitting over there,Should be a person of great status,The status of these ordinary students is vastly different,As long as you can take a long shot,Enough to show off。
In fact,Except for these slightly naive students,Young people passing by this street,And the white-collar workers in the buildings nearby,I also noticed the three people sitting in the outdoor cafe。
Why did the three of them be so outstanding??The man is handsome,Just perfect body,But he still has a free and upright temperament on his body,Unforgettable。
And the two beautiful women sitting beside him,It can be described as stunning。
One is charming,A natural beauty,One is Bingqing Yujie,Jade beauty like a fairy descending the earth,Comes with an indescribable ascetic beauty。
No matter which one of these two beauties,Are even more beautiful than the big beauties on the movie screen,But also amorous,But they happened to be by the side of a man at the same time,And from the intimate actions of the two,I can’t tell which man’s girlfriend is.,or,Both are。
Soon,The side of this street,Seven or eight luxury sports cars have been parked。
These luxury sports cars have been driven from various places in the city one after another,Apparently someone broke the news through social networks,Said there are stunning beauties in this street。
Those wealthy sons and rich second generations who think they are a bit wealthy,One after another,Some made a special trip to take a look,How beautiful is the so-called stunning beauty,And almost everyone was not disappointed,The next step is for them to show their magic,I hope I can make an impression in the eyes of two big beauties.。
But it’s a pity,No matter how expensive the sports car appears,The roar of the engine blasted the streets loudly,It’s a pity that the three people sitting at the coffee table,But turned a blind eye,turn a deaf ear,Not affected at all。
now,Lu Menglin is lying in front of the laptop,Frowning,Staring at the computer screen,Already totally addicted。

It’s incredible!That chubby dun had clearly exploded the power of Tier 8 Qi and blood to the extreme,But the other party actually said to get out,Not affected at all ring。

Fatty can’t keep him,And this action also means,The other Tier 8 powerhouses present can’t control him either!
Without the fat and blood clamp,Liu Yi’s Tier 7 power attack is basically useless。
“People,Two brothers!Don’t worry you two,still have a chance!”
At this moment,Fat Dun and Liu Yi heard this sound at the same time,Han Fengdao said。
The two brothers heard this,Simultaneously shocked,The eyes of the two people coincided with surprises。
Because they heard it,This sentence is too familiar!This is what someone used to talk about when he was young,I can’t forget it。
Han Fengdao fluttered away,Stand alone。
at this time,Not only Chen Qingyun made a move,Even Kasuga Hako,Both Fat Dun and Liu Yi also made a move,But no one can help this Han Fengdao。
Everyone saw this scene in their eyes,Secretly startled,Sure enough, there is a dragon and a tiger,If this Han Fengdao does not die today,The future is bound to shine。
Just by his performance just now,Enough to stand on its own,Unique。
“Chen Qingyun,You just said that among the coalition forces, we respect the strong,So as long as I beat you,I am the boss?”This Han Fengdao suddenly said。
He is the spear of the son,Attacker’s Shield,Just now Chen Qingyun said that the leader of the coalition army must respect the strong,General Li Qingsong’s strength is insufficient,Of course not qualified to lead the coalition,A Han Fengdao suddenly appeared,To challenge his position,Change like this,It also made everyone unexpected,Feel incredible。
Although this Han Fengdao’s performance just now was amazing,But no one still thinks he can defeat Chen Qingyun!
It’s one thing to take the next move,It’s quite another matter to win against each other!
Chen Qingyun ranked first in the world on the Dragon and Tiger list,And this Han Feng Dao is already twenty away,I believe he can beat Chen Qingyun,It’s almost the same unless hell。
At this moment,Chen Qingyun finally understood,A calm and confident smile was restored on his face。
“You are definitely not Han Fengdao!who are you?With your strength,Not unknown,It’s boring if you hide your head and show your tail!”Chen Qingyun smiled。
“It seems to make sense!Forget it,I still don’t tease you,Send you on the road directly!”

