Tell you the right way to wash your face


Tell you the right way to wash your face

If you want skin care, you must first clean your skin.

Some people wash their face when they feel dirty, even four or five times a day, and some people do it once in the morning and evening. Is there a way to wash your face right?

  Sensitive skin: Of all skin types, sensitive skin is the least sought after.

Because it is susceptible to external stimuli, it can cause symptoms of burning, tightness, and tearing.

Therefore, choose a mild facial cleanser for sensitive skin. Do not use too much force when washing. Rinse off with warm water after washing, and then lightly block with a towel to absorb moisture from the skin.

  Dry and normal skin: For facial skin with dry and normal skin, you don’t need to use too much. Generally, it is good to use it once in the evening to remove the dirt from the air and cosmetics.

Usually, you need to replenish your skin more often. Use some moisturizing lotion to replenish your skin.

  Oily skin: Oily skin is the most annoying skin type for many people, and they feel their face soaked in oil every day.

But you must not wash your face with oily skin, otherwise you will lose water even if you wash the oil.

Oily skin should maintain the habit of cleansing morning and evening. If you feel oily, you can wash it twice.

Choose a refreshing lotion after washing to keep the skin fresh.

  Wash your face with cold or warm water?

  Whether you wash your face with hot or cold water has always been a tangled issue.

In fact, each of these has its own advantages and disadvantages, but it is still used occasionally.

  Use warm water when cleaning your face. Generally, warm water is best for washing your face, but it should be below body temperature.

This can easily wash away the dirt on the face, but also open the facial skin and strengthen the cleansing of skin pores.

  After cleansing, pores are opened with cold water for cleaning. If the pores are opened after cleaning, dirt will enter the pores again, causing secondary pollution.

So apply cold water after cleansing. Cold water can enhance blood circulation and improve skin elasticity.


It is not advisable to wash your face with cold water for oily skin, because cold water shrinks the pores and cannot wash the sebum, dust and cosmetics in oily skin, but it will worsen acne.

  After washing your face, should you wipe it with a towel?

  In our life, the biggest use of towels is to absorb water, which is perfect for the bladder that has just been washed!

But is your towel guaranteed to be free of bacteria?

Is it disinfected every day?

Is it sterilized every day?

Since there isn’t, it will be used to wipe the face, and the bacteria on the towel will run into the skin, causing allergies and inflammation.

  Therefore, if the towel is clean, you can wipe your face with a towel, but you must not rub hard when you wipe it. It is better to step on it and absorb the water in your body.

  If the towel is not clean, it is better to let the towel “rest”, and directly absorb water with a paper towel or use a cotton pad to ensure the cleanliness of the skin!

Walking restarted

Walking restarted

Core tip: The researchers measured the walking speed of 35,000 participating elders and found that the faster they walked, the longer their life span.

According to statistics, 87% of elderly men who walk fast are 10 years longer than those who walk slowly; 91% of women who walk faster live 10 years longer than walk slowly.

  According to the research results of American researchers, the pace may predict the longevity of human beings. Scientists have found that the elderly who go faster can substitute for longevity than the slower ones.

The study’s report was published last week in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

  Researchers measured the walking speed of 35,000 elders (both men and women over 75 years old) who participated in the study, and found that the faster they walked, the longer their lives.

According to statistics, 87% of elderly men who walk fast are 10 years longer than those who walk slowly; 91% of women who walk faster live 10 years longer than walk slowly.

  However, the performance of Stephanie Studenski, a geriatrics expert at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in charge of this study, does not mean that increasing walking speed can increase life span, because “your body will automatically choose the right fit for youThe speed of personal health. ”

  However, scientists say doctors may consider testing a patient’s pace to determine his health.

Another early research report pointed out that walking speed can indeed improve the survival rate of people over the age of 65.

Seth Landefeld, director of the University of California Center for Aging Research, said in Discovery News that testing walking speed is particularly helpful for examining cancer and cardiovascular disease.

  The results of earlier scientific reports all show that for middle-aged and elderly people, wearing sports shoes and going for a walk is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy and long life.

Among them, one study pointed out that walking 9 a week.

5 kilometers can ensure more sensitive brain activity, while Harvard University research suggests that women can reduce the risk of stroke by more than 40% as long as they often walk or walk at brisk pace.

Sunlight Allure Gulangyu is far away from the dust mites like a fairy

Sunlight Allure Gulangyu is far away from the dust mites like a fairy

Gulangyu said that Gulangyu Island, a small island with a radius of only 2 kilometers, is known as the Pearl of the Sea.

There are so many friends around me. In the past two years, I have always set off for Xiamen before the Spring Festival holiday. I have said that since I have found a new era of tourism, I will enjoy it for two more years!

“And when they saw my envious eyes, their satisfaction in the heart went up.”

  However, when it comes to being home, the kind of vain initiative is really the most inexplicable part of Gulangyu, and it is also in line with the energy-starting period of the beginning of the new year.

In 1650, when Zheng Chenggong was here, he did not know whether he thought of the leisure and beauty here.

Clear waters to Gulangyu in February and March are a very reliable thing.

Because the weather is good, the temperature is still moderate.

A pleasant round-the-island trip, boarding a bicycle, watching the sea, nostalgic under the monuments, tasting desserts in the sun, lying down and lying down, squatting as if you are squatting.

Looking at Xiamen at one end of the island, the city is on the other side, and on this side, the feelings of the gods from the world are born.

  In the family hotel, the wonderful family hotel time of the nobles probably took the time to write this article with the feeling of vacation, so the comfort of the body was ranked first.

However, in recent years, Gulangyu, and even various family hotels in Xiamen have indeed become a pleasing landscape here.

After the Opium War, the consulates of the countries on the island of Gulangyu Island successively stationed, making an indelible contribution to the later family hotels.

On today’s small islands, hundreds of years of old buildings are emerging, various mansions, villas are built exquisitely, and are covered by layers of green plants.

The knife of time has carved a sense of history for them.

