What to eat to protect your liver

What to eat to protect your liver

According to Chinese medicine, the liver mainly hides blood and excretes it.

If the liver is not good, it can cause disease.

After the virus invades the liver, the capillary permeability of the liver increases, liver cell degeneration and swelling, intrahepatic bleeding, normal function decline, and so on.

So how should we protect our livers during the Spring Festival?

  Fish Magnolia Slices[Materials]500 grams of anchovy, 10 grams of tangerine peel, 3 grams of sand, 10 grams of groceries are put into a gauze bag, seasoning, shallots, ginger, etc.


Magnolia slices are cut into rhombuses, boxed tofu, divided into seven, fresh mushrooms are divided into two, washed, put into a casserole for later use.


Ginger garlic slices, green onions, red peppers cut into “horse ears”.


The river bream is descaled, gills and viscera.


Set the wok on fire, heat the oil, add ginger and garlic slices, shallots, soak red pepper, and stir-fry.

Seasoned white soup, put river catfish, MSG, chicken essence, cooking wine, pepper, boil, remove the floating foam, pour into the pot, and serve.

  [Efficacy]Carassius auratus contains comprehensive and high-quality protein, which can strengthen the elastic fiber composition of the skin.

It has good curative effect on damp turbid internal resistance hypertension.

  Wolfberry roasted hens[Feed]About 1,000 grams of hens, 30 grams of wolfberry, seasoning.

  [Practice]Put the wolfberry into the chicken’s belly, add seasoning, steam for 2 hours, and eat 2-3 times.

  [Efficacy]Wolfberry can regulate the body’s immune function, can effectively inhibit tumor growth and cell mutation, and has the effects of delaying aging, anti-obese liver, regulating blood lipids and blood sugar, and promoting hematopoietic function.

For patients with hot hands and feet, night sweats, dizziness, soft waists and knees, and red tongue and little moss, they should choose the therapeutic method of nourishing yin and nourishing liver and kidney.

  Ganoderma lucidum black date water[material]1 small piece of wild ganoderma, 6 jujube dates, 500ml boiling water.


Prepare black dates / ganoderma 2.

Black jujube denucleated, Ganoderma lucidum piece 3.

Wash the material with warm water, add a thermos cup, and add boiling water to screw the shell.

The blistering time is suitable, if it can be more than 3 hours, the effect is better.

  [Efficacy]Ganoderma has a two-way regulatory effect on the human body, and it has a significant effect on various systems of the heart and brain blood vessels, digestion, nerves, endocrine, breathing, exercise, especially tumors, liver cancer, insomnia and aging.

And black jujube can improve the body’s immunity and inhibit the inhibition of division.

  Pork Liver Mung Bean Soup[Materials]Mung beans, loofah, pork liver, wolfberry, eggs, spices: water starch, cooking wine, ginger, pepper, coriander, refined salt, sesame oil.


Wash and slice the pork liver, 2.

Put into a bowl, add cooking wine, refined salt, water starch for marinating preparation.


Pork liver is cooked in boiling water and removed.


Wash the mung beans into the soup pot, add an appropriate amount of water, cover and place on a fire and boil before boiling 5?
After 6 minutes, drain the mung beans.


Loofah peeling and washing, 6.Slice the loofah and set aside.

Wash the goji berries for later use.


Remove the mung bean water and make sure that the vitamins are still green.


The ratio of mung bean water to broth is 2 to 1.


Pour in mung bean soup and broth and boil.


Add boiled pork liver and boil.


Add loofah, ginger slices, and 12.

Add refined salt, sesame oil, wolfberry and stir well.

  [Efficacy]It has the functions of clearing the liver and clearing eyes, detoxifying and detoxifying, reducing blood pressure, blood lipids and blood sugar, preventing arterial knot industrial syndrome from sclerosis, protecting the liver, inhibiting mild liver and promoting liver cell regeneration.

3 Habits Before Bedtime Makes You 15 Years Younger

3 Habits Before Bedtime Makes You 15 Years Younger

Women can’t stand the damage of years. When the pressure of life and work comes on, worries, dark circles and other annoying problems follow.

Many women will find that no matter how good their eye creams and expensive masks are, they can’t completely cure skin problems and it is difficult to stay young.