Liu Chunlan drank and went back to the room,Xiao Fan stood at the top of the stairs for a while,Then shook his head,Squeezed brows,Turned upstairs。

Back to the room,Xiao Fan didn’t go to the bedroom,But went to the study,He is not sleepy,To be precise,He never seemed to feel sleepy。
He wants to take care of his work,Almost everyone praised him because he was the son-in-law of the Lin family,Everyone does not know his other identity,Besides, it is only his method to cover the ears.。
Except Fan Lao,No one knows what a legend Xiao Fan is。Thinking of Fan Lao,Xiao Fan smiled。
Unconsciously,The sky is already bright,Xiao Fan rubbed his temples,Back to the bedroom,Lin Yoona slept peacefully。
Although Xiao Fan is still not sleepy,But he thinks it is necessary to take a proper rest。He lay down next to Lin Yoona,Closed eyes,What keeps flashing in my mind is various data and various martial arts tricks。
This should be something Xiao Fan must do before falling asleep,His brain can quickly remember and calculate data,Not forgetting is the most basic thing for him。
Thinking about,Xiao Fan fell asleep,when Wake up,Lin Yoona is already washing,He got out of bed and changed clothes,Wash,Ready to go downstairs for breakfast,He wants to go to the Green Forest Villa today to find Mr. Fan,Should stay there for a few days。
Chapter Three Hundred and Eighty Eight Green Forest Villa
“Parents,Yoona,I’m going out for a few days,Busy with something,Not going home these days,Just call me if you have something。”When Xiao Fan was eating, everyone was telling his family in advance。
Lin Yoona didn’t think there was anything,She also travels frequently,A few days away,Then nodded。
Lin Feng glanced at Xiao Fan,Looked at Lin Yoona again,Put down the chopsticks and said:“It’s normal to have one’s own business,Just Xiao Fan,Yoona,Your husband and wife can’t always be separated,Not young,Time to think about having a baby。”

“how old is she?How long is it?Not beautiful?”Rosemary asked。

“Seems24Years old or25year old,I am not very clear about the details,But certainly not more than27year old,”The waiter sold the situation of the senior management of his hotel without blinking his eyes:“Looks……Looks good,Good figure,Better than the girls in the restaurant。”
The girl who can be arranged as a host at this banquet,Undoubtedly the best in this hotel——The girls also hope to get to know a few rich people through this charity dinner,If you can give birth to the rich,,I’ve been eating and drinking all my life。
“well,”Rosemary satisfied100The dollar into his hand,At the same time100The dollar swayed at him:“If you can invite Miss Helen over,This100The dollar is also yours。”
The waiter’s eyes are green:Today must be my lucky day。
Probably the hotel management got the board of directors long ago“Be sure to meet Alex tonight·Guest request of Mr. Goodrich’s charity dinner”’S command,It only took five minutes,Helen, the head of housekeeping, appeared in front of Rosemary。She owed Rosemary,Respectfully and generously asked:“Hello miss,Can you find me?”
Rosemary gave the money to the waiter,Waved his hand to indicate that he could go。
Done all this,She just looked at Helen carefully,This look,Rosemary has to admit that her luck is indeed good,This Helen fits wellbossIn mind“Personal assistant”image of:The rolled up blond hair reveals a smooth forehead,The structure of the facial features is very three-dimensional,The emerald eyes are very deep,Wearing a pair of eyes,Body is also good——having said so much,In fact, one sentence can describe:The woman in front of me almost fits30Years later“Western spectacles”Settings。
Helen’s heart straightened by Rosemary’s gaze,Can’t help but ask again:“Miss?”
“Ok,”Rosemary looked at her,Suddenly asked:“Miss Helen,What is your current salary?”
“what?”Helen froze for a moment,Although I don’t know why the distinguished lady in front of me asked the question,But he answered obediently:“Count bonus,Almost every month3000USD。”
Rosemary nodded:No lie。
“Do you want to change a monthly salary4000work?”
“……”Helen blinked,Some don’t quite understand what Rosemary means。
“My boss needs an excellent personal assistant to assist him with work and life affairs,This personal assistant also has to perform part of the duties of a housekeeper,I think you are more suitable,”Rosemary says:“if you agree,Construction and management of my boss’s entire personal assistant team,Will also be handed to you。”

“Honestly,I’m not sure,Like i just said,My biology is failing!But I am willing to try,Do your best to save your life,So I can also learn some new knowledge and skills。Would you like to be my experiment?”