  Look inside, most of the rooms in these hotels are full of literary temperament, a small hand-painted picture hanging on the edge of the bed, and the vines climbing outside the window.

The sun shines warmly on the cotton sheets, giving off a fresh taste.

When you are in a good mood, put a sunflower in a small vase on the bedside table.

In the courtyard downstairs, there are a few small tables with a little bit of stars, and people sitting in the sun and using desserts at the table, some kind of nerves will become soft and extraordinary here.

  I thought about the aristocrats who wore Chinese costumes and smashed folding fans. They used to have tea and a small sea breeze.

Today, I can wear loose sweatpants, flip-flops, and headphones to sit in the same place. Life is so beautiful that I can’t describe it.

The war imprint was on Gulangyu Island, and it also completely preserved the historical sites in which Zheng Chenggong once led troops.

The war more than 300 years ago is now just a textual description for us, as well as the re-sequences in those dramas.

At that time, the four smokes were a loyal soul about the nation. After the smoke was dispersed for a hundred years, it became a building that no longer speaks.

The sound of the sea on the shore is probably the same for thousands of years, but we can’t understand it, but it has been telling.

Various conjectures about sound make history more dignified.

Then in the sky, I hope that these meditations can be passed further.

  The boulder of Sunlight Rock is probably the highest place on the island.

Legend has it that when the sun rises every morning, it is the first place to be illuminated by the sun.

Looking closer, the boulder is probably standing on the volcano on the cliff, and below is a natural stone cave.

It seems that the gods have placed their toys carefully and become there.

Into the mountain, in this stone cave, is the Sunshine Rock Temple with a history of 400 years.

The morning sun always shines into the cave without hesitation, letting the temple shine.

What is even more interesting is that Sunlight Rock is also called “Fengtou Mountain”. It is opposite to the Hutou Mountain in Xiamen and is holding the Xiamen Port. Therefore, this dragon and tiger has become the legend of “Dragon Tiger Shoujiang”.

  The journey music “The World is a mess” Su Huilun is his own master in a leisurely holiday, and I still want to be completely happy.

So recommend this old song.

Su Huilun’s fresh voice is very suitable for the feeling of sunshine in the water, and the rhythm of joy is also worthy of the travel situation of Sahuan.

Su Huilun arranged the words, sang, and songs. “This eve of the day, whatever the day is, nothing is going to be light and light, and the flowers are not fascinating.” The good ones are free to do whatever they want.

  Travel Tips Travel Map From Xiamen to Gulangyu, there are big ships in the daytime, the ticket from Xiamen to Gulangyu is free, and the ticket back to Xiamen is 8 yuan/person.If you want to get on the 2nd floor of the ship, you will need 1 yuan for you to go back.

In addition to the big ships, there are ferries and cruise ships that can go to the island. The price of the transition and round-the-island tickets is different and needs to be distinguished.

There are a lot of Gulangyu family hotels. It is recommended to find relevant introductions on the Internet and then book them. When you check in, you need to ask which dock is close to the island (Gulangyu has three terminals).

The island’s tourist attractions have their own tickets, you can also buy a pass tour.

The elderly should have a diet

The elderly should have a diet

Ms. Li, 69, was recently hospitalized because of a rapid weight loss and lung infection.

During this time, her hemoglobin and plasma protein were significantly reduced.

After excluding malignant tumors and other wasting diseases, doctors found that Ms. Li was suffering from “ageer protein-energy malnutrition.”

The “culpacy” of the disease is actually a piece of advice from the medical examiner six months ago – the diet should be based on low-salt, low-fat, low-sugar foods.

  It is a good thing for the elderly to pay attention to diet control. However, if you are strict with the “three lows” and the food intake is too small, you will easily suffer from malnutrition.

  The manifestation of malnutrition is that Ms. Li, when she first lost weight, thought it was caused by diabetes, so she didn’t care.

Indeed, because the current evaluation criteria for nutritional deficiencies in the elderly are still not perfect, and its early clinical manifestations are completely weak, afraid of cold, overcoming edema, etc., so don’t say that ordinary people, even medical staff sometimes have weight on the elderly.The decline phenomenon is not well understood.

According to some surveys, the prevalence of geriatric malnutrition in hospitalized elderly is as high as 20%-60%, and the prevalence of non-hospitalized elderly is 5%-10%, and the diagnosis rate is only 36%.

  Malnutrition has long been neglected, and eventually the condition of the original disease has deteriorated.

So, how should the elderly judge whether they are malnourished?

Usually, strict dieting of the elderly, if there is loss of appetite, burnout, gradual weight loss, limbs or systemic edema, easy to catch a cold, repeated infections, blood test results have resonance disorders, anemia, low serum plasma or low protein blood, etc.The situation shows that the elderly are suffering from malnutrition.

  Dieting needs to be scientific, like Ms. Li, suffering from three high, dietary control after coronary heart disease and diabetes is necessary, but must consult with doctors beforehand to find out the specific scale of dieting.

  In fact, all the elderly should eat less staple food, eat more protein, fiber and other non-staple foods, the total daily intake is no more than 2000 kcal.

It is not advisable to have a complete vegetarian diet, as long as you eat less fried, pickled, smoked food, do not eat animal offal, and control the absorption of sweets and iced drinks.

  Older people with diabetes should eat less starch, reduce the amount of 20-25 kcal per kilogram of body weight per day, and should properly supplement meat and eggs; patients with coronary heart disease should have low blood sugar, low fat, low blood sugar dietAt the same time, limit the intake of salt, no more than 6 grams per day, eat more fresh vegetables, to ensure the replacement of trace elements such as iodine, potassium; three high old people should eat less animal waste and carbohydrate food, daily intakeThe salt does not exceed 4 grams, but also increases the intake of vitamins, calcium and potassium.

  Older people who have already developed malnutrition should eat soft boiled cereals, vegetables and fruits, and add more seasonings to promote appetite.

Also drink plenty of water and exercise properly to improve your health.

