Finally, Firmino broke the balance first。

“All right,No nonsense。Get to the point,You can talk,Even if you kill this group of people,The strength of the Miyamoto family will not regress。So what do you do now?Why do I think what you said is not reliable?At least a few were originally island officials,Even if it’s not high-level,But it’s also a real power figure。Can control the economic lifeline of certain places。”
According to Firmino,It was Qin Feng who killed some players in power。Thus,The connections in their hands will be ruined。He never felt that Qin Feng could regain these contacts,But he also considered,If these people are in charge,Then he lost Qin Feng。
Later, Firmino was able to cooperate with the new leader Miyamoto Okura。Just these capricious little people,Firmino does not like it。
So now it’s up to Qin Feng to convince him,Let him accept the ending of Miyamoto’s temporary retreat。
“Ha ha,Don’t worry, the prince。I’ll just tell you that,It will only be our Miyamoto family who will win,If it fails,You can kill me anytime。But some plans,Not yet exposed。”
“Ugh,You say so again。Made me itch!”
“Go shopping if itchy,The flavor of island women is still good!”Finished,Qin Feng showed a look in your eyes。Qin Feng immediately turned and left。
In fact, Qin Feng is really not used to or not suitable for being a strategic military division。As said before,He got to this position,Many things are forced to continue。
But after such a battle,The strength of the Miyamoto family has indeed been greatly reduced。Even some first-class families may have surpassed Miyamoto’s strength。
If the Miyamoto family loses in the end,After the election of the two prime ministers,The Miyamoto family must be the first to be attacked。So some first-class families or forces with ideas remain silent,Just staring at Miyamoto’s industry and preparing to take action,Just waiting for an opportunity。
of course,It’s not time now。
Next day,The fact that the Miyamoto family fights against the rebellion has basically spread to the ears of some powerful figures.。
Especially the Oda family is most excited to hear this news。
“Ha ha,That Qin Feng relied on the Miyamoto family to want to wrestle with us。I was really caught off guard because of the online battle。But what about?He’s still not Jiao
Bad head。I don’t know if I can stabilize the others in Miyamoto’s family.。Ha ha,Such an opponent is no longer a concern。”
Oda Muzuo sighed while drinking tea。

Everyone doesn’t understand,But they don’t need to ask,Just need to execute。

The casual repair team has been exposed on the third day,This surprised Ma Teng,Unexpectedly, the process of the conference has accelerated so much。
As a representative of the union,The guy who also has top power,Get rid of the spirit beasts around you,Man stretched。
Team members are on guard,After confirming that the spirit beast has stopped breathing, relax。
“team leader,A team from the Yuan family is approaching us,How to do?”
Yuanjia,You don’t have to think about knowing what the other party wants!
“ambush,Address the threat!”
Ma Teng’s answer was beyond everyone’s expectations,Why did the conservative captain suddenly become stronger?。
“but,If so, the conflict between our two families will break out,In the end, you must fight to death。”
Of course Ma Teng knew the result,It’s just that he still has a certain understanding of Tu Bai,Yuan family dispatched,How could it not be that person’s handwriting。
Since the Tu family has already done things blatantly,If his union doesn’t continue,How can you raise your head in front of everyone in the future?。
“Not just us,So that the casual cultivators don’t have to keep their hands,As long as you meet the Yuan family and the Tu family,Hands-on。”
Everyone did not panic because of the next battle,On the contrary, he showed excitement,Because they are here for this moment。
“team leader,One more thing,What if the Warrior Association suddenly intervenes?”
Warrior Association?
Ma Teng sneered,Those guys still have time to control them?I’m afraid I can’t protect myself!
Everyone doesn’t understand,But the captain said so,Naturally has his reason。

The voice has not fallen,Lu Menglin’s body shook,Suddenly disappeared from the place。

