As for whether the standards are reasonable,Is it double standard,That’s another matter,It’s a question for people without the right to speak。

Of course Mother Chen is also worried about Chen Qian,But for now,Chen Qian is fine。
At this moment,The colleagues and friends invited by Master Chen came over,Chatted a few words,Lord Chen said:“Have fun with jet skis,Go go,Ouch,No money,I treat my treat!”
Mother Chen’s face sinks slightly,this moment,I can’t wait to spend all of Master Chen’s money,All cards confiscated。
Lord Chen paid,When looking at the staff’s facial expressions,He is particularly satisfied and proud,I feel that the other party only recognizes his financial resources now,Got his face back。
It’s just that the jet skis are all occupied,Lord Chen greeted and shouted:“Chen Wenjin、Chen Qian、come——Chen Wenjin、Chen Qian、come——”
Chen Qian saw Lord Chen with a group of people there early,Feel okay,But it’s not good not to go,About to pass,Chen Wenjin rode a motorcycle and said:“Go over there,Play our,Leave him。I want to sacrifice our time to entertain friends,When can’t hear。”
Chen Qian likes this idea,She also had a foreboding that it was not a good thing,So I followed Chen Wenjin and drove farther。
Wang Shuai,Xiao Xiao,Ami,Qiangwei and a group of teenagers,Flying across the sea,Very enjoyable。
Master Chen thought they didn’t hear,After all, there is a distance,Sea waves and sea breeze,I had to chat and wait for the motorcycle,But now it’s all Wang Shuai and the others playing。Someone comes back,It was also scheduled to rotate to other teenagers。
waited for so long,Uncomfortable,Mother Chen came and said:“They play for unlimited time,Don’t know how long,So many children line up,Just refund the money first,Play later。”
Two friends of Master Chen also said quickly:“Yeah yeah,Sister-in-law is right。”
Master Chen looked at the children of those two families,Clearly unwilling,Just say:“The three of them play or not?If children are willing to wait, just line up here,We will come later。”
Those two also want their children to experience,But pay by yourself,It really hurts,I was very happy to ask the child’s wishes,The three children are really not afraid of the sun,All nodding,So the child stayed,The adults moved under the umbrella。
Mother Chen sees Chen Wenjin and Chen Qian having fun,Looking from afar,Just worry about safety at first,I’m just looking at joy now,just,She saw Xiao Xiao’s motorcycle and Chen Wenjin always approaching intentionally or unintentionally,I feel worried again……

If the answer is no,Our guess is wrong,The problem may become more complicated。

If their target is not iron ore,What else could that be,It is very likely that we cannot know,A more secret goal。
I really don’t want the situation to become so complicated,It’s just to develop the career,Now it’s like working as an agent!
Pure business,Is my pursuit。
Then too complicated things and too dangerous situations,I really don’t want to touch!
But all the things in this world are unsatisfactory,Sometimes the more you are afraid of,What will come。
After a week of survey,The result came out!
These two mines are indeed rich in iron ore,And it’s the kind of very high quality。
High quality means high iron rate,The price will naturally be more expensive。
Reserves estimated by experts,The value of these two mines is an amazing number!
I finally let go of a holding heart,Fortunately it’s just for money,Not for other purposes……
Chapter 52 release
Gao Qiang is a little slow。

