Beijing Shougang issued a document to commemorate Ji Zhe’s exposure of antibiotics at Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital

Beijing Shougang issued a document to commemorate Ji Zhe’s exposure of antibiotics at Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital
The Beijing News News on the 5th, the Beijing Shougang Basketball Club issued a long article to commemorate Ji Zhe in its official blog, saying that “it will do its best to help Ji Zhe’s family to spend the hard time losing loved ones.”The following is the full text: Ji Zhe left.At 2:14 in the morning on December 5, 2019, the China-Japan Friendship Hospital, after stubbornly fighting lung cancer for more than a year, Ji Zhe left us.In 2007, Ji Zhe came to the Beijing Shougang men’s basketball team. He was not too tall at 2.02 meters, but his basic skills were solid. He quickly won the love and trust of everyone. He used his body to guard the restricted area of Beijing basketball.Whether in the trough of the team’s irregular staff, poor record, or in the team’s ambition, four years and three highlights, Ji Zhe has always been brave to use his mid-range shot, his three points, his rebound,Silently contributed all his energy to the team.For a long time, Ji Zhe was the one who was scolded the most by the head coach, and the one who loved the most.Never give up, always insist that this is his own creed, but also belongs to the spirit of Beijing basketball.Like everyone else on the team, he is willing to give everything for the team.He wasn’t the one with the charge and the huge halo above his head, but he was the one who stood firm and hit the last one who shouted “fire at me”.Basketball is a sport that requires passion and blood, and Ji Zhe transforms his passion and blood into hard work on the court.Since serving as the captain of the Shougang men’s basketball team, Ji Zhe, like his elder brother, has taken care of many players and guarded this team.Blood is thicker than water, Ji Zhe has always been an important member of the Shougang family.He was selflessly dedicated and gave his last light and heat to Beijing basketball.He is not a very expressive person, but his conscientiousness, meticulousness and low-key are popular.In many cases, Ji Zhe had his own pain, but he pressed himself, endured, and stayed, and only showed his smile to those around him.In August last year, Ji Zhe confirmed his illness and the club helped him travel to the United States for treatment.He didn’t tell the fans about his condition, and we are the same, because we all believe that this is a temporary difficulty, and he will return to the field one day after hard work.Family, friends and clubs do their best to accompany him to treatment.During the treatment, Ji Zhe kept in touch with the club and the team to show everyone his tenacious will and optimism to return to the arena. He said, “Brothers, wait for me.”Not long ago, Ji Zhe also said to his mother: “I want to go back to play.”But the disease was cruel and ruthless, and after a long period of treatment, Ji Zhe left us.We are as heartbroken as all fans, and I hope he can appear in the dormitory, cafeteria, court as before . Ji Zhe is gone, in another world he will love basketball as deeply as we are.His No. 51 jersey will always stay in the Shougang men’s basketball team, floating in the sky above the court, accompanying his loved ones and loved ones.Sorrowful, heart twisted.We will do our best to help Ji Zhe’s family spend the hard time losing loved ones.Ji Zhe is with us.There are also basketball companions in heaven.Editor Liu Jiani Source: Beijing Shougang Basketball Club

Yutong Bus (600066): Sales and profit both rise to the top

Yutong Bus (600066): Sales and profit both rise to the top

Performance has grown steadily, 深圳桑拿网 and operating cash flow has improved.

The company’s Q3 achieved operating income of 84 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 14% for the year;

4 ‰, an annual increase of 10%; gross profit margin of 24.

14%, net interest rate 7.

78%, which decreases by 3 each year.

13 and 0.

17 units.

Cumulative revenue in the first three quarters was USD 1.3 billion, an annual increase of 11%; net profit attributable to mothers was USD 1.3 billion, an annual increase of 11%; gross and net profit margins were 0.

22 and up 0.

19 single; net operating cash flow of 1.6 billion, an annual increase of 224%.

The leading level is solid, showing strong cost control capabilities.

In the first three quarters, the cumulative sales volume was 40,000 units, an annual increase of 7%, of which large and medium-sized light passenger cars 夜来香体验网 increased by 2%, 12%, and 5%, respectively.

The company’s leading position is highly stable, and its market share is steadily increasing, which is the basis for excellent performance potential.

At the same time, the company has budgeted cost control capabilities, and its net interest rate has steadily increased in the first three quarters.

After August, the replacement of new energy buses with downhill replacements will have a significant impact on the company’s profitability.

