The role of salt has some salt health effects

The role of salt has some salt health effects

The salt in daily life can not be thought of as having a role only when it is cooked. Usually it can play a big role.

Salt has the following functions: cooking salt is not indispensable, and a delicious dish of salt is one of the heroes.

The anti-inflammatory and bactericidal action of salt water washes through the anti-inflammatory and bactericidal action of salt water, clears the inside of the nasal cavity, and even a large number of sensitive sources and bacteria accumulated in the sinus, viruses and purulent sputum, giving the nasal cavity a clean and refreshing environment, restoring the function of nasal cilia and accelerating the recovery of health.situation.

Brine mouthwash with salt water can prevent oral bacteria.

Occasionally sputum with salt water once or twice, remember not to gargle with salt water often.

If you use long-term hay to gargle, the surface of the teeth is also prone to pigmentation and dirt, and boots can cause or aggravate gingivitis and periodontitis.

Control the secretion of oil in the T area with a fine salt in the T area, gently massage and rest for 3 minutes, then use the middle finger to make a squeeze massage from the bottom to the upper part of the nose.

The benefits of salt hair care are deep cleansing, bactericidal detoxification, sedative blood circulation, astringent sebaceous gland, salt shampoo is the first choice for oily hair.

You can use the edible salt in the kitchen or the ready-to-use shampoo salt on the market.

Specifically, the usage is: If you are only greasy on the scalp and the hair is not too oily, you can use the shampoo to clean the hair normally, then apply the shampoo on the scalp evenly, then gently massage with the fingertips 3?
After 5 minutes, rinse off with water.

Suggested 2 per week?
3 times.

After deep cleansing and washing your face, put a small spoonful of fine salt on the palm of your hand and add 3-5 drops of water. Then carefully mix the salt and water with your fingers, then rub the salt water from the forehead from top to bottom.Do a ring massage.

Clear tomorrow

Clear tomorrow

Qingming Introduction Qingming Festival is also called the Youth Festival. At the turn of Zhongchun and Hunchun, it is one of the most important festivals.

The Ching Ming Festival of the Chinese nation has begun around the Zhou Dynasty and has a history of more than 2,500 years.

During the Ching Ming period, it belongs to the spring rainy season, and the climate is rising, which makes it easy for people to feel tired and sleepy.

At the same time, many chronic diseases are prone to recurrence, such as arthritis, chronic, mental illness, etc. Therefore, people with chronic diseases should avoid eating foods that are prone to occur.

Before and after the Ching Ming Festival, because of the climate change, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, to prevent colds from invading.

Qingming how to maintain health and clear season, belongs to the spring rainy season, the climate is rising, it is easy to make people feel tired and sleepy.

At the same time, it is also a time when many chronic diseases are prone to recurrence, such as arthritis, chronic, mental illness, etc. Therefore, people with chronic diseases should avoid eating foods that are prone to hair, such as sea fish, sea shrimp, sea crabs, bamboo shoots, etc., and can eat some glutinous rice properly., yam, cabbage, apple, pear, etc.

During the Qingming period, it is also the time when human liver gas is the most prosperous in a year, and the excessive fire of the liver causes adverse effects on the spleen and stomach. The most direct consequence is the digestion of food, sometimes causing bad mood, lack of blood and other adverse symptoms.On weekdays, you should pay more attention to eating more fruits and drinking more water.

Lowering the liver fire and removing moisture is the key to health in the Qingming Festival.

Before and after the Ching Ming Festival, because of the climate change, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, you must not put on the spring clothes too early, you should prepare a coat that can be worn casually, put it on when you go out to work in the morning, take off when you feel hot at noon, and get off work at night.Go home and wear it again to prevent colds.

The so-called “Spring Festival” also means this.

Of course, the process of “Spring” should also vary from person to person, depending on your physical fitness to determine the increase or decrease of clothing.

Generally speaking, according to climate change, we should increase or decrease clothes at any time, pay attention to cold and warmth, help the body to produce hair, and resist the invasion of external evils, which will help the health of the body.

Qingming eat what 1 mountain glutinous rice drink to take raw hawthorn 9 grams, 10 grams of glutinous rice, plus chicken inner gold 10 grams, 茯苓 10 grams, a pair of daily, after suffering, 4 times orally, 2 months for a course of treatment.