  Here, remind our fellow women, do not stay up all night and drink too much alcohol.

In this way, no matter how good your health and skin are, your youth will soon be exhausted.

Therefore, do not go to bed more than 11:30 every night, drink enough water, eat enough fruits and vegetables every day, in order to truly retain youth.

  Sleeping is the golden age of beauty, and insisting on three small habits before bedtime can help you delay aging and make the skin problems brought about by age no longer damaging.

  First, move before bedtime, before your fitness figure shows up, you can do some simple small exercises in bed and relax your body, which is also good for human health!

  First lie on the bed, lift your legs up and massage from top to bottom.

Keep your legs raised and don’t put them down, or lie on the wall in an L-shape, this action can help thin the calf excess.

  Then lie flat with your legs suspended at 90 degrees, 45 degrees, and 30 degrees in midair, and each angle stays for about 30 seconds to 1 minute, or the limit you can stick to.

This action can shape the muscles of the thighs.

  You can also lie on the bed, with your legs narrowed to your chest, your chest close to your thighs, your hands straight and clamped next to your ears, and your elbows above your palms against your bed.

This action can help rule out stool.

  The two and five fingers are combed to retain the hair. We know that the head has several important points on the body. Through the stimulation during the combing process, the massage effect can be used.

  First comb through the hair with a comb, starting from the forehead and combing from top to bottom, with moderate strength.

  Then use your fingers to gently massage the scalp, and use your fingers to brush the hair from the ears, forehead, and forehead, and then rub the top of the head together.

Repeat this process more than 30 times until you feel scalp numb.

  This action can help clear the blood in the brain and get excess oxygen in the brain.

So as to improve memory, protect hair roots, strengthen hair follicles, eliminate brain fatigue and other effects.

  Third, the feet are soaked in hot water, and the blood-assisting foot is the farthest part from the human heart. It is not easy to get oxygen and blood. In addition, it is easier to be stimulated by the cold to the blood vessels due to the cold in winter.
  However, the foot is another concentrated area of the human body. If the blood supply is insufficient, it will affect the normal operation of many parts such as the liver and kidneys.

Therefore, soaking your feet in warm water before going to bed is good for promoting blood circulation and accelerating your metabolism.

  In particular, Chinese herbal medicine can be added to the water that soaks the feet, because the acupuncture points of the veins on the feet are penetrated, and the pharmaceutical ingredients in the water can be well absorbed.

If you want to reduce the pain of waist and legs by soaking your feet, you can add Angelica sinensis and Chuanxiong; if you want to reduce dizziness, you can add chrysanthemum and prunella; if you want to remove dryness and athlete’s foot, then add wormwood.

Yao Di’s self-challenge to overcome his comeback life_1

Yao Di’s self-challenging to overcome his comeback life

Recently, Yao Di participated in “Super Team” to record live photos. It is reported that he has made a full comeback.

Yao Di said in an interview after recording: “The idea that this program conveys to me is that there will always be difficulties and frustrations in life. The biggest enemy is yourself. If you defeat yourself, you win, whether it is sports or life.

“Since the” See you Monday “incident to the present, Yao Di has” disappeared “for several months. I believe that these months of restfulness have made her” heal “and heal, as she said: the biggest enemy is yourself, defeat yourself, youI won!

The same is true in life, and victory over yourself is actually on the way to success.

  Everyone makes mistakes for a long time. It is inevitable that some mistakes will occur. The mistakes happen. What we have to do is how to stand up.

Not being able to forgive myself is like a heavy heart burden on your heart and mind.

This feeling is like sitting on a needle felt, making people hard to believe in sleeping.

Of course, this kind of feeling has been experienced by most people, but it is only for a moment or stay, and it has not been maintained for a long time, because afterwards we have let ourselves go and forgive ourselves.

We were born imperfect, please be forgiving, forgive yourself, forgive others, and don’t feel bad about yourself.

  You can grow up to the present day by defeating yourself. All the people who hinder our development are actually ourselves. You are not motivated, you will not be promoted to a higher salary; you are not professional, and you are enthusiastic about working in an empty space;Love yourself; you do n’t respect the other half, but you want the other half to bow their heads; the person who is almost thirty years old does n’t know how to feed the crow, but is embarrassed to reach out to your parents to ask for a car or a house.What are you doing? In fact, we should ask ourselves: Why am I?