The volume of export orders can be expected, which opens up the medium and long-term growth space.

The company is actively planning overseas markets. In Asia, Africa, Latin America and other regions with poor infrastructure and public transportation, the export demand for large and medium-sized buses has shown a growth trend. In Europe and the United States, new energy buses have gradually expanded their market share.Energy buses all have global competitive advantages, and exports are expected to accelerate in the future.

Investment suggestion: We estimate that the company’s net profit attributable to mothers in 2019 and 2020 will be US $ 2.5 billion and US $ 2.6 billion, respectively. The current overall corresponding dynamic estimates are 12, and 12 times, respectively. Maintain the “Buy” rating.

Risk warning: new energy supplements withdraw significantly; overseas export orders exceed expectations.

Hexing Packaging (002228): Steady expansion of packaging business and rapid growth of supply chain services

Hexing Packaging (002228): Steady expansion of packaging business and rapid growth of supply chain services

Event: The company released its 2018 annual report.

Initially realized operating income 121.

70,000 yuan, an increase of 39 in ten years.

1%, realizing net profit attributable to mother 2.

30,000 yuan, an annual increase of 64.

5%, to achieve net profit after deduction 2

2 ‰, the annual growth rate is 68.


As the company adjusted its 2017 and 2016 revenue according to the “2017 Annual Report of Listed Companies Accounting Supervision Report” issued by the Securities and Futures Commission in August 2018, the company ‘s 17-year base was raised and it will acquire Hezhong Chuangya (Asia)) Produced 2.

The non-operating income of USD 9.6 billion is adjusted to 16 years. Therefore, the growth rate of the annual report for the 18 years is earlier than the data in the semi-annual report and the quarterly report for 18 years. However, the company’s consolidated packaging business has developed steadily, and the supply chain services have expanded rapidly.expected.

The pressure on raw material prices has dropped, and operating capacity has continued to improve.

By business, packaging achieved revenue of 93.

30,000 yuan, an annual increase of 22.

5%, supply chain services realized revenue 28.

4 ‰, an increase of 149 in ten years.


The company scale achieved gross profit margin of 12.

5%, down by 1 every year.

3pp, one is because the proportion of supply chain service sales with a low gross profit margin has increased, and the other is because the average price of corrugated paper, the main raw material, has increased by about 5% over the 17-year period.

The price of corrugated paper has dropped significantly since the fourth quarter of 2018. The current price has dropped by about 32% from the 18-year high, and the company’s gross profit margin has room for improvement.

The company’s highest three-rate interest rate is 8.

9%, a decline of 0 per year.

4pp, mainly because the company continued to promote the construction of standardized factories and a refined management system, which improved operational efficiency.

The company accrued 5,809 impairment losses on goodwill throughout the year.

80,000 yuan, the first and foremost is the deterioration of Daqing Huayang’s operating capacity. After the asset revaluation, approximately 51.64 million goodwill impairment losses were accrued.

The overall scale of the company’s book goodwill is about 17.23 million, which will be expanded at least. It will not affect the company’s net profit in the future.

In terms of cash flow, the company’s 18-year operating cash flow increased by 344% to reach 5.

600 million US dollars, mainly benefited from the good customer repayment, the company expanded the scale of centralized procurement and increased bill settlement.

Outbound mergers and acquisitions help to integrate production capacity and regional balanced development.

The company completed the acquisition of 100% of Hezhong Chuangya (Asia) in the first half of 2018.

The merger of Hezhongzhong can realize the complementary advantages of the joint venture company. Hexing’s advantageous regions are in South China and Central China. By integrating Hezhong Chuangya, the company’s production capacity distribution and sales in East China, North China, Southwest, and Northeast China are significantlyWith the improvement, the proportion of the four regions in total revenue increased by 2pp, 2 respectively.

3pp, 2.

7pp and 1.

1pp, the company’s regional layout 深圳SPA会所 is more reasonable, and the market area will be further strengthened.

M & A integration has also driven the company’s packaging business to achieve steady growth, achieving revenue of 93 in 18 years.

30,000 yuan, an annual increase of 22.

5%, the IPS / PSCP project continues to advance, and the strategic transformation is progressing smoothly.

The company continued to advance the “100 billion services” strategy, and the Industrial Supply Chain Cloud Platform (PSCP) and Intelligent Packaging Integration Services (IPS) continued to explode in 18 years.Supply chain services have gradually realized revenue for 18 years.