After zero and one second,Lu Menglin’s figure suddenly appeared in front of Mr. Buffett,And threw a fist at him。
Front punch,Promote the outbreak with Dan Jin,Lu Menglin blasted out the megalodon fist among the twelve ancient beasts with all his strength.。
boom!After this punch,The huge stage suddenly disappeared by a quarter,It’s like being bitten by a real megalodon。
This megalodon fist easily smashed most of the material in front of you,Only a few broken metal brackets remain,Shocked everyone in the audience’s eyes widened,So surprised that I couldn’t speak。
Especially those high-ranking Korean officials and rich people sitting in the front row of VIP seats,They are so scared,Shrunk into a ball,Dare not even move。
The guards at the venue were all horrified on the spot,As long as it is a little sensible,Won’t be foolish and rush up。
The boy in front of me,Like a superhero in a Marvel movie,Gesture,Powerful,It’s not that ordinary security guards who only wear batons and basic lethal weapons can deal with it.。
“he,Did he just kill Mr. Buffett??”When the people in the stands calm down a bit,Someone can’t help asking。
“Such a terrifying blow,Even the metal stage is gone,Where is Mr. Buffett’s life??”Someone immediately replied without thinking。
They haven’t even reacted,That kid named Lu Menglin,What did you do!
just now,In front of tens of thousands of spectators,In front of the Korean media,In front of many TV stations and webcasts across Asia,Killed Mr. Buffett, the god of investment, in public!
This kid is over!Completely finished!As long as the order of human society has not completely collapsed,Someone who commits evil like him,No matter how strong the background is,Will inevitably accept the law and justice!
Almost everyone here thought so!

It seems a bit unpleasant!

Plus a while,I will see Lin Feng and Liu Chunlan soon,If the two of them see her and Xiao Fan look so different from each other,Lin Yoona thinks that she must be unavoidable to be said a few more words by the two of them。
so,Before being told by Lin Feng and Liu Chunlan,She must prepare in advance,Can’t be reprimanded for no reason。
Xiao Fan looked at Lin Yuner’s thoughtful look,I also felt helpless for a while,Now Lin Yoona is really thinking more and more carefully。
But,As the saying goes,See through,and so,Xiao Fan just smiled,Then he said to Lin Yuna:“Ok,OK,Come,How about the two bags just now?”
Lin Yuner gave Xiao Fan a blank look,This bad guy,I still hate what happened just now。
Forget it,Even if it is small, it is much better than empty-handed!
Lin Yuner reluctantly took the two light and small bags from Xiao Fan,Then said:“OK,Let’s go quickly,I guess the two of us have been here for a while,Dad and Mom should both be in a hurry!”
Finished,Lin Yuner walked out towards door 15。
Even though Xiao Fan said that he followed as soon as possible,But I still slandered Lin Yoona’s words just now in my mind,What do you mean by the two of them lingering for a while?,Obviously Lin Yuner has always been here for no reason because of such things,In time,Is there no good relationship with him??
Lin Yuner heard Xiao Fan following behind,I didn’t think much,Because of this moment,In Lin Yoona’s forehead,The single most important thing,I just want to see Lin Feng and Liu Chunlan soon。
Because there has never been this moment,Lin Yoona is eager to see her family like she is now。
The closer to gate 15,The faster Lin Yun’er steps,If you can,In Xiao Fan’s opinion,Lin Yoona is going to fly, right?。
Because Lin Yoona’s pace hastened,and so,Xiao Fan’s footsteps also picked up,and so,It should be ten minutes away,It only took six or seven minutes,Lin Yuner and Xiao Fan came to the door of door 15。
Although Lin Yuner and Xiao Fan are already very fast,but,When the two of them came to the door,Lin Feng and Liu Chunlan are still waiting there。

“It’s ok,”Chen Geng waved his hand,To show that I don’t mind:“Since that Mr. Arthur is a friend of Mr. Jes Tesla,Then invite him over,Can see,It’s really important that Mr. Arthur is looking for you。”

