IELTS combination mixed doubles out, Guo Yu burst the first upset in the All England

“IELTS” combination mixed doubles out, Guo Yu burst the first upset in the All England
Shi Yuqi successfully advanced to the quarterfinals of the men’s singles.Video screenshot of the World Badminton Professional Tournament All England Open on the second day of Beijing time. Mixed doubles defending champion Zheng Siwei / Huang Yaqiong lost to the Netherlands ‘Taborin / Pike 0 to 2 and broke the national feather.The first upset.After playing 3 rounds in the first round, the “IELTS” group once mentioned that the opponents in the second round had not played and needed to be fully prepared.As soon as they entered the actual battle, the two made too many mistakes. Most of the first game was chasing points, and the key points at the end of the game were not grasped. They lost by 20-22.In the second game, the Dutch combination took the initiative first. Zheng Siwei / Huang Yaqiong ended up 17-17, and the road to defending ended abruptly.Chen Yufei beat Thailand’s Busanlan 21-15, 21-13 tonight, scoring the first round of the game more easily.The women’s singles defending champion said that she is also in a better state than the first day, and she has played her stuff after adapting to the opponent’s rhythm and movement.Shi Yuqi defeated teammate Zhao Junpeng 21 to 13 and broke into the men’s singles quarterfinals.”Little Stone” admitted frankly after the game that the venue had more crosswinds today, and both his and his opponents made mistakes. “Maybe I played more proactively.”Shi Yuqi’s quarter-final is likely to face Danish star Anselon. The two met in the semi-final of the All England Championship last year. Shi Yuqi failed to win. He hopes to be fully prepared this year to achieve a breakthrough.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Chen Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Jia Ning

Lier Chemical (002258): The price of glufosinate continued to fall, and the 1H19 performance was in line with expectations

Lier Chemical (002258): The price of glufosinate continued to fall, and the 1H19 performance was in line with expectations

1H19 results are in line with our expected 1H19 results: revenue 20.

500 million, ten years +12.

68%; net profit attributable to mother 1.

6 trillion a year -38.

80%, blacks earn 0.

30 yuan, in line with expectations.

We believe that the 1H19 company’s revenue growth is mainly due to the expansion of the glufosinate production and the amount of flufenoxamine put into operation.

Previously the price of glufosinaldehyde decreased by 23% per degree, resulting in a decrease in gross profit margin2.

86PCT to 29.

twenty one%.

In terms of expense ratio, the sales expense ratio / management + R & D expense ratio / financial expense ratio were increased by 0 respectively.



07PCT, a crack in the increase; the increase in research and development costs is mainly due to the increase in the company’s investment in research and development, and the financial costs are caused by the increase in discount 成都桑拿网 indexes and exchange losses.

For subsidiaries, Jiangsu Qida’s net profit decreased by 14.

At 7%, the net profit of Lier Crop / Bide Biochemical increased by 2 respectively.

4% / 213%, we believe that the growth of Bide Biochemical’s profit growth is mainly due to insufficient supply of pentachlor doped, leading to the price increase of fluroxypyr.

The company expects the net profit attributable to the mother to be 1 to 9 months.


9 trillion, corresponding to 3Q19 performance of 0.


3.3 billion.

Development trend Supply expansion, export growth faster than expected, glufosinate price bottom shock.

The price of glufosinate has been 18 since October 18’s high.

75 million / ton, continued to drop to the current 11.

50,000 tons / ton.

We believe that the core reason is the expansion of supply. The 7,000-ton capacity of Lier Guang’an Base was put into operation in 4Q18, Shandong Yisheng’s capacity increased, and the industry’s periodic excess capacity.

In addition, in the export of glufosinate, the 1H19 industry exported a total of 4,025 tons, each 1% extension, of which India and the United States offset.

Looking forward to 2H19, we expect the price to fluctuate at the bottom, but at the same time, the downside is limited.

From the perspective of cost, the format technology currently widely used in China, we judge that the cost is more than 10 thousand tons / ton (excluding tax), so there is limited room for downward price.

Expansion + integrated support, Lier strengthened the leading position.

The company’s highest glufosinaldehyde formaldehyde expansion rate, plans to put one into production in Guang’an.

In addition, the company formulated an integrated layout of the industrial chain, and set up a subsidiary in cooperation with Sancaitang; at the same time, Guang’an Base MDP 1.

5Accelerated construction in the early stage is expected to be put into production within this year.

We believe that companies with an integrated industrial chain layout like Lier will benefit more from future industry competition.

Earnings Forecasts and Estimates Due to intensified competition in the glufosinate industry and accelerated price declines, we lower our net profit for 2019 and 2020 by 14% and 9% to 4.