4 ‰, a year-on-year increase of 150%, and an increase in scale, the gross profit margin of supply chain services has also improved significantly, achieving a gross profit margin of 4 in 18 years.

5%, a significant increase every year.


IPS has signed contracts with many customers such as Jabil and Goodbaby, and has invested in more than 10 packaging production lines.

Currently in the equipment procurement stage, the project progress is in line with expectations.

At present, the PSCP project has reached 1,400 customers, an increase of 700 from the end of 2017, and it is still developing at a high speed. If the subsequent collaboration with IPS is realized, the company’s packaging services and supply capabilities will be fully enhanced.

Earnings forecasts and investment advice.

It is expected that EPS for 2019-2021 will be 0.

32 yuan, 0.

37 yuan, 0.

43 yuan, corresponding to PE is 16 times, 14 times and 12 times.

Based on the company’s historical estimates and industry estimates, the PE is given 18 times the 19-year target price.

76 yuan, maintain “overweight” rating.

Risk warning: the risk of rising raw material prices; the risk of intensified market competition leading to terminal sales being lower than expected; the risk of the PSCP business developing less than expected.

McGrady Technology (603990) Company Research: Set to Raise 1 Billion USD in Capital Strength

McGrady Technology (603990) Company Research: Set to Raise 1 Billion USD in Capital Strength
Event: The company issued an announcement on February 27, intending to issue a non-public offering to 5 controlling investors, including the controlling shareholder of the listed company and the actual controller, Weng Kang, not exceeding 2539.360,000 shares, raising 西安耍耍网 less than 1 billion; of which, Weng Kang subscribed for 500 million. The company will increase its capital strength by raising 1 billion US dollars to increase the shareholder’s shareholding ratio.The company intends to issue non-public offerings not exceeding 2539.360,000 shares, fundraising not exceeding 1 billion, Weng Kang, Chen Jixia, Yue Hai Asset Management, Wells Fargo Fund, Minsheng Securities subscribed in cash, of which the actual controller and chairman Weng Kang subscribed for 5 billion.The fixed issue price is 39.38 yuan / share, not less than 80% of the average trading price of McGrady Technology stocks in the 20 trading days before the pricing benchmark date.The amount of funds raised will be used to supplement the working capital of listed companies after deducting the issuance expenses.This will 1) strengthen the capital strength of listed companies, expand their business scale, and consolidate the company’s competitive advantages within the industry; 2) optimize the capital structure of listed companies and enhance their ability to resist risks;After the end, the total shareholding ratio of the actual controller will reach 26.95%, to ensure the stability of the company’s control. The emergency rescue platform opened a new growth for the company, and hand numbness and intensive care developed steadily.1) The market for sinking hemp was opened, and “products + quality control platforms” cast high barriers.The policy promotes the construction of clinical informatization in medical institutions below the third level, and the demand for surgical anesthesia sinking has begun.The company has a high market share of the top three hand hemp hospitals, a high degree of product maturity, many hand hemp quality control platforms have landed, and “products + quality control platforms” have cast high barriers.Promote the potential basis for secondary hospitals.2) Intensified intensive care resources in the epidemic situation, it is imperative to improve the efficiency of the ICU system.In the epidemic situation, ICU’s intensive care resources are tight, and the intensive care clinical information system has outstanding capabilities in improving efficiency and saving manpower.3) Accelerate the nationwide rescue platform based on the “Five Centers”. The “531” benchmarking project highlights the competitive advantage.The policy requires that by 2020, emergency critical care systems based on the “Five Centers” will be gradually established throughout the country.The regional smart emergency platform of Suzhou model has become a benchmarking project, which can be replicated throughout the country. The company has been deeply involved in the construction of the Suzhou “531” project and has made efforts in emergency emergency construction.We believe that sufficient capital strength will help the company improve competition in the field of clinical informatization and emergency and emergency services, and provide guarantee for the company to undertake business and expand operations. Entered the blue ocean market with high barriers to assisted reproduction, and the remaining capital created the entire industry chain ecology.1) The infertility rate continues to rise, and assisted reproduction becomes a blue ocean market.The prevalence of infertility in China is expected to reach 18 by 2023.2%, the number of infertile couples reached 5 million person-times, China ‘s assisted reproductive market penetration and transformation in 2018 was 7%, while the US market penetration rate exceeded 30%.With the increase in penetration, China ‘s population base has increased, and assisted reproduction has become a blue ocean market.2) Assisted reproduction license has created high-gate biology, and high-quality private institutions have development potential.China’s assisted reproductive services market is strictly regulated, and the number of licenses is limited, making it difficult to crack new applications.When the market penetration rate rises in the future and the licenses are redistributed in accordance with national regulations, the funding time for top public hospitals will increase, and some high-quality private institutions will release their development potential.3) Acquired Hainan Mary Hospital to build an ecosystem of assisted reproductive industry.The company acquires 51% equity in Mary’s Hospital to enter assisted reproduction. It is expected to focus on assisted reproductive medical institutions in the future, continue to increase the number of cycles and expand the market size, and extend to the middle of the industrial chain to provide menstrual and endocrine management services, and infertility and infertility.Eugenics and childcare services.At the same time, it has its own information advantages and builds a national assisted reproduction cloud platform to provide more possibilities for derivative services.We believe that sufficient capital strength will accelerate the company’s industrial chain layout in the assisted reproductive market and expand the assisted reproductive cycle centered on assisted reproductive medical institutions. Maintain “Buy” rating.We forecast the company to achieve revenue from 2019-2021.30, 4.82, 5.9.9 billion yuan, an annual increase of 16.1%, 46.1%, 24.2%, achieve net profit attributable to mother 0.66, 1.40, 1.9.6 billion, an annual increase of 19.2%, 111%, 40.4%.Maintain “Buy” rating. Risk warning: the progress of assisted reproduction business exceeds expectations; the progress of emergency and emergency national construction is gradually expected; key assumptions may be at risk of errors.