7743015. Evincent is very serious about his views on Dawson,Only when Evincent turned to see Dawson,Dawson is already in cold sweat,It’s hard to speak clearly anymore。
Chapter 297 Give up treatment
It was tense before,And also crazy excitement,Coupled with the pursuit of powerful enemies,Dawson doesn’t think there is any problem with his body,But now the crisis is temporarily lifted,Sudden pain in the chest,Let Dawson want to scold his mother directly。
But the pain in the chest is not the most scary for Dawson now,Instead, it’s the serious expressions of Ivincent and Robinson。
Dawson knew that as a patient you should trust a doctor,But Ivincent and Robinson are not doctors,And the scary thing is,Not a doctor.The two born are eagerly trying to operate on themselves。
Judging from the seriousness of Ivincent and Robinson,Dawson thought he might not have any chance of escape。
I want to smash my chair back to vent my emotions,But Dawson has no extra strength。
“You are so genius,I should have a bachelor’s degree in medicine?”
Dawson resisted the pain and smiled,He can still speak at this time,Is already extremely exhausting。Want to liven up the atmosphere,But I found that except for myself, I barely smiled,Neither Evincent nor Robinson has any extraizufe.Emoji。
“Isn’t this joke funny??”Dawson’s words have begun to become unclear,Smiled awkwardly,Then the car returned to calm,It’s just that Dawson’s face is not very good,I have difficulty breathing。
“rest assured,I will drive the car very smoothly,Follow this team,It’s not easy to think about it quickly。”
Evincent only looked at Robinson,Don’t wait for him to speak,Robinson knew what he wanted to say。
“I start to like you a little bit now!”
Evincent smiled and said,Then look at Dawson。

Desperate trick,But once it broke,If these two dog things are unbalanced,I really want to burp。

at this time,Lu Menglin finally arrived。
The fight of the three great masters,Hit hard lasing,The scene is dangerous,No one else can intervene,Even with a gun,Ordinary gunmen can’t capture their movements at all,Because the action is too fast!
So even if Lu Menglin is close,The three didn’t take it seriously,No one thinks of a red-eyed soldier,Have the qualifications to influence this kind of battle。
In Fan Chu’s eyes,This kind of cannon fodder will be shaken to death by Gang Jin as soon as it gets close.,Don’t even think about it。
but,He has lost his judgment。
Because Lu Menglin was not only not killed by the Gang Jin who escaped from the three,But rushed to the front。
In an instant,Lu Menglin has fallen into the wrong horse,Stand firmly behind Tu Qinqin,Nothing,Open fist frame,Use your spine as a bow,Fist as an arrow,Cannon-shaped,Blasted dozens of punches in one breath。
Physical burst,Every punch is full of strength,The big net woven by Hong Taeran with vigour was blasted to the ground,Defeated。
have to say,Lu Menglin played extremely beautifully,He did not choose to fight against the Venerable,Rather than blasting the opponent’s remaining strength in mid-air with a fist,Strive for more space for Tu Chunchun。
Hong Tairan was pissed off at this moment,He endured it for so long,It was hard to work with Fan Zhuo to set up the killing.,How could it be ruined by a hairy boy?
Under annoyance,Hong Tairan shrank his body,The palms all over the sky are reclaimed,Then suddenly physical strength exploded,The whole person shot towards Lu Menglin like an arrow。
He wants to kill this variable as quickly as possible,Put the situation back under control。
And Fan Zhuo clearly understood Hong Tairan’s intentions,Suddenly once again increased the strength of the secret medicine in the body,Suppress Tu Ching Chu with an explosion。
He doesn’t even need his face anyway,Today we must kill Tu Qinchun,A dead lord,No one will speak for him,Only the survivors have the right to speak。
Fan Zhuo’s full burst,Tu Chunchun immediately felt the great pressure,He frowned,While resisting the pressure,A thought flashed in my mind。
Do you want to work hard?Laozi would rather die!Two Venerables join forces to deal with Lao Tzu,Death won’t let you do what you want!
And at this moment,But Lu Menglin’s voice came from the ears of Tu Qinchu。
“One for one,I hold him,You get rid of that shameless!If you can’t figure it out,I despise you!”