200 million and 7.
10,000 yuan.
The current contradiction corresponds to 14 times the 2019 P / E ratio and 8 2020 P / E ratio.

We maintain our Outperform rating, but we lower our target price by 13% to 14 due to a higher-than-expected price reduction of glufosinate.

2 yuan, corresponding to 17 times the 2019 price-earnings ratio and 10 2020 price-earnings ratio, there is 25% upside from the current consensus.

Risks Guang’an put into production more than expected, the price of glufosinate decreased, and other environmental and safety risks.

Yili shares (600887) first quarterly report comments: demand worry-free and long-term development

Yili shares (600887) first quarterly report comments: demand worry-free and long-term development

Event Yili shares announced the 2019 first quarter report, operating income of 230 in 19Q1.

7.7 billion, ten years +17.

89%; net profit attributable to mothers22.

76 trillion, ten years +8.

36%, deducting non-net profit 21.

820,000 yuan, ten years +9.

2%, EPS is 0.

37 yuan.

  Highlights of investment Room temperature products performed well, and income continued to grow rapidly.

1Q1 achieved operating income of 230.

7.7 billion, +17 per year.

89%, a growth rate of -6 years.

67pct, +0.

32pct, achieving the lowest growth rate is mainly due to the base difference caused by the misalignment of the Spring Festival. The company still maintained high growth under a high base, indicating that demand is stable.

In terms of different categories, Nielsen Zero Research data shows that the market share of 19Q1 company’s room temperature / low temperature liquid milk / infant formula is 38.

8% / 15.

7% / 6.

3%, +3 each year.

0pct / -1.

3pct / + 0.

5pct, in which the room temperature category’s market share increased significantly, indicating that the company’s channels continue to sink and market penetration has increased.

The two major room temperature single-product products, Amuse and Jindian, are expected to grow at + 30% and + 20% intervals, and the total revenue share is expected to be close to 35%, which is the main reason for the growth of room temperature products.

The company’s short-term strategic focus is expected to widen the sales gap with competing products, and the follow-up of room temperature products is expected to remain the focus.

  Structure optimization + reduction of buying gifts drove upward gross margin.

The company’s gross profit margin for the 19Q1 was 39.

95%, ten years +1.

15pct, ring than +1.

61 points.

The gross profit margin of Q4 rebounded every six months from the previous quarter, mainly due to the decrease in the volume of high-end products (milk powder and high-end liquid milk) and purchase promotions during the pre-holiday peak season, which was partially offset by the increase in raw milk prices.

In the short term, domestic environmental production restrictions have increased the supply of raw milk for 18 years, and raw milk prices have risen in the second half of 18 years.

However, starting from the medium term, the price of raw milk is still at a safe price difference from the feed price. There is insufficient motivation to reduce the production of raw milk globally. If it is not a natural disaster, it will be difficult for the price of raw milk to start a growth cycle in 19 years.-1.


  Expenses increased, and net interest margin fell slightly in ten years.

1Q1 company’s overall expense ratio reached 28.

10%, +1.


Among them, the sales / management / R & D / financial expense ratios are 24.

07% / 4.08% / 0.

40% /-0.

45%, multiple sales / management / financial expense ratios respectively +1.

31pct / + 0.

27pct / -0.

66 points, sales expense ratio remained relatively high, competition in major industries is still fierce, due to the company’s expansion of advertising.

The maximum expense ratio can be controlled.

In 19Q1, the company realized net profit attributable to mothers22.

76 trillion, ten years +8.

36%; 19Q1 net profit reached 9.

84%, -0 per year.

79pct, +2 chain.

2pct, significantly improved profitability.

  From the perspective of middle school, there is still uncertainty in the industry structure, but in the long run, a good trend of platform development has emerged.

  Medium-term: Competition is still uncertain, and Yili has the first-mover advantage in channels.

Mengniu stepped up product promotion and brand promotion in the early 18s in an effort to expand market share.

In order to keep the market share, Yili also passively increased the expansion speed, which led to the rise in the expense ratio in the first half of the year and dragged down its performance.

It is worth pointing out that Yili’s channels are more sinking than Mengniu’s. The former accounts for 40% in the third and fourth tier and township markets, but 36%. Correspondingly, Yili is in the third and fourth tier and township markets.The share reaches 33% -35%, while Mengniu’s 28-32%. Low-tier cities will be the core market for the future increase in demand for the dairy industry.

In our judgment, Mengniu may still maintain a strong attitude in its 杭州夜网 competitive strategy. The uncertainty of the preliminary competitive landscape may still make its performance likely to change. However, considering the channel ‘s leading issue board in Yili ‘s lower-tier market, it is expected that Yili ‘s defensive position will remainAdvantages.

