Xinbao Shares (002705) 19Q1 Performance Preview Comment: Exchange Exchange Improves Profits and Revitalizes Domestic Sales

Xinbao Shares (002705) 19Q1 Performance Preview Comment: Exchange Exchange Improves Profits and Revitalizes Domestic Sales

Event description: The company issued a 19Q1 performance forecast.

It is expected that the company’s net profit attributable to its mother will be 6,452 in 19Q1.


20,000 yuan, an annual increase of 50% -100%.

The company’s 19Q1 profit growth is high: 1) The company focuses on its main business, improves efficiency and enhances product profitability through product innovation and automation construction; 2) The exchange loss in the financial expenses of the company in 18Q1 is about 61 million, and it is expected that 19Q1 will decrease from the same period last year.

The Air Force Company also released a performance report for 2018, which is expected to achieve revenue of 84 in 2018.

400 million, a year-on-year increase of +2.

7%, to achieve net profit attributable to mother 5.

100 million, a year-on-year increase of +23.


Looking at Xinbao from another angle: Behind the “explosion” phenomenon, Xinbao has accumulated new energy.

The company’s main business is export OEM business. Under the inertia thinking, the market often pays little attention to the domestic sales of Xinbao.

Take the Mofei brand as an example: Mofei is a British small household appliance brand that the company represents.

9, the company launched the MR9088 multi-function cooking pot, with exquisite appearance, strong practicality, high cost performance quickly became a “net red” explosion, it is expected that this single product investment in all channels will exceed 100 million (factory)End); 2018.

12 companies launched MR6080 vacuum portable kettle, 19.

In early March, it launched the MR9600 small portable juicer, which was sold out once.

It is expected that the growth rate of Xinbao’s domestic sales in 19Q1 is expected to double.

We believe that the current market environment and the company’s internal changes in the following three aspects are worthy of everyone’s change of thinking and refreshing their understanding of Xinbao shares: 1) The format of online emerging channels such as content e-commerce provides naturalsoil.

Different from the era of rough e-commerce platform’s traffic bonus, in the era of content e-commerce, excellent products + efficient marketing strategies can quickly gather traffic, generate explosive models, and increase brand awareness.

This is the objective basis on which Mofei ‘s “explosive money” strategy can be effectively promoted.

2) Under the trend of de-branding, the value of a high-quality and efficient supply chain is highlighted.

Netease carefully selected, Mingchuang Youpin, Xiaomi Youpin, committed to providing users with high-quality and affordable products, focusing on product power; Pinduoduo quickly harvested low-end traffic, and the low-cost products sold also required extremely high costsControl ability, in the voice of society, quality control is a big problem that needs to be solved.

The supply chain advantages accumulated by Xinbao for many years are the company’s strong inherent advantages.

3) The company’s moderately relaxed brand growth environment in recent years has effectively given play to the subjective initiative of its domestic sales teams.

Company nearly 2?
For 3 years, no strict index assessment has been conducted for internal sales, the growth environment is 天津夜网 relaxed, and the brand team can be independently cultivated.

As a young brand without burden, Mofei took the lead in showing results.

Investment advice: Temporary advice actively pays attention to the promotion of new products, and tracks the export boom and exchange rate changes; in the long-term perspective, the company’s supply chain value highlighted in the new business model has reached a restructuring.

Risk reminder: Domestic brand product promotion exceeds expectations, Sino-U.S. Trade frictions intensify

Zhongxin Travel (002707) annual report comments: the first quarter of sluggish industry demand is expected to pick up in the second half of the year

Zhongxin Travel (002707) annual report comments: the first quarter of sluggish industry demand is 北京夜生活网 expected to pick up in the second half of the year

Sudden events, impairment of goodwill dragged down 18-year results, and 19Q1 demand sluggish 18-year income 122.

300 million / + 1.

52%, dragged down by industry emergencies and impairment of goodwill, net profit attributable to mothers was 2356.

60,000 / -89.

87%, in line with democratic expectations.

Revenue in the first quarter of 19 was 24.

5.8 billion / -0.

93%, deducting non-attribution net profit 0.

6.4 billion / + 6.

87%, the lackluster performance of income and profits was mainly due to the sluggish demand for optional consumption, a relatively high base last year, and an increase in expenses caused by personnel growth.

The 19-year Labor Day holiday was extended, and exit-entry documents were issued nationwide, which replaced the implementation of the New Deal. Favorable policies such as the implementation of the New Deal came out frequently. The government encouraged consumption and boosted demand in a clear direction.

The industry structure has improved. The company has strengthened its efforts to expand its service network and extended its resources to upstream destinations to enhance its profitability. It is expected that EPS0 in 19-21.



41 yuan, maintaining the overweight level.

Industry emergencies, the decline in consumption dragged down the revenue growth rate, and the gross profit margin of retail direct sales increased by 18 years.

9 ppm / -2.

52%, gross profit margin 7.

12% /-0.

76pct. In 18, the company launched a new brand of Uninide Tourism, opened dual-brand tourism with panoramic tourism, and accelerated regional market expansion. It already has molecular companies in 22 provinces and cities across the country to develop local start-stop products and expand sales channels.The incident affected the taxation of wholesale income.

