The best way to cook rice

The best way to cook rice

This is exactly how cold rice is cooked.

After being soaked in cold water, rice will absorb a lot of water and swell, so that most of the nutrients in the aleurone layer will decompose in the water, which will increase the temperature of the water and evaporate the water, and the vitamin B1 in the converted water will partially escape.Destroy it.

What is the method of cooking nutritious rice?

  The best way to make rice is to boil the water and then put the rice, so that the rice is heated while it absorbs water, and the protein solidifies when it is heated, so that the rice grains are not broken.

Part of the starch gelatinization layer escapes and then smashes the soup to make the porridge sticky.

And in the process of boiling water, the partially condensed protein can protect vitamin B1 from being injected into water in large quantities.

After adding rice, the water pot boils and changes to simmer, and the steam is reduced, so that the vitamin B1 storage amount is 30% higher than that of rice cooked with cold water and rice, and the cooked rice tastes better.

  Add a few drops of salad to the cooking water to transform the rice grains into crystals.

A few drops of lemon juice will soften the rice.

To cook a pot of fluffy rice, sprinkle a little salt in the pot.

Add vinegar to the rice to prevent it from becoming simmered during cooking.

When leftovers are hot, add a small amount of salt to the steamer water to remove the odor of leftovers.

  If you want to eat the fragrant rice, you don’t have to use new rice. You can use tea to cook rice to get color, fragrant and delicious food.

Tea cooked rice also has the benefits of getting tired, cleansing, changing food and preventing diseases.

Middle-aged and elderly people often eat tea and rice, which can soften blood vessels, reduce blood lipids, and suffer from cardiovascular disease.

In addition, tea polyphenols can stop the internal synthesis of nitrosamines. Amines and nitrites are widely present in foods. They can easily produce carcinogenic nitrosamines at 37 ° C and appropriate acidity.Can effectively prevent the formation of nitrosamines, so as to achieve the purpose of digestive tract tumors.

  Tannic acid in tea water can effectively prevent stroke.

  In addition, the fluoride contained in tea is an important irreplaceable substance in dentin.

If a small amount of fluorine can be continuously infiltrated into the dental tissue, it can enhance the hardness and acid resistance of the teeth and prevent the occurrence of dental caries.

  The way to cook nutritious rice, including tea-fired rice, is simple.

First immerse 1 g to 3 g of tea, soak it with 500 g to 1,000 g of boiling water for 4 to 9 minutes, take a small piece of clean gauze, filter the tea to remove residue, and use it overnight (not suitable for overnight tea);Wash, and then pour the tea into the rice cooker so that it is about 3 cm above the rice noodles. Cook and serve.

White-collar office shoulder exercises simple moves

White-collar office shoulder exercises simple moves

When practicing, your feet will naturally straighten, your legs will naturally straighten, your hands will be holding the weight in front of your body, and the distance will be about the same shoulder width or slightly wider than your shoulders.

Hold the heavy objects on both sides of the body, and then pull the right arm up to the shoulder-level position first; after dropping the right arm, then pull up the left arm to the shoulder height, training continuously.

  During weight-lifting side-lifting exercises, your legs will naturally extend, your legs will naturally straighten, and your palms will be relatively heavy with your weight and placed in your body. Your hands will naturally straighten, look straight ahead, and lift your chest and abdomen; focus your thoughts on the deltoid muscle, andLift the weights from the side of the body to the sides with the force at the place. When the arms are lifted up to the height of the shoulders, you can pause for 1 to 2 seconds.

Then lower your arms slowly to restore.

  When lifting the bell and shrugging, you can hold two books in front of your body with both hands, and your legs should be about the same width as your shoulders. If you look ahead, you will naturally straighten both legs., And then shrug shoulders back; restore the shoulders in the vertical direction to the preparation action, that is, use the weight of the book to make the shoulders make a large back and forth movement.

  Keep away from cervical spondylosis. If you use your computer to extend high and lower your head, you will feel back pain, numbness of neck and hips, and inflexible arms when you work for an hour.Possibly getting the consequences of growing double chin and waistline.

At the same time the cervical spine joints are stiff.

Physical discomfort will follow.

  Adjustment scheme 1.

Correct sitting posture: The upper body should be kept upright to support the head, the shoulders should hang down naturally, the upper arms should be close to the body, and the elbows should be bent at 90 degrees. Operate the keyboard or mouse to keep the wrists as horizontal as possible.Stay straight.