Keming Noodle Industry (002661) Quarterly Commentary: The short-term performance exceeds the expected low-end heavy-duty long-term logic.

Keming Noodle Industry (002661) Quarterly Commentary: The short-term performance exceeded the expected low-end heavy volume long-term logic does not 北京夜生活网 change

Key points of investment: The company announced the third quarter report of 19, and realized revenue of 22 in the first three quarters.

5 billion, +12 per year.

6%; net profit attributable to mother 1.

3.3 billion, a year-19.


In the third quarter of 19, it achieved revenue of 7.

3.5 billion, +3 a year.

5%; net profit attributable to mother 0.

2.9 billion yuan -41 per year.

5%, deducting non-net profit 0.

1.8 billion yuan per year -57.


The company expects to return to net profit in 19 years.


3 billion, +4 per year.

+ 23.


  Ping An’s perspective: Multiple factors affect the revenue growth rate: the company’s 3Q19 revenue is +3 for ten years.

5%, compared with 2Q1917.

The 6% growth rate has dropped sharply, which may be affected by two factors: 1) the 3Q19 company raised the price of high-margin products, which 杭州桑拿 affected the sales of the product; 2) due to fluctuations, there were high and low base differences between 2Q18 and 3Q18,Under the previous high base, income growth pressure or magnitude.

3) Revenue from small businesses such as rice and rice noodles increased.

From the perspective of sales volume, we expect that high-margin products will be affected by price increases. The growth rate may replace single digits, and high cost-effective products may still maintain double-digit growth.

Looking back, through the continuous promotion of new investment promotion and the subsequent release of flat production capacity, the growth of revenue has accelerated again.

  The gross profit margin decreased slightly, and the proportion of the three fees expanded. The company’s earlier use of wheat for storage and storage led to a higher gross profit margin. In 3Q19, the gross profit margin only decreased slightly in the context of not expanding the use of wheat for storage and storage.

3 pieces to 25.

2%, mainly benefiting from the increase in prices of high-margin products and the volume of Xinjiang factories using certain raw materials.

Company 3Q19 selling expenses expense 12.

2%, increase by 1 every year.

6pcts, the main reason is that the transportation costs of Xinjiang factory products have increased significantly.

Company 3Q19 management fee expenses 5.

3%, a year increase of 0.


Company 3Q19 financial expenses expenses 2.

8%, increase by 1 every year.

1pcts, mainly due to the substantial increase in bank short-term borrowing interest and bond index fees payable.

  The long-term logic has not changed, maintaining the “recommended” rating: Although 3Q19 performance suffered setbacks, the performance forecast guided the company in 4Q19 to try to achieve rapid growth in net profit at a low base, but the performance did not need to be spent.
  We believe that the company’s strategic transformation has achieved staged results, and low-end business accumulation is gradually becoming a new growth engine, and the long-term growth space has gradually opened.