2016 Snooker Crown Winning J Final O’Sullivan vs Higgins Live Video Recording Results 7-10_1

2016 Snooker Crown Winning J Final O’Sullivan vs Higgins Live Video Recording Results 7-10
On November 13th, the 2016 Snooker Championship Championship Tournament continued. In the final, the Rockets O’Sullivan and the wizard Higgins started the battle of the Kings Mountain.After a number of draws, Higgins won three games in a row after 7-7, and finally defeated O’Sullivan 10-7. He won the championship championship for the first time in his career and will receive 100,000 championship bonuses.Higgins defeated O’Sulliman’s championship. O’Sullivan’s state remained very good. He defeated the single-time limited-time champion Hull in the first round, defeated the German masters champion Gould in the second round, and scored 100 in the semi-finals.After defeating Allen, he reached the final for the third time after winning the championship in 2013 and 2014.O’Sullivan’s final opponent is Higgins. The Wizards have just won the championship of the Chinese Championships. This season’s winning streak of Murphy, Trump and Ding Junhui top three players, reached the final for the first time.The two of Snooker’s four kings and 75 three heroes have met in the final for the first time in nine years since the 2007 Super League final.In the 2016 Snooker Championship finals O’Sullivan vs Higgins Phase 1 in the first phase of the game, Higgins quickly entered the game in the first game, with a single score of 75 points and scored a 1-0 lead.In the second inning, Higgins’ attack was interrupted after 19-0, then O’Sullivan chased a shot and scored a super score to win a 1-1 draw.Since then, the two sides have each achieved a one-shot victory, and the score came to a 2-2 draw.  In the 5th inning, O’Sullivan quickly obtained the opportunity through the bench, and scored 90 points in a single shot. Higgins quickly completed a 79-point overshot in the sixth inning, and the game scored 3-3.In the seventh inning, Higgins won by 65 points in a single shot, and in the eighth inning, O’Sullivan scored 61 points and won 4-4.In the final game of the first stage, the two sides entered the competition stage, and O’Sullivan won the game with a 5-4 lead. Previous page12Next page

LG杯党毅飞夺冠奖金3亿韩元 中国第17位世界冠军

LG杯党毅飞夺冠奖金3亿韩元 中国第17位世界冠军
­  网易体育2月8日报道:­  2月8日,第21届LG杯世界围棋棋王战决赛第二局在首尔战罢,党毅飞执白1目半胜周睿羊,以2-0的总比分赢得决赛,成为中国第17位围棋世界冠军!党毅飞获得3亿韩元冠军奖金,周睿羊获得1亿韩元亚军奖金。­  本届LG杯,周睿羊和党毅飞都从预选赛打起,连胜4局打入本赛32强,半决赛分别力克韩国等级分排名第一的朴廷桓和第二的申真谞,周睿羊第二次闯入决赛,党毅飞则是首次闯入决赛。目前周睿羊中国等级分排名第二位,党毅飞排名第33位。­  第一局党毅飞执黑中盘获胜,第二局周睿羊执黑先行。­  黑方以“星-小目大飞角”开局,这是AlphaGo的升级版Master在横扫职业高手时使用最多的开局方式。开局后双方就在棋盘上半部展开缠斗,周睿羊的黑29、31有缓手嫌疑,至白52手,白方全局厚实,而黑方效率不高,网上解说的周贺玺五段认为白棋形势乐观。­  黑65拆边,网上解说的韩国世界冠军崔哲瀚认为是有着AlphaGo痕迹的一招,他说:“此时右边是全局最急迫的地方,但由于中央有断点,黑方选择65位拆边呼应,阿尔法狗最大优势就是精准形势判断基础上的决断,周睿羊这方面借鉴很多。”正因为周睿羊积极使用AlphaGo的着法,古力九段戏称他是“人间阿尔法羊”。­  白72和74花了两手棋围右边,但仍被黑89、99两次打穿白阵,崔哲瀚因此认为黑方取得了优势。­  黑129开始搜刮白棋,至黑137成劫,此劫白重黑轻,但是白方劫材有利。白172消劫,双方又转到右边打劫。由于白方在右下角有劫材,周贺玺和崔哲瀚都认为反倒是周睿羊难办了。­  黑129开始搜刮白棋,至黑137成劫。这个劫如果黑棋劫败了实地损失有限,而白棋一旦劫败整个角被杀,因此看似白棋遭遇了危机。然而白棋劫材有利,白172粘劫,双方又跑到右边打劫,白180再次粘劫,连续两次打赢劫争,党毅飞反而因祸得福,把难题转交给了周睿羊。­  进入到收官阶段,黑棋在中腹的潜力难以转化为实空,党毅飞小胜已成定局。至294手终局,白方1目半小胜,党毅飞以2-0赢得了决赛,成为中国第17位围棋世界冠军!

