LG杯党毅飞夺冠奖金3亿韩元 中国第17位世界冠军

LG杯党毅飞夺冠奖金3亿韩元 中国第17位世界冠军
­  网易体育2月8日报道:­  2月8日,第21届LG杯世界围棋棋王战决赛第二局在首尔战罢,党毅飞执白1目半胜周睿羊,以2-0的总比分赢得决赛,成为中国第17位围棋世界冠军!党毅飞获得3亿韩元冠军奖金,周睿羊获得1亿韩元亚军奖金。­  本届LG杯,周睿羊和党毅飞都从预选赛打起,连胜4局打入本赛32强,半决赛分别力克韩国等级分排名第一的朴廷桓和第二的申真谞,周睿羊第二次闯入决赛,党毅飞则是首次闯入决赛。目前周睿羊中国等级分排名第二位,党毅飞排名第33位。­  第一局党毅飞执黑中盘获胜,第二局周睿羊执黑先行。­  黑方以“星-小目大飞角”开局,这是AlphaGo的升级版Master在横扫职业高手时使用最多的开局方式。开局后双方就在棋盘上半部展开缠斗,周睿羊的黑29、31有缓手嫌疑,至白52手,白方全局厚实,而黑方效率不高,网上解说的周贺玺五段认为白棋形势乐观。­  黑65拆边,网上解说的韩国世界冠军崔哲瀚认为是有着AlphaGo痕迹的一招,他说:“此时右边是全局最急迫的地方,但由于中央有断点,黑方选择65位拆边呼应,阿尔法狗最大优势就是精准形势判断基础上的决断,周睿羊这方面借鉴很多。”正因为周睿羊积极使用AlphaGo的着法,古力九段戏称他是“人间阿尔法羊”。­  白72和74花了两手棋围右边,但仍被黑89、99两次打穿白阵,崔哲瀚因此认为黑方取得了优势。­  黑129开始搜刮白棋,至黑137成劫,此劫白重黑轻,但是白方劫材有利。白172消劫,双方又转到右边打劫。由于白方在右下角有劫材,周贺玺和崔哲瀚都认为反倒是周睿羊难办了。­  黑129开始搜刮白棋,至黑137成劫。这个劫如果黑棋劫败了实地损失有限,而白棋一旦劫败整个角被杀,因此看似白棋遭遇了危机。然而白棋劫材有利,白172粘劫,双方又跑到右边打劫,白180再次粘劫,连续两次打赢劫争,党毅飞反而因祸得福,把难题转交给了周睿羊。­  进入到收官阶段,黑棋在中腹的潜力难以转化为实空,党毅飞小胜已成定局。至294手终局,白方1目半小胜,党毅飞以2-0赢得了决赛,成为中国第17位围棋世界冠军!

Cibin Group (601636) Annual Report Commentary Report: Steady Growth of Glass Leader Awaits Completion and Recovery

Cibin Group (601636) Annual Report Commentary Report: Steady Growth of Glass Leader Awaits Completion and Recovery

The company’s glass leading performance has steadily increased. The company released its annual report. In 2018, the company achieved operating income of 83.

78 ppm, an increase of 10 in ten years.

46%; realized net profit attributable to mother 12.

08 million yuan, an increase of 5 in ten years.


The reported company produced a total of 101.91 million heavy cases of flat glass, which increased by 6.99 million heavy cases each year, mainly benefiting from the resumed production of Zhangzhou First Line, Changxing First Line, Liling Fifth Line and the production line in Malaysia; sales of 11.003 million heavy boxes of flat glass, an increase of at least 6.75 million heavy casesRate 100.


Glass supply and demand are both weak, waiting for completion and warming up. In 2018, glass prices showed a trend of opening up and going down. From the perspective of supply, the first three quarters of the glass production line resumed the impact of penetration. According to data from China Glass Futures Network, total recovery before OctoberProduction of 16 production lines, only 11 cold repair, plus 5 new construction, so the first three quarters of a net increase of 10 production lines, the supply pressure prevented.

From the perspective of demand, the main real estate market for glass is not optimistic. The gap between the new construction and completion growth rate remains the same. The second largest demand for glass in the automotive industry is also under pressure. Therefore, overall glass demand for 18 years is relatively weak.

Initially, although glass prices opened higher and lower, the price center was higher than 17 years.

In 18 years, the average national glass price reached 1644 yuan / ton, which was 111 yuan higher each year last year, supporting the company’s good performance. At the same time, we expect the land completion data in 19 years is expected to pick up, and the new construction area in 16-17 will grow faster.It will be completed in 2 years, so theoretically the annual completion data will improve, which will lead to an improvement in glass demand.

In terms of cost, the price of soda ash, the main raw material, has stabilized. In 2017, the price of soda ash changed due to supply-side reforms. The average price has gradually reached a high level of 2193 yuan / ton. After entering 18 years, the price has stabilized and the average price has gradually decreased.To 1917.

55 yuan, soda ash price steadily promoted the company’s gross profit margin level.

We believe that the readjustment of the Qibin Group into a qualitative change will gradually smooth the impact of changes in glass prices.

First of all, the company will continue to benefit from the main production capacity layout. The company’s flat glass is mainly sold to eastern and southern China, and local demand is better.

In addition, the company is improving the overall quality of flat glass. In recent years, the company has restructured the old production line for cold repair and technical improvement to improve the quality of ordinary glass. It has changed to a new production line. The Luzhou Qibin Project has successfully produced 2-19mm ultra-white glass.Commercial operations began in early 2019, and the construction of Fuling electronic glass project progressed in an orderly manner. It is expected to be completed in May 2019 to ignite and gradually achieve 北京夜网 differentiated competition.

The company will extend downstream and vigorously develop deep processing business. In addition to the existing energy-saving glass bases, the company also announced in the annual report that it will build a new Hunan energy-saving glass factory project and Guangdong Energy-saving Phase II expansion project, further strengthening its deep processing capabilities.