The lower part of the waist is straight, the natural bend is 90 degrees, and the feet are sitting on the ground.


Swimming: Because the head is always raised when swimming, the muscles and lumbar muscles are exercised, and the person does not have any burden in the water, and it will not cause any damage to the intervertebral disc. It is a more comfortable way to exercise the cervical spine.

Computer placement: The height of the computer should be appropriate. The center of the computer screen should be installed on the same horizontal line as the operator. It is best to use a chair that can adjust the height.

There should be enough space to extend your feet, bend naturally at 90 degrees, and keep your feet on the ground. Do not cross your feet to avoid affecting blood circulation.

  Mouse health usage 1.

When using a computer, the height of the keyboard and mouse of the computer desk should preferably exceed the height of the elbow when sitting, which will help reduce damage to the wrist sheath and other parts of the wrist when operating the computer.


When using the mouse, do not suspend the arm to relieve the pressure on the wrist. When moving the mouse, do not use the wrist force and try to rely on the arm force to reduce the wrist force.


Don’t hit the keyboard and mouse keys too hard, it’s better to use moderate force.

See how father completes his home education

See how father completes his home education

There is a father who has a unique education method for his daughter. He has never counseled his daughter to do his homework or anything. He just came back to talk to his daughter for ten minutes every day, only four questions, and completed his home education.

  These four questions are:-1, is there any good thing happening in school?

  2. What good performance did you have today?

  3. Is there anything good for you today?

  4. Do you need any help from your father?

  Behind the seemingly simple question is actually rich in meaning: the first question is actually investigating her daughter’s values to understand what she thinks is good and some kind of bad; the second question is actually inInspire her daughter and increase her self-confidence. The third question is to let her confirm what she has learned. The fourth question has two meanings. One is that I care about you, and the other is that learning is your own business.

  These four simple questions contain a lot of caring and caring, and they have actually proved very effective.

  In education concept, to educate children well, the most important thing is to handle parent-child relationship well.

If the parent establishes absolute responsibility in the child’s heart, the child believes that the parent loves himself unconditionally, believes all the criticisms of the parent, and the starting point of praise is for his own good. If the child fully believes in the subconscious, then this relationship is benignIt is a stable relationship of caring, supporting and understanding.

In this case, the simplest thing to educate a child is, in the words of Soviet educator Suhomlinsky, “grow up with the child.”

However, the parent-child relationship of most people in real life is distorted, or it is distorted, and children cannot really trust their parents.

  Everyone’s parents love their children, but 98% of parents in China mistake the way of love to love.

For example, to give children the best things to eat and wear the best clothes. This is just a way of love, not love itself.

And the love of parents is often conditional, sometimes it will appear as long as the top three in this exam, take you where to play and so on.

  Love is the affection of one life like another life, it is an equal relationship, it is unconditional, it is an overall acceptance, it is to be received by the other party, it is not difficult to be a good parent, it is necessary to educateChildren must pay attention to the following words: 1. Absolutely prohibit the practice of high-pressure / scolding children and establish an equal relationship.

  2. Truly love children unconditionally and give them love in the spiritual sense.

  3, we must respect the child’s independent personality.

  4. Educate your children in a positive way, and often encourage and praise them.

  5. Correct parent-child relationship. This is the most important point.

  6. Pay attention to your child’s personality.

  If you really understand the above six sentences, educating a good child is easy.

  Parents should know the laws of psychology. Family education is actually an art of “enthusiasm”. If the work cannot be done to the mind of the child, the effect of education will often be pale and weak.

-Therefore, in the process of educating children, each mother should strive to explore the positive or negative effects of some “psychological laws”, and at the same time help to avoid harm, and thus scientifically guide the child into his ideal person.Dragon, Phoenix among people!

Take a dose of happy exercise morphine

Take a dose of happy exercise morphine

Do you remember when the last time the whole body was soaked with muscles, bones, sweat and vagina back?

If you can’t remember it at all, you need to start exercising immediately!

  In addition to exercise, we know that it can improve cardiopulmonary function and has more than a hundred benefits for the body.

Humans are like machines. Once you stop moving, the whole body’s fat workshop starts to solidify.