At the end of 18, the company has completed the acquisition of the remaining 30% equity in Zhuyuan, and the integration effect of the wholesale business is expected to continue to appear.

18 years of retail revenue of 2.3 billion / + 12.

39%, gross profit margin of direct retail stores is 16.

70% / + 0.

34pct, the company has partner stores in more than 20 cities in the three provinces of Jiangxi / Inner Mongolia / Hebei. By the end of 2018, there were a total of 435 stores, with an annual increase of over 300.

18 years of integrated marketing9.

600 million / + 9.

52%, gross profit margin 8.

15% /-2.


In 18 years, the company has gradually established landing service companies in Europe, Japan, the United States, Southeast Asia and other places, and has invested in tourist bus companies / restaurants / shopping shops to participate in the operation of local resources. Among them, RCC is the largest Chinese local agency in JapanOne of them has an annual service of more than 100,000 people; the European Chinese Land Agency has actively serviced nearly 100,000 people a year; the European leader Chinese group agency Germany has served more than 50,000 people in the first year.

The leading Chinese group in the West Bank of the United States, Zhongxin Tianyi, has served more than 100,000 people annually.

Strategically invest in the domestic target resource booking platform “Smart Travel World”, Australia’s largest online tourism resource booking platform, Bay Boutique Hotel, etc., to extend resource control.

The outbound tourism leaders are consolidated and consolidated, and the fundamentals are expected to improve in 19 years. Maintaining an increase in holdings It is said that there are multiple tourism bureaus. Chinese tourists to Thailand increased briefly from January to February 19 -2.

2%, 31 year-on-year growth rate of 31.

57%; visitors to Japan increased by 12% in 19Q1, and the growth rate in Q1 in 18 exceeded 17.


The base in Q1 was high in 18 years, the optional consumer demand in 19Q1 was still sluggish, and the company’s retail business expansion brought about cost increases and its performance was flat.Looking forward 四川耍耍网 to the second quarter of 19, by the end of the year, the May Day holiday will be extended, and favorable policies such as tax cuts will come out frequently. The government will encourage consumption and boost demand. The outbound tourism industry is expected to continue to recover.

19Q2 growth is expected to accelerate.

The company continues to extend the industrial chain upstream to improve the industrial area and profitability, and integrate the industry leaders.

Expected EPS0 in 19-21.



41 yuan, maintaining the overweight level.

Risk reminder: The demand for outbound travel is sluggish; if the impairment provision for goodwill is accrued later, the company’s performance may be dragged down.

Fuyao Glass (600660) in-depth analysis: Nine Dragons’ global automotive glass faucet accelerates its rise

Fuyao Glass (600660) in-depth analysis: Nine Dragons’ global automotive glass faucet accelerates its rise
Investment points 30 years of ingenuity, the domestic automobile glass faucet is firmly attached.The company was established in 1987, and after more than 30 years of development, it has become the largest and most technologically advanced automotive glass supplier in the country.First class.Since listing in 1993, the company’s operating income and net profit have achieved an average annual average of 21 respectively.1% and 18.With a rapid growth rate of 1%, gross and net profit margins have been maintained at relatively high levels of about 40% and 20% for a long time.In the end, the acceleration of the growth of domestic automobile production and sales has put pressure on the company’s performance growth. However, relying on the increase in product volume (increased use of bicycle glass) and price increase (increased average price caused by high-end products), domestic business continues to continueRevenue growth faster than downstream automobile production growth. The core competitive advantages are prominent, and overseas markets have entered the harvest period.At present, Fuyao has a global market share of about 20%, and there is still room for improvement.Ranking with major global competitors (Asahi Glass, Plate Glass, Saint-Gobain, Xinyi Glass), the company has advantages such as high business concentration, low production costs, and large capital expenditures, and is committed to replacing areas in overseas markets.In recent years, the company has gradually increased its overseas investment. The Russian factory and the American factory (which have achieved profitability) have been put into production one after another. With the subsequent conversion and release of the new factory, overseas revenue is expected to maintain rapid growth. Acquisition of German SAM horizontally expands product categories, opening up new growth space.In January 2019, the company started with 5882.80,000 euros to acquire German SAM company in bankruptcy liquidation.The annual output value of SAM is about 2.500 million euros. The bankruptcy was caused by poor management, which caused the capital chain to break, and a fire that burned down the production line; but it has the world’s leading surface coating spraying technology in the field of aluminum trim, and the product has a high supporting value for bicycles.After the acquisition of SAM, the company will integrate its redundant production capacity to improve production efficiency and absorb its advantageous technology date domestically.Benchmarking the leading domestic aluminum trimming group, Minsil Group (aluminum trimming business, with annual revenue of about US $ 3.5 billion and gross profit margin of about 35%), the scale of SAM’s revenue and profits is still decreasing, and there is room for continuous improvement, which is expected to become a new performancegrowth point. Investment suggestion: Through the increase in domestic product volume and price and the release of new foreign plant capacity, the company’s main automotive glass industry strives to continue to maintain steady growth; the acquisition of the aluminum trim business brought by Germany’s SAM opens up new growth space.We forecast the company’s EPS to be 1 in 2019-2021.76 yuan, 2.09 yuan and 2.41 yuan, ROE is 20 respectively.1%, 21.7% and 22.8%.The company has stable 杭州桑拿网 growth, expected earnings (about 13 times of PE TTM, which is at a low point in the past three years, and the average level of the auto parts industry subsequently), and a high dividend rate (a dividend rate of more than 60% and a dividend rate of about 5).23%) three major advantages, with high long-term investment value.We maintain our leading “Buy-A” investment rating. Risk reminders: The domestic auto industry’s production and sales growth rate is lower than expected; Sino-US trade disputes exacerbate risks; the overseas plant capacity release progress is less than expected.