We maintain the company’s 19-21 EPS to 0.
62, 0.

80, 0.

The forecast of 98 yuan corresponds to 19 for the current PE.

5X, 15.

1X, 12.

2 times, maintaining the “recommended” level.

Guiyang Bank (601997): Revenue continues to pick up for 12 months

Guiyang Bank (601997): Revenue continues to pick up for 12 months
Investment Highlights Financial Report Highlights: 1. The performance growth rate is steadily increasing. Revenue and PPOP are supported by a low base, and the annual growth rate rises to more than 10%.2. Cost and income are down compared with one year.The annualized cost-income ratio in a single season is 28.7%, down by 1 from last year.1 unit, of which management fee increased by 13% in ten years, the growth rate was 15 in the first quarter.The 3% growth rate is narrowing.Insufficient financial reports: 1. Net interest income was -6 MoM.9%, mainly due to the downward drag on interest rates.The decline in interest rates is mainly due to the rise in the interest rate on the debt side.2. Overdue rate increased by 1.56 up to 4.49%, mainly due to loan growth overdue within 90 days.  The growth rate of performance has been steadily increasing, and the growth rate of revenue and PPOP has increased to 10% over the past few years. At the same time, the amount of provisions has been reduced, and the growth rate of net profit has exceeded 15%.1Q18-1H19 revenue, PPOP, net profit attributable to mother or growth rate were 11 respectively.8% / 6.4% / 1.7% / 1.4% / 9.3% / 12.0%, 17.0% / 7.4% / 1.9% / 3.2% / 7.0% / 11.0%, 20.0% / 19.8% / 17.2% / 13.4% / 12.4% / 16.5%.  1H19 performance growth growth indicators: positive contribution performance factors for scale, non-interest, provision, performance.  The negative contribution factors are interest margin and cost.Taking a closer look at the changes in the contribution of various factors, the marginal contribution to performance is improved: 1. The scale growth rate has slightly expanded, and the positive contribution to performance has increased.2. The margin of interest margin improved, and the negative contribution to performance narrowed.3. Cost control is good, and negative contribution to performance is weakened.  4. The positive contribution of performance to performance is enhanced.The marginal contribution attenuation is: 1, non-interest has a certain attenuation to the performance support.In the second quarter and the second quarter, there was a certain increase in the provision and withdrawal of provisions, and the positive contribution of provisions to performance weakened.  Investment suggestion: The company 2019E, 2020E PB 0.76X / 0.65X; PE 4.49X / 4.00X (City Commercial Bank PB 0.91X / 0.81X; PE 7.57X / 6.68X), Guiyang Bank’s revenue has further picked up, and its asset and debt structure has remained relatively stable. It is recommended to keep track.合肥夜网  Risk warning: The economic growth exceeds expectations, and the company’s business advances less than expected.

Antarctic e-commerce (002127): Performance in line with expectations GMV continued to increase operations continued to improve

Antarctic e-commerce (002127): Performance in line with expectations GMV continued to increase operations continued to improve

The 3Q19 results were in line with our expectations. The 3Q19 operating results announced by the company: Revenue 杭州夜网论坛 growth in the first three quarters of 29.

4%, net profit increased by 34.


Single third quarter revenue 10.

13 ppm, an increase of 24 in ten years.

9%; net profit attributable to mother 2.

16 yuan, an annual increase of 36.

9%, corresponding profit 0.

09 yuan, performance in line with expectations.

GMV continued to grow rapidly, with a monetization rate of 4 in 19Q3.


In the first three quarters of 2019, the company’s GMV reached 168 in various e-commerce channels.

10,000 yuan, an increase of 59 in ten years.

5%; GMV 58 achieved in the third and third quarter.

30,000 yuan, an annual increase of 55.


In terms of platforms, the company ‘s GMV in the first three quarters of Ali, Jingdong, social e-commerce, and Vipshop channels increased by 51%, 36%, 132%, and 199%. The GMV of each channel accounted for 66%, 16%, and 13%.4%.

In terms of brands, Antarctic, Cadillac, and Classic Teddy achieved GMV of 14.5 billion, 20 billion, and 1, respectively.

500 million, five-year growth of 65%, 37%, 54%.