  Too many types of medication should also be vigilant. From the clinical statistics, there are still three conditions for the elderly to pay special attention to ensure dietary intake.

  One is to take the elderly with too many types of drugs.

Because certain drugs, such as hypnotics, cause the elderly to become sleepy and sleepy and affect appetite, the drugs such as theophylline and thyroxine themselves increase energy metabolism and affect the absorption of nutrients.

  The second is the elderly who are addicted to alcohol.

The trace amount of alcohol replaces the conversion provided by food, which reduces the appetite of the elderly and causes malnutrition in the long run.

  The third is the elderly who are in a bad mood.

Because of the lack of contact with society after retirement, changes in economic conditions, or depression caused by widowhood, loneliness can easily lead to loss of appetite for the elderly.

At this time, the elderly should pay attention to increase nutrition, and if necessary, they can ask the doctor for help.

See how moms comment on breast milk alternatives

See how moms comment on breast milk alternatives

A breast pad: Necessary to prevent breast milk leakage, buy B breast pump C breastfeeding bra according to the amount of personal needs: cotton, bred open type Y, breastfeeding practical experience: breastfeeding bra — mainly breastfeeding convenience, especiallyDuring the confinement period, it is very easy to get cold if you take off your clothes and breastfeeding. It is recommended that MMs buy breastfeeding bras. It feels more practical and convenient.

  AVENT breast pump — feeling special effects, maybe the reason for short nipples, babies don’t like sucking very much, and can only suck out through what is called breast milk.

Its design is very reasonable, storage is extremely convenient, and it plays an extremely important role throughout the breastfeeding period.

There are many brands of breast pumps. I think this breast pump is more user-friendly, and it is also suitable for MMs who are worried about normal breastfeeding and affecting the breast shape. It is not recommended to use an electric breast pump.Extremely unfavorable breast pads — I did not purchase a breast pad, it is recommended that a milk-rich MM is still suitable to prepare a box of breast pads. When the month expires, the hospital will review the pads with pads to prevent wet clothes from getting wet.-Its role is to better protect the mother’s nipples, especially for damaged and painful nipples; (2 breast protectors included, 2 breast implants, two pads), I personally feel that the effect is not very largeHowever, if the nipple is damaged, buying it is still a good tip: It is recommended that the pregnant MM try to wear a bra during pregnancy, otherwise it will easily cause the nipple to be short or the nipple invaded, which will affect normal breastfeeding.

  Breastfeeding, cleaning supplies Bottles: glass, plastic materials Nipples: In conjunction with development, you should first use S-type or 0-6 months Suitable bottle sterilizer / disinfection tongs bottle insulation bucket / milk warmer (more than 4 hours of heat preservation, suitable for breastfeeding when going out) Milk bottle and pacifier special brush storage milk powder box (storage milk powder, easy to carry out) Practical experience: milk bottle — it is a small baby with 125ML glass milk bottle; during confinement, because I suck the milk through the milk pump to the baby,Therefore, the bottle is relatively more equipped.

I bought a lot of milk bottles. Anshi milk pump originally came with two 125ML wide mouth milk bottles. I also bought two AVENT300ML milk bottles before and after. (When it is small, it is mainly used for milk adjustment. A little bigger can be used as a normal milk bottle.AVENT’s Dongdong configuration is relatively complete. Normal milk bottles are equipped with bottle sealing caps and matching nipples; AVENT’s bottle sealing caps are truly leak-proof), Pigeon’s breast milk solid wide-mouth bottles (feeling very good,Worthy of recommendation), Pigeon’s glass bottle set (the concept of Pigeon’s bottles are not sealed), several products of Aideli (a, a large and small combination set bottle, bottle brush included in the set; b, 360 degreesA free big sucking bottle, this model is not suitable for younger babies; c, a small free sucking bottle with two ears (mainly let the baby suck 360 degrees, because the price is quite acceptable, bought one, the purpose isTrain your baby DIY to drink water).

  It feels very bad when using drop, the baby’s pacifier is very easy to suck after sucking. The baby’s bottle design is narrow and not easy to clean. AVENT bottles are wide-mouth bottles, which is more conducive for family members to help clean.The breast milk wide-mouth bottle is outside the wide-mouth bottle, and other bottles are narrower.

  Newborn pacifiers should be equipped with S-shaped pacifiers. Usually, the bottle capacity and pacifier are well matched, and prospective MMs generally don’t worry; there are two types of pacifiers: silicone and rubber. Although silicone pacifiers are soft, they are not as soft as rubber.Pacifiers, but rubber pacifiers need to be replaced frequently, and they usually need to be reconfigured every few days.

  Baby bottle sterilizer / disinfection clamp This is a must-have. I bought a pigeon bottle sterilizer and included disinfection tongs. It feels very convenient and fast. Although it is not very cheap, think about it in the future., Of course, including household chopsticks, baby’s bib, underwear, feeding bottle, etc., very practical, once and for all.

I liked AVENT at the time, but it was not cheap.

  Baby bottle insulation barrel — This is also a must-have. AVENT and Pigeon’s insulation barrels are very good. I bought a pigeon bottle insulation bag, which is more cost-effective. It is very practical whether it is going out to play or channeling relatives.

  Bottle / pacifier special brush — a must-have when purchasing a bottle brush, you should buy it according to the material of the bottle itself. If you buy a glass bottle, use a normal nylon bottle brush to brush it easily. If you buy a non-glassYou must buy a sponge brush for a baby bottle made of material, otherwise you can use a nylon brush to brush the bottle of this material. It is very easy to cut the bottle open and open the flower marks, and it is not easy to thoroughly clean the bottle; I bought a pigeon bottle / pacifier special brush.I learned through various channels: professional cleaning of non-glass milk brushes is the only one. Its sponge brush handle is very good, it can be cleaned 360 degrees freely, and it is very convenient; of course, I also equipped with nylon brush, buy AideWhen I set a product, it comes with one, and I do n’t usually use this brush. When I usually clean a bottle, whether it is a bottle with a material, I prefer to use a sponge brush, which feels very easy to use.