Finally, the overseas Malaysian market has been continuously explored, local logistics advantages have been introduced, and the company has gone global.

Investment suggestion: As the price of glass drops, the revenue for 19-20 will be 98.

37, 110.

2.7 billion down to 93.

92, 102.

8.4 billion, net profit attributable to mothers by 16.

53, 20.

04 trillion down to 13.

33, 14.

6.1 billion yuan, EPS is 0.

5, 0.

54 yuan, 武汉夜生活网 corresponding PE is 9X, 8X times, maintaining the “buy” level.

Risk warning: a large number of production lines resume production; real estate completion demand is further reduced; new construction projects are less than expected.

Haitian Flavor (603288): Stable revenue and long-term development

Haitian Flavor (603288): Stable revenue and long-term development

The event company released the first half of 2019 annual report. The company achieved operating income of 101 in the first half of the year.

60,000 yuan, an increase of 16 in ten years.

51%; net profit attributable to mothers27.

50,000 yuan, an increase of 22 in ten years.


Among them, the operating income in the second quarter was 46.

7 ppm, an increase of 16 in ten years.

00%; net profit attributable to mother is 12.

73 ppm, a +10 increase over ten years.


A brief comment on the revenue growth was in line with expectations. The three main products have a stable growth industry structure. The catering industry has a good growth momentum.

From January to July, domestic catering revenue was 249.37 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 9.

4%; Catering income above budget is USD 5,238 trillion, with an annual increase of 7.


In this context, the company’s revenue continued to grow steadily in the first half of the year, achieving operating income of 101.

60,000 yuan, an increase of 16 in ten years.


In terms of different products, the company’s three core products, soy sauce, seasoning sauce, and oyster sauce business, grew steadily, of which soy sauce revenue was 59.

870,000 yuan, an increase of 13 in ten years.

61%; Seasoning sauce income 12.

61 ppm, a ten-year increase of 7.

48%; oyster sauce income 17.

15 ppm, an increase of 21 per year.


By region, the western region realized income11.

14 ‰, an increase of 23 per year.

93%, the speed of growth; the central region realized income 19.

43 ppm, an increase of 18 per year.

79%; the eastern region realized income 20.

61 ppm, an increase of 14 per year.

15%; income in the southern region was 20.

11 ‰, an increase of 11 per year.

21%; Beijing area realized income 25.

5.9 billion, an increase of 10 every year.


In terms of different channels, the revenue from its main business offline channels was 94.

8 billion, accounting for 97.

86% per year 13.90%; rapid development of online channels, income 2.

07 billion, accounting for 2%.

14%, an increase of 44 per year.


In addition, the number of company dealers increased by 485 to 5,369 in H1 in 19 years, of which the net increase in the eastern, southern, central, northern, and western regions was 66, 58, 97, 164, and 100, and the intensive cultivation of channels continued to advance.

The decline in gross profit margin is a short-term effect. It is expected that the company’s gross profit margin will be 44 in the medium term.

86% every year -2.

25pct, with a single Q2 gross margin of 43.

78% per year -3.

81 points.

The decrease in gross profit margin was mainly due to the rising cost pressure caused by the company’s technological transformation and capacity expansion construction of the Gaoming production line this year. This effect can be eliminated within the period; gradually, Q2 packaging (glass bottles) and some food additivesRising prices suppressed gross margin performance; and the relatively higher proportion of products such as oyster sauce increased structurally and lowered the company’s overall gross margin.

Costs fell and hedging costs rose, net interest rates rose significantly, and the report realized net parent profit of approximately 27.

50,000 yuan, an increase of 22 in ten years.

34%; Net profit margin is 27.

07%, increase by 1 every year.

29 points.

The first is the decline in the company’s selling expenses and financial expenses.

H1’s selling expenses were 11.

1.7 billion, down 5 previously.

04%, the initial decrease in sales expenses was that some distributors chose the method of product self-lifting, which resulted in a reduction in freight expenses. The total freight reported was 2.

5.5 billion, down 33 before.


H1 finance costs -1.

5.2 billion, an increase of 123 every year.

39%, mainly due to 杭州夜网 the increase in interest income from deposits in the current period.

H1 Management Fee Expense 1.

30% every year -0.

14pct, H1 R & D expenses 2.

67%, a slight decrease of 0 a year.

05pct also contributed positively to the company’s net profit.

In addition, H1’s other income is 0.

69 ppm, an increase of 458 per year.

03%, contributed positive growth in net profit, mainly due to increased government subsidies.

During the current period, the company implemented the new accounting standards for financial instruments, which caused changes in fair value gains and investment gains. Part of the bank’s wealth management product income from investment gains was included in the fair value gains and losses account, of which hedging had little effect on net interest rates.
The top of the leader is solid, and the growth premium for long-term stable development is long-term. The industry has a good track, and the volume and price have grown steadily. The company’s market share has steadily increased, and more industries can continue to grow steadily through the solid leader.

In the soy sauce category, the company’s current city share is expected to be close to 18%, and the rapid increase of 15% before 2016, with significant competitive advantages. In addition, the company’s rapid development of seasoning sauce and oyster sauce business has taken shape, using brand influence and channelsThere is certain room for improvement in advantages, scale and performance.

In the short term, the company is expected to usher in a new round of price increases in the second half of the year.

Historically, the company raised prices every two years on average, smoothly passing on the pressure of rising costs. The last price increase was in early 2017. It is expected that the company will enter a new round of price increase in the second half of 2019 to ensure steady growth next year.

Profit forecast and investment recommendations for companies expected in 2019?
The revenue in 2021 will be 198.
49, 230.
21, 265.

25 ppm, an increase of 16 in ten years.

5%, 16.

0%, 15.

2%; net profit is 52.