Yeah, why?

The most difficult thing for humans to overcome is ourselves, because in the name of sight, no matter how wide the field of vision, we are standing in our own blind spots.

  In fact, many times, we are not playing against anyone. As long as we work hard to defeat ourselves, we will feel tired.

To defeat others, you need constant fighting spirit and courage; to defeat yourself, you need a firm will and determination. The reason why growth is called metamorphosis is because of the pain of breaking the cocoon, otherwise how can you transform the butterfly.

Five medicated meals for men’s kidney tonic

Five medicated meals for men’s kidney tonic

Kidney deficiency makes men miserable. Diet and kidney is the best choice. So what is good for men with kidney deficiency?

Below, Xiaobian recommends some medicated diets that can help men with kidney deficiency to nourish, hurry up and learn!

. Nourishing kidney yin medicinal diet-Yipin yam raw materials: 500 grams of raw yam, 150 grams of flour, walnut kernels, assorted preserved fruits, appropriate amount of honey, 100 grams of sugar, lard, and a small amount of black flour

  Production: Wash the raw yam, steam it, peel it, put it into an enamel pot, add flour, knead it into a dough, put it into a pie, place walnut kernels on it, and mix the amount of assorted candied fruits.

After the pan is poured, pour a layer of honey candy on the pancake (1 tablespoon of honey, 100 grams of sugar, a small amount of lard and coriander powder, and serve immediately).

  Efficacy: Nourish the kidney yin.

Applicable to kidney yin cancer caused by thirst, frequent urination, nocturnal emission and other complications.

  Wenbu Shenyang Medicinal Diet-Ginger and Roasted Dog Meat Ingredients: 30 grams of cooked flakes, 1000 grams of dog meat, 150 grams of ginger, vegetable oil, garlic and shallots.

  Production: Wash the dog meat and cut into small pieces;

Then put the cooked pieces into the casserole, and fry for 2 hours, then add the dog meat, garlic and ginger, and add water to stew until the meat is rotten.

  Efficacy: tonic kidney yang.

It is suitable for impotence, excessive urination at night, chills and cold limbs.

Patients with chronic bronchitis and chronic nephritis who are physically cold should also take it.

  Kidney-strengthening waist medicated diet-Eucommia ulmoides pork loin raw materials: 15 grams of Eucommia ulmoides, 4 pork loins.

  Production: grow raw eucommia cut 3.

3 cm wide.

6 cm segments.

Break the pork loin with a bamboo slice, put the cut eucommia slice inside the pork loin, wrap it with wet grass paper for several layers, put it in charcoal fire, and slowly grill it. Remove and remove the grass paper after cooking.

  Efficacy: Strong waist and kidney.

Applicable to patients with kidney deficiency, low back pain, nephritis and pyelonephritis.

  Bushen Wufa Medicinal Diet-Shouwu Baked Chicken Ingredients: 1000 grams of three yellow hens, 50 grams of Polygonum multiflorum, ginger slices, cooking wine, refined salt, sesame oil.

  Production: Live three yellow hens are usually slaughtered, peeled, cleaned, and intestines mixed; grated Polygonum multiflorum is ground, wrapped in gauze bags, and filled into the chicken belly.

Add chicken to the casserole, add water to submerge the chicken body, simmer until the meat is cooked, remove the Shouwu bag, add seasoning such as cooking wine, fine salt, ginger, sesame oil, etc., and simmer for another half an hour.

  Effect: Tonic Kidney Qi.

For men with impotence and premature aging, premature gray hair and other symptoms.

  Bushenlishui medicated diet-Vigna stewed chicken raw materials: 150 grams of cowpea, 150 grams of amaranth (ie water spinach), 1 chicken (about 250?
500 g).

  Production: Chicken slaughtered, washed, cut into pieces, stewed with cowpea and amaranth, seasoned with salt, spring onion, and eat meat.

  Efficacy: Spleen, kidney, and water.