  Long-term: The core strategy of Yili’s strategic layout is category expansion, which is expected to become the Chinese version of Nestle.

The company proposes a long-term plan to become a 100 billion-level health food group by 2020. It is expected to expand into the dairy industry and other categories through endogenous and extended mergers and acquisitions, providing new momentum for the company’s long-term growth.

Endogenous aspects: The company newly launched “Iran” milk ore light in March 19, and then retested the water beverage industry. 重庆耍耍网 Product packaging and positioning are all interesting.

In terms of extension: Following the announcement of the acquisition of Thai ice cream brand CHOMTHANA in 18 years, the company plans to re-acquire in New Zealand, and the trend of expanding regions and enriching categories is obvious.

Category expansion can share channel resources and diminish marginal expansion. At the same time, Yili’s merger and acquisition expansion is cautious, and it is preferred that the acquisition target can produce synergy with the company and has a foundation of performance stability.

  Profit forecast and investment recommendations: The company is a leading dairy company, with its main business expanding and upgrading + platformization, and its future performance prospects are considerable.

We adjusted our profit forecast based on the company’s annual report. We estimate that the company’s revenue in 2019 and 2020 will be 900.

400 million (+13.

2%) and 1017.

100 million (+13.

0%) and net profit was 72.

0 billion (+11.

8%) and 81.

300 million (+13.

0%), corresponding to the closing price on April 25, 2019. The company’s PE in 2019 and 2020 will be 26x and 23x, respectively.

We maintain the rating of “Prudent Overweight” and advise investors to pay more attention.

  Risk reminders: macroeconomic fluctuations, raw material cost fluctuations, increased industry competition, and food safety issues

Huaxin Cement (600801): Significant earnings elasticity and record high performance

Huaxin Cement (600801): Significant earnings elasticity and record high performance

The company’s operating income in 2018 was 274.

6.6 billion, an annual increase of 31.

48%; net profit attributable to mother 51.

81 billion, an increase of 149 a year.

39%; it is planned to distribute a cash dividend of 11 per 10 shares.

5 yuan, 4 shares increased.

Benefit from price elasticity and profit hitting record highs: The company’s performance has increased, mainly benefiting from rising cement prices in major regional markets. In 2018, the company’s cement clinker ton revenue was about 338 yuan, which increased by 68 yuan; gross profit per ton was 136 yuan, an increase of 57 yuan; Ton sales expenses and ton management expenses increased by 4 yuan and 1 yuan respectively, and ton financial expenses were continuously downgraded by 3 yuan, mainly due to the improvement of the company’s capital structure and a loss rate from 56 in 2017.

87% dropped to 44.

76%; In the past, the net profit per ton reached 81 yuan, a record high; of which, the Q4 cement clinker ton revenue was 362 yuan, sometimes increased by 72 yuan, the gross profit per ton was 154 yuan, increased by 47 yuan alternately, the net profit per ton was 88 yuan, and sometimes increased by 24 yuan.Quarterly ton profit also hit a record high.

Regional demand is high, production capacity, and sales volume continue to expand: in 2018, the combined sales of cement and clinker were replaced by 7072, an annual growth of 3%, of which Q4 sales were replaced in 2011, an increase of 2% alternately.

Mainly benefited from last year’s core markets such as Southwest, Central South, etc., where the prosperity of demand is good (the cement output in 2018 increased by 6 respectively.

44%, 3.

72%); At the same time, the company ‘s capacity layout continued to expand, and the report completed the acquisition of a 100% stake in Chongqing Lafarge Shui On Tower Cement (5000t / d clinker production line, 250 tons of cement capacity), and Tibet ‘s Shannan Phase III 3000t / dProject, the second phase of the 3000t / d project in Xigaze was completed and put into operation, adding a total of 477 tons of cement capacity; the company will continue to expand overseas projects in 2019 (Nepal 2800 t / d, Uzbekistan project 4000 t / d) and replacement of old capacity (Huangshi, Hubei: 285 indicators / year, Yunnan Luquan: 4000 t / d).

Actively lay out new growth, and the aggregate of the industrial chain extension is a bright spot: Outside the company’s main cement industry, it has been actively deploying aggregates, environmental protection, new materials and other businesses to create new growth points; among them, the aggregate business is developing rapidly and profitability is outstanding, 2018年 年公司骨料销量1450每年,每年增幅26%;贡献收入8。
2.7 billion, an increase of 61% before; gross profit margin reached 63.