“This one……”
Yang·Timmer stared at Halber fiercely.·Jess Tesla at a glance,Hesitated,Just nodded:“OK,Ok,Let him come。”
While saying this,Yang·Timo has made up his mind,Regardless of why this Arthur found himself,But since this bastard made himself so embarrassed today,If Fernandez·Chen really doesn’t mind,But if he minds,This damn fat guy is absolutely dead。
“Mr. Timmer,Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity,thank you very much,”Strictly checked from head to toe by security personnel、The fat man who was brought over after he was sure he did not carry any dangerous items,Xiang Yang nodding and bowing·Timer is introducing himself:“Hello,I’mASMIArthur·Del·Prado……”
“ASMIthe company?”Chen Geng frowned:“Mr. Arthur,What is the full name of your company?What business is your company engaged in?”
Arthur·Del·Prado scolded Chen Geng secretly for troublesome。
Just curse in my heart,He dared not show even the slightest displeasure on his face,Because he knew very well,The reason why I have this with Yang today·Opportunity for Mr. Timmer to communicate directly,After all, thanks to Fernandez·Chen, this big money from America——Yes,Arthur·Del·Prado can appear here,Halber·Jess Tesla, the head of the semiconductor division of the Royal Dutch Philips Group“Contributed”。
“Mr,My company is calledAdvanced Semiconductor Materials International,AbbreviationASML,”Arthur·Del·Prado said to Chen Geng with a big smile:“Our company is a semiconductor chip packaging equipment andPECVDequipment。”
Polite,Can be a semiconductor born to look down on doing“Silly”Of the car,Arthur·Del·Prado doesn’t think that this big American from the United States knows what it isPECVDequipment。
“Plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition equipment?”Chen Geng frowned,He had a faint hunch:“You are an agent?”
“No no no,”Arthur·Del·Prado hurriedly shook his head,Although he was a little surprised that Chen Geng knewPECVDIt is short for plasma enhanced meteorological deposition,But it’s just a little surprised,He looked proud:“We are the manufacturer。”
Turned out to be true!
Chen Geng finally knew who this guy in front of him was。
Because in previous lives, more of dealing with cars,Chen Geng does not understand the situation of the semiconductor industry,But this ignorance is only relative to industry insiders,Relative to laymen,Chen Geng is the standard“Own electronic technology and semiconductor enthusiasts”Up,No way,In today’s increasingly advanced electronic technology,As a person in the automotive industry,You can’t do without、And it must also be related to semiconductor technology、Dealing with electronic technology,Naturally it’s impossible not to know the famous、The Netherlands, which has an absolute monopoly in the field of lithography machinesASMLthe company。

Qin Feng looked at this person,Just smile on face,“Nothing,such,Let’s take everyone there,But I am also worried that you will be hurt,How about this,Zheng Dong, do you a favor,Find a few brothers you believe to be responsible,How about sending the seriously injured members back together??of course,Everyone will follow you,If they accept you,Then we will send the others back。”

Finished,Qin Feng looked at the others,“how about it,How do i decide?”
“I think it can,After all, we have to see how the attitude towards us there is。”
“Ok,Makes sense.”
These captives began to express their opinions。
It’s just that Lin Wenkong’s face isn’t pretty,Because they feel that Qin Feng did not consider the problem from their standpoint,of course,They are not easy to speak at this time。Because I haven’t figured out Qin Feng’s thoughts yet。
The latter let the prisoners speak freely at this time,But I must have heard nothing。
But quickly,Just go back to the meeting room with Lin Wenkong,But let these people prepare before leaving,Then they will be sent back。
Lin Wenkong was a little unhappy when he sat down。
And Dai Yin is the same,But he still asked Qin Feng,“Da Qin Feng,These people use good words,It’s a great boost for us!”
“rest assured,In fact, it’s just a different approach。Except for Zheng Dong and people familiar with him,Only a few seriously injured people will be excluded from our queue。As for the others,They will directly agree to join the explosive mercenary group。Because those people will not accept Zheng Dong and others。”
“what?This one,you sure?”Dai Yin looked puzzled,I always feel what Qin Feng said
Is so unrealistic。After all, from his perspective,If your own people are sent back,Although there may be doubts,But more will receive these people,Even if there is a problem,I will definitely choose other ways to remove these people,Because this is human heart。
“Do not worry,You just do what I said。”
“This one.”
And this time,Qin Feng just started explaining his steps,Said it for half an hour,It’s just to let the senior people present understand Qin Feng’s meaning。
“If things can really develop as Qin Feng guessed,Maybe this is indeed an opportunity for us!but,We don’t have any of our own people at Rodcha Barracks!”
“It’s okay to contact me now!”Qin Feng smiled。