A total of three funds were released during the year ‘s three RRR cuts1.How does 75 trillion affect the stock market and property market

A total of three funds were released during the year ‘s three RRR cuts1.How does 75 trillion affect the stock market and property market
After nearly a week of supervised “spoilers” several times, the third consecutive year ‘s announcement of the RRR cut on April 3 came as scheduled, but the excess reserve ratio was lowered for the first time in 12 years but it was “seeing for a long time”.Initially announced that for the rural credit cooperatives, rural commercial banks, rural cooperative banks, village banks and urban commercial banks operating only in provincial administrative areas, the deposit reserve ratio will be lowered by 1 on April 15 and May 15.Implemented in place twice, each time down to 0.Five averages, releasing a total of about 400 billion yuan in long-term funds.At the same time, it was decided to reduce the interest rate of the consolidated excess deposit reserve of financial institutions from 0 on April 7.72% down to 0.35%, the interest rate has been zero since 2008.99% down to 0.After 72%, no adjustment has been made.Many experts said to the sauna and Yewang that the reduction of the excess reserve rate and the “step” of the targeted reduction are consistent, all in order to allow financial institutions to use funds where they are most needed, namely the real economy, especially affected by the epidemic.Many industries and enterprises.Lian Ping, chief economist and director of the Institute of Phytosanitary Investment, also mentioned that this also reflects that the world economic recession is gradually showing changes to the Chinese economy, while the macroeconomic policy adjustment has been significantly increased.The three RRR cuts during the year gradually released about 1 long-term fund.The budget of 75 trillion US dollars announced that the initial long-term funds released by the preliminary targeted reduction of about 400 billion U.S. dollars, on average, each small and medium-sized bank has about 100 million U.S. dollars in long-term funds, effectively increasing the stable source of funds for small and medium-sized banks to support the real economy, and even reducingBank capital cost is about 6 billion per year.Regarding the implementation of the quantile reduction, the transition stated that it is to prevent the liquidity accumulation caused by excessive one-off release and ensure that the small and medium-sized banks will receive all the funds to reduce the cash input to small and medium-sized enterprises.”After the RRR cut, more than 4,000 small and medium deposit financial institutions (including rural credit cooperatives, rural commercial banks, rural cooperative banks, village banks, financial companies, financial leasing companies and auto finance companies, etc.) have deposit reservesThe rate has been deducted by 6%. From the previous history and above, the 6% deposit reserve ratio is a relatively low level.”Senior style.In the past week, supervision has repeatedly “spoiled” the targeted downward revision.The National Standing Committee meeting on March 31 made it clear that further reductions in the direction of small and medium-sized banks should be further implemented. At the press conference on the morning of April 3, Vice President Liu Guoqiang also mentioned this plan.This is the third round of RRR cuts during the year.The first time was a comprehensive reduction of the standard on January 6th, and the deposit reserve ratio of financial institutions was lowered by 0.5 digits; the second time is the targeted reduction of inclusive finance on March 16th, and the targeted reduction of 0 for banks that meet the assessment standards.5 to 1 single, and at the same time, additional eligible exchanges will be reduced for the qualified joint-stock commercial banks.The first two RRR cuts gradually released long-term funds of about 1.35 trillion yuan, the cumulative release of long-term funds of about 1 three times during the year.75 trillion.From the close of the implementation of the two directional reductions in the past, the urgency of steady growth and employment can also be smoothed.Bank of China Chief Analyst Zong Liang told Sauna and Yeewang that under the current epidemic situation, international monetary policy is generally relaxed, and we have more room to move from the perspective of monetary policy, and we must make decisions based on the economic situation of our country.A directional downgrade is very close, providing a reasonable basis for ensuring stable economic development.Why target small and medium banks?Analysis: The policy tilt allows more funds to support the small and medium-sized enterprises affected by the epidemic. The unemployment rate rose in the first two months, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises.”This time, the targeted permission has selected small and medium-sized banks. The customers of these banks are mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, especially rural credit cooperatives, rural commercial banks, etc., and gradually released the long-term funds of small and medium-sized banks through the RRR cut, so that they have more fundsSupport small, medium and micro enterprises.Pan Helin, executive dean of the Digital Economic Research Institute of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, told the sauna, Yewang.Dong Ximiao, chief analyst of Xinwang Bank and a special candidate of the National Finance and Development Laboratory, also analyzed that there are about 4,000 rural small and medium-sized financial institutions and urban commercial banks that operate only in provincial administrative regions, accounting for more than 95 of the country’s banking institutions.