84%, revenue per ton is 57 yuan, gross profit per ton reaches 36 yuan; according to the company’s annual report, the company plans to achieve aggregate sales volume of 2662 in 2019, and to complete Sichuan Quxian, Chenzhou, Hunan, Changyang, Hubei, Jinghong, Yunnan, Lincang, Zhaotong, etc.Construction of aggregate projects and commencement of construction of nine aggregate projects with an annual capacity of 2,250 tons (capacity of 2,500 tons in 2018).

In terms of environmental protection business, the company’s industrial hazardous waste business has made breakthroughs, and the disposal capacity approved by the EIA has reached 21 per year.

In terms of new materials business, the new year’s production is 1.

2 billion comprehensive environmental protection wall materials project was completed and put into operation; the first high-end, automatic leakage-proof and energy-saving mortar factory with an annual output of 5 was completed and put into operation; ultra-high-strength concrete has also been successfully used in projects such as the Hong Kong-Macao-Macao Bridge.

Investment suggestion: Maintain “Buy” rating: The company is a cement leader in the two lakes and southwestern markets, and has a leading layout in Tibet and overseas markets. The core regional market demand has both mergers (East China) and flexibility (southwest and overseas), and provides layouts.Good, the supply and demand relationship is expected to continue the best situation; meanwhile, the company’s active layout of new businesses such as aggregates will bring new growth; we expect the company’s EPS to be 3 in 2019-2021.



45 yuan, according to the latest closing price corresponding 武汉夜网论坛 to PE respectively 7.



05 times, PB is 1.



4 times; the latest PB (LF) assessment by reference to Conch Cement is 1.

87 times, considering that the company’s ROE profit center has improved significantly and is higher than Conch Cement, giving the company 1.

95 times PB, based on twice the net assets of 202015.

09 yuan, corresponding to a reasonable value of 29 yuan / share; maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk warning: demand growth exceeds expectations, new business expansion fails to meet expectations, and the industry increases supply beyond expectations.

Biyin Lefen (002832): The company announced that the first quarter of 2019’s performance forecast results exceeded expectations

Biyin Lefen (002832): The company announced that the first quarter of 2019’s performance forecast results exceeded expectations

The company announced the forecast for the first quarter of 2019. The performance exceeded expectations. In the first quarter of 2019, the company’s net profit attributable to mothers increased by 50-60% over the same period of the previous year, and the profit was 1.

2.7 billion to 1.

3.6 billion.

Even after excluding the impact of the parent company’s performance-based company identification, the company’s performance is still very beautiful (the company 南京桑拿网 made progress at the end of 2018. The company’s identification is still 25% in the first three quarters of 2018), and we believe that it must benefit from the company’s consistent adherenceThe high-quality, high-grade, high-tech and innovative spirit of the “three high and one new” brand development concept, continuously increase product research and development, product competitiveness continues to increase, at the same time expand brand promotion, optimize marketing network construction and supply chain management to achieveThe sales performance continued to grow rapidly, benefiting from changes in internal consumption habits of the sportswear industry, including improved product fashion and continued prosperity, and the company as a leader in golf and vacation travel and leisure apparel consumption has benefited.

  We are optimistic that the company’s performance continues to grow rapidly. First, according to the Interim Report, as of mid-2018, the company has only 685 channels. In the future, it must expand its store opening space. Second, the company stands out in the fierce market competition environment. The report store efficiency has continued to accelerate in recent years.Benefiting from the high degree of industry prosperity, the company’s product competitiveness, the brand’s influence has continued to increase, and the channel has been continuously optimized and upgraded, the company’s report store efficiency has continued to maintain rapid growth. Third, the new brand Venice has positioned itself as an emerging holiday travel apparel market.The customer base is mainly young people, the products are more cost-effective, the future market space is large and there are no leading brands. The company has successful experience in operating brands in subdivided fields, and is expected to become the company’s new profit growth point, further opening up the company’s scale space.

  Earnings forecast and investment rating are expected to be 1 for 2018-2020.



79 yuan / share, currently corresponding to a 19-year P / E ratio of 22 times, based on the company’s 2018-2020 net profit compound growth rate of 31.

97% (according to our prediction), and given the company’s new brand cultivation has certain uncertainty, the company is given a 19-year reasonable PE valuation of 24 times and a reasonable value of 51.

34 yuan / share, maintain “Buy” rating.

  Risk reminders: The company newly launched the Venetian brand, facing the risk that the sales of the new brand are less than expected; the risk of the decline of the sports industry; the risk of channel expansion is less than expected; the risk of terminal retail recession;

Yonghui Supermarket (601933) in-depth report: Focus on the integration of the main business of the supermarket and enable the sailing

Yonghui Supermarket (601933) in-depth report: Focus on the integration of the main business of the supermarket and enable the sailing

Report Summary: Focusing on the main business of the Super League, major business structure adjustments.