Role: Shugan qi, spleen and stomach.

2 Shashen Maidong drink sand ginseng 9 grams, 10 grams of Ophiopogon japonicus, 10 grams of mulberry, 9 grams of purple river car, 6 grams of round meat, a pair of daily, after oral administration, 4 times orally, 2 months for a course of treatment.

Role: promoting blood and nourishing yin, kidney and liver.

3 loofah nectar drink loofah flower 10 grams, 15 grams of honey.

Wash the loofah flower, put it in a teacup, add boiling water, cover, cover for 10 minutes, pour in honey and mix well.

When taking it, pick up the loofah flower and do not use it.

Clear lungs and asthma.

For pulmonary heat bronchitis, cough jaundice, wheezing, chest pain, dry mouth embolism.

4 Tremella tea white fungus 20 grams, 5 grams of tea, 20 grams of rock sugar.

Practice tea to slag, white fungus bubbled with rock sugar stew, pour into the tea juice and mix well.

Ziyin Runfei, suitable for patients with yin deficiency and long-term cough, fever.

Qingming health care should pay attention to before and after the Ching Ming Festival, people’s emotional fluctuations break through, especially in the middle-aged and elderly people with high blood pressure and high blood pressure, because they miss their loved ones too much, sleepless food, it is easy to cause high blood pressure.

Therefore, patients with hypertension can recover and eliminate abnormal emotional reactions as soon as possible, and maintain emotional stability.

You can choose to move softly, and there is a static Tai Chi exercise to shift your mind.

Should also avoid weight-bearing activities, so as not to cause breath holding and increase blood pressure.

Qingming health problems are easy to appear in the Qingming Festival throughout the country have their own local customs, Qingming Festival eating green groups, fried snails and so on are the customs of Jiangsu and Zhejiang, these foods are not suitable for people who are used to weaker, because these foods are coldCold foods can cause a heavier burden on the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, it is better for people who are not good at fever during the Qingming period to eat less of these foods.

There are still some places. Because of the Qingming season, it is rare for relatives to get together, and they will inevitably eat and drink. As a result, it is easy to overeating and lead to disease.

Changeable weather is easy for people to catch cold, tonsillitis, bronchitis, pneumonia; at this time it is a respiratory infection, such as diphtheria, scarlet fever, whooping cough, measles, chickenpox, epidemic meningitis, etc., so seriouslyPay attention to the weather changes, increase or decrease the clothes, and try to get in and out of public places as much as possible, paying particular attention to “sickness from the mouth.”

Can washing powder be washed casually?

Be careful with your life!

Can washing powder be washed casually?
Be careful with your life!

The main ingredient of detergents that cannot be washed with detergent and tableware is sodium phenylbenzene sulfonate, which is a harmful substance.

According to animal experiments, sodium alkylbenzene sulfonate not only can cause human poisoning, but also has carcinogenic effects; moreover, it also finds that it also has the risk of causing distortion.

Washing dishes, fruits and vegetables, meat products with washing powder, it is impossible to wash the sodium alkylbenzene sulfonate in the washing powder. If people eat food containing sodium alkylbenzene sulfonate, sodium alkylbenzene sulfonateEntering the blood, destroying the red blood cell membrane and causing hemolysis; entering the liver cells inhibits oxidase in the mitochondria of the liver cells, causing liver function to malign, causing liver damage; invading the thymus, causing damage to the thymus and reducing the rabbit’s epidemic force, especiallyInfants with visceral organs such as the liver are more harmful.

  Taomi water washing vegetables can go to residual pesticides. The pesticide residues in vegetables and fruits are mostly acidic. If they encounter alkaline substances, they will lose a lot of toxicity due to neutralization.

The rice water in the home cooking is weakly alkaline, which can degrade and decompose the toxicity of pesticides.

Therefore, you can buy the vegetables and fruits, wash them with water first, then soak them in the rice water for twenty or thirty minutes, then rinse them with water, so it is safer to eat.

Tableware is better for white. When people buy tableware, they tend to buy brightly colored porcelain for the sake of beauty. In fact, this is not good for health.