Exercise can speed up metabolism, help us to eliminate toxins in the body, and trained muscles. In addition to making our body look more attractive, it can also effectively prevent accidental injuries in our daily lives.

The moving mind is usually more agile, and the moving person is more optimistic.

Because exercise creates a happy “endophine” in our brains, which gives us positive and positive thoughts.

Exercise also allows us to fight stress.

When a busy day comes to work, a proper exercise will bring us back to the beginning of the day and eliminate the stress and fatigue of the day.

  How exactly should we exercise and how to draw up a simple exercise plan?

We recommend that you start with: 1.

Choose an appropriate exercise: Try to find an exercise that will bring you happiness. Unless you have a high willpower, in general, exercise alone is not as durable as partner exercise.

If exercise can bring you another social life, it may be easier and longer.


Calculate your exercise intensity: Exercise intensity is dominated by the number of heartbeats.

The ideal exercise heartbeat is based on your age of 220 seconds, multiplied by 0.


If you are 30 years old, your exercise heartbeat should reach 133 beats and last more than 15 minutes.


Start exercise: Choose aerobic exercise to really eliminate your misfortune and health your heart.

If you choose too intense exercise, fatigue can interrupt the endurance of the exercise.

Exercise should be based on heartbeat and energy consumption.

If you want to perform a high-intensity exercise, it is best to communicate with a sports professional coach and carry out a weight training program on weekdays to avoid sports injuries.

  Just start to exercise, warm up for about 10 minutes, the intensity of the exercise is to achieve your exercise heartbeat.

Every 30 minutes, 3 times a week, you will be refreshed in a few weeks!

Remember to add water after exercise.

If you exercise at night, it is best to do it 1 hour after a meal.

If performed on an empty stomach, care should be taken not to be too high to avoid excessive fatigue.

It is easy to eat a big meal after exercise, and you must restrain your appetite.

If you live in an urban area that is not convenient for outdoor sports, swimming and going to the gym are a good place to start.

  After editing, but you must protect yourself during the exercise!

Only in this way can the exercise effect be truly achieved.

My Tooth Raising

My “Tooth Raising”

As the saying goes, “Tooth loss makes people grow old”, and some people say “toothache is not a disease, it hurts really”.

It can be seen that the importance of “health” of the teeth is extraordinary.
Overseas, dentists and lawyers are among the best in terms of income from various occupations.
.hzh{display:none;}  可是,就算牙病医得再好,也只是亡羊补牢。If you can plan ahead, summarize and refine the “Tooth Raising Way”, then you will get health unexpectedly in addition to a neat mouth.
Below, I will try to list a few important ones of my “Tooth Raising Way”, if you are interested, you may also try it.
  According to Lao Zhuang’s “Fangya” chapter, flexibility is longer than hard.
For example, the hardest teeth in the body will fall one after another, and the soft tongue will still grow there.
If a tooth becomes tough, its “life” will also increase.
  So how do you make your teeth tough?
The best way is tooth decay.
The upper and lower teeth collide with each other, and you don’t need to calculate the specific number. You feel that they are almost the same, just stop.
The biggest convenience of this tooth-building exercise is that it can be performed anytime, anywhere, men, women and children.
Some people around me have continued to decay their teeth, and now their teeth have become tougher. They can obviously feel the elasticity of their teeth when they decay.
  ”Toothwash” Many people now have the habit of brushing their teeth sooner or later, but not many people rinse their mouths after every meal.
If you rinse your mouth after each meal, you can remove the food residues left between the teeth between meals. Not only will you feel the mouth fresh and refreshing, but you will also be able to harvest the “thick gift” of dental health.
  Many people like to open their mouths when they sleep.
Opening your mouth to sleep can actually make you fall asleep faster, but it is not good for your teeth.
The author saw from an ancient book that the temperature dropped at night. If you open your mouth after falling asleep, it is easy to inhale the cold, which will damage your health and hurt your teeth.
Therefore, from the perspective of healthy teeth, you should close your mouth and breathe through your nose while sleeping.
  Of course, there are many other methods of caring for teeth besides “tooth decay”, “rinsing teeth” and “raising teeth”.
I hope my “Tooth Raising” can do a little for your dental care.

The main elements of interpersonal first impressions

The main elements of interpersonal first impressions

Spain’s “Herald” recently reported that, according to Maria, a professor of psychology at the University of Complutón, Madrid?

