“How do we fight now?”

Mo Mo looked at the people around,My eyes are asking when to start。
“Of course do it now!”
Ding Sheng raised his hand and raised his gun,It’s just a shot at those who are surrounded。
Ding Sheng takes the lead,Zhu Ziqing is naturally also welcome,As for Shan You,The other party hasn’t done it yet,He has already joined the flock,Only Shirley is having a headache,How to write the report of the shooting in the cemetery of martyrs。
Watching Ding Sheng change the magazine with one hand,Then go to class;I also watched Mo Mo quietly lurking in every corner of the cemetery,Then poison,Then someone poisoned…
Shirley frowned,Looking at the chaotic cemetery of martyrs,Shirley suddenly had an urge to resign。
Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty Wolf Spider Lang Zhu
Tarantula,Not a professional killer organization,Nor is it a professional mercenary organization,Not any other professional organization。The reason why tarantulas can survive in this extremely competitive world,More often,It depends on the unprofessional nature of its organization。
Low barriers to entry,Good benefits。Just dare to kill,Do less and take more,Thirty is not a dream last day。
It is relying on the large number of people,So the tarantula group,The reputation in the industry is gradually getting better,In recent years,Other well-known organizations look down on cleaning work,Almost all fell into the hands of tarantulas。
With stable cash outflow,Whether it’s recruiting,Still update weapons and equipment,Tarantulas have also undergone a drastic update revolution。
&; About the Li Family,People in the industry have heard,Can be forced to keep billing by an innkeeper,At first,Some organizations don’t look at Xiangchen,But I feel that the Li family has been sitting in the leading position for so many years,Already old,No more!
But when the news of losing again and again came,All organizations and intermediaries,Began to re-examine the innkeeper named Xiang Chen。
No one knows about the Li family villa,But this does not affect the judgment of the situation of the situation of the experienced old rivers and lakes。There are fewer and fewer orders about Xiang Chen on the market,But the amount is increasing。
When the amount breaks through to an extremely attractivediglion.Number,Some sane organizations are still evaluating gains and losses,Tarantula can’t sit still,After the Li family withdrew all the orders,,The only last order still on the market,It is also the one with the highest amount。
I received the news that Xiang Chen went to Li’s villa,I received the news that Xiang Chen came out of Li’s villa again。of course,The tarantula’s eyeliner also reported that there were other people around Xiang Chen and Mo Mo.,But this is for tarantulas,It’s not a resistance,As for the more people,It’s just buy one get one free,Anyway, the employer is so generous,It’s okay to send a few more heads!
I learned that Xiang Chen and the others stayed in the Martyrs Cemetery for a long time,The tarantula’s senior management no longer intends to wait and die,After all, when people feel complicated and sad,,Not much can turn grief and anger into strength,This is a summary of years of work experience for tarantulas。

Lu Menglin frowned,Countless thoughts in my mind are chaotic,Contemplation。

And his desperate appearance,Look in the eyes of passersby,He’s just a boy in a broken love,It’s like eggplant beaten by frost,Listless。
At this moment,A black Mercedes Benz slowly drove to the side of Lu Menglin,And he barely noticed。
Car window roll down,Showing a pretty cold face,It’s the face of Miss Cheng from Hong Kong Island。
“Overlord Aotian!Would you like to talk to me about Su Xuehen??”Zheng Yiyi tried her best to control her inner tension,I keep my perfect smile on my face,Asked。
She has considered this sentence for a long time,I thought about every word several times,Because only Su Xuehen is mentioned,In order to get this young man to get interested quickly,Willing to communicate with myself。
And before that,She originally planned to apologize to Su Xuehen first,Repair feelings,Then I found a chance to meet Lu Menglin’s。
But just now,When she saw Lu Menglin’s desperate look,Suddenly changed my mind。
There is nothing like picking up girls for a broken lover,More comforting!
“you are?Oh!”Lu Menglin suddenly felt shocked,Turned his head and glanced,After thinking about it, I recognized Zheng Yiyi。
One question,Ms. Zheng was suddenly embarrassed,I was in this person’s eyes,So insignificant!He can hardly recognize it。
“Maybe i can help you,Do you want to have a drink?”Zheng Yiyi is bold,Asked with a smile。
Lu Menglin hesitated,Nod,Tao:“it is good!”
The voice just fell,Zheng Yiyi got out of the car immediately,Hold your head up,Fully show yourself as a young lady,Point to the coffee shop on the side of the road,Smiled:“Is this shop ok?”
She knows that Lu Menglin’s identity is special,I’m afraid that the other party will pick places, occasions and people,Based on her status in the entire circle of Hong Kong Island,I didn’t even have a chance to talk to this one,The only thing he holds is the identity of the beauty,And Su Xuehen is a classmate,And it’s just another club。
“it is good!”Lu Menglin answered casually。
Actually for him,Where to go,It doesn’t matter what you drink,It doesn’t even matter who you talk to,He just wanted to find someone who didn’t matter to talk to him。
Zheng Yiyi carefully accompanied Lu Menglin into this family-like cafe。
“welcome!”The waiter in the cafe shouted feebly。
Zheng Yiyi quickly scanned the environment in the hall,Whisper softly:“Is the position by the window ok?”