57, 62.

90, 74.

19 ppm, an increase of 20 in ten years.

4%, 19.

7%, 17.

9%; corresponding EPS is 1.

95, 2.

33, 2.

75 yuan.

Corresponding to 2019?
The dynamic PE in 2021 will be 50.


8, 35.

5 times.

The risks include food safety risks, risks of raw material price fluctuations, and risks of declining industry prosperity.

Huaxin Cement (600801) Company Research: Old Trees and New Flowers Diversify Results

Huaxin Cement (600801) Company Research: Old Trees and New Flowers Diversify Results

Huaxin Cement: a century-old enterprise, rejuvenating.

The company is a cement leader in the middle and upper reaches of the Yangtze River, and has gradually developed into a reorganized building materials group that integrates multiple businesses such as cement, concrete, aggregate, and environmental protection disposal. It has more than 50 clinker production lines in it, with a total clinker production capacity of 5,800 a year / year. Commercial concreteThe production capacity is 23.3 million cubic meters per year, and the aggregate is 2,500 tons per year. In 2018, the cement, clinker and aggregate sales were 7,072 and 1,450 tons. The domestic clinker production capacity ranks fifth.

Infrastructure increased to boost domestic demand, and the core market boom was incorporated.

Infrastructure construction hedges the consolidation of regional cement demand.

The company’s two major markets, Hubei and Yunnan, have high capacity utilization rates. The Hubei market is in an important position along the Yangtze River Cement Market, the market concentration is at the forefront of the country, the layout is stable, and the favorable conditions for economic construction in the Yangtze River Basin are utilized.The “golden waterway” has a huge hinterland for cement demand, which can make up for the mid-to-long term boom. The company also has significant advantages in many aspects, such as layout along the river and operating efficiency.

The market demand for infrastructure in Yunnan is highly elastic, even increasing the pressure on productivity in the medium term, but the regional 天津夜网 integration is continuously expanding, and the concentration is gradually increasing. The market has the conditions for digesting and supplementing production capacity, and the company’s comprehensive advantages in equipment technology, operating efficiency, and scale make it long-term in the region.competitive.

Prospective overseas layout, high-quality capacity expansion potential.

The company has 300 clinker production capacity in Tajikistan and Cambodia, and about 210 clinker capacity under construction in Nepal and Uzbekistan.

The political situation of the four countries is stable and their economic performance is better. At present, the per capita consumption is less than 400 kg, and the potential for full-term and long-term demand is full. The Belt and Road Initiative brings the potential for infrastructure development.

The company’s expansion can rely on Lahaohao’s overseas platform resources, costs, management efficiency and other core competitiveness to ensure its leading position and profitability in the cost curve, which has long-term huge development potential.

At the time of the extension of the industrial chain, the prototype of the leading building materials in developing countries was emerging.

The core advantages of cement companies’ industrial chain extension resources, logistics, etc. Huaxin relies on the cement along the Yangtze River and the technology advantages of Laho to look forward to the layout of diversified businesses. With the opportunity of aggregate industry integration and other opportunities, it will gradually enter the period of profit release.The proportion will rise to more than 15%.

Profit forecast and investment suggestions: After the improvement of the main business center of the cement industry, it is expected to maintain mid-to-high level fluctuations, aggregates, and environmental protection industry chain extension and acceleration. The company will continue to form new profit growth points, and the company’s net cash flow and high dividend value attributes will be prominent.

According to the equity value calculation under the DCF model, the company’s absolute estimate is also higher and better margin of safety.

We estimate that the company’s net profit attributable to its parent in 2019-2021 will be 67.

700 million, 62.

400 million and 64.

6 trillion, from the perspective of the price-earnings ratio, the closing price on September 20 corresponding to the price-earnings ratio of 6.

3 times, 6.

8 times and 6.

6 times, the first coverage is given an “overweight” rating.

Risk reminder: repeated macro policies, worsening of industry competition and cooperation, less-than-expected industrial chain extension, overseas investment risks

Liugong (000528) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Performance Meets Expected Profitability Improvement

Liugong (000528) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Performance Meets Expected Profitability Improvement

The performance is in line with expectations, and the profitability has significantly improved. The company released its 2018 annual report and achieved revenue of 180.

8 ‰, +51 for ten years.

5%; net profit attributable to mother 7.

9 trillion, +127 a year.

7%; net profit after deduction of non-return to mother 6.

9 trillion, +140 a year.

0%; the company intends to distribute a cash dividend of 1 for every 10 shares.

5 yuan.

The rapid growth of the company’s performance was initially in 2018. Affected by multiple factors such as the increase in infrastructure investment, equipment upgrades, and environmental protection policies, the construction machinery industry maintained rapid growth. The company’s various business products increased production and sales and achieved rapid growth.
Report communique, the company’s gross profit margin reached 22.

8% per year.

1pct; net margin is 4.

7% for one year.

8pct; The company’s expense ratio has been optimized, the gross profit margin has remained stable, the net profit margin, ROE has increased significantly, and the overall profitability has continued to improve.

By 2018, the company’s earthmoving machinery / other construction machinery and accessories / finance leasing business have achieved revenues of 130 respectively.



400 million, an increase of 51 each year.

7% / 54.

3% / 23.


The company’s main business of earthmoving machinery has grown rapidly and its advantages are obvious.

As far as the report is concerned, the company’s loader sales have increased by 40 per year.

0%, the market share increased 杭州桑拿 by two in ten years.

3pct; company excavator sales1.

40,000 units, an increase of 78 in ten years.

0%, the market share climbed to 7.

0%, increase by 1 a year.

5pct, the fifth largest excavator share in the country.

Deeply cultivating the “Belt and Road” initiative and actively exploring overseas markets The company resolutely promotes internationalization, and has basically achieved full coverage of the countries along the “Belt and Road”, and reached 85% coverage in 65 core countries.