Yonghui Supermarket, as the leader of domestic supermarkets, has continued to expand its store scale since its establishment, its operating income has grown rapidly, and its gross profit margin has steadily increased.

At the end of 2018, the company restructured its business structure. Through the sale of equity, strategic investment and other methods, Yunchuang and Yunshang, which are under pressure from performance, will continue to appear on the table. It will merge one or two accumulations of Yunchao business to create a community fresh mini store and integrate the companyIn the back office, a large supply chain business department and a large technology business department were established to improve operational efficiency and realize new momentum for performance growth.

The space of fresh supermarkets is vast, and new retail formats are emerging endlessly.

The downward pressure on economic growth has increased, the growth rate of consumption has increased, and the mandatory consumption related to supermarkets has a prominent vertical anti-cyclical attribute.

Competition in the domestic business and trade industry has gradually intensified, and the leaders have broad room for growth.

The scale of the fresh market is huge, and the fresh supermarket will become the main channel for fresh sales.

With the dual-line integration of the retail industry and the escalating consumption trend, a variety of new retail formats are emerging one after another. In the future, it will be able to open up omni-channel consumption scenarios, and companies with competitive supply chains will increasingly have advantages.

Ace of supply 合肥夜网 chain, full-channel expansion business format, continuous organizational change and build core competitiveness.

(1) “Direct source mining” + supplier equity binding + self-built cold chain logistics to create a multi-level, differentiated supply chain system, vigorously develop its own brands, and the company’s gross profit margin has steadily increased.

(2) Yunchao’s endogenous growth is determined, and its stores are expanding steadily; outbound mergers and acquisitions, regional integration, and accelerating the pace of expansion; “go to the store + home” to build an all-channel consumption scenario.

(3) Simplify administration and decentralization, reduce decision-making levels, and stimulate organizational vitality.

The partnership system has steadily advanced, and the reform dividend has been continuously released.

Continuous organizational progress promotes continuous improvement in management efficiency.

Investment suggestion: Yunchuang, Cloud quotation, to replace the performance pressure of listed companies.

Major adjustments were made to the business structure and fundamentals were improved.

Revenue is expected to be 712 in 2018-2020.



53 ppm, an increase of 21 in ten years.

63% / 21.

71% / 21.


Net profit attributable to mother is 16.



810,000 yuan, EPS is 0.



35 yuan / share, corresponding to the current continuous PE of 49/32/24 times. Considering the certainty of the revenue growth brought about by the expansion of scale, the increase in management efficiency and the expectation of increased net interest rate, as a scarce leader in the supermarket industry, Give a PE estimate of 40 times in 2019, and give a “buy” rating.

Beijing New Building Materials (000786) Half-yearly report in 2019: Gypsum board leader breeds high elasticity and growth

Beijing New Building Materials (000786) Half-yearly report in 2019: Gypsum board leader breeds high elasticity and growth

Event: The company released its interim report for 2019, with operating income of 60.

3.8 billion, a slight increase of 0 a year.

84 averages, net profit attributable to mother is -6.

91 trillion, a reduction of 153 a year.

twenty four%.

The net profit after deducting non-attribution is 10.

98 million, a decrease of 11 a year.

61%, the company realized a gain of -0 in the first half of 2019.

41 yuan.

At the same time, the company issued a forecast for the third quarter of 2019. The net profit attributable to the mother in the first three quarters was between 35 million and 50 million yuan, each time falling by 97.

55% to 98.

Between 29%.

US lawsuits have resulted in a significant reduction in profits and relatively stable business.

A lawsuit encountered in 2019H1 North New Building Materials Plaster in the United States18.

Non-operating expenses of $ 6.2 billion led to a substantial increase in net profit attributable to mothers.

From the perspective of operating income, it is still steadily increasing in value, and its operating profit is even only 5.

59% of the receipts showed a narrow range, and overall the business had relatively no significant impact.

The company expects net profit to decline slightly in the third quarter.

4% -2.

4%, the business as a whole remained relatively stable.

The 苏州桑拿网 sluggish aggregate demand affects the company’s performance, and stable development remains the main tone.

Real estate is sluggish in 2019, and gypsum demand cannot be released.

The company’s market share level is as high as about 60%, and the sluggish total demand has a significant impact on the company’s sales.

The company implemented a loose sales credit policy, but its accounts receivable was only 4.

05 ppm, a small scale, reflecting the company’s strategic positioning for stable development.

The weak sales lead to a slight increase in the company’s sales price that cannot reduce costs, leading to a decline in the company’s gross profit margin level and a decline in the overall gross profit margin.

87 units.

Weak sales also led to higher sales expense and management expense ratios.