Angel Yan puts up his wings,Then sit there,Her eyes directly turned white。(Negative Ratings,Feels like white eyes,Looks scary,Not at all in touch with beauty!)

after awhile,Her eyes returned to normal。
‘This Lena is really not easy,The combat effectiveness of the Star Spear has begun to show,Relying on his own genes to develop this move,It’s quite interesting!’
Yes,Xin Zhao’s ability,For Angel Yan,It’s just fun。
Angel Yan:“chase,Moi,Have you two settled Thornton??”
Angel chase:“Sister Yan,This Thornton is sealed,But I am worried that someone will unlock the block again,if that’s the case,Isn’t it a waste of work this time?!”
Angel Yan:“Since Taotie can let him out,There will definitely be a second time,Let’s seal it for a while.,Even if it is an execution trial,At most, it will cost them some resources,Then resurrect this guy。”
Angel chase:“OK then,We will go back soon!”
“Xin Ye Niu Batch!”
The military off-road vehicle stopped directly in front of Xin Zhao,Naturally, Liu Chuang drove,As for the latter, there are three beautiful girls。It’s just that Xin Zhao is not in the mood to molest。
Look up at the sky,Xin Zhao look at the time。
“That one,rose,Did you send a message to Ge Xiaolun??He won’t go now?”
I heard Xin Zhao’s question,Qiangwei finally remembered Ge Xiaolun, who was in the corner of his mind,Speak directly“forget,That guy is useless anyway,Better to go tomorrow。”
“School will officially start tomorrow,Time is running out,Chuangzi,Back to Juxia City!”

“Honestly,I’m not sure,Like i just said,My biology is failing!But I am willing to try,Do your best to save your life,So I can also learn some new knowledge and skills。Would you like to be my experiment?”

7743015. Evincent is very serious about his views on Dawson,Only when Evincent turned to see Dawson,Dawson is already in cold sweat,It’s hard to speak clearly anymore。
Chapter 297 Give up treatment
It was tense before,And also crazy excitement,Coupled with the pursuit of powerful enemies,Dawson doesn’t think there is any problem with his body,But now the crisis is temporarily lifted,Sudden pain in the chest,Let Dawson want to scold his mother directly。
But the pain in the chest is not the most scary for Dawson now,Instead, it’s the serious expressions of Ivincent and Robinson。
Dawson knew that as a patient you should trust a doctor,But Ivincent and Robinson are not doctors,And the scary thing is,Not a doctor.The two born are eagerly trying to operate on themselves。
Judging from the seriousness of Ivincent and Robinson,Dawson thought he might not have any chance of escape。
I want to smash my chair back to vent my emotions,But Dawson has no extra strength。
“You are so genius,I should have a bachelor’s degree in medicine?”
Dawson resisted the pain and smiled,He can still speak at this time,Is already extremely exhausting。Want to liven up the atmosphere,But I found that except for myself, I barely smiled,Neither Evincent nor Robinson has any extraizufe.Emoji。
“Isn’t this joke funny??”Dawson’s words have begun to become unclear,Smiled awkwardly,Then the car returned to calm,It’s just that Dawson’s face is not very good,I have difficulty breathing。
“rest assured,I will drive the car very smoothly,Follow this team,It’s not easy to think about it quickly。”
Evincent only looked at Robinson,Don’t wait for him to speak,Robinson knew what he wanted to say。
“I start to like you a little bit now!”
Evincent smiled and said,Then look at Dawson。