According to Avia’s research, non-verbal language can provide 60% to 70% of information when first talking to a person.

  Most of the celebrities who have no chance of being seen will also have a good or bad first impression. The influencing factors include their appearance and the evaluation of the public image presented by the media.

In addition, women are more emotional than men, so they are more preconceived; men are relatively more rational and have an advantage in long-term insight.

  The first impression, whether good or bad, is difficult to erase, so people who are unattractive when they meet for the first time usually do not have good communication skills.

  So, what kind of behavior will make a bad first impression?

Avia pointed out that when she first met, she mentioned personal life or personal issues, she used to deal with right or wrong, criticized others, only stared at herself, too lively or joking, she behaved recklessly, but she did not give the other party a chance to talk, and thought she was always reasonable.Or everything will make a bad impression.

  How to make a good first impression?

Avia said that this requires a clear self-knowledge, self-reflection and timely correction, noting whether their expressions are stiff and smiles unpleasant; paying attention to self-image and personal hygiene; maintaining appropriate silence or changing the tone of speech when talkingFind common topics between yourself and the other.

In addition, the ability to activate a personality atmosphere is very important, because many people intuitively judge whether the personality object is worth making.

  The last candidate for this expert, no one can make a good impression on everyone, so the most important thing is not to waste time, to meet those who are worthy of contact.

Night skin repair strategy


Night skin repair strategy

The skin is immersed in cosmetics, sunlight, dirty air, and radiation during the day, and it can finally breathe at night.

Whitening, cleansing, removing wrinkles, moisturizing, and various types of masks, how can the skin care products maximize their effectiveness at night?

8 hours after falling asleep, what you should do for the skin in advance-skin repair at night1.

Repairing Silky Skin Do you often worry about dull or dry skin?

Using glycolic acid-containing creams can remove dead dandruff and help to increase and maintain skin lubrication.


Eliminate stubborn dryness If the skin is still very dry after using a glycolic acid cream, you can try a household particle scrub, which can exfoliate dead skin on the skin and promote skin absorption of moisturizers.

Be sure to use a sanding tool with a cream and apply a moisturizer containing softening ingredients after use.


Maintaining a bruised elbow If your elbow is injured or crusted, or if the skin on your elbow is too rough, then the best time to protect your elbow at night.

Put your elbows into a washable and external boat-shaped moisturizing gel sleeve. This ultra-thin gel sleeve effectively penetrates the crusted skin with olive oil.

  Facial night repair 4.

Attacking acne at night is the best time to deal with acne, because the skin at this time has a chance of being attacked by external bacteria.

Some skin experts believe that using skin care products containing bacterial antibiotics (bacteria can cause acne) and oil-controlling ingredients (such as zinc) to care for the skin, acne is likely to disappear miraculously overnight.


Improve the skin irritation caused by allergies. In order to eliminate redness, experts recommend applying some mineral powders containing titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

These two substances both help suppress inflammation without clogging pores.

In addition, applying ice to the affected area is a good way.


Reduces skin roughness Creams or lotions containing vitamin A or rosin oil help reduce fine lines.

Since night cream causes your skin to be sensitive to light for several hours, try using it at night.

In addition, in order to deal with deeper wrinkles, you can ask your skin doctor to prescribe a few swelling and anti-wrinkle drugs.


Women who use radiation to reduce their computer time during the day do not need to use vitamin A at night. Instead, they should use an anti-oxidant facial cleanser or cream to kill and repair the damage caused to the skin by radiation.

Super effective oil control shrink pore single product_1

Super effective oil control shrink pore single product

Introduction: For you to organize the red list of 12 oil control and shrink pore products, netizens are eager to provide a real and effective use experience, hoping to help those with pore problems and make your skin more and more delicate.


hzh {display: none; }  欧莱雅细肤毛孔紧致收缩水  参考价格:90元/200ml  商场专柜及屈臣氏专柜有售  产品介绍:经过多年的研究,欧莱雅花蕊研制了细肤毛孔紧致系列产品,让In each skin care step, you have significantly reduced pores, conditioning the skin texture, making the skin delicate and cleansing effect: the skin pores are tightened to shrink water, and the unique formula contains salicylic acid and seaweed essence, which can quickly shrink pores and clean the skin.

Eliminates skin blemishes and glows skin: pores become smaller, skin is fresh, clean, and flawless.