The gypsum board leader continues to expand, giving birth to high performance elasticity and growth.

Beijing New Building Materials plans a global layout target of 5 billion square meters of gypsum board (4 billion square meters in China and 1 billion square meters in foreign countries) and builds its own production capacity of facial paper.

The current high market share has given the company a foundation for high flexibility in performance, and subsequent further expansion will consolidate the top of the leader.

Expansion of companies through foreign expansion will open the way for growth.

Earnings forecast and investment rating: We expect the company’s earnings from 2019 to 2021 to be zero.

41 yuan, 1.

70 yuan and 1.

92 yuan, corresponding to 42 times, 10 times and 9 times of PE. Taking into account the company’s comprehensive advantages and stable development, once the demand improves, the performance is highly resilient, and overseas expansion opens a new growth path, maintaining the company’s “strongly recommended” investment rating.
Risk Warning: Demand release is slower than market expectations.

The Americans in the autumn are fascinating and fascinated

The Americans in the autumn are fascinating and fascinated

Built in 1895, the Peter’s Manor in Peter Mao Manor covers an area of 75 acres and is the largest private estate in the United States. Every October, the gorgeous chicken feet in the manor are beautiful.

The people who lived in the memory recalled the people. The manor is now a matter of fact, and there is nothing left, but what is it?

The life and magic of nature are ultimately to make human beings feel uncomfortable. All we have left is appreciation and marvel.

Denali’s grizzly bear (Photo by Alaska stock) Denali National Park, USA, located in Alaska’s 6194 meters above sea level, the highest peak in North America – Denali or Mount McKinley was once regarded as the coldest mountain range in the world, winterThe temperature will drop to minus 40 degrees.

However, there is a very rich species life here. Every autumn, the layers of forests are dyed, and the North American grizzly bears wandering around for food. It is the best place for American autumn tours.

Mount Zion (Tim Fitzharris / Minden Pictures) Mount Zion is located in the southwestern part of Utah, USA, and is known for its colorful canyons.

Zion Mountain used to be the holy place of the Mormon pioneers. The meaning of “Zion Mountain” means “the heavenly city of God.”

Now, as the image of the pilgrim’s holy place, Mount Zion is gradually forgotten by people, and as a place of entertainment, it becomes a real “paradise on earth.”

The colors of the rocks in the valley are gorgeous, dark red, orange, pale purple, and various colors of pink. Under the sunlight, the glory is fascinating.

Coupled with the erosion of the maple trees, the scenery is more charming with the sun.

Agadia National Park in Tim Fitzharris / Minden Pictures is adjacent to the Frenchman Bay on the Atlantic coast of Maine, USA.

The rest of the island is private real estate and charming coastal villages.

Rockefeller’s horse lane is still in use and the car is still banned.

This provides a convenient, elegant and pleasant route for tourists who are now on foot, horseback riding, cycling, jogging and winter cross-country skiing.

Aspen (photograph by Carr Clifton / Minden) Aspen is close to the Rocky Mountains, famous for its ski resorts, wealthy settlements and resorts. Aspen is now a hot spot for winter skiing by wealthy celebrities and professional skiers.And the elegance is quiet and mixed with history and nature.

And every summer’s music festival attracts people from all over the world who love music to participate in this grand music feast.

Some people say that when it comes to Aspen, it is not the United States.

Because it is a paradise, it is a different place from the American rhythm and economy.

The Shenandoah Valley (Medford Taylor Photography) is part of the Great Appalachian Valley in the United States, mostly in Virginia.

It extends southwest from Harpers Ferry in West Virginia on the Potomac River, with Blue Ridge to the east and the Allegheny Mountains to the west.

The autumn colors of the Shenandoah Valley are very charming. At first glance, the layers of forests are dyed. During World War I, it was once regarded as the belly of the United States.

Autumn in Portland (Bill Curtsinger Photography) Portland is the largest city in the state in northwestern Oregon.

Located on the Willamette River, a tributary of the Columbia River, the city’s many parks, the famous International Rose Experiment Park, and the June Antique Rose Festival.

The Pacific International Livestock Show is an antique here every autumn.

The scenery around Portland is beautiful, especially in her autumn, the maple trees in the city are red.

This kind of scenery will last until the end of November, and the rainy season will last for several months.

Top 10 wrong health muscles for allergies_1

Top 10 wrong health muscles for allergic muscles

The environment is polluted, the diet is not normal, the work and rest are abnormal . There are many reasons for the skin becoming more and more fragile, but sometimes some of the acquired sensitive skin is caused by your own wrong skin care method!

  Ask yourself, although your time and money are not less than others, your skin becomes fragile.