In an instant,The warehouse lights are on,It’s all around,Xiao Fan didn’t even blink,Just smile and look into the eyes of the man sitting in the middle。

“Brother Lei’s preparations today can be considered adequate,Come all my brothers。”Xiao Fan said peacefully。
Brother Lei is Xiao Fan’s adversary for many years,I have sent many people to assassinate him overtly and secretly,But he solved it a few times。
This time it was because Xiao Fan broke their way of making money,Their underground businesses,Once blocked,Is equivalent to cutting off all sources of income。
It’s no wonder that this time it’s real,All the brothers used to deal with him。But Xiao Fan is not afraid,These scum,Xiao Fan can solve it by himself。
“Humph,Then stop talking nonsense, Xiao Fan,Don’t you want to go out alive today。”Lei Ge said angrily,Then snapped his fingers,Motion to my brother。
Xiao Fan calmly looked at the group of people rushing towards him,It seems that this group of people is not going to fight him。
Xiao Fan squeezed his fingers,Move the neck,Just right,Use this group of people to practice his recent kung fu。
Xiao Fan raised his leg to the person who rushed up first.,That person was kicked onto the person behind,Several people all fell,The kicked man flew ten meters away,Spit blood on the ground。
The rest took a look at those who fell on the ground,Especially the one who vomits blood,Looks like lost half my life,Maybe the five lungs and six internal organs were shattered,These people are a little bit resistant。
Although I have heard that Xiao Fan is a top master,The people who were sent to kill him are gone,But he didn’t expect so many people he was not afraid,Instead, he just took a person to stand up。
“Don’t froze,Go together,I still want to see if I have grown,Please enlighten me everyone。”Xiao Fan said with a smile,There is disdain and ridicule in words。
These people heard Xiao Fan’s irony,All of them are angry,All rushed towards Xiao Fan。
Xiao Fan jumped up,Soaring upward,Circled in the air,Straighten one leg,Swipe directly to the heads of those below。

CUBA-Huaqiao University scored 28 points in Chongqing’s liberal arts

CUBA-Huaqiao University scored 28 points in Chongqing’s liberal arts
The 2015 National College Basketball League (CUBA) 16 Finals was held in Xi’an on the 27th.The Huaqiao University men’s basketball team defeated the Chongqing liberal arts team and advanced to the quarterfinals.  At the beginning of this game, the traditional strong team Huaqiao University firmly controlled the situation on the field.In the second quarter, BGI Liu Junfeng hit three consecutive three-pointers.The two teams then attacked and defended each other. Huaqiao University ended the halftime game with a 59-41 lead.  In the second half of the game, Huaqiao University’s inside line greatly restrained the defense of Chongqing University of Arts and Sciences.In the last quarter, Chongqing Wenli faced with a huge difference and was unable to return to the sky. The game entered garbage time ahead of schedule.In the end, the Huaqiao University men’s basketball team beat the opponent 108-80 to enter the quarter-finals.(Reporter Wu Congwei Zeng Guangtai)

Three Six Six (601360): The layout of government and enterprise security business is worth looking forward to

Three Six Six (601360): The layout of government and enterprise security business is worth looking forward to

We recently studied 360 and exchanged information on the company’s current situation and future development.

The view is as follows: The advertising business will remain steady and increase.

Since 18 years, the company’s advertising revenue has shown a structural change. Traditional display and search advertising have declined. However, PC- and mobile-end information flow advertising has grown strongly, and its revenue share has increased. The trend is expected to continue in the future.

Since the first quarter of 19th, the growth rate of the overall advertising market has declined, and the company’s advertising business has also been affected to a certain extent. It is possible to maintain the current state in the future, but it is difficult to achieve large-scale growth in the industry.