The improvement rate of the monetization rate in the third quarter of 1919, and the company’s monetization rate improved in the third quarter of 1919.

0%, gradually increasing and decreasing, we believe that with the expansion of new categories and rapid growth of social platform channels, the change in the monetization rate is within a reasonable range.

Operating conditions continued to improve.

1) 3Q19 company headquarters, time interconnection to achieve revenue2.

5 billion, 7.

US $ 600 million, + 33% and + 22% each year, of which core business brand licensing and comprehensive service income2.

300 million, previously + 43%; net profit attributable to mothers1.

800 million, 33.41 million, + 42%, + 14% each year, maintaining rapid growth.

2) 3Q19 gross profit margin increased by 0.

2ppt, the reduction in advertising expenses and the reduction in sales expense ratio by 2ppt.

Cash flow from operating activities increased by 43% each year, of which Time Connect’s operating cash flow turned positive to 14.71 million yuan on several occasions.

3) The factoring business contracted further, and accounts receivable decreased by 31% each year.

Development trend The company issued an equity incentive plan in September 2019. The performance evaluation target is that the company’s net profit growth attributable to the company from 2019 to 2021 will not be less than 36%, 28%, 28%. The key factors to achieve this goal are company authorization and comprehensiveService revenue will increase by 40%, 30% and 30% respectively 天津夜网 from 2019 to 2021. Higher assessment targets fully demonstrate the company’s confidence in future development.

Earnings forecasts and estimates remain at zero for 2019/2020.

49 yuan and 0.

The 59 yuan is unchanged, corresponding to an annual growth of 35% and 21%. The company currently expects to correspond to 23 in 2019/2020.

5 times / 19.

4x price-earnings ratio.

Maintain Outperform rating and 14.13 yuan target price, corresponding to 29.

0 times 2019 P / E ratio and 24.

0 times 2020 price-earnings ratio, compared with the recent merger of 23.

7% upside.

Risks GMV growth and growth, service rate increases, new brand cultivation is not up to expectations.

3 Habits Before Bedtime Makes You 15 Years Younger

3 Habits Before Bedtime Makes You 15 Years Younger

Women can’t stand the damage of years. When the pressure of life and work comes on, worries, dark circles and other annoying problems follow.

Many women will find that no matter how good their eye creams and expensive masks are, they can’t completely cure skin problems and it is difficult to stay young.

  Here, remind our fellow women, do not stay up all night and drink too much alcohol.

In this way, no matter how good your health and skin are, your youth will soon be exhausted.

Therefore, do not go to bed more than 11:30 every night, drink enough water, eat enough fruits and vegetables every day, in order to truly retain youth.

  Sleeping is the golden age of beauty, and insisting on three small habits before bedtime can help you delay aging and make the skin problems brought about by age no longer damaging.

  First, move before bedtime, before your fitness figure shows up, you can do some simple small exercises in bed and relax your body, which is also good for human health!

  First lie on the bed, lift your legs up and massage from top to bottom.

Keep your legs raised and don’t put them down, or lie on the wall in an L-shape, this action can help thin the calf excess.

  Then lie flat with your legs suspended at 90 degrees, 45 degrees, and 30 degrees in midair, and each angle stays for about 30 seconds to 1 minute, or the limit you can stick to.

This action can shape the muscles of the thighs.

  You can also lie on the bed, with your legs narrowed to your chest, your chest close to your thighs, your hands straight and clamped next to your ears, and your elbows above your palms against your bed.

This action can help rule out stool.

  The two and five fingers are combed to retain the hair. We know that the head has several important points on the body. Through the stimulation during the combing process, the massage effect can be used.

  First comb through the hair with a comb, starting from the forehead and combing from top to bottom, with moderate strength.

  Then use your fingers to gently massage the scalp, and use your fingers to brush the hair from the ears, forehead, and forehead, and then rub the top of the head together.

Repeat this process more than 30 times until you feel scalp numb.

  This action can help clear the blood in the brain and get excess oxygen in the brain.

So as to improve memory, protect hair roots, strengthen hair follicles, eliminate brain fatigue and other effects.

  Third, the feet are soaked in hot water, and the blood-assisting foot is the farthest part from the human heart. It is not easy to get oxygen and blood. In addition, it is easier to be stimulated by the cold to the blood vessels due to the cold in winter.
  However, the foot is another concentrated area of the human body. If the blood supply is insufficient, it will affect the normal operation of many parts such as the liver and kidneys.