Redness, skin peeling is still a slight symptom, and the redness, swelling, and allergies that strike once every three to five are really itchy and painful, which really hurts your brain.

In fact, these are caused by improper care.

Because skin care is a personal matter, and magazines and books usually only explain new beauty knowledge and makeup techniques, many people do not know that their own care methods are wrong.

  Before the age of 25, the skin’s self-healing ability deteriorates, and it can recover from the injuries it suffered during skin care.

But after 25 years of age, through the overall decline of physical function, the accumulated injuries finally broke out, making you an out-of-date sensitive skin.

  Test: Did I jump into a skincare trap?

When showering, wash your face directly with hot shower water.

After washing my face, I noticed that the foam of the cleanser remained near the hairline, so I wiped it off with a towel.

I hate biting foam, so use foam (a beauty cleansing cotton) to make a rich foam to wash my face.

After using the peeling mask, the skin surface becomes delicate and smooth, so it is often used.

When skin tinea is raised, never use makeup to go out.

After showering, dry your hair with a hairdryer before skin care.

I heard that adult acne is related to stress, so my creams have replaced my favorite scent, hoping to relax myself.

Feeling that your skin is starting to show allergic symptoms, immediately replace all the cosmetics you use with sensitive skin.

The puff in the compact is changed only when you buy a replacement pack.

  At first glance, there seems to be nothing wrong with the above skin care methods, and some seem to be quite particular.

But in fact every skin care method listed here will put a burden on the skin and make you a “reserve team” for sensitive skin!

  Spot the trap 1: The water pressure and temperature of the shower are too high!

  Many people have the experience that they are too lazy to wash their faces after going home from work in the evening, and just use a shower to wash them.

Some people think that this is good for the skin because there is a lot of steam in the bath, pores open, and the skin will become smoother and softer after washing.

But in fact this behavior can damage your skin.

Because you must use warm water to wash your face, the temperature of the bath water is too high for the facial skin.

  Then, the shower’s water pressure is too strong, and using it directly to wash your face will thin the skin.

Also, when washing your face in the shower, you often ignore the skin on both sides of your cheeks.

Therefore, it is best to separate face washing from bathing.

  Recognize Trap 2: After washing your face, check it in the mirror again.

  The hairline is the hardest to clean, especially women with bangs are more likely to be negligent.

Often when someone wipes his face in the mirror, he finds that the foam still remains on the skin, but he doesn’t want to wash his face again, so he wipes it off with a towel.

Although it looks clean, the cleansing ingredients in the cleansing milk are left on the skin.

  Therefore, every time you wash your face, you should check it in the mirror first, and then rinse off the remaining foam with water.

If you think your bangs are blocking things, you can use a wide headband to fix your hair and expose your forehead.

  Detect Trap 3: The right concentration of foam and water and air is the right concentration.

  When using a foaming cleanser, be sure to foam it sufficiently to avoid excessive friction when washing your face.

Therefore, some people who are not good at frothing with their hands just start to use foaming cotton and other tools that help foam quickly.

However, although foamed foam foams quickly and more, the moisture content of the foam is very small, and such foam cannot reduce friction.

  Therefore, when using foamed cotton, the concentration of foam must be controlled, and water should be added several times during foaming.If you don’t know how to measure, still hold on to foaming: take some cleansing milk on the palm of your left hand, dip your right hand in a small amount of water, hover your fingers in the palm of your left hand and rub in a circle, and you will see rich foam in a while.

  Spotting Trap 4: Use a peel-off mask in moderation.

  Peel-off masks have always been popular because of their immediate benefits.

Too many women are taking risks in pursuit of short-term results, and continue to use the peeling mask without the frequency specified in the instructions for use. As a result, the skin is overburdened and the defense force is reduced.

  Keep in mind that the tear-off mask is not useless, but it must be controlled within a reasonable scale, once or twice a week is enough.

  Spot the pitfalls 5: skin without makeup is more susceptible to external stimuli!

  Skin ringworm should indeed pay attention to the choice of cosmetics, but because of this, it is not a proper solution to face the sky and not make up at all.

Because unprotected skin is likely to be affected by UV rays, air pollution, and air conditioning, exacerbating sensitive symptoms.

  At present, there are some foundations and creams on the market that are specifically designed for sensitive skin. Applying a thin layer can effectively isolate the skin from contact with the outside world.

But eyeshadows, concealers, etc. should be used with caution, because too thick makeup will put more burden on already sensitive skin when removing makeup.

  Spotting Trap 6: The hot air from a hair dryer can take away moisture from the skin.

  Use a hairdryer to dry your hair immediately after taking a shower. The hot air will remove moisture from your skin.

Because the pores are open at this time, the skin can be said to be in an unguarded state.