杭州桑拿网 The gaming business will focus on head games.

Under the influence of supervision and other factors in 18 years, the follow-up will focus on the operation and agency of a game. In the past, it mainly used mobile games and page games, and then used the resources of 360PC.

The company has sufficient cash in hand and good operating cash flow.

In 19Q1, the company’s book cash exceeded 15 billion. In 18 years, its operating cash flow was close to 4 billion.

Currently, Dingzeng has raised 10.8 billion in the final review stage.

In the future, the company will exert its efforts on the C-end. This year will also be the first year of the government and enterprise market. The company will expand the government and enterprise security business in the future.

Qi Anxin previously had a deep binding with the company. In 2016, the company was its strategic shareholder, and 360 was licensed for free brand technology and data.

After the equity transfer of Qi Anxin is completed, the company enters the government and enterprise market and will expand its expenditures by 2B, 2G.

360’s advantages are mainly reflected in big data security. With the largest “white hat” legion in the Eastern Hemisphere, it pays more attention to threat-driven, security-driven and offensive and defensive capabilities.

The company has initially completed the construction of the organizational structure. The company will discuss cooperation with relatively large local governments. The focus is on seizing the big orders. The company first wins the government or city contract and gives it to the ecological company to do its core security business.

Company profit forecast and investment grade: We estimate that the company’s net profit for 2019-2021 will be 39, 43, and 51 trillion, respectively, and the corresponding EPS will be 0.

59, 0.

65 and 0.

75 yuan.

The current anniversary corresponds to a PE value of 37, 33 and 29 times in 2019-2021.

The first coverage was given a “Recommended” rating.

Risk warning: The advertising market is worse than expected, and the government and enterprise security business is worse than expected.

COSCO Haiergy (600026) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Q3 net profit rose slightly month-on-month, focusing on the development of US sanctions

COSCO Haiergy (600026) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Q3 net profit rose slightly month-on-month, focusing on the development of US sanctions

Event: COSCO Hainan Energy released the third quarter report of 2019, and the operating income of the first three quarters was 105.

30,000 yuan, an annual increase of 26.

8%; net profit attributable to mother 5.

8 ‰, an increase of 8 per year.

500 million, EPS is 0.

14 yuan; net profit after deduction 5.

9 ‰, an increase of 9 per year.


By quarter, 2019Q1-Q3 net profit was 4 respectively.

3, 0.

4, 1.

10,000 yuan (2018Q1-Q3 net profit was -0.

9, -1.

3, -0.

500 million).

  Opinion: In the third quarter, the oil tanker market continued its warming trend. VLCC rents increased by 108% month-on-month and exceeded 38%.

In the first three quarters of 2019, the average daily rent of the main VLCC routes (Middle East to China) was 2.

USD 20,000 / day, an increase of 114%.

By quarter, 2019Q1-Q3 are 2 respectively.

8, 1.

3, 2.

USD 60,000 / day, exceeding 243%, 38%, and 88% respectively. The market continued to pick up in the third quarter.

Company Q3 attributed net profit to mother 1.

100 million, an increase of 0 from the previous month.

7 ‰, increasing by 1 every year.

600 million, slightly improved performance.

Dalian Oil Transportation is subject to U.S. sanctions, or it will not be able to operate normally.

The company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Dalian COSCO Shipping Oil Products Transportation Co., Ltd., was listed in the Specially Designated Nationals and Prohibited by the US Treasury Department’s Overseas Assets Control Office on September 25, 2019 (Eastern Time) for reasons involving Iranian crude oil transportation business.Blockers list prohibiting US entities and individuals from accompanying business transactions.

The company announcement stated that it is comprehensively sorting out various businesses, assessing related impacts, and working hard to deal with countermeasures.

Dalian Oil Transportation controls a total of 26 VLCCs and 19 small and medium tankers, of which VLCC capacity accounts for about 3 of the current global VLCC capacity.

3%, accounting for 50% of the company’s VLCC capacity. After being sanctioned by the United States, Dalian Oil Transportation may not be able to operate normally.

On October 24, the United States Department of the Treasury released a two-month exemption license for Dalian Tanker, which was valid until December 20, and Dalian Tanker was able to complete its existing transportation business.