Originally, there was a layer of glaze on the surface of the porcelain. The lead-boron frit glaze used was 13% lead.
16%, in the high temperature baking at around 1350 °C, a large amount of lead in the glaze overflows.

  For international etalon, the lead dissolution of finished products of porcelain must be below 7%. Exceeding this standard is harmful to humans.

  If the glaze layer formula is poor or the baking temperature is not well controlled, the lead element in the glaze layer is easy to accumulate, and it is easy to overflow the human body when it encounters acidic food in use.

Generally, the amount of lead in the white porcelain glaze layer is extremely low, and the color porcelain, especially the glaze color, only passes through 740?
The kiln burning at 800 °C has a high lead content, especially the toxicity coefficient of gold and silver cloth.

  Therefore, health experts believe that the family uses white tableware.

In order to avoid the use of tableware in the use of porcelain surface wear or process imperfections caused by lead elements overflow.

  For the sake of safety, if you buy tableware at home, you can cook the tableware in a solution of food and water.
3 hours, then use with confidence.

Stomach health squeezed out

Stomach health squeezed out

Pinch the calf part every day: the muscle part of the calf 1/3 (the edge of the gastrocnemius).

  Method: Hold the above part of the muscles by hand, the thumb and the four fingers are opposite, and press the pinch slightly, so as to consciously have the soreness of alignment.

Press from top to bottom and squeeze from bottom to top.

Generally, it is preferably 15-30 times each.

Add or subtract as appropriate, depending on the condition of the pain.

It can be done 1-3 times a day.

  Note that in the process of pinching, there should be awkward movements – strong soreness, good pain relief effect, not to be afraid of having a sore feeling.

  This method is more effective for acute stomach pain.

This method is also effective when a chronic stomach attack occurs.

  Do a day to do a drumstick, after a sputum abdomen to relieve pain, in order to consolidate the effect, you can also add two kinds of adjuvant therapy: 1.

Drumstick: Close the mouth, use the tongue to stir the teeth 24 times to the left and right. Then, close the drumsticks and do the mouthwash. When the mouth is filled with liquid, slowly swallow in three mouths.

This method is long-term practice, which can benefit the stomach and digest food and enhance the function of the body.


Abdominal abdomen: Every time after a meal, you can take a proper walk, then, or sit or sit, pinch your abdomen.

First, heat your hands, left, right, in the right or counterclockwise direction, press the upper abdomen, each to do about 30 times, this method can enhance the gastrointestinal function, has a certain effect on the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases.

  This insists on lowering, the stomach pain can be stopped, and those who have recovered the disease can also gradually heal.

  Why can you relieve stomach pain by pinching your legs?

  From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, the abdomen of the lower leg is the foot of the yin and spleen, the foot yin and the liver and the foot Shaoyin kidney follow the line, so click on this part, the acupuncture point of the above meridian must have a certain stimulating effect;The following distal acupoints can treat the pain of the organs of the meridians in addition to the local therapeutic effects.

The foot yin spleen is associated with the spleen and stomach, so pressing here may treat the disease of the stomach.

  It should be noted that this method is suitable for general stomach diseases. As for the acute abdominal pain such as perforation of gastric ulcer or acute pneumonia, it should be taken to the hospital immediately.

Autumn men’s health tonic medicated diet, worth collecting

Autumn men’s health tonic medicated diet, worth collecting

“Autumn winds, it is advisable to make up”, for men more reasonable, reasonable food tonic, so that the family pillars in the winter, even more pressure can easily face.

Autumn supplements are based on personal physique.

For different men’s health needs, he recommends different recipes.

Greedy man – care for the heart and liver recipe 1: Schisandra porridge ingredients: Schisandra 10 grams, rice 2 two practices: rice, schisandra, together with the fire.

Efficacy: Schisandra can nourish the liver, kidney, rice has the function of protecting the liver, protecting the stomach, drinking after drinking can reduce the damage of a large amount of alcohol on the liver.

Secret recipe 2: Gehua water ingredients: Chinese medicine Gehua, boiled water practice: take appropriate amount of Gehua into the boiling water for brewing.