It is suitable for edema caused by deficiency of spleen and kidney qi, urinary turbidity, dizziness, sore knees, fatigue, loss of appetite, pale tongue and thin fur, and thin pulses.

Women’s and women’s diseases identified by belly button shape

Women’s and women’s diseases identified by belly button shape

The navel is cold, and if the navel is cold, it is easy to have diarrhea and cold. This is the reason most people understand.

For women, it can even affect menstruation.

Therefore, navel care is important.

Dialectical disease of belly button shape: What does it imply for gynecological diseases? Let’s take a look below. I hope that it can help everyone, especially female friends, to understand some to ensure their own health and prevent the emergence of gynecological diseases.

  First, identify the disease from the shape of the navel 1, the navel is small: it means that the body is weak, the hormone secretion in the body is abnormal, the body is weak, and the mental condition is not good.

  2, Navel depression: When obese or abdominal inflammation, such as adhesion tuberculous peritonitis, the navel will be sunken inward.

  3, protruding navel: when there is a lot of hydrops or ovarian cysts in the abdomen, the navel will expand and protrude.

  4, downward shape: Attention should be paid to prevent suffering from gastric sagging, constipation, chronic gastrointestinal diseases and gynecological diseases.

  5, upward shape: The navel eye extends upward, almost becoming a triangle with the top upward.

People with this kind of belly button should pay more attention to 6, the left side of the belly button: should prevent poor gastrointestinal function, constipation or large intestinal mucosal lesions.

  7, the right side of the navel: should pay attention to diseases such as hepatitis, duodenal ulcer.

  Second, the navel should be cold. Remember to keep the navel warm.

The navel is different from other parts of the abdomen. There is no muscle and light tissue under the umbilicus, and the blood vessels are abundant.

As the final closure of the abdominal wall, the skin is thinner, with high sensitivity, strong permeability, and fast absorption.

Because of its poor barrier function, the body is relatively weak, and it is susceptible to cold and cold.

  Pay more attention to the warmth of the umbilicus when sleeping to avoid causing diarrhea or cold.

Especially for young women, especially menstrual women, the blood vessels are in a congested state. The umbilical gown is most likely to contract the pelvic vessels due to cold, resulting in poor menstrual blood flow. Longer periods will cause dysmenorrhea, prolonged menstruation, and irregular menstruationReconcile.

  Third, the umbilical health care method 1, massage the navel sitting, lying, vertical imitation, as much as possible to relax the whole body, fully expose the abdomen, first rub your hands with the palm of your hand against the navel, press one hand on the navel, press clockwise firstRotate the counterclockwise direction from small to large by 50?
100 times, pressing gently should be gentle, not strong, once every morning and evening.

  The umbilical cord and the kidney move through the gas, and the spleen, stomach, small intestine, and large intestine are located in the perinatal umbilicus. Massaging the shrine and abdomen can increase appetite, dredge the ventilator, help digestion, strengthen the physique, flourish, and cause gastroenteritisPeptic ulcer, prostatitis and other diseases.

  2. Traditional Chinese medicine is applied to the umbilicus as it is really hot and constipated. You can apply mirabilite to bitter cold and diarrhea. For cold abdominal pain, apply umbilical ginger such as ginger, Wuyao, cinnamon powder, cloves, etc.

For the elderly and infirm, different medicines can be applied to the umbilical cord according to the deficiency of constitution, qi, blood, yin and yang, and physical fitness and longevity.

  Umbilical therapy and oral administration have the same purpose.

When the umbilical is applied, the medicine passes through the skin and reaches the meridians.

And through the meridian’s qi and blood flow injection, the medicinal properties are spread throughout the body with the qi and blood running, to achieve the purpose of warming the meridians, passing qi and blood, dispersing cold and dampness, reconciling the viscera, yin and yang, and strengthening the physique to prolong life.

  3. For navel cupping, choose a large hot pot, apply flash fire method, and place the hot pot on the navel. 15?
Remove the can in 20 minutes.

Navel cupping can treat hypertension, dysentery, chronic diarrhea, acute measles, and allergic rhinitis.

  The navel is supplemented with Zusanli, Zhongzhong, and large vertebra cupping. Menopausal psychological characteristics and health care introduction every day or every other day, every 20 minutes, can enhance the body’s immune function, increase appetite, and eliminate fatigue.