In 2018, the company’s overseas business income reached 34.

40,000 yuan, an increase of 26 in ten years.

6%, accounting for 19% of revenue.


Excavator overseas sales increase by 37% each year, and sales revenue increases by 41% each year.

Liugong India’s long-term sales volume continues to increase, with sales increasing by 50% each year, continuing to achieve profitability, and the factory’s manufacturing localization rate is close to 50%.

Earnings forecast and investment recommendations The company’s net profit for 2019-2021 is 11 respectively.


950,000 yuan, the corresponding EPS is 0.



08 yuan, the corresponding PE is 10 respectively.



4 times, give “overweight” rating.

Risks suggest macroeconomic fluctuations; breakdown of industry sales growth; overseas business development exceeds expectations; increased market competition.

Daye Special Steel (000708) Quarterly Report Review 2019: Steel Price Substitute Costs Strongly Overlap Exchange Loss Benefits Achieve Small Fluctuation

Daye Special Steel (000708) Quarterly Report Review 2019: Steel Price Substitute Costs Strongly Overlap Exchange Loss Benefits Achieve Small Fluctuations

Investment highlights: The company achieved operating income of 30 in the first quarter of 2019.

30 ppm, an increase of 0 in ten years.

71%, down 4 from the previous month.

27%; net profit attributable to mother is 0.

86 ppm, a decrease of 5 per year.

03%, down 33% from the previous month.

68%, lower than our expectation, which is about the basic EPS 0.

The price of 19 yuan steel has been firm and the company’s performance has improved.

According to the new steel smelting data from the China Iron and Steel Industry Association, the reorganized company’s steel output in the first quarter was about 61 inches, an increase of 10 per year.

51%, an increase of 5 from the previous month.


It is estimated that the gross profit per ton of steel will be 457 yuan, a decrease of 202 yuan (-31%) and a drop of 231 yuan (-34%); the net profit of ton steel will be 142 yuan, which will gradually decrease by 23 yuan (-14%) and a decrease of 83 yuan(37%).

The performance was mainly due to the increase in steel prices and strong iron ore prices in the first quarter of 2019, and the decrease in production costs was small.

The company’s 2019Q1 total of four expenses1.

67 trillion, a decrease of 6012 trillion compared with the same period last year. The decline in the “four fees” resulted in a small decline in performance.

Among them, financial expenses were 4.52 million, an increase of 2703 million compared with 2018Q4. Considering that the company’s asset-liability ratio has decreased and the 2018 revenue and income are higher than the index expenses, we believe that the reasons for the increase in financial expenses should be mainly due to exchange losses.

Improvements in the automotive industry were positive for the company.

After experiencing the duration of production and sales from the second half of 2018, the growth rate jumped for the first time in March 2019, and the decline beyond the contraction was significantly narrowed.

The current automobile consumption stimulus policy is gradually being introduced, and the additional tax rate was officially reduced on April 1.

On April 4, the Ministry of Commerce stated that it would take active measures to promote the healthy and stable development of the gradual automobile consumer market.

On April 17, the Development 杭州桑拿 and Reform Commission drafted the “Implementation Plan for Promoting the Renewable Consumption of Automobiles, Home Appliances, and Consumer Electronics to Promote the Development of a Circular Economy (2019-2020)” (Consultation Draft). The opinion contained the content of promoting automobile consumption.

The marginal recovery in automobile production and sales will benefit the company’s major products such as bearing steel.

Special steel is widely used in high-end manufacturing, which has long benefited from the development of manufacturing.

From January to March 2019, the added value of industries above designated size increased by 6 per year.

5%, manufacturing growth of 7.

2%, the growth rate increased by 1 from January to February.

The 6 averages, and the March purchasing economic index for manufacturing was 50.

5. After falling below the threshold for 重庆耍耍网 three consecutive months, return to the expansion period.

It is planned to acquire Xingcheng Special Steel to realize the overall listing of the Group’s special steel assets.

1) The target company has a complete special steel industry chain.

The target company has “four major manufacturing bases” + “two major raw material bases” and a production capacity of more than 1,200 tons of special steel, forming a strategic layout of the coastal industrial chain along the river.Steel industry chain . 2) Excellent profitability per ton of steel and high performance growth.

The target company’s short-term gross profit per ton of steel and net profit per ton of steel in 2018 were 1,063 and 410 yuan, an increase of 212 and 225 yuan per year, and the penetration of special steel was 371 and 187 yuan higher.

Profitability is significantly higher than Daye Special Steel.

3) Enhance the sustained profitability of listed companies and reduce related party transactions.

After the completion of the transaction, Daye Special Steel’s 2018 gross profit margin, net profit margin, and return on net assets increased by 3, respectively.

64, 2.

04, 6.

71 units.The first two major customers of the target company are related parties Xinye Steel and Daye Special Steel. The acquisition can effectively reduce the connected transactions of listed companies.

One of the domestic leading companies in the special steel industry, benefiting from the high-end manufacturing upgrade trend, sales volume continues to grow.

Regardless of the acquisition of Xingcheng Special Steel for the time being, we maintain our profit forecast. It is expected that the company’s net profit attributable to its mother in 2019-2021 will be 5 respectively.

3.3 billion, 5.

5.7 billion and 6.

10,000 yuan, the corresponding EPS is 1.

19 yuan, 1.

24 yuan and 1.

34 yuan, on April 22, the corresponding PE for 2019-2021 is 12.

2, 11.

7 and 10.

8 times.

Maintain “Buy” rating!

Thirty-three lazy beauty plan comprehensive maintenance


Thirty-three lazy beauty plan comprehensive maintenance

How is your skin condition?

Is your skin care method correct?

Beauty is a woman’s nature, so women always try to make themselves more beautiful and their skin smoother.

But improper skin care methods can also have the opposite effect.