Xingfa Group (600141): Significant improvement in performance compared to the previous quarter

Xingfa Group (600141): Significant improvement in performance compared to the previous quarter

The company achieved revenue of 144 in the first three quarters of 2019.

470,000 yuan (+1 year-on-year.

01%); net profit attributable to mother 3.

01 ‰ (yoy-23.

08%); net operating cash inflows 12.

290,000 yuan (+20 compared with the same period last year).


Among them, Q3 single-quarter net profit1.

7.7 billion (year-on-year 14.

60% quarterly +128.

23%), a significant improvement from the previous quarter.

At the same time, the company announced that the associated company Hubei Xingli Electronic Materials will re-cooperate with Guizhou Phosphate Group and convert it into capital increase and share expansion. After completion, the company, the pioneer, Guizhou Phosphate’s shareholding ratio will be 30%, 40%, and 30%, respectively.

The supply-side reform of the yellow phosphorus market promoted the rebound of the industrial chain, and Q3’s profitability improved month-on-month: the company’s first three quarters produced 288 tons of phosphate rock (-2% year-on-year), with an average price of 269 yuan / ton (+ 7% year-on-year).The single-quarter output was 115, which was basically the same as the previous quarter.

Yellow phosphorus production 7.

2 is expected (yoy + 4%), where Q3 is 2.

1 Initially, it is reduced by 0 every year.

Prior to 4, due to the company’s high yellow phosphorus self-use rate, the export in the first three quarters was only 1, the corresponding glyphosate output increased by 50%, and the average selling price of yellow phosphorus in Q3 was 1.

65 million / ton (+ 26% YoY, qoq + 15%).

In Q3, due to the environmental protection and improvement of the yellow phosphorus industry in the southwestern region, the price of products rose sharply, which is conducive to the rebound of the phosphorus chemical industry.

The company’s Q3 quarter gross margin was 15.

49%, an increase of 3 from the previous quarter.

32pct, the cost rate during the period is 9.

91%, an increase of 1 from the previous quarter.

25pct, of which selling expenses and financial expenses increased by 0 respectively.

17, 0.

1.9 billion.

At the same time, the company continued to recognize 0 impairment loss in Q3.

18 trillion, and 0 non-operating expenses.

1.6 billion.

The profitability of high-quality phosphorus chemical products improved, and the company’s Q3 net profit margin was 3.

84%, quarterly ROE2.

28%, a significant improvement from the previous quarter.

The phosphorous chemical industry chain is expected to grow for a long time. The company’s industrial chain is integrated and the layout is becoming more and more 深圳桑拿网 perfect: the environmental protection of the yellow phosphorous industry has effectively promoted the rebound of the Q3 phosphorous chemical market.

In the long run, the problem of phosphogypsum treatment, the continuous improvement of the strategic resource attributes of phosphate rock, and the continuous high standards of environmental protection and safe production, the prosperity of the phosphorus chemical industry chain has promoted continuous improvement.

The Houping Phosphate Mining License obtained by the company in March this year, the phosphate ore production capacity has been further increased to 760 tons / year, and the upstream resource guarantee capacity has been further increased.

In terms of glyphosate, the company has completed the safety, energy saving and environmental protection transformation of the glyphosate unit in Taisheng Yichang Base, the acquisition and integration of Inner Mongolia Tenglong, and technical improvement and efficiency improvement projects.

The company’s production capacity of glyphosate with 18 acetic acid ranks first in China, and it has obvious advantages in supporting raw materials such as 10 potassium sulfate and yellow phosphorus.
In the silicone business, the company has completed the acquisition of minority shareholders’ equity of Xingrui Silicon Materials, a subsidiary of the company. The silicone technology renovation project will contribute 16 new monomers today and tomorrow. At the same time, 10 special silicone rubber and silicone oil projects are also underway.Orderly construction.
The company’s integrated phosphate ore-electricity-phosphorus chemical industry layout has been gradually improved, and the industry leaders have continued to consolidate.

The development of Xingli Electronic Materials is expected to accelerate, and the electronic chemical business is worth looking forward to: Xingli Electronic Materials will release the new partner Guizhou Phosphate Group by way of capital increase, share expansion and old share transfer, of which the company will transfer 8 million yuan to Guizhou Phosphate GroupThe subscribed capital contribution, at the same time, Guizhou Phosphate Group and Pioneer will increase the registered capital of Xingli Company by 82 million and 18 million yuan.

After the completion of the transaction, the registered capital of Xingli will increase to 300 million U.S. dollars, and the capital strength will be significantly improved. The shareholding ratios of the company, the pioneer, and Guizhou Phosphate will be 30%, 40%, and 30%, respectively.