  Tips: The pacifier brush is generally not easy to be accepted by every MM. In fact, the pacifier brush is the most critical. Think about it. The pacifier brush is only suitable for washing the bottle body. How can the core component pacifier be cleaned more thoroughly? I used toIt is to clean the pacifier in turn, but it is easy to tear the pacifier, which shows that it is easy to crack the pacifier hole and cause abnormal changes in the amount of milk; the nylon brushes for cleaning pacifiers sold on the market are not recommended and are very easy to damageA pacifier is not as good as a sponge pacifier.

I also bought a pigeon pacifier brush.

Pigeon is a Japanese product and should be considered a purchase, but the quality of Pigeon’s Dongdong is good, so you must consider it when choosing the same product. Quality and practicality are the most important selection factors.

  Milk powder box — If it is replaced manually, this is a necessity. It is easy to pre-appropriate milk powder at night and when going out. I bought a Pigeon three-layer milk powder box with better cost performance. At that time, I also considered buying AVENT free-open milk powder compartment and BIBI.After weighing the milk powder box, I finally bought Pigeon.

Artificially fed babies must thoroughly clean their hands before formulating milk powder. The milk powder box now works, and it is very practical when going out for fun or visiting relatives.

Slowly, yoga will change your life

Slowly, yoga will change your life

Speaking of yoga, what picture will appear in your eyes?

In all likelihood, she is a beautiful urban girl. She poses “looking difficult” and “looks beautiful”, right?

In fact, this is a misunderstanding of yoga.

Yoga is not a new thing. In every corner of the city, people can find yoga partners.

But do you believe it?

Many of the yoga enthusiasts are successful men, there are no shortage of elderly people who have the appearance of a child, and even expectant mothers with a big belly!

Yoga was not originally the patent of urban white-collar women. It was a way of life that was affecting many people silently . 1.

Gender is not the limit In a yoga club in a well-known fitness club in our city, the scene in front of them surprised reporters-there are so many men practicing yoga!

Huang Ting, a senior yoga instructor at the fitness club, told reporters that men’s practice of yoga is nothing new.

“Men account for a certain percentage of our scholars, and most of them are successful middle-aged men.

For them, yoga is not a very good exercise, it is a lifestyle that relieves stress and cultivates self-cultivation. ”

  In fact, there is no gender restriction in yoga. In the United States, 15 million people practice yoga, of which more than 3.5 million are men.

Professionals have told reporters that most internationally renowned yoga masters are mostly men.

“Men practicing yoga must first break down the misconception that this is a female sport.

Yoga seems to be slower in movement speed, slower in rhythm, and relatively high in softness requirements, but in fact yoga is more prominent in breathing methods and tricks to bring the body into a calm state.

Men’s flexibility is not as good as women’s, so it’s not very fast at the beginning of the introduction, but through the deepening of practice, it will be found that due to the increase in body parts, men may benefit more from yoga and their physical strength will become moreWell, the mentality will be more peaceful.

“Coach Huang Ting pointed out that yoga is especially suitable for” successful men “who are stressed, fast-paced, and poor in physical fitness.

According to professionals, once men practice yoga, they tend to persevere more than women, so they gain volume after perseverance.


Age is not a problem. “Are there any elderly people practicing yoga?

In the face of this reporter’s question, coach Huang Ting asked: “How old are you talking about?”

If you are an elderly person in your 50s or 60s, there are many people who practice yoga at this age.

But each of them looks very young, not at all like an “old man”.

“Maybe many people will feel confused. With the physical strength and flexibility of the elderly, can they challenge the difficult movements of yoga?

Now, an 83-year-old grandmother in Australia is still practicing yoga, and there is even a yoga practitioner in Shanghai that is over 100 years old.

Instructor Haiyan of Shanyue Yoga Studio also deeply remembered one of her academics: “That was an old lady in her 70s.

But her personality is very cheerful, and the whole person looks full of energy. ”

  So, is there any danger for people aged to practice yoga?

“No, because yoga seeks to compare itself, not blind pursuit of difficulty.

Coach Huang Ting said that in fact, middle-aged and elderly people face the danger of organ aging and degeneration of their joints. Yoga asanas can massage all organs, soften joints, help organs delay decay, increase joint burden, and effectively preventVarious chronic diseases such as osteoporosis, arthritis, periarthritis, dementia, etc. caused by physical aging.

In addition, many supportive exercises of yoga increase bone density and calcium absorption; the weight-loss effect of yoga keeps the body healthy and active; the inverted practice of yoga delays aging; the relaxation exercise of yoga meditation relieves stress . 3.

Pregnant women can also be pregnant in the “crazy” impression, one by one, they are all “protective animals”. Can you imagine a pregnant woman with a big belly doing yoga?

  ”In fact, the benefits of yoga for pregnant women can’t be finished.

Because during pregnancy, pregnant women can participate in too little exercise, and yoga can enhance the physical fitness of pregnant women, and can also ease the emotional fear caused by hormone changes during pregnancy. Yoga breathing method can also be very helpful for pregnant women .”The yoga instructor Haiyan is a new mother herself. She is sympathetic to the troubles of pregnant women, and she is also a treasure maker of the changes that yoga brings to her.

After having a baby plan, Haiyan began to pay attention to the new thing of “maternity yoga”.

Active learning, combined with practical exploration, combined with her previous years of yoga coaching experience, Haiyan has now become a rare “maternity yoga” coach in Shenzhen.

But is it safe for pregnant women to practice yoga?

Facing this reporter’s question, Hai Yan smiled: “In fact, as long as pregnant women with high blood pressure are not habitual abortion or severe hypertension, yoga can be practiced because pregnant yoga is different from ordinary yoga.”According to Haiyan, pregnant women’s yoga will not allow practitioners to challenge difficult movements, but will also avoid ordinary yoga abdominal forceful movements. There are targeted exercises for each pregnancy cycle of pregnant women.