Look at these thirty-three maintenance plans, super comprehensive, to help you protect your skin comprehensively.

  First, how to properly wash your hair and shampoo can remove grease and dirt and make your hair clean and beautiful.

Normal hair is washed once a week. If it is oily, you can wash it every day.

Before shampooing, comb your hair thoroughly with a hairbrush to remove dirt from the scalp and prevent knots in the hair.

Then wet the head with warm water, apply shampoo, and evenly touch the inside of the head with your fingertips, then rub with the abdomen of your fingers. Do not scratch with your nails to avoid scalp injury.

Rinse off the shampoo with warm water, wash it again in the same way, and finally rinse with water until it is clean.

  Second, cold water can prevent itching of the scalp from scratching the skin or dandruff on clothes, which is an indecent event.

To prevent itching of the scalp, you can wash your head with warm water every time, then rinse it with cold water, and then quickly dry it with a cloth to prevent itching and reduce dandruff.

  Third, onion can treat dandruff. If there are many dandruff, you can grind the onion into mud, wrap it with gauze, and gently wipe the scalp.

If the hair is very dry, it can be ground into a mud and then rubbed.

  Fourth, use eggs to change the hair quality. If your hair loses its softness and no shine, you can use eggs to wash.

Stir the eggs evenly, then replace them with warm water five times. Massage the scalp and hair carefully. After cleaning, carefully comb, the hair will become shiny.

  Fifth, choose the right hair comb. Hair is smooth and soft. Hair combs have a significant part.

Every woman should have at least two hair brushes, one for trimming and one for combing.

The secret to choosing a comb that suits you is as follows: In terms of trimming your hair, a densely shaved brush can dredge dry hair and make your hair shiny, preferably made of natural bristle.

For delicate hair, moderately hard and stiff hair brushes are required. For ordinary hair, moderately stiff hairs are required, while thick hairs are stiff hairs.

Never comb your wet hair with a natural bristle hair brush, as it will break the hair and damage the hair.

Because of combing, when you need to untangled wet hair and blow dry it into a certain hairstyle, you should use a synthetic hair brush, usually a plastic or nylon brush with separate hair pins.

  6. What should I do when my hair is dirty and itchy when confinement?

First, use a comb to brush off dandruff, wet the hair with a hot towel, insert a massage, and finally wrap the comb with gauze and carefully comb.

Note: Gauze should be replaced if it is dirty.

  Seven, brush your hair a hundred times before going to bed. Benefits: Brushing your hair well before going to bed every night can stimulate the scalp’s oil lines and make your hair more shiny.

But don’t brush too much or your hair will split and become thinner.

The brush is preferably made of bristles.

  8. Use lemon juice to whiten your teeth. When yellow fangs make you feel inferior, the method is as follows: After brushing your teeth every night, apply some lemon juice with gauze, rub your teeth, and your teeth will become white and bright.

Lemon has strong detergency, whitening effect, and contains vitamin C, which can strengthen the root of teeth.

  Nine, brush your teeth for five minutes and six seconds a day. The average person brushes their teeth every day for less than thirty seconds.

This will only remove 10% of the germs.

Studies have found that the optimal brushing time is five minutes and six seconds a day.

Brushing once a day is better than brushing three or four times.

The best time to brush your teeth is at night, because the bacteria in your mouth are most active.

  Ten, chewing gum in addition to wrinkling chewing gum can shrink the muscles, adjust the skin that is blissful, gradually reduce the depth of the recessed wrinkles, and even fill up.

Compared with the part that is about to form wrinkles, the muscles shrink and strengthen the elasticity, so as to prevent the occurrence of wrinkles. The double chin like fattening can reduce the excess meat that hangs down and make the original double fatty meat become heavy fatty.

  Eleventh, the swelling of the eyelids quickly disappeared. I woke up in the morning and found that the eyelids were swollen and very unsightly. I couldn’t hide them with eye makeup. At this time, I wrapped ice cubes on the eyelids to cover the eyelids.Cooling skin with astringent water will also work.

  Twelve, young and twenty-year-old recipe If you want almost no wrinkles in length, preventive measures can make the skin look 15-20 years younger than the actual age.

The precautions are as follows: 1.

Apply hot towels for three minutes every night before washing your face.

Water vapor can open the pores and bring all the grease and dust to the surface.


Use a cleansing lotion instead of soap.


Use a cream or lotion before going to bed.


At night, it is best to put an all-in-one in the bedroom.


When removing makeup from the eyes, wipe from the outer corner of the eyes toward the nose.

When removing makeup on the rest of the face, you must wipe from bottom to top.


Drink at least six glasses of water a day.

The body needs enough water to keep the skin moisturized.


While sleeping, keep your hips down (with your face facing up) and do not use pillows.


Don’t smoke.

  Thirteen, face massage □ Forehead massage: use the middle finger and ring finger to massage to the temple in a circle.

□ Massage around the eyes: Starting from the temple, go down the eyelids, and make five or six rounds of massage around the eye spider.

□ Nose massage: first from top to bottom, then massage both sides of the nose.

□ Face Clip Massage: It has been carefully massaged in three circles from the chin to the ear, the corner of the mouth to the ear and the side of the nose to the temple.

  Fourteen, fourteen actions that damage facial lines. The face is composed of twenty-four random machines. Some incorrect actions will deepen the facial wrinkles and accelerate skin aging.

Here are fourteen actions that are harmful to the face: smoking, dragging your cheeks carefully, scratching and rubbing your face, digging your nostrils or brushing your teeth, biting your fingers, pulling your earlobe or hair, biting the pen, often opening your mouth, biting your lips, raising your lipsBrow unilaterally, whistle, drink with a straw, frown or pout, and sleep with your face against the pillow.

In addition, some daily habits will also affect the lines of the face, such as dirty hair, squinting in the sun, but not wearing myopia.