  Netizens solidarity: the main ingredient is salicylic acid, so the taste is very strong, but the effect of shrinking pores is very significant, causing pores to be much smaller in the future.

  Pond’s PONDS Pore Refining Firming Lotion Reference Price: 32 yuan / 150ml Watson’s open shelves and available in supermarketsMore water and nutrients, fast absorption, long-lasting heat preservation, skin is like drinking water, tender, smooth, and rejuvenated!

  Netizens’ solidarity: they can penetrate deep into the pores, promote metabolism, and have the benefits of hydrating + shrinking pores.

  NIVEA Oil Control Toner Reference Price: 200ml / 35 yuan. Available in supermarkets and supermarkets. Product introduction: Designed for oily skin growth, effectively remove excess oil and dirt from pores.

Effectively suppress oil shine, often use it, can permanently control oil and oil shine, netizens support: this Dongdong oil control effect is also good, it should also have a convergence effect.

Because when I was at work today, I accidentally touched my face with my hands, feeling slippery and tender, not as rough as before, and secretly looking in the mirror, I felt that the pores were not as large as before.

  Lanxiou Acne Cleansing Conditioning Gel Reference Price: 20mL / 49 Yuan Available at Watsons Product introduction: It is combined with a superior acne killing effect, plus “salicylic acid” with anti-horning plug effect and anti-inflammatoryThe effective “dipotassium glycyrrhizinate” directly concentrates on the acne-prone area.

Allergy-free and oil-free formula gives you peace of mind.

  Netizens’ solidarity: I think it works, and the effect is good.

It will not make pores thicker because of acne, and the price is cheap.

After sex, is it better to drink some milk?

After sex, is it better to drink some milk?

Q: What is good after sex?

  A: When you are having sex, people’s breathing, heart rate increases, and the blood circulation of the whole body is accelerated. Not only is physical exertion high, but also water can be lost with respiratory and sweat secretion. Therefore, after sex, you can drink some drinks.It is necessary to replenish moisture and promote the discharge of metabolites.

  After sex, it is not advisable to drink cold drinks immediately after sex. It is not advisable to drink cold drinks immediately. This is because during the sexual life, the blood vessels injected into the tract are in an expanded state. Before the injection of mucous membranes is not restored to normal, please inject cold drinks instead of the mucous membranes in the body.And suffered certain damage, and even caused long-term discomfort or cramps.

  If you are thirsty, drink a small amount of warm boiled water.

  Drinking milk products at night is more suitable. If you have sex at night, the main task after that is to rest and drink some dairy products, because dairy products have the effect of calming and hypnosis.

  It is best to drink some sugary drinks in the morning if the sex life is carried out in the early morning, and then face a day of intense work.

In order to relieve sleepiness, it is best to drink some beverages with higher sugar content, and the brakes can burn energy quickly. Pure juice drinks are more suitable because they are rich in vitamin C, minerals, fructose, large amounts, and rich in potassium.It can supplement a lot of potassium that is missing after sweating.

Three great foods for good skin

Three great foods for good skin

[Introduction]Beauty is the eternal pursuit of women, so how to have a white and beautiful skin?

The following editors introduce you to three great foods that can make your skin whiter.

  Amaranth to Chin Black Seal Amaranth has the effect of removing surface melanin and acne.

Because amaranth can help excretion, it can eliminate pus, dampness and detoxification, and remove skin sores, especially intestinal dampness.

Substitute amaranth and garlic for a half hour to make a thick soup, which can make the skin smoother.

Amaranth is mild in medicinal properties and can be incorporated daily.

  Lotus seed porridge, lungs, whitening, skin whitening is not something that happens overnight.

For whites to be white and red, lung function must be strengthened first. Long-term consumption of lotus seed porridge can achieve such an effect.

For lotus seeds, the composition can be customized.

  Yang Baoling, who is well-versed in dressing up with sesame paste, has always had a habit of drinking fresh milk daily. The skin is smooth and clean. Pauline admits that fresh milk can indeed promote the growth of skin cells and make the skin smooth.

But she also said that black sesame paste is more effective than fresh milk, and the skin will be smooth and less wrinkled for many years.

However, a bowl of sesame paste is almost as high as half a bowl of rice, and three times a week is enough.

Sesame paste has the effect of accelerating metabolism, making the complexion redder and smoother.