Xingli Company plans to produce and operate a variety of electronic chemicals, and in August 2019, it will launch a 3 insert / year electronic grade hydrofluoric acid phase I1.

5 Preliminary / annual project construction is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2020.

Forerrunner will provide the world’s advanced production technology of purified 10ppt (G5) electronic grade hydrofluoric acid for this project.

As a key material in the field of cleaning and etching of integrated circuits, the import of high-purity electronic grade hydrofluoric acid in mainland China reached 5,319 in 2018.

36 tons.

The domestic substitution of the new microelectronic materials industry will bring better development potential for domestic electronic chemical companies.

In addition to electronic-grade hydrofluoric acid, Xingfu Electronics, a subsidiary of the company in the field of electronic chemicals, is the only national emerging company with independent intellectual property rights of electronic-grade phosphorylation and already has a high market share in the domestic market.

In addition, the company is increasing customer development of other products such as electronic grade sulfuric acid.

Profit forecast: Considering that the acquisition of minority shareholders’ equity in Xingrui will increase the net profit attributable to mothers, we increase the company’s net profit attributable to mothers to 5 in 2019-2021.

13, 6.

79, 7.

660,000 yuan (the original forecast did not consider the acquisition of minority shareholders’ equity as 3).

23, 4.

35, 6.

5.2 billion yuan), corresponding PE is 18X, 14X, 12X, the company’s PB is less than 1X, the safety margin is high, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk warning: product prices fall sharply; projects under construction progress less than expected

High-energy environment (603588) dynamic research: business sectors go hand in hand, abundant orders support high growth

High-energy environment (603588) dynamic research: business sectors go hand in hand, abundant orders support high growth
Focus on environmental restoration, promote solid waste treatment, clear strategy and abundant orders.Since 2014, the company has re-established three major business areas: urban environment, industrial environment, and environmental restoration. The key development areas are soil restoration, hazardous waste treatment and disposal, and domestic waste incineration and power generation. The strategy has gradually become clear. Operating income has continued to grow rapidly since listing.The level of performance has also been broken.The company’s performance forecast shows that in 2018, the soil remediation, hazardous waste treatment and disposal, waste incineration power generation, and municipal waste landfill site reconstruction will go hand in hand, and it is expected to achieve net profit attributable to mothers.07-3.4.5 billion, an increase of 60-80% in ten years.At the same time, the company’s hazardous waste production capacity will increase, the operating income ratio will further increase, and cash flow will be more stable.Order expansion has accelerated. Since July 2018, it has announced that the total investment amount of the bid winning projects has reached 12.3 billion. There are ample orders in hand, which is expected to ensure that the company’s performance continues to grow rapidly. Deep technical know-how.The company was formerly known as the “Beijing High Energy Pad Engineering Office” established by the Institute of High Energy Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It was born out of the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ technology foundation and foundation. At present, it has formed an academician expert workstation, a postdoctoral workstation substation, and a national enterprise technology center.System, adopting leading technologies in core business areas such as environmental restoration, landfill reconstruction, and pollution barriers.In 2018, the company was awarded the list of national technology innovation demonstration enterprises. Among them, the “Key Technologies and Applications of Landfill Groundwater Pollution Prevention and Control and Strengthening Repair” project won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress, which fully reflects the company’s technological advantages. There is an urgent need for soil remediation, and the company is located in the leading position in the industry.”National Journal of Soil Pollution Survey” shows that the state of the national soil environment is not optimistic, and the total amount of soil pollutants exceeds the standard injection.1%, the proportion of inorganic polymers such as heavy metals exceeded 82.8%, urgent need for soil pollution control.The “Land Pollution Prevention and Control Law” was formally implemented on January 1, 2019. It was proposed that land owners, enterprises and other operators of compulsory production and operation activities should bear legal responsibility for the soil pollution caused.The continuous improvement of policies will strongly promote the release of soil remediation orders. In 2019, the central financial plan will arrange a budget of 5 billion US dollars for pollution pollution, which will increase by 42 per year.9%, also provides continuous financial support for soil remediation.The China Environmental Protection Industry Association predicts that the demand for investment in the Pure Land Defense War will be about 6,600 trillion, and the demand for products and services in the environmental protection industry will be about 415.8 billion yuan.The company has successively won bids in the field of soil remediation, adding orders 7 only in the first half of the year.920,000 yuan, the current market share of the industry leader. The solid waste industry chain was opened.Hazardous waste treatment and waste incineration power generation can provide a stable source of cash flow. The company has successively acquired Jingyuan Hongda, Xinde Environmental Protection, Ningbo Dadi, Yangxin Pengfu, China Eastern, Yangzi Chemical, and Guizhou Hongda.As for the waste treatment and disposal business, as of the end of the first half of 2018, the quality of hazardous waste treatment capital is close to 40 tons / year, and the conversion or expansion of the production line will further improve the quality of the company’s hazardous waste treatment capital.The waste incineration power generation is advancing steadily. At present, the company’s first phase of the 500-ton / day waste incineration power generation project in Sihong County has been put into operation. Hetian, Hezhou, Liyang, Yueyang and other projects have been steadily progressing. Tons / day, and the continuous emergence of vein industrial park projects, which is beneficial to the company’s consolidation of solid 天津夜网 waste treatment and disposal business.At the same time, the company also shares in Yuhe Tian, a leading company in the industry of waste cleaning and collection, and Suzhou Futai Information, an environmental health IT technology service provider, to open up the solid waste industry chain. There is a need for upgrading the existing landfill sites.As of 2017, the national daily disposal capacity of sanitary landfills.05 For the first time, the total landfill volume is 1.2 billion tons, accounting for 56%.The “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” National Urban Harmless Waste Treatment Facilities Construction Plan proposes that 803 stock landfill treatment projects will be implemented during the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” period, with a total investment of 241.400000000.The company has integrated the technology and business experience 杭州桑拿网 of the entire landfill of the landfill, and the ecological barrier technology is in a leading position, which is expected to directly benefit from the release of market demand. Covered for the first time, giving the company an “overweight” rating: We are optimistic about the company’s technological heritage and industry competitive advantages in the field of environmental repair and solid waste treatment, and will significantly benefit from the release of market space.At present, the strategy of soil remediation, hazardous waste, waste incineration, and landfill service in the entire industrial chain is clear, and the business structure is continuously optimized.We predict that the company’s EPS for 2018-2020 will be 0.49, 0.63 and 0.82 yuan / share, corresponding to the current maximum PE is 20 respectively.53, 15.75 and 12.17 times, covering for the first time, giving the company an “overweight” rating. Risk reminder: policy advancement fails to meet expected risks; project progress fails to meet expected risks.