  Fifteen, washing your face thoroughly with mild alkaline soap is the first step in beauty and beauty, and cleanser is an indispensable thing for washing your face.

However, there are many kinds of soaps on the front. Facial cleansers often do not know how to choose.

Normally, you can use alkaline soap to wash your face. It can neutralize the weak acid at both ends to exert the best cleaning power. After washing, you can rub the lotion to prevent tension and achieve lubricating effect.

In addition, the use of soaps with special ingredients should be avoided, otherwise they can easily become self-contained.

  Sixteen, a simple and quick-acting hair pavement can help remove dirt and shrink pores, while maintaining skin softness and preventing wrinkles.

The following two methods of applying the face are suitable to be done at home, which are not only simple but also effective.


Tea surface method: problem skin is also very suitable for this method, because the tannic acid in tea is based on the treatment and refreshing effect.

Put two tea bags into a bowl of boiling water, let it cool, then pat the face with tea, repeat it after five minutes, and then wash the face with water.


Milk surface method: This method has a nourishing effect on both normal and dry skin.

Dip the cotton in milk and recoat it.
Rinse with water after about five minutes.
  Seventeen, homemade rose dew rose petals is one of the most effective skin care products.

Since ancient times, rose dew has been the magical beauty water that ladies love.

It has a unique and unique effect on the rapid recovery of the skin.

The method of rose dew is to collect about two pounds of fresh rose petals, wash them, put three cups of petals in a heat-resistant stew pot, add water just covering the petals, and slowly use a small fire for 45 minutes.Then remove the residual juice from the petals, and add three cups of flower petals to continue cooking. This time, do not repeat the process with water simmer until two pounds of petals are cooked. Then filter the flower residue with denim and freeze the rose dew.
When using, dipped in rose cotton with absorbent cotton, gently pat on the face, shrink the hair milk on one side, it can make the skin replenish a certain amount of moisture, make the skin fresh and comfortable.

  18. Shiatsu is the beauty of your eyes. Acupressure of the eyes can not only eliminate crow’s feet, but also increase the charm of the eyes.

The method of eliminating crow’s feet and claws is to use three ring fingers, middle finger, and index finger to press three to five seconds at the corner of the eye and repeat three times.

To make your eyes more flexible and attractive, start with the upper part of your left eye, repeat with your index finger in the direction of the corner of your eye, block each point for two to four seconds, and repeat three times.

End the upper part, then change the right eye.

Finally, use the three fingers of your left and right hands to block the left and right eye corners together for about ten seconds.

  Nineteen, drinking beer can make skin bodybuilding beer one of the beauty foods. Moderate amount of beer can promote blood circulation and make women’s skin healthier.

At the same time, beer is a diuretic. Drinking it can accelerate the role of the excretory system, promote metabolism, absorb nutrients, and indirectly transform radiance.

  Twenty, how to apply nail polish Nail polish is an irreplaceable cosmetic for women’s hands, which can conceal outstanding advantages.

When nails are too wide, don’t cover all nails.

People with shorter fingers should paint light nail polish, and those with longer fingers can choose a darker color.

In addition, nail polish can not be applied continuously for many years. If used for a long time, some nails will become discolored and easily broken.

  Twenty, makeup tips for middle-aged women Make-up for middle-aged women is best to choose the color of red bean paste, which can give people a sense of stability and gentleness.

In addition, apply a transparent powder, and use as little noodles and powder as possible, so as not to cause powder marks on wrinkled areas.

When drawing eyebrows, be sure to wipe evenly with an eyebrow brush to avoid the harsh feeling of stranding the two black lines.

  Twenty-two, makeup before photography replaces the universal application of life photography. Correct makeup before taking photos can leave you beautiful moments.

When applying makeup, it is best to use less pink shades to avoid rinsing, and the skin tone may become reddish.

When applying blush, the color choice should match the color of the dress you are wearing.

眼影则以清晰简单的线条为主,若是下眼睑较浮肿的话,可选用较明亮的掩盖\膏,使眼睛更传神。  Twenty-three, five-minute makeup make-up skills. Finishing makeup work in the shortest time, glowing, is an indispensable life skill for women now.

When applying makeup, use a press-type makeup method instead of applying force.

When applying makeup on the face, avoid rubbing foundation cream and other things, just apply powder.

For the eyes, if the eyelids are already painted with bright light or the lines of the protruding eyes are drawn, they must be wiped clean with a sponge that absorbs makeup, and then applied again.

If you feel that the eyelids are too dull, you can add a little brighter eyeshadow.

Before applying makeup to your lips, you must first wipe off the built-in lipstick, then carefully draw the shape of the lips with a lip pencil, and then apply lipstick.

  Twenty-four, make lipstick lipstick fade, the same as other parts of the lips, make the base beforehand, makeup will last.

Before applying lipstick, you should put on some lip balm, by the way press the powder, moisturize the lips, and then apply lipstick, so that the lip color will attract full and shiny.

To make lipstick lasting, there is a secret: after applying, pout a mouthful, or press a piece of makeup paper on the lips, then apply some transparent foundation with a puff or cotton swab, and press gently back and forth to let the foundation penetrate to fix the lipstick.

  Twenty-five, makeup removal, beauty can be used olive oil olive oil is a cheap and no substitute for cosmetics, can remove makeup, decontamination, beauty, very effective.

Olive oil is a vegetable oil that is easily absorbed by the skin, which makes the skin elastic and maintains youthful vitality.

If the skin is too dry, the skin will produce many small wrinkles. As long as you massage with olives to keep the blood vessels open, the skin is naturally elastic and the wrinkles will disappear.

Olive oil is also a good makeup remover, which thoroughly cleanses the skin to prevent cosmetics from remaining in the pores and causing branching.

It can soften the cuticles, so it is tiring for work. When you use your eyes too much, you can close your eyes, warm olive oil with cotton and dip it on the eyelids and massage gently. After a few minutes, you can remove fatigue.