Therefore, soaking your feet in warm water before going to bed is good for promoting blood circulation and accelerating your metabolism.

  In particular, Chinese herbal medicine can be added to the water that soaks the feet, because the acupuncture points of the veins on the feet are penetrated, and the pharmaceutical ingredients in the water can be well absorbed.

If you want to reduce the pain of waist and legs by soaking your feet, you can add Angelica sinensis and Chuanxiong; if you want to reduce dizziness, you can add chrysanthemum and prunella; if you want to remove dryness and athlete’s foot, then add wormwood.

Drool while sleeping, watch out for these diseases!

Drool while sleeping, watch out for these diseases!

When a person is a baby, drooling is a very normal physiological phenomenon.

And if you are an adult and still drool while sleeping, it may indicate that a certain disease is happening . Adults drool while sleeping, watch out for these problems!

  1. In addition to drooling while sleeping, if it is accompanied by bad breath, swollen gums and other symptoms, consider having oral ulcers.

First, oral arthritis promotes the production of saliva, which causes drooling during sleep.

In this case, generally only need to cure oral ulcers.

  2. Excessive use of the brain to secrete saliva from the human oral cavity is generally regulated by neural reflexes. If the brain is used excessively during normal study, work and life, it will cause brain fatigue or impair neurological regulation.Causes drooling while sleeping.

For the drooling phenomenon caused by excessive brain use, it is recommended to develop a good routine to avoid overwork.

  3. Facial neuritis has facial neuritis, which may also cause drooling during sleep. To determine whether you have facial neuritis, you can observe whether the facial expression muscles have complications of paralysis. If the eyelids cannot be closed, frowns can not be closed, and hearing and taste are reduced.You should go to the hospital in time.

  4. Stroke precursors Stroke patients often have drooling due to nervous tension. To determine whether they have a precursor to stroke, you can observe whether the corners of their mouths are skewed. If so, they must go to the hospital for treatment in time to avoid exacerbations.
  5. Arteriosclerosis Arteriosclerosis can lead to brain and muscle enlargement and hypoxia, which can cause skin and muscle relaxation, and the elderly can weaken their ability to swallow, which can cause drooling during sleep.

If the elderly drool while sleeping, they can go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible, even if there are no symptoms such as skewed corners and tight eyes.

See how moms comment on breast milk alternatives

See how moms comment on breast milk alternatives

A breast pad: Necessary to prevent breast milk leakage, buy B breast pump C breastfeeding bra according to the amount of personal needs: cotton, bred open type Y, breastfeeding practical experience: breastfeeding bra — mainly breastfeeding convenience, especiallyDuring the confinement period, it is very easy to get cold if you take off your clothes and breastfeeding. It is recommended that MMs buy breastfeeding bras. It feels more practical and convenient.

  AVENT breast pump — feeling special effects, maybe the reason for short nipples, babies don’t like sucking very much, and can only suck out through what is called breast milk.

Its design is very reasonable, storage is extremely convenient, and it plays an extremely important role throughout the breastfeeding period.

There are many brands of breast pumps. I think this breast pump is more user-friendly, and it is also suitable for MMs who are worried about normal breastfeeding and affecting the breast shape. It is not recommended to use an electric breast pump.Extremely unfavorable breast pads — I did not purchase a breast pad, it is recommended that a milk-rich MM is still suitable to prepare a box of breast pads. When the month expires, the hospital will review the pads with pads to prevent wet clothes from getting wet.-Its role is to better protect the mother’s nipples, especially for damaged and painful nipples; (2 breast protectors included, 2 breast implants, two pads), I personally feel that the effect is not very largeHowever, if the nipple is damaged, buying it is still a good tip: It is recommended that the pregnant MM try to wear a bra during pregnancy, otherwise it will easily cause the nipple to be short or the nipple invaded, which will affect normal breastfeeding.

  Breastfeeding, cleaning supplies Bottles: glass, plastic materials Nipples: In conjunction with development, you should first use S-type or 0-6 months Suitable bottle sterilizer / disinfection tongs bottle insulation bucket / milk warmer (more than 4 hours of heat preservation, suitable for breastfeeding when going out) Milk bottle and pacifier special brush storage milk powder box (storage milk powder, easy to carry out) Practical experience: milk bottle — it is a small baby with 125ML glass milk bottle; during confinement, because I suck the milk through the milk pump to the baby,Therefore, the bottle is relatively more equipped.