There are eight ways to solve your baby’s sleeping problem

There are eight ways to solve your baby’s sleeping problem

One third of a person’s life is spent in sleep. According to statistics, newborns sleep 16 hours or more a day, babies 1 year old sleep 14 hours, infants 2 years old sleep 13 hours, and 3 years oldToddlers need 12 hours of sleep per day, reduced to 11 hours at the age of 5, 10 hours to the age of 9, and 8 hours of sleep per day for adults.

  A baby in the period of growth and development can only grow great if he sleeps well; but there are always problems with this or that of a baby’s sleep. How can I make my baby have a sweet dream?

Sometimes the symptoms of the baby’s sleep will also give mothers a reminder of the baby’s health at this time.

  Nightmares Babies are often disturbed by nightmares.

The latest research shows that it is very common for babies to have nightmares. Most babies who have dreams of ghosts do not have any special problems in their physical, psychological or brain development.

Studies abroad have pointed out that the phenomenon of terrible dreams most often appears in the early morning;
When a 12-year-old baby enters a deep sleep period, 4 will be awakened by nightmares.

Sometimes parents see their baby wake up from nightmares, or cry in their sleep, they are very nervous, they will take the baby to the hospital for medical treatment, and even some places are still superstitious.

  In fact, as long as the frequency and severity of the baby’s nightmares are not enough to affect the baby’s routine, parents can try to help the baby adjust some daily habits and improve sleep quality.

  Help your baby change his mood and avoid having nightmares. Modern research has confirmed that sometimes dreams are the result of “fermentation” of life experiences during the day and sometimes unpleasant emotional reactions.Wait, these can lead to terrible dreams.

If you have a ghost dream and wake up, it is what people usually call a “nightmare”, which is often caused by going to bed too late, eating too much before bedtime, being too excited or having stress in your heart.

When a baby wakes up, he can often describe his dreams clearly, making it difficult to fall asleep again.

  To prevent the baby from being destroyed by nightmares, avoid the above situation.

If the baby has received bad stimuli such as horror movies, parents should think of the possibility of the baby having a nightmare in advance, and help the baby to change his mood before returning to sleep and return to the warm reality.

For example, let your baby brush his teeth and wash his face, prepare to go to kindergarten tomorrow; or carefully prepare the items to travel tomorrow; or play some bedtime games.

Also, bedtime stories are indispensable. It is best to recall a good experience together, so that the baby can quickly eliminate the unpleasant feeling and return to reality.

If the baby wakes up in a dream, parents should not only comfort the baby, but also avoid discussing the content of the dream with it, and help alleviate the source of psychological stress. Maybe you will find more life problems.

  Night terrors In addition, some abnormalities in sleep may not be related to terrible dreams, but they are often wrapped in parents, sometimes night terrors, sleepwalking, dream talk, etc.

  Night terrors often occur at 2?
6-year-old children, especially in the case of illness and psychological stress.

This situation generally occurs in the early stages of sleep, that is, the period of deep sleep within 4 hours of falling asleep. It has nothing to do with dreaming. It manifests as the baby suddenly wakes up in his sleep. It seems to be in an inexplicable panic and may also yellSit up and breathlessly, staring blankly, as if trying to see through the parents in front of you, but said that he had no nightmares.

These babies often fall asleep again soon, but the next morning they say they don’t remember what happened in the middle of the night.

However, night terrors are very scary to their parents, but this is generally not a serious problem. After this period, they will disappear on their own.

  The word sleepwalking is often used in life to describe a person’s lack of energy, as if it is not falling. In fact, this situation is quite common in the baby’s sleep process, and generally not harmful, except that parents should be optimistic about the baby, andNo additional action is required except for protective measures in stairways or windows.

There are also dream talk, so there is no problem, so parents do not need to correct their baby’s dream talk.