An environment that is not suitable for the elderly

An environment that is not suitable for the elderly

Air polluted environment Air pollution environment should avoid garbage, stinking ditch, septic tanks and other dirty and unclean places, including crowds of theaters, dance halls, venues, shopping malls and other places.

The air in these places becomes very dirty due to heat dissipation, dispersing, breathing and other excretion activities.

  The vocal and noisy environment is in a fixed space, and the population density per unit area is increasing. People’s personality sounds and noisy confluences combine to form a great noise.

If the elderly are in such an environment for a long time, they are prone to irritability and induce various cardiovascular diseases.

  Silent ambient noise during the day is harmful to health, but if the environment is too quiet, especially during the day, there is no sound around it, which is easy to cause insecurity, loneliness, and even fear, which is also unfavorable to human health.

Therefore, the elderly should not live too far in the wilderness, surrounded by neighbors, no other people in the family, do not hinder the opening of the radio or television, artificially made some noise.

  If the lighting is unreasonable, the indoor lighting is not enough, and the visual acuity of the elderly is reduced. It is not only easy to fall and fall, but also affect the mental health of the elderly, thus producing a gray mentality.

However, the ambient light is too pungent and not good. In addition to damaging vision and producing vertigo, it can also excite the emotions and affect sleep.

  In the colorful environment, the ability of the elderly to quickly recognize color is reduced.

If it is in a colorful environment for a long time, the possibility of falling due to misjudgment may be intensified. The color in the bedroom of the elderly should be simple and natural, and it cannot be decorated with colorful colors.

  In the harsh climate, the physiology of the elderly is declining, and the ability to cope with the harsh external environment is also significantly reduced. Therefore, it should be avoided in harsh climates such as rain, snow and hail.

  The dense environment of buildings and buildings will cause psychological anxiety and irritability in the elderly, making the elderly feel insecure and emotional.

  Stimulating the thrilling environment All kinds of intense sports competitions, thrilling acrobatic performances, and roller coasters and other entertainment projects in the location, while exciting and nervous, will also stimulate the human sympathetic nerves, make the heart beat faster, vasoconstriction, blood pressure risehigh.

Yoga is not everything

Yoga is not everything

There are now more than 14 million people practicing yoga or tai chi across the United States, a 136% increase from 2000.

However, plastic surgeons, physiotherapists, and chiropractic practitioners across the country are facing more and more people who have been abandoned halfway due to incorrect practice.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, 1 in the past 3 years.

30,000 Americans were sent to the emergency room or to a doctor for injuries caused by practicing yoga.

  People get hurt because they think yoga is simple and anyone can do all kinds of moves as required.

Professor Edward Torrello of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons said that most of the casualties he saw were those born during the baby boomer period during the two days of the weekend, and those who chose to practice yoga did not solve themThe body is no longer like it was when you were young.

He said: “They think yoga is a simple way to exercise, so they have classes once a week and start practicing before the body is fully stretched, which is very easy to get injured.

“At the same time, there are still people who think of yoga as a dynamic exercise method. In fact, yoga was originally an exercise that allowed people to have peace of mind.

Now in various health clubs, more than five times as many people practice yoga as they did 10 years ago, and some enthusiasts have invented various ways of yoga-jumping yoga, disco yoga, power yoga, and controversial hot yogaIt is to let people stay in a room where the temperature reaches 41 ° C, and people’s endurance reaches its limit.

  In fact, yoga in all its forms is not a universal way to keep people healthy.

According to a study conducted by the American Fitness Bid, the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health of those who specialize in yoga has not improved.

Moreover, practicing yoga is not the best way to lose weight.

In addition, although it has a role in reducing stress and osteoarthritis, it cannot treat osteoporosis.

  Part of the problem is that more and more people who teach yoga do not know enough about it themselves.

Yoga was originally taught one-on-one and it took years to practice.

However, today ‘s yoga instructor can take a class after a weekend class.