I bought a lot of milk bottles. Anshi milk pump originally came with two 125ML wide mouth milk bottles. I also bought two AVENT300ML milk bottles before and after. (When it is small, it is mainly used for milk adjustment. A little bigger can be used as a normal milk bottle.AVENT’s Dongdong configuration is relatively complete. Normal milk bottles are equipped with bottle sealing caps and matching nipples; AVENT’s bottle sealing caps are truly leak-proof), Pigeon’s breast milk solid wide-mouth bottles (feeling very good,Worthy of recommendation), Pigeon’s glass bottle set (the concept of Pigeon’s bottles are not sealed), several products of Aideli (a, a large and small combination set bottle, bottle brush included in the set; b, 360 degreesA free big sucking bottle, this model is not suitable for younger babies; c, a small free sucking bottle with two ears (mainly let the baby suck 360 degrees, because the price is quite acceptable, bought one, the purpose isTrain your baby DIY to drink water).

  It feels very bad when using drop, the baby’s pacifier is very easy to suck after sucking. The baby’s bottle design is narrow and not easy to clean. AVENT bottles are wide-mouth bottles, which is more conducive for family members to help clean.The breast milk wide-mouth bottle is outside the wide-mouth bottle, and other bottles are narrower.

  Newborn pacifiers should be equipped with S-shaped pacifiers. Usually, the bottle capacity and pacifier are well matched, and prospective MMs generally don’t worry; there are two types of pacifiers: silicone and rubber. Although silicone pacifiers are soft, they are not as soft as rubber.Pacifiers, but rubber pacifiers need to be replaced frequently, and they usually need to be reconfigured every few days.

  Baby bottle sterilizer / disinfection clamp This is a must-have. I bought a pigeon bottle sterilizer and included disinfection tongs. It feels very convenient and fast. Although it is not very cheap, think about it in the future., Of course, including household chopsticks, baby’s bib, underwear, feeding bottle, etc., very practical, once and for all.

I liked AVENT at the time, but it was not cheap.

  Baby bottle insulation barrel — This is also a must-have. AVENT and Pigeon’s insulation barrels are very good. I bought a pigeon bottle insulation bag, which is more cost-effective. It is very practical whether it is going out to play or channeling relatives.

  Bottle / pacifier special brush — a must-have when purchasing a bottle brush, you should buy it according to the material of the bottle itself. If you buy a glass bottle, use a normal nylon bottle brush to brush it easily. If you buy a non-glassYou must buy a sponge brush for a baby bottle made of material, otherwise you can use a nylon brush to brush the bottle of this material. It is very easy to cut the bottle open and open the flower marks, and it is not easy to thoroughly clean the bottle; I bought a pigeon bottle / pacifier special brush.I learned through various channels: professional cleaning of non-glass milk brushes is the only one. Its sponge brush handle is very good, it can be cleaned 360 degrees freely, and it is very convenient; of course, I also equipped with nylon brush, buy AideWhen I set a product, it comes with one, and I do n’t usually use this brush. When I usually clean a bottle, whether it is a bottle with a material, I prefer to use a sponge brush, which feels very easy to use.

  Tips: The pacifier brush is generally not easy to be accepted by every MM. In fact, the pacifier brush is the most critical. Think about it. The pacifier brush is only suitable for washing the bottle body. How can the core component pacifier be cleaned more thoroughly? I used toIt is to clean the pacifier in turn, but it is easy to tear the pacifier, which shows that it is easy to crack the pacifier hole and cause abnormal changes in the amount of milk; the nylon brushes for cleaning pacifiers sold on the market are not recommended and are very easy to damageA pacifier is not as good as a sponge pacifier.

I also bought a pigeon pacifier brush.

Pigeon is a Japanese product and should be considered a purchase, but the quality of Pigeon’s Dongdong is good, so you must consider it when choosing the same product. Quality and practicality are the most important selection factors.

  Milk powder box — If it is replaced manually, this is a necessity. It is easy to pre-appropriate milk powder at night and when going out. I bought a Pigeon three-layer milk powder box with better cost performance. At that time, I also considered buying AVENT free-open milk powder compartment and BIBI.After weighing the milk powder box, I finally bought Pigeon.

Artificially fed babies must thoroughly clean their hands before formulating milk powder. The milk powder box now works, and it is very practical when going out for fun or visiting relatives.