  Tips: Cultivate good sleep hygiene from an early age. Many parents think it is a chore to coax their baby to go to bed. In addition to some of the above situations, parents often feel entangled and frightened. If the baby often cannot fall asleep on time, he cannot get up on time the next day., Sleeping uneasily at night, a long time, really has an impact on life.

In fact, from the beginning of the baby, parents must help him develop good sleep hygiene, let the baby know that it is bedtime, it is time to go to bed, parents can gradually establish a “good night ceremony” at home, so that the baby feels irresistible to sleepYes, it’s fun.

  1. Turn off the electric lights and TV in the bedroom and living room first, leaving only one night light in the bedroom.

  2. Good night with your baby: “Good night dad, good night mom”, and of course “good night baby”, or “wish you to dawn,” “wish you to go to bed early and get up early, grow up quickly” and so on.

Of course, if there is a “secret” between parents and baby, it is the warmest!

  3. Putting on pajamas before going to bed will make the baby know more clearly that it is time to go to bed.

  4. Drinking a cup of hot milk, brushing your teeth, and washing your face are all “rituals” before bedtime to remind your baby that it is time to sleep.

  5, choose a baby’s favorite toy on the bedside, let it accompany the baby to sleep, like a soft blanket or doll.

When the baby grows up, you can let him say “good night” to the toy, and you can compare the quiet state of the toy to let the baby learn to sleep well.

  6. Play a piece of bedtime music or lullaby, and turn off the music after half an hour.

  7. Tell a warm bedside story.

The story does not necessarily have an ending, it can also be improvised by parents, it is best to incorporate the baby as the protagonist in the story.

  8. For babies who are still excited when they go to bed and do not want to sleep, parents can sit beside the bed and encourage him to close his eyes first to cultivate sleepiness.
  Normal daily life and good sleep hygiene can make your baby have a higher sleep quality. Whether to have a “good dream” or a “bad dream” does not actually affect the baby’s health and development.

However, if there is an abnormal sleep phenomenon, parents should pay more attention to it and ask a pediatrician to solve it if necessary.
  Abnormal situation in baby’s sleep In addition to the nightmare and night terrors that mothers worry about, the baby will have some abnormal phenomena in sleep. It is often reported to parents that he will or has suffered from certain diseases. Therefore, parents shouldLearn to observe your baby’s health while he is sleeping.

  When the baby just fell asleep or was about to wake up, sweating experts reminded: It can be said that most babies sweat at night are normal.

However, if you sweat heavily and are accompanied by other discomforts, you should pay attention to observation, strengthen nursing, and go to the hospital for examination and treatment if necessary.

For example, if the baby has a square head, teething is late, and the cardia is closed too late, there may be rickets.

  The baby is irritable before going to bed at night, his body is dry after falling asleep, his cheeks are red, his breathing is short, and his pulse rate increases faster than 110 beats per minute.

  Experts remind: This indicates that the baby is about to have a fever.

You should pay attention to whether your baby has symptoms of colds or diarrhea, and pay attention to hydration.

If your baby really has fever symptoms, you should take physical cooling methods such as alcohol wiping.

  The baby cries while sleeping, often shakes his head, scratches his ears, and sometimes has a fever. The expert reminds that the baby may be suffering from external auditory canalitis, eczema or otitis media.

The baby’s ear canal should be checked for redness and swelling in time, and if there are red spots on the skin, if any, send the baby to the hospital for treatment in time.

  When your baby sleeps, experts on limbs remind: This is usually caused by excessive fatigue during the day, so don’t worry.

It should be noted that when the baby hears a sound while sleeping, it is the normal response; on the contrary, if there is no response and he loves to sleep on a weekday, he may be deaf.

  After chewing, the baby constantly chews. Experts remind: the baby may have ascariasis, or eat too much during the day, indigestion.

You can go to the hospital to check, if tsutsugamushi can be driven by the baby’s special deworming medicine; if tsutsugamushi is ruled out, your baby’s diet should be arranged reasonably.

  After the baby falls asleep, his fingers or toes twitch and swell. Experts remind: at this time parents should carefully check the baby’s fingers to see if it is entangled with hair or other fiber filaments, or traces of mosquito bites.

  The baby can’t sleep deep, and the body expert often reminds him: In fact, the baby tumbling on the bed after falling asleep often happens.

Sometimes the quilt is not comfortable or the quilt is too thick, etc. will affect the baby’s sleep quality.

Some parents were afraid that the child would be cold when he slept, and he made him sleep while wearing clothes. The child felt uncomfortable, so they rolled around.

Some parents are always worried about the child’s insufficiency. Even if he eats a lot of food before going to bed at night, children’s stomachs are always uncomfortable after going to bed, so they don’t sleep well.

  Babies often cry loudly after falling asleep. Experts remind: this is medically called baby night terrors.

If the baby is free of illness, it is usually caused by bad stimuli during the day, such as panic and fatigue.

So don’t scare your baby and keep your baby quiet and happy.

The elderly should have a diet

The elderly should have a diet

Ms. Li, 69, was recently hospitalized because of a rapid weight loss and lung infection.

During this time, her hemoglobin and plasma protein were significantly reduced.