For example, the emphasis in the first trimester is relaxation, and some strength exercises can be added during the second trimester, while the pregnant woman is gradually taught breathing methods and asanas to prepare for childbirth.

  Although “pregnant women’s yoga” has not yet become popular in Shenzhen, Haiyan told reporters that there are too many women living abroad and studying experience. This is a highly respected woman, and she has a large amount of literature to contact the concept of “pregnant women’s yoga” abroad.
“I believe that more and more expectant mothers in Shenzhen will fall in love with yoga.

Because being a mother is a hard and happy process, yoga will let you enjoy this process, and your baby and yourself can be transformed from yoga practice.

“What is yoga? Five thousand years ago, in ancient India, in order to enter the highest state of unity of mind and spirit, monks often hid in primitive forests, meditated, and meditated.

After a long and simple life, the monks realized too many laws of nature from the observation of living things, and then verified the human body from the living rules of living things, and gradually sensed the subtle changes inside the body, so human beings understoodYour body talks, so you know to explore your body, start to maintain and condition your health, and to cure your instincts for diseases and pain.

Thousands of years of research and induction have gradually evolved a set of theoretically complete and reconstructed practical fitness and fitness systems.

This is yoga.

(Picture / AVIC) Experts note that you may have misunderstood that almost every “stylish” woman in yoga has come into contact with or even practiced yoga.

But is your understanding and understanding of yoga correct?

In fact, people have different degrees of misunderstanding about yoga.

The reporter found several specific problems from the website forum, and asked senior yoga instructor Huang Ting to eliminate concerns and solve doubts for everyone.

  Misunderstanding 1: Practicing yoga can lose weight too much. Women place their hopes on weight loss and bodybuilding in yoga, but after seeing no effect in the short term, they have a challenge to the weight loss effect of yoga.

In doing so, Coach Huang Ting said, “I often hear people say ‘I’m practicing yoga’. In fact, they only take dozens of minutes in class as yoga time, but yoga is a very comprehensive practice, including diet.

Coach Huang Ting suggested that if you want to lose weight and build body through yoga, you must cooperate with diet control on the basis of persistent practice: take natural foods produced locally; mainly plant foods, and reasonably eat animal foods; use soybean oil, Peanut oil, sesame oil and other vegetable oils are mainly used to avoid fine processing of food; drink water or fruit juice multiple times a day, but drink less each time, do not rush to sip big mouth; keep a happy mood before and after eating; do not fast artificially.
… “I believe that the correct exercise of a certain intensity and the control of dietary consciousness will not only lose weight but also be very healthy.

“Misunderstanding 2: Yoga can be practiced by watching a disc at home.” Yoga studios are too expensive. I just buy a disc and practice at home. “This argument is common among beginners.

However, Coach Huang Ting opposes this: “I don’t recommend buying discs at home. First of all, because the quality of disc teaching is now uneven, and without the guidance and help of teachers, many people simply don’t know how to control all parts of the body., Or draw tigers like cats, this is very dangerous.

Incorrect practice methods can cause a lot of physical injury, so it is recommended that everyone, especially beginners, be sure to find a professional place and teacher to practice.

In addition, yoga is more important for energy enhancement. Teachers can lead everyone to practice together and enhance each other’s energy.

“Misunderstanding 3: Softness is not good, and yoga cannot be practiced. In many people’s view, yoga is to challenge their soft feelings and seduce the limbs from an angle that is inconceivable.

Some even questioned that practicing yoga can cause bone damage.

“This understanding is wrong,” said Coach Huang Ting. “Any yoga practice must start with warming up, and every movement must be done gently and in conjunction with regular deep breathing. As long as the exercise is strictly guided by the coach, it is not necessary.Will cause any harm.

As for the softness of each person, Huang Ting said: “Don’t compare with others when practicing yoga, just compare with your own past. Even if you only improve a little every day, the accumulation will be effective.

Don’t be too stubborn when practicing. Make sure that some parts of the squeeze are slightly stretched within the limits of your own tolerance.

“Misunderstanding 4: I’m too busy. I don’t have time to practice yoga. Yoga has a certain degree of stress. It can only be done on an empty stomach or 2 hours after a meal, and I can’t take a bath and eat for half an hour after practicing.

As a result, many people will say, “I’m so busy at work, how can there be so many shorter periods to practice yoga?

“In fact, from a professional’s perspective, the dual yoga asanas include more important breathing and meditation.

Coach Huang Ting said, “If you want to see the effect, I suggest you practice yoga 3 to 5 times a week for at least 60 minutes each time.

But if the time is really tight, taking time out to practice yoga’s abdominal breathing or meditation relaxation in one day can relax your physiology.

(Reporter Wu Ji) What do reporters need to prepare for observing yoga from “biology of zero disciplines” to high-consumption yoga?

In fact, as long as a calm and persistent heart.

  The door biology of yoga is very low, it does not require high-end equipment prepared by the practitioner.

As long as there is a piece by piece, you can practice anytime, anywhere.

Coach Huang Ting told reporters: “Yoga exercises only need to be equipped with at least two sets of loose, elastic, professional yoga clothes; in order to ensure cleanliness, you can also prepare two washable yoga blankets or yoga mats.”

It is reported that the price of an ordinary yoga mat is usually within one hundred yuan, and anyone can afford it.

If you go to a fitness club to practice yoga, the fee ranges from 20 yuan to 80 yuan per class; practicing at home costs nothing.

On the “Shenzhen Real Estate Network”, the reporter also saw that too many yoga enthusiasts will organize communication activities from time to time to practice yoga outdoors.

This kind of party and exercise with little capital is indeed a huge temptation for people who care about health.
  However, for pregnant women who have high technical requirements, the cost is a bit of a challenge to the wallet.
According to instructor Haiyan, ordinary pregnant women’s yoga classes cost 80 yuan in length.

However, because each pregnant woman has different pregnancy periods and different physical experiences, she recommends that pregnant women choose one-on-one private lessons.