At the beginning,He photographed the yellow glazed porcelain,Someone told him,That plate was originally a pair。

He never thought,After searching for two or three years, I haven’t found it,Now he came to the door。Lin Jianguo looked at his son:“This baby,In whose hands?”
“a friend,Just asked him to take a photo。”
“Then tell your friend,See if he is willing to cut love,It’s okay to pay more。”He is perfect in doing things。
Don’t know okay,Since I know it’s a pair,The other one must be in the bag to be reconciled。As for the money,Does he lack that stuff??
“How much do you give?”
Lin Jianguo casually said:“Let him make a price!”
Worthy of a rich man,As long as the price is not too outrageous,I’m afraid it will be acceptable,No bargaining,This is to give you a blank check,Let you fill in the same。
“alright!Let me ask。”
There are Populus WeChat in Jiangnan,Direct WeChat inquiry,Do you want to transfer,His old man likes。
Populus is about to connect with Lin Yufei,This is the arrangement of the guild,Anyway,He doesn’t mind letting the guild take advantage。
Furthermore,These two or three days,The guild can be considered dedicated。
At this moment,I saw the message from Jiangnan,Froze for a while,Reply immediately:“If you like,Yes you can!I have no desire to collect。”
Since they are all acquaintances,Jiangnan has a lot of support for him these days,So Populus can’t offer too much price。
“The four and a half million in your family,Then I can do the same with this one。”
Jiangnan knows very well,It’s definitely not worth the price now,May exceed five million。But he doesn’t say much,I inherited this favor from Brother Hu。
“Also 4.5 million?Your friend is fair,Not bad,Not bad!”Lin Jianguo Zandao。
The deal between Jiangnan and Populus,The people in the live broadcast room are not clear,this time,Brother Hu has earned more than four million,This speed,It makes your scalp numb。

“They often come into contact with some architectural things,And Jos is not,This time I can arrange him there to participate in the architectural design of the school,Of course he is happy。”

“Actually the same is true for Lin Yue and Qi Fei,How could the two of them who just graduated have the opportunity to design a big building?。”
“So this time involving the school is a great recognition for them,They will be very happy again,And will definitely stick to it。”
“You can see how many of them are there, although the environmental conditions are a little bit difficult,But they are particularly happy in it. This may be the meaning of struggle.。”
Lin Yuna said:“Yes,Yes,If I were a young girl who just graduated,I must be like this too,Will be as desperate as them。”
“But ah,It’s really hard to do this。It’s not easy just to treat children,Ugh,It’s not easy for young people。”
Baiqi said:“young people,Is it not easy for young people?Actually it’s not easy for me。Yoona!do you know?Your life is the envy of many people,I can’t even envy you。”
“Our family is a normal working family,Mom and Dad work in the company,then。At that time I had to work hard for my livelihood all day long。”
“You should be the little princess in everyone’s eyes when you were young,Is it hard to experience poverty?。”
“It may be said that you have not had a great concept of money since childhood,But many people are not like this。Some people have worked hard to make money all their lives, but they have never reached your height.。”
“So Yoona,You are so lucky,Very rich family when I was young,I love your mom and dad,When I grow up I have Xiaofan who loves you again。”
“A life like yours is something many people can’t ask for for eight lifetimes。”
Lin Yuna said:“Sister Bai,I am also satisfied,Very content,I can grow up in such an environment,Then there is such a good husband to me,I’m content。”
Baiqi said:“It’s great if you can think like this。Damn,Your sister Bai,When can I find such a husband?,Ugh。”
Lin Yuna told her:“Most definitely,Sister Bai,You are so nice,The god of luck will definitely come to you,do not worry。”
“You will definitely find a good person。”Baiqi said:“I borrow your good words,Hope i can find a nice family,Marry me quickly。”
“My dad and mom are busy at home all day,Let me go on a blind date,You don’t even know the blind date,Ugh,One by one is really。Hard to express in words。”
“Anyway!Damn。I still have to work hard to become better,So as to。Find better people,Not being called a high climb by others。”
Lin Yuna said:“Correct,Yes,Sister Bai。Sister Bai,Always excellent。But Sister Bai will definitely become better,Haha。”

“It’s youbī)My king,Then I even killed you!”