  Profit forecast and estimation.

US sanctions on Dalian Oil Tanker may cause it to fail to operate normally.

There are uncertainties as to whether and when the sanctions can be lifted. To be continued, we will make a pessimistic assumption for the time being, assuming that Dalian Oil Tanker’s ships will not be operational since the fourth quarter of 2019, that is, assuming that the daily rent level is 0 (not consideredDecrease in ship operating costs), non-Dalian tankers can still operate normally, assuming that the average daily VLCC rent for non-Dalian tankers is 3 in 2019-2021.

4 (assuming a Q4 average of 7) and $ 40,000 to $ 50,000 per day, the company’s forecast for 2019-2021 net profit will be rotated from 12.

7, 23.
7, 37.
800 million down to 8.3.

7, 12.

8 trillion, corresponding to EPS.

2, 0.

09, 0.

32 yuan, the closing price on October 30, 2019 corresponds to PE of 2019-2021 is 31, 66, 19 times, corresponding to 2019 PB is 0.

9 times.

Due to the uncertainty of the normal operation of Dalian Oil Tanker, we downgraded the company’s rating to “Neutral” and continued to pay attention to the development of US sanctions and the company’s response.

risk warning.

U.S. crude oil export growth exceeds expectations, crude oil shipping demand exceeds expectations, capacity growth exceeds expectations, changes in oil prices, maritime security incidents, policy risks, Sino-U.S. Trade war impact exceeds 武汉夜生活网 expectations, and U.S. sanctions prevent normal operations

Sunlord Electronics (002138): 18-year performance meets expectations 5G growth main line is clear

Sunlord Electronics (002138): 18-year performance meets expectations 5G growth main line is clear
Inc. released its 2018 annual report: the company’s 2018 revenue23.6 billion, an increase of 18 in ten years.84%, net profit attributable to mother 4.7.9 billion, a year-on-year growth of 40%, net of non-attributed net profit 37.2 billion, an increase of 51% in ten years.It is planned to pay 2 yuan (including tax) for every 10 shares. Brief evaluation of the 18-year performance was in line with expectations, replacement volume and mergers hit record highs, and expenses improved during the period. The company achieved net profit attributable to mothers for 18 years4.7.9 billion, 30% -50% median of the Air Force performance guidance range, in line with market expectations.18-year sales gross margin 34.64%, an increase 武汉夜网论坛 of 1 per year.16 pct, net sales margin 20.45%, an increase of 3 per year.14 pct, the company’s period expense management improved, of which, sales expenses decreased by 0 every year.76%, management costs increase by 4% each year, financial costs due to changes in foreign exchange last year was a positive income, research and development expenses to maintain revenue of more than 5%, an increase of 20%.Company 18 non-recurring profit and loss for the first time1.0.6 billion, of which, due to Dongguan Xinbai’s unfulfilled performance commitments, the company did not need to pay the remaining acquisition funds for contingent income of 57.6 million, which was mainly accrued in 18Q4. Therefore, 18Q4 deducted non-attribution net profit of 51.13 million, a 39% decrease from the previous quarter. The 18Q4 gross profit margin fluctuation was mainly due to the adjustment of product structure and strong demand for wound RF inductors. The company’s 18Q4 single quarter revenue6.100 million, an increase of 2% per year, a decrease of 1% from the previous month, and net profit attributable to the mother 1.1.7 billion, an annual increase of 38%, a decrease of 13%, and a single quarter gross profit margin of 31%, an increase of 3.75 pcts, a decrease of 6 from the previous month.87 pct, net interest rate trend is the same.We believe that the increase in profitability is mainly due to the climbing of new production capacity in 18 years, and the ring shift is mainly due to the change in product structure. The winding RF inductor has a higher Q value and can handle large currents. It is mostly used for antennas with higher Q values., PA circuit is used for recombination and IF circuit resonance, but the gross profit margin of winding products is generally lower than that of laminated technology products. Due to the demand for 4G base stations and 5G test networks in 18Q4, the proportion of winding inductance caused a significant increase, causing the overallThe decline in gross profit margin, the current supply and demand of winding inductor products, the market economy is good, we judge that the winding technology products such as winding inductors, automotive electronic transformers will continue to increase in the short term, mass production of new laminated inductors and other high-margin productsAfter the breakthrough, profitability will be improved. There is still room for improvement in the share of inductor customers, and new products such as automotive electronics have entered the harvest period. The company’s growth line in the next 3 years is clear: excellent inductor technology, mass production of high-margin products such as ultra-micro RF inductors, etc. It is expected that the expansion of major customers in mobile phones and communication modules will continue to increase in 19-20, and the business will continue to grow steadily.Automotive electronics customers achieved significant breakthroughs in Q4 in 18 years, and realized heavy volume of automotive products. The growth of the next 5 years is highly certain.The company completed the development of prototype samples of dielectric filters, couplers, LTCC filters and other products for 5G communication equipment in 2018.Some products have obtained certification codes from key large customers, benefiting from 5G base station construction requirements. Earnings forecast and rating It is estimated that the company’s net profit attributable to the parent in 2019-2021 will be 5 respectively.65, 7.06, 9.3.9 billion, eps are 0.695, 0.870, 1.155 yuan / share, the current expected corresponding PE is 26/21 / 16X respectively, according to the 2019 30 PE given target price of 20.86 yuan, maintain BUY rating. Risks suggest weak product demand, prices rise gradually, new product development fails to meet expectations