And because pregnant women have some difficulties traveling, Haiyan also provides the services of professors for books that are not far away.

As a result, the cost of private lessons has naturally risen, with segmented lessons ranging from 200 to 250 yuan.

So rough calculations, even if practiced once a week, expectant mothers have to prepare at least five or six thousand yuan for yoga practice during pregnancy.

This expenditure is not a small sum for an average family.

Therefore, coach Haiyan also said that most of her expectant mothers practicing yoga with her mother had a new concept and a strong family.

However, the expensive consumption is no longer a constraint for the promotion of pregnant women’s yoga. “Now there are more and more expectant mothers consulting me. Many people have proposed to practice pregnant yoga with me, and I can’t arrange my time.”

  (Reporter Wu Ji) Note for small link yoga practice-choose a ventilated site and place cushions on the ground;-wear loose or elastic natural fabric clothing, barefoot.

It is best not to wear watch jewelry, and not to wear tights;-practice on an empty stomach or 2 to 4 hours after a meal (people with low blood sugar can add a small amount of cookies, milk items to replenish blood sugar and volume);-within half an evening after the exercise, Do not take a bath, do not eat food, do not do time exercise, so as not to disrupt the energy balance in the body;-other relaxed postures to do during menstruation, do not do handstands and some postures that increase abdominal pressure;-carefully choose postures during pregnancy,Or just practice breathing.

Adults should practice with the consent of a doctor after two months;-Do not practice yoga immediately after a major illness recovers or after surgery;-Patients with high blood pressure, hypertension, diabetes, and people with spinal and joint injuries must undergoThe doctor agrees to practice before communicating with the coach before class.

Expert: Blindness makes children stupid

Expert: Blindness makes children stupid

[Introduction]Some parents say that their children are particularly greedy, no matter what food they see, they keep talking all day, and in order not to aggravate their children, they have to respond to them; some parents also mistakenly believe that children eat a lot and grow fast.

As everyone knows, gluttony can hurt the brain.

  Gluttony will reduce blood flow to the brain. After eating, people must digest and absorb through the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract and secretion of gastric juice.A large amount of blood, including blood from the brain, is transferred to the insulin tract.

A large amount of blood supply is developed, and if it is often in a contracted state, its development will be affected.

  American pediatric experts found in research that eating too much in childhood can cause stomach fullness, digestion and malabsorption. If this is the case for a long time, it will make the character irritable, irritable to people, and distracted.

  Gluttony causes “obese brain” babies at birth, with only a few tissues accounting for 16% of body weight, and about 20% at 4 to 6 years of age.

  Normally, the growth of amateur organizations is small.

If you eat too much, especially if you eat too much high-nutrition food, the conversion of ingestion will greatly exceed the conversion of consumption, so that the heat energy will be converted into an adult’s accumulation in the body.

  If there are too many aunts in the brain tissue, it will cause “excess brain”.

  Studies have confirmed that human intelligence is related to how much the brain sulcus folds, the more obvious the brain sulcus folds, the more wrinkles, the higher the intelligence level.

The obese brain makes the sulcus close together, the wrinkles disappear, the cerebral cortex appears smooth, and the development of the neural network is poor, so the intelligence level will decrease.

  Gluttony inhibits the physiological functions of the brain’s intelligent areas. The way people’s brains move is that they excite and inhibit each other. That is, some parts of the brain are excited, and some areas in the adjacent parts are in a suppressed state.It gets deeper and vice versa.

  Therefore, if the autonomic nerve center in charge of digestion of the gastrointestinal tract is repeatedly excited by gluttony, it will inevitably cause the suppression of nearby brain intelligent areas such as language, thinking, memory, and imagination.

If these areas are often inhibited, it will be difficult for children to become interested in new things and knowledge.

In the long run, it will not only make children forgetful, but also affect their intellectual development.

  Gluttony will hurt the brain due to constipation. The snacks for children are mainly high-nutrient fine foods. These foods remove a small amount of fiber during processing, and children are prone to constipation.

  During constipation, metabolites accumulate in the digestive tract for a long time, and a large number of harmful substances such as xylene indole, methane, phenol, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and histamine are produced after interference with bacteria.

  These harmful substances are easily absorbed through the intestine, enter the blood circulation, stimulate the brain, cause chronic poisoning of brain nerve cells, and affect the normal development of the brain.

  Gluttony leads to premature brain failure. Scientists have found in a study that a substance that can cause premature brain failure, fibroblast growth factor, can increase tens of thousands of times due to a satiety diet. This is an energy-induced arteriosclerosis.Material, so in the long run, greedy certain brains age prematurely.

  Experts point out that parents should let children develop good eating habits from infancy: one is not a partial eclipse, the other is not greedy, the third is not overeating, and the fourth is to strictly control snacks; the daily diet should be regularly quantified and pay attention to nutritionBalanced mix.

Heart rate determines life is too slow or too fast

Heart rate determines life is too slow or too fast

Healthy longevity is everyone’s dream.

But do you know whether the heartbeat is normal or not, whether it is fast or slow, is directly related to the length of life.

In a person’s life, the heart beats about 2.5 to 3 billion times. Controlling the heartbeat is normal, and the conversion is neither too fast nor too slow, which helps to extend life.

Normal adults have a heart rate between 60 and 100 beats per minute at rest.

A foreign study conducted a 26-year follow-up survey of people aged 35-84 years, and the results showed that the number of heartbeats increased, and the disability increased significantly, especially in men.

Of course, slow heart rate is not good for your health.

The life span of a person shows a U-shaped curve, that is, a heart rate lower than 50 beats per minute for a long time or more than 80 beats per minute for a long time will increase the mortality rate.

Large-scale sample surveys in China have also found that people with high heart rates have shorter life spans than ordinary people.

Approximately, a person with a heartbeat of 60 beats / minute lives longer than a person with a heartbeat of 70 beats / minute, and a person with a heartbeat of 70 beats / minute lives longer than a person with a beat of 80 beats / minute.