And the fastest way to gain popularity,Just go to the gym,I’m convinced,natural

Get a share。
From liberation to writing·Before and after leather,Large numbers of people flooding into Hong Kong Island,There are more boxing gyms than rice shops at a time,Competition among martial arts,Playing in the gym is a common occurrence。
Ip Wen from Wing Chun came to Hong Kong Island,Also experienced the test of various martial arts,Only then opened the museum to accept disciples,Disciples all over the island。
Coupled with the popularity of action movies on Hong Kong Island,Provides a growing environment for Chinese martial arts and martial arts。
And this time,It’s not just kicking the museum for opening in the ordinary sense,But someone outrageously challenged the entire Hong Kong Island martial arts circle,Even publicly criticizing the value and significance of Chinese martial arts。
Time goes by one month ago,Muay Thai master Tony from ThailandFront,With his Chinese apprentice Xu Xiaohu,Challenge Chiyang Wuguan,Beat Tai Chi master Chen Jingyang to the disabled,And publicly declared that Tai Chi is a false handle,Vulnerable,Cannot be used in actual combat at all。
Subsequently,This pair of masters and apprentices challenged seven Hong Kong Island martial arts schools in succession,Dongjiang Zhoujia Tanglang Boxing、Bagua Gate、Shaving lotus fist、Mulan Boxing,Wu Style Tai Chi、Baihe Quan and Cai Li Fo Quan defeated,And murderous,Death or injury。
It is no exaggeration to say,Hong Kong Island’s martial arts community has not encountered such a wicked person for many years.,And this pair of Muay Thai masters and students,Cynicism,Openly challenge the 100-year-old Hong Kong Island Jingwu Club,Step on the entire martial arts circle。
And this time,Master Wing Chun Ye Tian as the president of Jingwu,In order to maintain the reputation of Chinese martial arts,I have to take the lead。
I learned that Wing Chun Ye Tian was going to fight Muay Thai,Hong Kong Island patriots support,And all major gambling stalls are also open for this battle,The odds are not low。
but,Anyone who has seen the previous competitions,Neither optimistic about Wing Chun Ye Tian playing,Because the other party is too tough。
exactly,Previous matches,TonyFeng himself only played once when he played Cai Lifo’s old boxer,The other five games were completed by his disciple Xu Xiaohu。
And Xu Xiaohu,It is notorious in Hong Kong Island Kung Fu circles。
He used to practice free fighting for several years,Was sentenced to prison for assaulting his elderly parents,After being released from prison, Xu Xiaohu wants to go to the boxing gym to learn boxing,Considered by the boxing gym as misconduct,Shut out。
This person can’t mix on Hong Kong Island anymore,So hold a grudge,Go far away。

I didn’t want to confess!Really annoying!Made me nervous!

Hu Lin opened the live broadcast room smoothly,And in a skilled and professional tone,Said to the broadcasters who are waiting hard:“Hello everyone!I am Hu Lin!I’m already inside the Daizong ship!Really hard to believe,Sandstorm City and Commander Wuhao have achieved a complete victory!They defeated the super power of Ye Korea,And controlled the Dai Zong ship。”
“Then now,Let us directly connect with the strongest person in this battle,Commander Wuhao,Listen to what he wants to say to us!”
After Hu Lin finished,So I pointed the camera in the direction of Commander Wuhao。
Lu Menglin’s face is still cold,Instead, he faintly glanced at the white-haired man Liu Yiqing standing on the side。
just now,He only said a word to South Korean major general Liu Yiqing this night。
“If you want to survive,Let them hate you!The more they hate you,The more likely you are to survive!”
Gray-haired Liu Yiqing shivered all over,He remembered the miserable end of the black man Sun Wen,So let my heart fall,Greeted the live camera。
“I’m Liu Yiqing, the major general of the South Korean Army,The one wearing black armor is General Tie Qin Guo Fengxian Sun Wen,We are all super fighters in the Seven Great Wars。This time we are under the order of the South Korean military headquarters,Who came to capture Mr. Wu Hao。”
This remark,Hu Lin was so shocked that her chin was about to fall。
I believe the Korean people in the live broadcast room are the same,When they heard the breaking news,Don’t know how surprised。
“Because some people in the top Korean level,Has successfully negotiated with Tie Qin Guo,Tieqin will send troops to guard the South Korean border at night,And one of the conditions of the negotiation,Is to arrest Mr. Wu Hao。”
That’s it for the white-haired man Liu Yiqing,Eyeballs rolled around,Said immediately:“I am a major general of Ye Korea,Military order is hard to violate,But I am also a passionate person,Night Korean with a conscience,When fighting with Lord Wuhao,My conscience found,Fight back,With Master Wuhao,Kill Sun Wen!This is what I did, Liu Yiqing alone,Nothing to do with anyone。”