The voice falls,Fengze’s aura of transformation is full,Directly cover the surrounding area within 100 meters。It turns out that he became plain before, not because Ogami has controlled it。But the calm before the outbreak!
this moment,He is no longer patient,Same dagger,In other words, the dagger originally used by George flew back to Aizawa’s hand abruptly。
this moment,This dagger is not inferior to the level of the Kunlun dagger.。
Just watch,Qin Feng thought it was incredible。
of course,If the Kunlun dagger is used in the hands of the silver phantom before, it is many times stronger than this。
so,The same weapon,In the hands of different people,Its power will be very different。
What surprised Qin Feng most was,When Fengze fights, he doesn’t just use a short sword.,But two daggers in your hands。
have to say,Fengze’s coordination is really good。Double swords are not double swords,It’s not done by hacking,There are also cross cutting or cross usage。
Plus they swung so fast at this level,It’s not easy to hurt yourself。so,The use of this double dagger actually has advantages and disadvantages,But on Fengze’s side,It’s a good performance。
Wang Yi’s weapon is a spear,Long weapons still have a little advantage when dealing with short weapons。
only,In the eyes of Qin Feng,The match between these two people seems half-hearted,Maybe it’s because the angry Aizawa played quite aggressively。There is even a taste of fighting for life in it。
On the other hand, Wang Yi looks more conservative。Obviously the spear is an offensive weapon。But the king is hitting,Marksmanship becomes a defensive move。
This made Qin Feng a little bit dumbfounded。
In fact, Feng Ze didn’t fully focus on Wang Yi.,There is even half a spare to check Qin Feng’s condition。
In fact, according to his idea,As long as their battle is fierce enough,The aftermath should be able to severely damage or even kill Qin Feng。
So he has been looking for opportunities like this,At the same time, it cannot be discovered by Wang Yi in advance。Otherwise, the latter will definitely take precautions。
Neither Qin Feng nor Wang Yi noticed this,After all, Fengze’s“play”Full,At least two people have been satisfied,I thought he was going to fight the king。The latter is also worried about this before changing offense to defense。
Because the defense is passive,So in terms of position,Not necessarily able to take care of。Because he will bebī)Retreat,And all this,Are all within Fengze’s calculation range。At this moment,The calculated Fengze suddenly broke out,A vigorous attack like a big move was thrown out。

“Qin Feng,what the hell do you want!What are you doing here!”Song Litao spoke,His voice suppresses anger,There is a trace of panic。

Everyone also recovered。
Yes indeed,What are you doing here?Your means are powerful,good results,Come to demonstrate?
Qin Feng raised Erlang’s legs,Look at Song Litao:“I come here,Just to ask you,You still plan to be tough?Not willing to hand over your son yet?”Song Litao was silent。
Now he has no cards,Sun Yongli was arrested,Now Qin Feng is here again,These people here will definitely not help him。
But to hand over his son like this,Can he do it?
“Don’t you think!I won’t hand over my son no matter what!”A moment later,Song Litao roared。
He can’t do it,That is his son,Only son,He considers himself a father,No matter what the son makes wrong,He is responsible for guarding。
After Qin Feng heard these words,Sighed and shook his head。
Thinking in my heart,The reason why Song Kangsong is so arrogant,Can’t get rid of Song Litao。
Father and son,I don’t put the law in my eyes at all,Relying on how much money I have,Just trample on the rules of this society。
then,He got up and said:“alright,Since you don’t want,I just found out in these two days,Not so short of time,But the result will not be so good then。”
Finish talking to Song Litao,His eyes fell on the joint statement document on the desktop。
He points to the document,Said to everyone:“Don’t bother you in vain,It’s useless!I’m here to tell you something,If anyone helps Song Litao,I’ll let whoever finish playing!”
I said this to Sun Yongli before,He doesn’t believe,You all saw the end,Call your boss,I believe your boss will make a wise choice。
That’s why he came here,Representatives of dozens of entrepreneurs gathered here,If the companies behind them have to deal with,That would take a bit of effort。
Appeared here today,Tell these people the truth,I believe it can have a deterrent effect,At least most people will be scared off!
Because people are animals that seek advantages and avoid harm,Doing a favor will be done by yourself,Everyone has to weigh!