Long-term heart rate is too slow. Due to insufficient blood pumped by the heart, the body is decomposed by hypoxia. Modern compensatory ventricles speed up to supply blood. Ventricular motion is too fast, which leads to insufficient blood return. In severe cases, sudden death may even occur.In my sleep.

Therefore, if the heart rate and pulse beat to 50 times, you should go to the hospital for a detailed examination to find the cause. If it is pathological, a serious person should install a pacemaker to speed up the heart rate.

A fast heart rate will also shorten life.

Because the heartbeat is too fast, it is equivalent to quickly consuming the body’s “heartbeat volume” throughout life.

Long-term tachycardia can lead to heart enlargement, heart failure, and those with a history of coronary heart disease can directly cause coronary heart disease attacks, thereby increasing the incidence and mortality of cardiovascular disease.

Especially in patients with hypertension, the heart rate should not exceed 80 beats / min.

Once the heart rate exceeds 100 beats / min, you should go to the hospital in time to find out the cause and treat it.

If you want to slow your heart rate, you should pay attention to reducing work stress and mental burden. Obese people should lose weight, exercise more, eat low-salt diet, quit smoking and alcohol.

Pathological causes of excessive heart rate, such as infection, fever, anemia, hyperthyroidism, and cardiac insufficiency, should be treated in a timely manner.

It should be reminded that the three high-ranking people must exercise moderately. If they cannot recover to less than 100 beats per minute within 5 minutes after the end of the exercise, it is considered too intense.

What are the dangers of double eyelid fibers-

What are the dangers of double eyelid fibers?

Having a pair of big eyes and double eyelids is especially charming, and this effect is not only achieved by surgically cutting the double eyelids. There are many auxiliary tools available in life.

For example, double eyelid fiber paper or glue is common. Usually double eyelid fibers are often used. Although the effect is good, there are certain hidden dangers. So what is the harm of double eyelid fibers?

  Double eyelid fibers, adding a recess to a single eyelid, become double eyelids. This is different from double eyelid adhesive tape or double eyelid glue. It does not change the thickness of the epidermis, but it can change the distribution of the aunt under the epidermis.Makes both eyelids appear.

And after using this double eyelid fiber, you can add makeup at will, which can make your eyes more glorious.

  The principle of double eyelid fibers is to use the fiber tension and stickiness to stick to the eyelid aunt layer, change the distribution of the aunt under the epidermis, and show a natural and unique double eyelid.

Simply put, it is how to use it: After washing the eyes, take out one double eyelid fiber and place it on the upper eyelid and hold it tightly against the skin.

Eye makeup such as eye shadow can then be applied on it.

  1: Replace excess oil and dust on the eyes before use. Remove makeup before use.

  2: The attached small stick gently presses on the eyelids, so that the eyelids show an arc.

  3: Pull the double eyelid product outward to reveal a transparent and sticky thin thread. Please pull it out slowly. The length of the thread is about 8cm. Note: Pulling the transparent thread with force will break, so please pull it carefully.

  4: Measure the length slightly in front of the eyes.

  5: Subtract the excess length first.

  6: Use the attached stick and press gently from the inside out.

  The eyelid fiber is good and natural, but it is not easy to grasp, and if the eyelids are slightly swollen, it is necessary to use double eyelids. In this way, I do n’t feel that Ley ‘s eyeballs are very comfortable, and I actually feel no difference from using glue.This thin one is more invisible. It is not as comfortable as closing the eyes, and the eyes are tired after a long time.

  Regarding the harm of double eyelid fibers, the introduction above is very clear, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

When using these things to make double eyelids, you still need to protect your own health. Buying good quality and high safety double eyelid glue or fiber can reduce many health risks and the occurrence of replacement.

Strong aerobic boxing exercise is effective for waist and abdominal exercise

Strong aerobic boxing exercise is effective for waist and abdominal exercise

Aerobic boxing was first created by a boxing world champion. Since its development, it has combined boxing, karate, taekwondo, Chinese kung fu, and even some dance moves, and pays attention to speed and beat. It has suddenly been favored in Beijing in the past two years.

During punches, legs, and shouts, exercisers vent their emotions while losing weight, especially by handsome girls.

In fierce music, athletes must imitate boxers, maintain flexible lower limb movements and agile left and right punches, and repeat high-frequency kicks and kicks in the course.

  Aerobic boxing exercises have a strong burst of power instantly, and the body’s control of the limbs is very important, which is quite effective for waist and abdominal strength training.

  Weight loss principle: Aerobic boxing practitioners require the perfect combination of speed and strength when contracting their fists. Usually, an hour of aerobic boxing can consume 600 calories of displacement. In straight, upper, swing, and kick,In the kicks such as side kicks and side kicks, each muscle of the body participates in the exercise, and the force requirements are rapid and explosive, so the body’s elasticity, flexibility and sensitivity have been improved.

  Appropriate body: Apple-shaped body, radish-shaped body. The distress of the four body types assumes that the belief has been firmly established, then the key is the choice of fitness methods.

With so many gyms and so many fitness classes, which one should you choose for weight loss?

In fact, this is like doing a math problem. You have to choose the blanks. The editor will list you some of the hottest sports in this year’s gym rankings, and then let different types of too many figures check in. Then you will fill in the blanks.question.

  The first type: pear-shaped body characteristics: your body is like a big pear, the upper body is thin, but the lower body is relatively plump, even with slender arms and slender waist, it is difficult to cover the bucket waist and elephant legEmbarrassed, so the visual center of gravity sank, and he was not tall.

  Difficulties of losing weight: waist, buttocks, thighs, buttocks, calves, toes. The second type: Apple-shaped body features: Apple-shaped body is often evenly obese throughout the body. It looks like the neck is short, the shoulders are thick and the waist is round.At the top, walking is like rolling your body.