After excluding malignant tumors and other wasting diseases, doctors found that Ms. Li was suffering from “ageer protein-energy malnutrition.”

The “culpacy” of the disease is actually a piece of advice from the medical examiner six months ago – the diet should be based on low-salt, low-fat, low-sugar foods.

  It is a good thing for the elderly to pay attention to diet control. However, if you are strict with the “three lows” and the food intake is too small, you will easily suffer from malnutrition.

  The manifestation of malnutrition is that Ms. Li, when she first lost weight, thought it was caused by diabetes, so she didn’t care.

Indeed, because the current evaluation criteria for nutritional deficiencies in the elderly are still not perfect, and its early clinical manifestations are completely weak, afraid of cold, overcoming edema, etc., so don’t say that ordinary people, even medical staff sometimes have weight on the elderly.The decline phenomenon is not well understood.

According to some surveys, the prevalence of geriatric malnutrition in hospitalized elderly is as high as 20%-60%, and the prevalence of non-hospitalized elderly is 5%-10%, and the diagnosis rate is only 36%.

  Malnutrition has long been neglected, and eventually the condition of the original disease has deteriorated.

So, how should the elderly judge whether they are malnourished?

Usually, strict dieting of the elderly, if there is loss of appetite, burnout, gradual weight loss, limbs or systemic edema, easy to catch a cold, repeated infections, blood test results have resonance disorders, anemia, low serum plasma or low protein blood, etc.The situation shows that the elderly are suffering from malnutrition.

  Dieting needs to be scientific, like Ms. Li, suffering from three high, dietary control after coronary heart disease and diabetes is necessary, but must consult with doctors beforehand to find out the specific scale of dieting.

  In fact, all the elderly should eat less staple food, eat more protein, fiber and other non-staple foods, the total daily intake is no more than 2000 kcal.

It is not advisable to have a complete vegetarian diet, as long as you eat less fried, pickled, smoked food, do not eat animal offal, and control the absorption of sweets and iced drinks.

  Older people with diabetes should eat less starch, reduce the amount of 20-25 kcal per kilogram of body weight per day, and should properly supplement meat and eggs; patients with coronary heart disease should have low blood sugar, low fat, low blood sugar dietAt the same time, limit the intake of salt, no more than 6 grams per day, eat more fresh vegetables, to ensure the replacement of trace elements such as iodine, potassium; three high old people should eat less animal waste and carbohydrate food, daily intakeThe salt does not exceed 4 grams, but also increases the intake of vitamins, calcium and potassium.

  Older people who have already developed malnutrition should eat soft boiled cereals, vegetables and fruits, and add more seasonings to promote appetite.

Also drink plenty of water and exercise properly to improve your health.

  Too many types of medication should also be vigilant. From the clinical statistics, there are still three conditions for the elderly to pay special attention to ensure dietary intake.

  One is to take the elderly with too many types of drugs.

Because certain drugs, such as hypnotics, cause the elderly to become sleepy and sleepy and affect appetite, the drugs such as theophylline and thyroxine themselves increase energy metabolism and affect the absorption of nutrients.

  The second is the elderly who are addicted to alcohol.

The trace amount of alcohol replaces the conversion provided by food, which reduces the appetite of the elderly and causes malnutrition in the long run.

  The third is the elderly who are in a bad mood.

Because of the lack of contact with society after retirement, changes in economic conditions, or depression caused by widowhood, loneliness can easily lead to loss of appetite for the elderly.

At this time, the elderly should pay attention to increase nutrition, and if necessary, they can ask the doctor for help.

Three methods of treating dysmenorrhea with eggs


Three methods of treating dysmenorrhea with eggs

Dysmenorrhea is a common gynecological disease. Its clinical characteristics are pain in the lower abdomen, which accompanies the menstrual cycle, and the pain can lead to the whole abdomen or lumbosacral region, or vulva, anal pain, and mild tolerable.Cold sweats often appear due to severe pain, pale, cold limbs, and even fainting.

  The following introduces several folk methods for treating dysmenorrhea with medicated eggs, which are also delicately produced and have better curative effects: 1. Motherwort Hawthorn Frangipani Recipe: 30 grams of Motherwort, 15 grams of hawthorn, 5 grams of safflower, 2 eggs, Brown sugar in moderation.

The above ingredients except brown sugar are all added to the pot. Add the right amount of water and cook. After the eggs are cooked, remove the eggs and the dregs and leave the juice. After peeling the shells, add the brown sugar to the above juice with brown sugar and cook10 minutes.

Eat eggs and drink soup once a day.

It has the effects of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, regulating menstrual pain.

  Suitable for qi stagnation and blood stasis, menstrual bleeding caused by dysmenorrhea.

Manifestations include lower abdominal pain on the first, second, or menstrual period of each month, refusal to press, low menstrual flow, poor menstrual flow, dark purple patches, palatal spots on purple tongue, and slippery pulse strings.

  Second, Jiang Guiai leaf egg recipe: 15 grams of ginger, 10 grams of Guiji, 10 grams of Ai Wei, 2 eggs, the amount of brown sugar.

The above ingredients except brown sugar are all added to the pot. Add the same amount and cook. After the eggs are cooked, remove the eggs and medicinal residue to retain the juice. After the eggs are peeled off, put them in the above medicinal juice with brown sugar and cook again.10 minutes.
Eating eggs and drinking soup once a day has the effects of warming and dispersing cold, warming the palace and relieving pain.