Efficacy: enough after drinking, there is a magical use of sobering.

Entertainment man – make a sweet dream! Secret recipe: lotus seed porridge ingredients: 50 grams of lotus seeds, 15 grams of medlar, 300 grams of rice practices: three flavors together, water to put more, do not make the porridge too thick.

Efficacy: lotus seeds can strengthen the spleen and spleen, sturdy spleen and kidney, often drink can relieve stress, prevent insomnia caused by work stress and other discomfort.

Poor physical strength men – spleen and stomach health is the key recipe: Sanwei Jianpi Yangji porridge ingredients: 15 grams of Atractylodes, 10 grams of Shouwu, 20 grams of medlar, white rice 5 two practices: Atractylodes and Shouwu into the pot, after re-harvestingPut your soup with rice dumplings and rice together.

Efficacy: spleen and kidney, strong muscles.

Baizhu Yi qi and spleen, Shouwu can kidney, blood, brain, Wufa, soothe the nerves, scorpion can nourish the kidney.

Metabolism before protein increase is beneficial to better absorption of nutrients.

“Being powerless” man – tonifying kidney and secretifying recipe: Du Zhong 煨 sheep waist ingredients: Eucommia 10 grams, a sheep’s kidney, 2 slices of ginger, safflower oil a spoonful practice: 1, the sheep’s waist blisters, remove odor, and then slice.

Eucommia is washed with water to remove impurities.

2, first cut a spoonful of safflower oil into 60 pieces of hot ginger, then cut into the two pieces of ginger, then put the sheep’s waist into the pot and stir fry for 2 minutes, then put the eucommia into the bowl, add a bowl of water, small fire 煨 30?
For 40 minutes, put a proper amount of salt and MSG before the pan.

Eat the sheep loin soup together.

Efficacy: Eat in the case of kidney yang deficiency.

Eucommia, the waist of the sheep can supplement the kidney and help the yang, and it has a conditioning effect on the symptoms of impotence, waist and knees.

How do you care about the performance of diabetes?

How do you care about the performance of diabetes?

For diabetic patients, what do you need to pay special attention to in your daily care?

Foot washing – water temperature does not exceed 37 °C Diabetic patients often have skin itching, dryness and other symptoms, should adhere to daily spray, keep the skin clean, eliminate itching, while applying moisturizer to moisturize the skin, such as various body lotions, moisturizerWait.

In patients with peripheral nerve injury, the skin feels impaired. Therefore, all kinds of external adverse stimuli should be avoided. The water temperature of the foot washing should not exceed 37 °C to prevent burns.

Wipe dry after washing your feet to keep your feet warm and dry.

In order to avoid the occurrence of diabetic foot, the skin care of diabetic foot is more important. You can start by observing the change of skin color, temperature and humidity of the foot, check for edema, skin damage, athlete’s foot, etc., and find that the skin of the foot should be broken.Go to the hospital in time.

Massage your feet several times a day to promote blood circulation, but the movement should be gentle.

Haircut – It is not advisable to dye hair dyes that will enter the eyes when they are volatilized, making the eyes irritated and uncomfortable.

When doing facial treatments, it is inevitable that a small amount of powder will enter the eyes.

Although “syrup” only enters the eye in a small amount, it only makes the eyes uncomfortable, but for diabetic patients, its resistance is low, the eye parts are sensitive, and it is easy to be infected.

Therefore, it is best for the patient to reduce the number of hair dyes or facial treatments to prevent irritation to the eyes.

If it is occasionally done, it is recommended that after the patient has finished dyeing or facial treatment, drop two drops of chloramphenicol eye drops and cleanse the eyes.

However, if the patient’s eyes have been deformed, it is recommended that the patient consult a doctor before handling.

Sports – Tai Chi In many sports, Tai Chi Chuan is the most direct control of blood sugar, because in the case of uniform breathing and concentrated thoughts, it helps to remove toxins from the body, and it can help blood sugar control in any diabetic patients.
Especially for obesity type 2 diabetes patients with severe insulin resistance, the variety of Taijiquan movements can effectively reduce resistance, improve islet function, and improve insulin sensitivity and reactivity.