  Difficulties of losing weight: waistline area, limbs, back. Third type: Spindle-shaped body features: overall feels like a spindle, with a slight focus on the waist and abdomen, but fortunately, the arms and legs are not out of shape. It should be relatively easy to lose weight.
  Difficulties in losing weight: Waist and abdomen Fourth: Radish-shaped body features: It looks like a large radish that is growing. The heavy upper body is supported by thin legs, and it feels a bit weightless, like being blown down by the wind at any time.

  Difficulties of losing weight: Statements of fitness methods for the shoulders, arms, hips, waist and abdomen Keywords: asana, breathing, meditation has been in fire for so many years, yoga is still much loved by people, almost all gym coaches say that people who practice yogaIt has the largest number, and it is the leader in eight sports rankings.

Yoga dual meditation, meditation or difficult soft body movements are the natural maintenance sciences that focus energy on the inner world and guide behavior through consciousness.

There are many reasons to choose to practice yoga, and introverted people usually expect it.

In the 5,000-year history of Yoga 5000, different schools have emerged. The most popular ones are Hatha Yoga and Eight Branch Yoga, which are popular all over the world today and have gradually penetrated into asanas into various fitness methods.
  Principles of weight loss: The most prominent form of yoga content is the asana method. Since its development in ancient India, it has simulated various animal and plant postures, and gradually exercises in the stretching, stretching, twisting, and balancing of limbs.Bones, muscles, ligaments and internal organs.

With a yoga diet and a vegetarian diet, it can help lose weight.

  Suitable for body shape: pear-shaped, apple-shaped, radish-shaped, and spindle-shaped are suitable for the beginning of this year. Latin dance has already warmed up its hands. Until now, if you go to the gym, it still has a lot of fans.

Because it is not a bit too “academic” like Latin in international standard dance. It combines the styles of Cuba, Brazil, Spain, New York, USA, and India and Pakistan. It is firm, flexible, dynamic, and twisted around the waist.In the play of personal imagination, jump out of the bold, enthusiastic, unrestrained, sexy feeling.

There is no stipulation on the hand position, footsteps, twisting method and amplitude of Latin dance, and everyone can jump out of their own style.

Dancing should be standing waist and chest, especially exaggerating some chest, tightening each part of the muscles.

  Principle of weight loss: Latin dancers usually show a small waist. From the perspective of psychological stimulation, in order to show that they have overcome a strong belly, they usually tighten their muscles. In this state, dancing is like doing light weight.The device will neither cause muscle strain nor feel very tired.

  Suitable for body shape: Pear-shaped body, spindle-shaped body pedal exercise is a medium-intensity exercise. It is a combination of step exercises in physical fitness tests and aerobics movements and steps, which are completed on special pedals.

The pedals are usually 100 cm long, 35 cm wide, and 8 cm high.

The height of the pedal can also be adjusted according to the level of exercise, pedal technology, and knee flexion, so that the bodybuilder can effectively control the effective intensity of exercise to lose weight.

The most basic movements of pedal exercise are upper board and lower board.

Through various steps of stepping on and off with transforming body and jumping, the purpose of exercising cardiopulmonary function is achieved.

  Weight loss principle: The main actions of the pedal are up, down, turn, springboard, etc.

Because the pedal has a certain height, the hip muscles can be fully massaged when the upper and lower plates are used, which is particularly beneficial to people who have been sitting and working for a long time. It can also make the legs longer and firmer while improving the shape of the thighs.

When turning and jumping, pay attention to the center of gravity movement, so the waist and abdomen can get exercise at the same time.

  Suitable for body shape: Pear-shaped dynamic bicycles have only been “red” in Beijing in the past two years. This originated from American sports, with a strong American flavor, enthusiasm, and dynamic. It is often easy to be driven by the coach.Mobilize high emotions.

Although the bicycle is fixed on the floor, the positions of the handlebars, saddles, and pedals can be adjusted, which is suitable for people of all sizes to practice.

  With the infection of the music rhythm and the adjustment of the weight on the feet, you can simulate the feeling of riding in various environments. After exercise, the body is easy to wear, but the mood is very comfortable.

At the same time, because it is one of the most exercise equipment in the gym, it has very high physical requirements and is suitable for 25?
People between the ages of 35 practice.

  Principle of weight loss: Like all aerobic exercises, it is to achieve the purpose of reducing fat while consuming energy after fully activating human exercise cells.

According to the coach, every 45 minutes of the course can consume 500 cal units, which is especially effective for weight loss in the legs.
  Suitable for body shape: pear-shaped, apple-shaped body equipment Pilates, is a Pilates bed we often say, is also a so-called restructuring trainer, looks like a large steel frame bed, has a high head, canSliding bed board, comfortable pillows.
It’s still based on Pilates training, is Joseph the inventor of Pilates?


Pilates has invented new ways of movement through continuous innovation.

Through the force of the instrument, the body is targeted to treat or reduce fat in a targeted manner.

There are many Pilates equipment. Pilates bed is one of the alternatives. It belongs to slender Pilates, plus many auxiliary equipment, instead of springs, skateboards, cables, etc., during trainingBeing able to make parts makes Pilates training ever-changing.

  Weight loss principle: Because the body’s center of gravity is on the skateboard, and the skateboard is connected by springs, there is a high requirement for the stability of the movement. In order to control the skateboard not to move, which increases the control power of the waist and abdomen, you must practice on the pad.You already have a good grasp before you can practice on the Reformer.

  As with Pilates on the mat, through training, you can first have a strong central strength, that is, “neutral position” training. This part includes the transverse abdominal muscles, internal abdominal obliques, external abdominal obliques, and rectus abdominis.The exercise of the erector spinae muscles can reduce the slightness of the abdomen and waist, forming a fragile core of the body, driving the main shaft, the pelvis and bones into a stable whole.

The Pilates bed also makes the muscle lines smooth and slender. During training, the muscle groups that are not easily exercised are coordinated to do each set of movements. Almost all muscles, joints and tissues are involved to avoid excessive local movement orWithout local exercise, trim the muscle lines evenly.

  Suitable for body: pear shape, apple shape