Tian Xingyao looked at Lin Yoona’s disappointed expression,I also felt embarrassed for a while,Because he really can’t say anything more valuable。

Even these,He also thought of it suddenly。
Because of work,Between Tian Xing Yao and the boss,most of the time,Talking about work matters,Or is there anything more fun happened to the couple they met?。
After all, away from home,No one wants to talk to outsiders too much about their private affairs。
in fact,To this,Tian Xingyao understands the boss very well。
because,Don’t say it’s the boss,Even Tian Xing Yao himself,Just about his relationship with the boss,He also rarely mentions his family affairs in front of the boss。
and so,Since he treats others with the same attitude,Then he has no reason to ask people to treat himself with an alternative attitude。
“Xiao Fan,How to do?We still don’t know what happened to the boss?”Lin Yuner said worriedly。
In fact,Lin Yoona was from the night of her accident,I feel that there is something wrong with the boss。
That evening,Xiao Fan placed the frightened Lin Yun’er with the boss,Ask the lady boss for help,The boss said nothing,Should come down,I’m not afraid that I might offend Ouyang’s family,So I can’t mix on this wind chime island。
Xiao Fan handled everything that night,Back to the boss,When I went to pick up Lin Yoona,They didn’t wait in the place where the normal boss wife would appear at first,When Xiao Fan and the others find the boss,I found that the lady boss was sitting in a chair in a daze,Staring at the starry sky outside。
and,She didn’t even turn on the light!
now think of it,Maybe it happened that day,But the lady boss,To keep Lin Yoona from worrying,Frozenly smiled and sent the two of them out。
Lin Yoona is really upset at the time,Why didn’t you keep an eye on,If I found something wrong with the boss,,Then can you untie the boss’s heart?,Help her through the difficulties?
but,Again,There is no if in this world。
Even Lin Yoona regrets it now,It also has no effect。

First683chapter Smash!Until your heart beats!

Know that you have a heavy weight in others’ hearts,No one will be unhappy,Gordon Bell is no exception,Although he didn’t change his mind because of this,But I am very happy after all:Look,Although the guy Ken Olsen said he values me very much,But how much he values me,I don’t have this guy in front of me.?Pity,If I could get to know him earlier,Maybe we can be a good pair。vertexX23US
Wait for Chen Geng to finish,Gordon Bell just coughed slightly,Said:“Mr. Fernandez,Thank you very much for your importance,But I really don’t plan to work in a company right now,You know,My heart is not too good,Just had surgery a few months ago……”
“Speaking of this,This is what I want to say to you next,”Chen Geng said with a smile:“Mr. Bell,You may have heard of,I have a very good relationship with the senior management of China。”
“Yes,I heard it before。”Gordon Bell nodded,He does know this,Many people know this,Everyone in the computer industry in the United States knows that Fernandez Chen’s data research company’s computer picture tube,Quite a part from China,But Gordon Bell is curious,What does this matter have to do with my heart?
“So how much do you know about Huaxia’s Chinese Medicine?”
“Chinese Medicine?”Gordon Bell frowned:“I am not very clear,But I know they seem to be a kind of witch doctor,Always use some weird bugs、Animal hair、skeleton、Dead body or even feces as medicine……”
Speaking of which,Gordon Bell even shuddered:“Oh, God!This is crazy,This is absolutely unscientific。”
Stool as medicine?Chen Geng also shivered,Subconsciously want to refute,But then I remembered that there is a drug that is really animal feces:Luminosa,Which is bat droppings,It seems to be able to treat some eye problems。
Look at“Laozi is dead,Never touch Chinese medicine”Gordon Bell,Chen Geng wisely decided not to discuss with him whether TCM is scientific,But to say:“Mr. Bell,We are all technical people,Can not be falsely spread,But to believe in the final result。”
“Does Chinese medicine have therapeutic effects??”Gordon Bell murmured。
“How not?”Chen Geng smiled:“Miss Karen Carpenter, do you know?”