In addition, Tai Chi Chuan has a good therapeutic effect on obese diabetes, diabetes with dyslipidemia, and diabetes with hypertension.

For beginners, it is generally recommended to do it twice in the morning and evening, each time for about 30 minutes, then relax for about 3 minutes, and then do it again.

It should be noted that in order to accumulate the hypoglycemic effect of Tai Chi, the maximum interval between the two exercises should not exceed three days.

Hot pot – don’t use sesame sauce. Diabetics can eat hot pot, but try to eat less.

Chinese medicine believes that mutton is hot. If you eat hot food, it is easy to get angry. If it is heavy, it will increase the risk of diabetes. It is recommended to eat more vegetables when eating hot pot. Eat lean meat, eat less staple food, try not to eat sesame sauce (oily))too much).

In the usual diet, pay attention to eat green leafy vegetables, such as Chinese cabbage, celery, spinach, rapeseed, etc., eat less starchy such as potatoes, buckwheat and so on.

If the blood sugar is well controlled, you can eat some fruits such as grapefruit, kiwi, etc. between meals.

Eight massage techniques to nourish the body

Eight massage techniques to nourish the body

The current pace of life is so tense, it is rare to have a holiday, we naturally have to implant and enjoy.

Many office workers choose to go to the spa to do a spa on weekends, so that water and fragrance can soak in our body and relieve fatigue. It is also a good health care method.

Then there are Chinese medicine massage treatments, which can promote our health.

Which kind of massage is better for SPA treatments?

This also depends on the different needs of each person.


hzh {display: none; }  保健按摩手法,大致有如下两种:  一种是主动按摩,又叫自我按摩,是自己按摩自己的一种保健方法。The other is passive massage, which is controlled by the doctor for the patient’s medical treatment, which is called massage therapy.

Massage techniques, and both, but in summary, commonly used methods are as follows: press, rub, push, take, lick, pinch, tremble, beat and so on.

It should be known that the above eight methods are not simply used in isolation, and often several methods are used in cooperation with each other.

  (1) According to the law: using the fingertips or palms, in the appropriate part of the patient’s body, rhythmically together, called the press.

Usually used, there is a one-handed method, and both hands are pressed.

  Clinically, under the two ribs or the abdomen, one-handed or two-handed methods are usually applied.

For back-end or muscle-rich areas, one-handed pressurization can be used.

That is, the left hand is down, and the right hand is gently pressed against the back of the left finger; or the right hand is down, and the left hand is pressed against the back of the right finger.

  (2) Mofa: Mo, is the meaning of stroke.

Use a finger or palm to give a soft touch to the appropriate part of the patient’s body.

Mofado cooperates with the law and the method of pushing, and has a one-handed rubbing method commonly used for the upper limbs and the shoulders, and a double-handed rubbing method commonly used for the chest.

Recommended article: Health massage for you to solve the problem of obesity Ten points let you learn self-massage (3) Push method: push the push method before the force.

Commonly used in clinical practice, there are two methods of pushing one hand or two hands.

Because the push and the friction can not be separated, the push has included the friction, and the push and match are often used together.

Like the muscles of both arms and legs, use more pushes.

In the posture, the thumb and the index finger are inserted into the expanding muscle, and the one-handed pushing method in the pushing method is being used.

  Is the finger available for pushing?


However, the finger area is too small. When operating, we use the left hand to hold the patient’s wrist. The right hand eats the knee and refers to one finger of the patient to push it, or only pushes the thumb with the right thumb.

The method of massage pediatrics handed down by traditional Chinese medicine is actually the method of pushing and rubbing.

  The method of pushing is diverse.

Putting the two hands together, the thumb is on the thumb, the index finger is on the index finger, and the two hands are pushed together to push forward. This is called the two-handed push method. This method is the most successful method in the push method.

  (4) Take the method: manually take the skin of the appropriate part, and take it up slightly, called the method.

  Commonly used in the clinic is a one-handed approach to the legs or muscles.

If the patient is nervous, angry, sudden nausea, complications in the chest, and a similar fainting situation, in the place where the shoulders are connected above the collarbone, use one hand to hold the muscles, put the muscles down, put them down, and then grab them.Take two times per second, take twenty times, take a break, and then take twenty more times, the chest is smooth, and the breath gradually reconciles.