Therefore, you must skin care before blowing hair, at least after applying cream before drying the hair.

  Pitfall # 7: Misuse of fruit acid soaps can have adverse effects.

  The “skin rejuvenation” effect of fruit acid and alkali has a significant effect on acne and other toxins. Therefore, some people continue to use fruit acid and alkali after the symptoms are eliminated, but the result is more trouble for the already sensitive skin.

  In Japan, fruit acid soap is a topical medicine prescribed by a dermatologist, so do not blindly follow the epidemic, especially for people with thin skin, redness or dry skin, it is best to stop immediately after elimination.

  Breakthrough trap 8: Sensitive and moisturizing, cream is not as good as water.

  Adult acne is mainly caused by endocrine disorders, dryness, and excessive stress. Therefore, skin care products contain a fragrance that can relax themselves is an effective method.

However, too heavy creams are not suitable for allergic skin, and it is better to use liquid essence with accompanying creams.

  The sex fluid containing high moisturizing ingredients is less irritating and also keeps the skin soft and hydrated.

In addition, aromatic essential oils can indeed relieve tension, but some inferior artificial fragrances will only harm your skin. Pay special attention when selecting.

  Spot the pitfalls 9: Avoid replacing skincare products in one go.

  In order to control allergic symptoms as soon as possible, as soon as there is a slight emergence, all cosmetics are immediately replaced. Although this mood is understandable, this approach may be excessively “aggressive”.

As the saying goes, it is too late to change all the cosmetics in one breath, but it is also a burden on the skin.

  And, if the new makeup causes an allergic reaction, you can’t pinpoint which skin care product caused it.

New skin care products should be replaced in the reverse order of use (face cream, lotion, moisturizing water, cleanser), one every 3-4 days, gradually, giving the skin a period of adaptation.

  Pitfall # 10: Puffs should be washed at least once every four days. Although powder compacts are the most basic cosmetics, it was found in the survey that few people know how often they should be replaced or cleaned.

Some people don’t even wash until the powder puff changes from beige to dark brown.

This kind of powder puff breeds damaged bacteria, and using it to paint powder is equivalent to the previous cleaning work wasted.

Also, it may help your face develop acne and inflammation.

  Under normal circumstances, if you only use 1/4 of the powder puff each time, and use both sides, then you should also clean the powder puff at least four days.

The happy foundation of newcomers in the workplace

The happy foundation of newcomers in the workplace

It’s time-saving to do everything. Don’t fight alone in this employment jungle. Quickly inform your friends and relatives and collect a wide range of employment opportunities and intelligence to save time and hit your target.

  Creative humor is a bitter part of life. Some aspects of life are bitter. During the job search process, it does not hinder the use of creative ideas and sense of humor. I believe that the examiner will be particularly impressed today and will definitely like it.

  Self-confidence and self-confidence are the essence of no one. Only when you train yourself every day, have confidence in yourself, and truly face your strengths and weaknesses, can you love others, love work, and distribute a confident self-confidence in interviewHis temperament won the favor of the examiner.

  Understand that if you are rooted, you are still confused about “who am I”, “what do I want” and “why do I work?”

It is recommended that you quickly and thoroughly think about it, introspection, reading, consult parents, teachers, experts, only by clearly understanding their own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, expertise and future goals, can you find a job that suits you, now seriously yourselfThe call of the heart.

  Fully prepared for life. If you want to go to a good job in this “battle” fierce job market, there are too many things to prepare, such as basic knowledge of enterprises and industries, preparation of autobiography, resume, interviewWaiting for coping skills, of course, we must be psychologically prepared to enter the job market and become fresh.

  Listen carefully as a smart book. Don’t be too noisy during the interview process. Listen to the business owner’s question first. Try?

Understand, observe the culture of the company, ask questions prepared in advance, and listen carefully to determine whether they are suitable for the job.

  Don’t be shy about showing yourself the opportunity. Do n’t be shy about showing yourself. In all levels of job application, you must take the initiative to try various opportunities to let the business owner know that it is a jade. Just sculpting and carving will be a shining diamond.Courage to be yourself.

  Unless you are writing an autobiographical resume or going to an interview, you must have a good self, words, and polite responses to make a good impression and further enhance your chances of being hired.

  In the face of refusal to make progress as a job search, it may not be satisfactory. Accepting the silence (resume) of the business owner and refusal (notified by notification) does not mean that you have a problem with your ability. As long as you observe it yourself, try again.Looking for a suitable job, maybe Seon is ill-informed.

  Success and renewal as the basis for success When a job search encounters setbacks, you don’t need to consider it as miserable as the end of the world. As long as you learn a lesson and continue to advance, the success will be closer and closer.