Experts say moxibustion is the new darling of white-collar health

Experts say moxibustion is the new darling of white-collar health

[Introduction]White-collar workers who have been sitting in the office for a long time are prone to backaches and neck pains; White-collar workers who are under high pressure often have poor sleep; Female white-collar workers who like to eat frozen food and wear an “umbilical dress” often experience dysmenorrhea and cold hands and feet .Invaded the lives of white-collar workers, many white-collar workers began to choose a natural and simple Chinese medicine health treatment, that is, moxibustion.

  Moxibustion prevents the principles of winter disease and summer treatment of traditional Chinese medicine. It has wonderful effects on the tennis elbow commonly encountered by urban white-collar workers and the mouse hand. It can also treat wind and cold, exogenous cough, hemorrhoids, cervical syndrome, stomach pain, abdominal pain through different points.Constipation, insomnia, anemia, dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, falling pillow and other symptoms.

Experts suggest that moxibustion once a year after the age of 30 can regulate body fluids, enhance the body’s immune function and improve disease resistance.

  Moxibustion therapy is very simple. Use moxa to form moxa sticks or moxa columns of different sizes (one-time dose of “moxa sticks”), burn on the acupoints or painful parts, and fumigate, so that the acupuncture points can be entered into the meridians to achieve warm meridian, Qu Han dehumidification, health care role.

Unlike acupuncture and moxibustion, acupuncture moxibustion is a combination of medicine and physics.

Usually you can use the most common moxa sticks and moxa sticks, or you can use warm moxibustion packs, warm moxibustion sticks, moxibustion pots and other tools.

  The therapeutic and health effects of moxibustion are also effective for internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, pediatrics, and facial diseases, especially for mastitis, prostatitis, periarthritis, pelvic inflammatory disease, cervical spondylosis, and diabetes.

Modern medical research also shows that the trace and spectrum generated during the burning of Ai is a near-infrared suitable for human treatment, which can stimulate the hydrogen bonding of biomolecules in the human acupoints, provide energy for the body’s cell metabolic activities and immune functions, and improve and repairLesions.

  The time of moxibustion depends on the condition and location of the moxibustion, usually about 20 minutes each time; if you feel too hot during the treatment, you can properly raise the moxa to dissipate heat; after the treatment, the local skin appears reddish,This is a normal phenomenon. If small blisters appear, you can absorb them by yourself.

In addition, it should be noted that moxibustion should not be used for those with actual fever and yin deficiency and fever, and facial and large blood vessels, and pregnant women’s abdomen and lumbosacral region should not be used for moxibustion.

Women should master five kinds of men’s psychology

Women should master five kinds of men’s psychology

1. Opposition to suspicion This is the most harmful behavior. It not only hurts the other person, but also hurts itself. This is a very real example. In the countryside on the edge of a city, the people there are rich.After the land was requisitioned for industrial use, everyone in the village had a dividend, not less than 100,000 yuan per person per year. In such a wealthy village, many men had three or more wives, and each house lived on one floor.Wife.

There are no cases of divorce.

  But in this year, there was a single divorce in this village. The man was very rich, he opened some factories, and his career was very successful. Their family has a son and a daughter. This is a happy family. However, because the man is inBusinesses often have to entertain, return early and return late. Women suspect that he has other women, and have been making trouble out of no reason to say that he has other women. In fact, men have never contacted any women, and cherish this happy home, but,Women ca n’t change it day after day, they have to talk about men like this, annoying men, and then get angry, thinking, “I have n’t found any other women, you have been wronged by me, anyway, youThink of me like this, I’m sorry but I don’t look for it.

So he dated other women in peace, and even later, the relationship became more and more intense. Finally, when the woman knew it, she became furious and demanded a divorce.

Son, the woman is being raised by the woman, and the man pays 3 million one-time maintenance.

  For this single divorce, people in the entire village scolded them, saying that they destroyed Feng Shui, what divorce, and build a house to marry another woman, it is not necessary to have a divorce, it is the woman who is too splashy, and finally the villagersDrive the woman away.

  Later, the man said, “If a woman doesn’t guess me like that, then, when other women approach me, I will definitely refuse, because her unreasonable suspicion made me angry.

There is nothing to regret or regret. It has already happened, and it was caused by yourself, and you bear the consequences and responsibilities yourself.