Olive oil can also be used as a detergent cleanser, especially suitable for use in the ears, navel and other places.

Ears cannot be cleaned with water due to their special structure. They can be cleaned with cotton swabs and olive oil.
Navel often accumulates some dirt. It is best not to dig with your hands to avoid injury caused by excessive stimulation.
The ideal solution is to use olive oil for cleaning.

  Twenty-six, the use of perfume on the “attractions” improves the use of perfume, resets women to emit unique softness, and can also surround people following the scent of fragrance to refresh their spirit.

However, the use of perfume has its own tricks, and the effect can be very serious if not used properly.

Perfume is more effective when applied to pulse-beating or high-temperature areas, which are often called “attractions.”

The attractions of the human body include behind the ears, behind the neck, elbows, wrists, knees, etc. Guess the perfume in these places, the long-lasting effect is more relaxing.

Similarly, there are a few taboos about using perfume.

For example, using two or more different fragrances at the same time may lead to another odor.

  In addition, sweat easily under the arm, not suitable for rubbing perfume. Except for gold, it is best not to rub it on gems, especially pearls.

  Twenty-seven, the rough hands quickly changed their face. The housewife washed and brushed every day. If they were not properly maintained, they would soon become rough.

Therefore, after doing a day’s housework and taking a comfortable bath, you can put some hot water in the washbasin, melt some cold frost in the water, and soak your hands in it.

  Twenty-eight, washing dishes, laundry should wear gloves. Housewives may crack, peel or even bleed their fingers due to contact with soap or detergent.

Therefore, when washing clothes or washing dishes, be sure to wear rubber gloves. It is best to wear a pair of cotton gloves to relieve the irritation to the skin.

Do not use it for more than thirty minutes at a time.

If water, soap or detergent penetrates into the gloves, remove them immediately, sprinkle the powder into the gloves with talcum powder, and dry them before using them again.

  Twenty-nine, fingers make hands soft and flexible. Finger exercises can keep hands soft, promote blood circulation, make skin smooth, and may also improve the condition of nails.

The process is as follows: □ 1.

Hot potato style: Hold your hand into a fist and open it quickly, just like holding something very hot and want to throw away immediately.

When you open your hand, spread your palms as far as possible and try to straighten your fingers.

□ 2.

Quick swing type: aim your arms at the front body, let your hands align for a full minute, then immediately raise it to your head, count down to ten and then lower it.

□ 3.

Squeeze type: Hold a small ball tightly with one hand for ten seconds, then relax, and then hold the other hand tightly, repeat this three or four times.

  Thirty, hand massage First, pour some hand cream on the palm, then massage the right hand with the thumb of the left hand, and then massage the left hand with the right hand.

Massage from your wrist to your fingers in just a few minutes watching TV or making a phone call.

At first it is the palm of the hand, then the side of the arm, then massage the right hand with the left thumb and follow the left hand with the right hand.

Massage from your wrist to your fingers in just a few minutes watching TV or making a phone call.
At first it is the palm of the hand, and then the side of the arm. Frequent continuous massage can promote blood circulation and keep the hands beautiful and flexible.

  Thirty-one, foot care.

First wash with neutral soap, then soak in soapy water for about five minutes.

The toes are best cleaned with a good-quality foot brush, which can remove dirt inside the nails more than digging with a file tip and will not harm the skin.

Then look at the sides of the feet and the soles of the feet. If you find a particularly rough surface of the epidermis, rub it gently with pumice or a file to prevent long eyes or cocoons.

Never use a razor blade, as it can easily cut and cause infection.

Dry thoroughly after washing and massage with plenty of skin care cream or lotion.

If the soles of the feet are sweating, sprinkle duster powder or talcum powder.

Finally, the toenails should be kept straight, and the toenails should not be cut off, so as to avoid the toenails getting in the meat and causing pain.

  Thirty-two, care for sweaty feet People who sweat and sweat their feet need to change at least two pairs of socks every day.

And wash your feet with soap and warm water sooner or later. After warm water wash, you need to soak in cold water for a while.

After washing, dry your feet thoroughly with a towel, apply methanol or deodorant spray, and then apply some talcum powder to eliminate excessive sweating.

  Thirty-three, there are nine kinds of food that are easy to look.
Strawberries: Strawberries are rich in vitamin C. The same amount of strawberries contains more vitamin C than the same amount of oranges, which is very helpful to keep the skin delicate.

At the same time, the vitamin A and potassium he contains can also strengthen muscles and delay aging.

At the same time, the trace amount of strawberries is very low, so you don’t have to worry about getting fat.


Broccoli: In addition to vitamin C, it contains vitamins A and B that nourish the skin, which can prevent rough skin and resist skin diseases.


Spinach: It contains a large amount of iron, which can supplement the body from the perspective of a natural diet, to prevent anemia and corresponding malnutrition caused by iron deficiency, and many women’s facial problems are precisely caused by this reason.


Skimmed milk: Milk is the best source of human calcium. The calcium it provides is most easily absorbed by the human body and can prevent facial aging caused by calcium deficiency. Women should generally take 3 cups of milk daily.


Tofu and soy products: This kind of food contains a lot of vitamin A and calcium, protein and cellulose, and has very low transmission, which has always been the top grade in beauty foods.


Whole wheat bread: The thicker the bread, the better it is for beauty.

Because coarse bread has comprehensively retained the nutrients of wheat, including protein, iron, potassium and vitamin B elements, it can make human skin tender, bright eyes, and prevent the occurrence of dryness.


Liver: The animal’s liver is very effective for beauty, but because of its high cholesterol content, it is advisable to eat it once a week.


Fish: The protein of fish is the highest quality. It has higher nutritional value than the meat of pigs, cows, sheep, and chickens, and it is occasionally low in content. It can be well nourished and repair damaged skin.First choice.