  (5) Method: The doctor’s hand sticks to the patient’s skin and makes a slight rotation of the movement, called the sputum method.

The trick is to divide one hand and both hands.

For places with small areas such as temples, you can use the finger squat method. For the large area behind the back, you can use the palm slap method.

There is no one-handed pressure sputum method, smashing the calf, the left hand is pressed on the patient’s calf, and the right hand is pressed on the left hand back for one-handed pressurization.

On the muscular calf, you can use the following two-handed method.

The sputum method has the effect of eliminating phlegm and removing blood and reconciling the blood line. For local pain points, it is very suitable to use the sputum method.  (6) Pinch method: In the appropriate part, the skin and muscles are pinched from the surface of the bone by a finger, which is called a pinch method.

There are some similarities between the pinch method and the law, but the law requires the full force of the hand, and the pinch method focuses on the finger.

Use the force to be heavier, and the pinch method should be lighter.

The pinch method is the basic technique commonly used in massage, and it is often combined with the method of sputum.

  According to the method, the actual extrusion action of the fingertips is carried out. As a result of the slight pressing of the muscles by the pressing method, the skin and tendon activity can be enhanced, and the blood and lymph circulation can be improved.

Shallow squeezing, can go to the cold, can be blood stasis, deep squeeze, can treat muscles and joints caused by wind and cold inside and around the tendon and joint capsule.

  (7) Flutter method: It is a kind of massage technique that trembles and relaxes.

The action should be quick and short, and uniformity is appropriate.

It is advisable to tremble about 10 times per second, that is, to achieve about 600 times a minute.

The flutter and the motion cannot be separated, so it is called a vibrating technique.

The thumb is placed vertically at the patient’s pain point, and the whole wrist is forced to vibrate, causing the thumb to produce a vibrating tremor, called the single-finger fibrillation method.

Use the thumb and forefinger, or the index finger and the middle finger, place it on the patient’s pain or brow, and use the wrist force for the tremor to call the two-finger tremor method.

  (8) Play: The play is also called the sniper method.

Clinically, more coordination is performed after the massage operation.

Of course, you can use the game separately if necessary.

  The style of play is light and accurate, soft and flexible.

The method is appropriate, can give patients a sense of ease, otherwise it is not law.

  The main use of the play is the hands.

Commonly used techniques include side palm cutting, flat palm slap method, cross box sniper method and vertical box sniper method, etc.: side palm cutting method: put the palms sideways, the thumbs up, the little fingers face down,Between the fingers and the fingers, separate one centimeter, when the palms fall, the fingers are closed, and when the hands are raised, they are slightly separated, and the two hands alternate.

  Flat palm slap method: the palms of both palms are placed flat on the muscles, and beat first and then in rhythm.

  Hengquan sniper method: two hands clenched fists, the back of the hand is facing up, the thumb and the thumb are opposite, the fist is easy to lively, and the gap between the finger and the palm is slightly left.

The two punches alternated.

This method is often used in muscles, such as the lower back and shoulders.

  Vertical punch slamming method: two hands clenched fists, take the erected capital, the thumb is on, the little finger is down, the two fists are opposite.

The fist must also be easy and lively, leaving a gap between the fingers and the palm.

This method is often used for the back waist.

  The above several types of play, mainly used in places where the muscles are richer, such as items, shoulders, back, waist, thighs, calves, etc.

The power of beating should be light and heavy, and then heavy and light.

Of course, the so-called heavy here does not mean the use of extremely heavy forces, or a relatively slight increase in strength.

In short, it is appropriate to make patients feel comfortable.

In the speed of the play, it is generally slow and fast, slow down one second, and gradually add to six or eight.

  It should be remembered that no matter which kind of play is used, first of all, the first one will not be able to make a big force, suitable for soft and hard, soft and soft, and then gradually become stronger.

When both palms fall, they must be both powerful and flexible to make the patient feel comfortable.

The beating time is usually 1?
2 minutes, or 3 minutes.

In very rare cases, depending on the condition, extend some time or shorten some time.

This technique can also be carried out after the massage, or it can be carried out in the same way.