  Suitable for menstrual periods of rain, cold, bulimia and cold, cold condensate cell palace, menstrual blood run poorly and cause dysmenorrhea.

Manifestations include cold pain in the lower abdomen a few days before or during menstruation, decreased heat pain, less menstrual flow, dark purple patches, or chills.

  Third, the Quanguigui blood rattan egg recipe: take 20 grams of deciduous astragalus, 20 grams of angelica, 20 grams of chicken blood vine, 2 eggs, the amount of brown sugar.

In addition to the brown sugar, add the above ingredients to the pot and add an appropriate amount of water to cook. Cook until the eggs are cooked. Remove the eggs and medicinal residue to retain the juice. After peeling the eggs, add the brown sugar to the above medicinal juice and cook for 10Minutes.
Eat eggs and drink soup once a day, nourishing Qi and nourishing blood, regulating menstrual and analgesic effects.

  It is suitable for those with weak body, qi and blood deficiency, irritation, dysfunction of cell veins, inability to circulate qi and blood and cause dysmenorrhea.

Manifestations include faint pain in the lower abdomen on the first, second, or menstrual period, hi-pressing, small menstrual flow, pale in color, accompanied by chlorosis, palpitation, insomnia, and fatigue.

What to do in summer

What to do in summer

What to do in summer with hot colds The most common illness in summer is hot colds, which is a cold, often accompanied by a low-grade headache, sore throat, and runny nose.

Respiratory physicians at the hospital reminded that the cold is not influenza and is not contagious, so do not suspect that it was transmitted by someone else. It must be caused by the patient’s inadvertent protection of the body and reduced immunity.

What should I do if I have a hot cold? The doctor said that first of all, I need to rest in bed, try to reduce the amount of labor and sweat, if you continue to work hard, the cold will always waste you, so your best choice is to be goodRest, or even being unable to stay in bed, can reduce workload appropriately.

First of all, eat a lighter diet. The food should be mainly vegetables. Try to avoid overeating and drink plenty of water.

The doctor said that the temperature of cold drinks is very low, and eating the gastrointestinal tract will stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, which will produce more transformations to resist the “coldness”. The weather outside is already very hot, and the body generates a lot of heat, and the body temperature is higherSo try to eat less cold food after a hot cold.

In addition, do not take a cold bath, because a cold bath will consume energy and is not conducive to the improvement of the cold. You should try to take a warm hot bath.

In terms of drug use, doctors said that in general, most people go to the hospital pharmacy to buy some cold medicines, and they should be taken according to the instructions. If the condition does not improve or worsens within three days of taking the medicine, you need to go to the hospital for treatment.

Take a dose of happy exercise morphine

Take a dose of happy exercise morphine

Do you remember when the last time the whole body was soaked with muscles, bones, sweat and vagina back?

If you can’t remember it at all, you need to start exercising immediately!

  In addition to exercise, we know that it can improve cardiopulmonary function and has more than a hundred benefits for the body.

Humans are like machines. Once you stop moving, the whole body’s fat workshop starts to solidify.

Exercise can speed up metabolism, help us to eliminate toxins in the body, and trained muscles. In addition to making our body look more attractive, it can also effectively prevent accidental injuries in our daily lives.

The moving mind is usually more agile, and the moving person is more optimistic.

Because exercise creates a happy “endophine” in our brains, which gives us positive and positive thoughts.

Exercise also allows us to fight stress.

When a busy day comes to work, a proper exercise will bring us back to the beginning of the day and eliminate the stress and fatigue of the day.

  How exactly should we exercise and how to draw up a simple exercise plan?

We recommend that you start with: 1.

Choose an appropriate exercise: Try to find an exercise that will bring you happiness. Unless you have a high willpower, in general, exercise alone is not as durable as partner exercise.

If exercise can bring you another social life, it may be easier and longer.


Calculate your exercise intensity: Exercise intensity is dominated by the number of heartbeats.

The ideal exercise heartbeat is based on your age of 220 seconds, multiplied by 0.


If you are 30 years old, your exercise heartbeat should reach 133 beats and last more than 15 minutes.


Start exercise: Choose aerobic exercise to really eliminate your misfortune and health your heart.

If you choose too intense exercise, fatigue can interrupt the endurance of the exercise.

Exercise should be based on heartbeat and energy consumption.

If you want to perform a high-intensity exercise, it is best to communicate with a sports professional coach and carry out a weight training program on weekdays to avoid sports injuries.

  Just start to exercise, warm up for about 10 minutes, the intensity of the exercise is to achieve your exercise heartbeat.

Every 30 minutes, 3 times a week, you will be refreshed in a few weeks!

Remember to add water after exercise.

If you exercise at night, it is best to do it 1 hour after a meal.

If performed on an empty stomach, care should be taken not to be too high to avoid excessive fatigue.

It is easy to eat a big meal after exercise, and you must restrain your appetite.

If you live in an urban area that is not convenient for outdoor sports, swimming and going to the gym are a good place to start.

  After editing, but you must protect yourself during the exercise!

Only in this way can the exercise effect be truly achieved.