Turkey: Turkey contains more iron than regular chicken, and it also contains vitamin B and potassium, which can help keep skin and muscles full.

Squid is best eaten with whole grains

Squid is best eaten with whole grains

Vitamin B1 (thiamine) plays an important role in sugar metabolism. It can maintain the health of nerves, liver and heart, promote human growth and development, promote digestion, increase appetite and promote milk secretion.

In the absence of it, it can cause beriberi, mainly manifested as polyneuritis, abnormal heart function, body edema, anorexia, vomiting and so on.

Vitamin B1 is widely found in cereals, and the surface layer of legumes is the most abundant in coarse grains.

However, because most of the foods consumed by modern people are refined, there are more and more people with vitamin B1 deficiency, especially children.

  This is especially true for people who love raw fish, because raw fish contains thiaminase (vitamin B1 decomposing enzyme) that destroys vitamin B1. Long-term consumption of raw fish can cause vitamin B1 deficiency.

However, after the general fish is heated, the vitamin B1 decomposing enzyme will be passivated when it is boiled, and will not affect the absorption of vitamin B1 in the mixed food.

The vitamin B1 decomposing enzyme in the squid is stable to heat and the heating is not destroyed. Therefore, people who often eat squid should pay attention to vitamin B1. When eating squid, eat more foods rich in vitamin B1, rich in vitamins in food.The content of B1.

For example: wheat bran, rice, soybeans, peanuts, vegetables, lean pork, animal offal and so on.

The three essential nutrients of the body

The three essential nutrients of the body

First, the effectiveness of carbohydrates Free radicals can also be called sugars, which are digested fastest and easiest to be absorbed by the body, and can provide the main source of activity energy.

And carbohydrates can be fully burned in the human body, producing carbon dioxide and water, and will not produce other substances, so it is the most appropriate energy for the three major nutrients required by the human body.

  Second, the efficacy of protein Protein’s effect on the human body is to make meat, blood, increase the skin’s gloss and elasticity, dark hair, etc. However, if only dietary protein is ingested in the diet, it will cause the protein to fail to effectively exert its own functions and only provide pureFuel, as the basic energy of the body.

  Third, the function of aunt can be divided into animal aunt or plant aunt, but aunt has more than two times more calories than manure and protein.

Carbohydrates can be produced from the body after being absorbed by the general human body.

  The methods and disadvantages of protein and adults becoming substitutes are generally, as long as the body does not have any protein, the existence of protein and adults will be regarded as a thin substitute.

Moreover, before proteins and adults can be decomposed into useful energy, they must overcome the full cooperation of the liver and kidneys in order to generate usable energy and easily cause unnecessary burden on the human body.

The ancient book of traditional Chinese medicine pulse diagnosis

The ancient book of traditional Chinese medicine pulse diagnosis

Pulse diagnosis is the most diagnostic method with TCM characteristics. Although it is at the end of the “four diagnosis”, “the subtlety is in the pulse, it is necessary to observe.”

The most commonly used site for pulse diagnosis is the inch-mouth pulse. According to the position and shape of the pulse, the inch-mouth pulse can be divided into two types: normal pulse and abnormal pulse.

As far as possible, people can touch the pulse of the radial artery according to the position of the inch mouth of the Chinese medicine, and position the inch, stalk, and ruler in accordance with the high bone behind the palm.

But there are also a few people who are not in the Cangkou, but now on the back of the Cangkou, so they are called anti-Guanmai.

  The anti-off pulse is a physiologically altered pulse position.

Due to the variation of the physiological position, the radial artery runs on the back side of the wrist joint, so the position of the incision pulse is at the same time as the back of the mouth. This specific pulse position is called the anti-guan vein.

That is, the famous masterpiece of three-finger meditation said: “There are pulses that do not work in Cunkou. They are lacking in the lungs, puncturing the sides of the arms, and entering the Yangxi point of the large intestine.

The anti-Guanmai can be seen in both hands or in one hand. Because of its shallow position, it can often see a regular pulsation on the back of the wrist. This is caused by congenital and is generally not a disease. Therefore, it is not appropriate to use conventional inches.Off, ruler to diagnose the disease.

  Regarding the cause of the anti-Guanmai, “Zhenzhuang Sanmei · Twelve Questions of Interrogation · Questioning the Anti-Guanmai” recorded: The veins of the anti-Guanguan that the past people have said, but the position of the pulse is different, and the pulses that have not been seen have been examined.Ordinary people can deduce it, but don’t they make a difference?

Answer: All those who are against the pulse are bound by the pulse path, so they are transposed to see it, and they ca n’t follow the usual pulse.

The reasons for their opposition are different, and the symptoms of opposition are also different.

It’s a pulse that goes against the border, and it’s not as deep as Shen.

Strong is too good.

It is not easy to find a way for a moderate.

There are also small and weak parts, some of which are like beads, and this meridian is blocked in its place.

Therefore, its veins are smaller than those of ordinary people, which is often counterproductive.

There are very few anti-bigger people than ordinary people, so you can’t mutate under your fingers.

Everyone who encounters unusual and unusual pulses must be queried, which is slightly larger than usual, that is, evil prosperity.

Smaller than usual, is Qi failure.

Participate in the evidence you see.

  Similar to the anti-Guanmai pulse, which is easy to correct, is the Xingmai pulse, which differs from the Anti-Guanmai pulse in two ways: First, there may also be very weak pulsations mainly at the normal pulse taking place;The pulsation disappeared, and the normal pulsation returned to the normal pulsation.

This pulse varies from disease to disease, and returns to normal due to healing, which cannot be explained by anatomy, and has not been recorded in medical literature.

Similar radial artery malformations also have oblique flying veins, which means that the veins are oblique from the ulnar to the carpal side of the tiger’s mouth.

Attention should be paid to clinical identification.