  Women should also reflect on this incident caused by suspicion.

  2. Opposing 唠叨 This 唠叨 means that the woman is always okay to say this and that it ‘s endless, annoying, and quiet for a while. If something is even worse, it means that the world is more remarkably relishing.Fei kept talking. If so, men would rather run outside and sit on the street than return home.

  Some men are not afraid of loneliness or running, they are afraid of women.

He was exhausted and exhausted, and when he returned home, he just wanted to rest, just to be quiet. A woman should give him a quiet and comfortable resting environment. This can make a man nostalgic for home and want to go home.

  3. Opposition to an dictatorial man. After all, he is a man. No matter what he thinks of himself, he should be a man in the forefront. He should deal with it or have the right to participate. But if a woman decides whatever she does, she does n’t have any.Putting a man in his eyes does not respect his opinion or listen to him. Then, the man will feel that he has no place and uselessness in this home, so it will hurt his heart and make him feel boring.

  When two people live together, they should respect each other and be considerate of each other.

Dominance on either side can make families uncomfortable.

  4. Opposition to invasion of the opposite sex is the most life-threatening man. No matter what kind of man, he doesn’t want other men to appear beside his own woman. Don’t talk about people, even a phone call and a message.

Men’s psychology is the same as women’s.

Not stingy, everything can be shared with others, only emotions are impossible.

If there is no need for a woman, try not to have close contact with the opposite sex.

Including contacts, phone calls and messages.

  However, if it is a career-type woman, when it is necessary to communicate with other men due to business needs, please do not avoid it in front of him. No matter what you are talking about in front of him, you will be informed of it if you do n’t go there to talk about things.With a sound, in this way, I believe men can be forgiven.

For men, women do not want other men of the opposite sex to appear around them. Men also need to be bright and clear. Where women have misunderstandings, they must explain clearly and reassure women.

  5. It is very difficult to oppose the relationship between mother-in-law and the man between his woman and his mother-in-law. It is very difficult to help everyone with headaches. At this time, men hope that women can tolerate, and don’t care too much about the elderly. Even if women are aggrieved,Swallowed up the air, otherwise the man will slap the woman in desperation in the end.

  If a woman can understand that these are the pains of a man, then try to avoid and deal with them as much as possible. Sometimes losing is not necessarily a real loss. When you quarrel with your loved ones, you win but you lose.

When you break his heart, what you pay will be a significant price to make up for.

When you ca n’t make it up, you ‘re just sad.

Drool while sleeping, watch out for these diseases!

Drool while sleeping, watch out for these diseases!

When a person is a baby, drooling is a very normal physiological phenomenon.

And if you are an adult and still drool while sleeping, it may indicate that a certain disease is happening . Adults drool while sleeping, watch out for these problems!

  1. In addition to drooling while sleeping, if it is accompanied by bad breath, swollen gums and other symptoms, consider having oral ulcers.

First, oral arthritis promotes the production of saliva, which causes drooling during sleep.

In this case, generally only need to cure oral ulcers.

  2. Excessive use of the brain to secrete saliva from the human oral cavity is generally regulated by neural reflexes. If the brain is used excessively during normal study, work and life, it will cause brain fatigue or impair neurological regulation.Causes drooling while sleeping.

For the drooling phenomenon caused by excessive brain use, it is recommended to develop a good routine to avoid overwork.

  3. Facial neuritis has facial neuritis, which may also cause drooling during sleep. To determine whether you have facial neuritis, you can observe whether the facial expression muscles have complications of paralysis. If the eyelids cannot be closed, frowns can not be closed, and hearing and taste are reduced.You should go to the hospital in time.

  4. Stroke precursors Stroke patients often have drooling due to nervous tension. To determine whether they have a precursor to stroke, you can observe whether the corners of their mouths are skewed. If so, they must go to the hospital for treatment in time to avoid exacerbations.
  5. Arteriosclerosis Arteriosclerosis can lead to brain and muscle enlargement and hypoxia, which can cause skin and muscle relaxation, and the elderly can weaken their ability to swallow, which can cause drooling during sleep.

If the elderly drool while sleeping, they can go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible, even if there are no symptoms such as skewed corners and tight eyes.