Tianyi Shangjia (688033) Science and Technology Board Inquiry Report

Tianyi Shangjia (688033) Science and Technology Board Inquiry Report

The powder metallurgical brake faucet for 武汉夜生活网 high-speed rail cars has the largest number of brake unit certification certificates.

The company is a leading supplier of powder metallurgical brake pads for high-speed rail EMUs, mainly engaged in the production and sales of powder metallurgical brake pads for high-speed rail EMUs.

The company is the manufacturer with the largest official certification certificate of EMU brake pads issued by the CRCC and the largest coverage speed. It is the core supplier of the “Fuxing” Chinese standard EMU brake pads with a speed of 350 kilometers per hour.

At the same time, the company is the only manufacturer to obtain the CRCC official certification of two models of the Fuxing Chinese Standard EMU (CR400AF and CR400BF) at a speed of 350 kilometers per hour.

High-speed rail mileage has steadily increased, and the proportion of high-speed rail passenger traffic has increased year by year.

In 2017, the operating 杭州桑拿 mileage of high-speed rail exceeded 2.

50,000 kilometers, the proportion of high-speed railway operating mileage in railway operating mileage from 7 in 2011.

08% rose rapidly to 19 in 2017.


In 2017, the number of high-speed rail passenger traffic was 1.752216 million, and the proportion of high-speed rail passenger traffic to railway passenger traffic was 15 in 2011.

80% rose to 37.


Rail transit construction continued to grow, and the length of new operations increased significantly.

In 2017, the construction investment of mainland rail transit in China was 4,762 trillion, and the length of the line under construction was 6,246 kilometers.

1 million, a record high; a total of 62 cities have been approved for urban rail transit construction, with a planned network length of 7,424 kilometers.

Company estimates and inquiry suggestions: We predict that the company’s operating income in 2019-2021 will be 6 respectively.

09 billion, 6.

6.4 billion, 7.

2.5 billion; It is predicted that the company’s net profit attributable to the parent company in 2019-2021 will be 2 respectively.

8.4 billion, 3.

1.2 billion, 3.

4.1 billion.

The company is a leading domestic supplier of powder metallurgical brake pads for high-speed rail EMUs. At present, the company has achieved profitability and helps maintain stable growth. The PE estimation is reasonable.

According to the principle of caution, we refer to the estimated levels of China Railway, Connec Electrical and China Railway in China. The dynamic PE of the three companies in 2019 is 16.

62 times, calculated that the company’s reasonable estimate of the center is 10.

03 yuan / share, corresponding to city level 47.

24 ppm, 15% of the inquiry range is[8.


34]yuan / share.

Risk reminder: Failure of railway product certification, major safety accidents caused by the company’s products, high customer concentration, intensified market competition leading to lower product gross profit margins, and market systemic risks.