%, The implementation of targeted reductions in these two types of banks will help reduce the cost of capital for small and medium-sized banks, promote small and medium-sized banks to provide preferential loans to small and medium-sized enterprises, better serve rural revitalization and economic and social order recovery, stabilize growth and stabilize employmentOf great significance.Liu Guoqiang said at the press conference of the State Council Office that the monetary policy will grasp the strength, focus and rhythm in stages. The early stage was the epidemic prevention and control stage, and later it was gradually resumed production. Now it is necessary to enter the entire industry chain to resume production.To maintain reasonable and sufficient liquidity, there will never be a “money shortage” in the market, nor will the money “grow.”Policy tools to help small, medium, and micro enterprises overcome difficulties include refinancing and discounting.The National Convention on March 31 proposed to increase the re-discount limit of small and medium-sized banks by another 1 trillion, and expand the credit coverage of agriculture-related, foreign trade, and industries heavily affected by the epidemic.The Air Force has established a special refinancing fund of US $ 300 billion and a refinancing quota of RMB500 billion.The unexpected “reduction of excess reserve ratio” and “let financial institutions use money where they need it most” are not unexpected. However, the first reduction of excess reserve ratio after 12 years is “seeing for a long time.”Lianping told the sauna and Yewang that the excess deposit reserve is a requirement for commercial banks to pay statutory deposit reserve in accordance with the continuous requirements. If the funds are ample, they can also be placed in replacement and pay interest.”This time the emerging interest rate of excess deposit reserve will be reduced from 0.72% down to 0.The 35% range is not small, basically very clear, that is, if you want commercial banks to have ample funds, do n’t place them, but more can play a role in supporting the real economy, such as credit and investment bonds.”Lian Ping said.Zong Liang also believes that the transition is to allow financial institutions to use their money where it is most needed, rather than depositing it gradually.The reduction of the excess reserve ratio and the targeted RRR cuts are unified and coordinated, so that financial institutions’ funds can be more compact and flow more into the real economy, providing better support for the development of the real economy.This rare operation also carries more signals.Lian Ping said that the reduction of the excess reserve ratio also reflects the positive effect of the world economic recession on the changes of the Chinese economy. It is absolutely necessary for macro policies to increase the code from all angles, and macro policy adjustment efforts have been significantly increased.”Monetary authorities can be said to be using various means to promote commercial banks to make better use of financial resources to support the real economy, especially to further promote the recovery of the real economy’s demand and recovery.”” Lian Ping said.An analysis of the “blow-wind” of the stock market and property market: To prevent speculations from lowering standards around the world, especially by intermediary agencies, lowering standards also helps to boost confidence in the stock market.China Merchants Fund said that this targeted RRR cut has released a greater signal of counter-cyclical adjustment intensity. Before the two sessions of this year, the market’s expectations for stimulus policies are still good, and it is also constantly protecting the market, thereby boosting market confidence.In terms of the impact on the property market, Yan Yuejin, director of the Shanghai Yiju Real Estate Research Institute, said that the previous monetary policy adjustments have had a large number of positive effects on the property market.First, the liquidity of commercial banks has increased, and the overall pace of subsequent lending will be accelerated, and the related loan business can also be well supported.The second is that the cost of related loans will be further reduced. The follow-up will have a positive effect on the reduction of loan interest rates for housing companies and buyers, and further activate the real estate development and housing sales markets.However, he also reminded that the recent housing transaction market is better than expected. It is necessary to prevent speculations such as speculation and lowering of standards in various agencies, especially intermediary agencies, to prevent various types of housing sales from arbitrarily increasing prices, and further promote the supplement of housing and housing speculation.Analysis of remaining space for RRR cuts and interest rate cuts: The deposit interest rate is more directly related to the people, and adjustments need to be comprehensively considered in public statements such as Politburo meetings and mergers, and will continue to promote the reform of the loan market quoted interest rate (LPR) to guide banks to the real economy.Make profit.The policy tool driving LPR’s decline is not only the RRR cut.On Monday, the reverse repurchase was restarted 29 trading days after the beginning of the year, and the interest rate was rarely reduced by 20 basis points at a time.Too many members of the public believe that the downward pressure on the economy in the first quarter of the country is high. The G20 meeting is also expected to strengthen policy coordination. It is expected that the interest rate of the 4-month minimum credit limit (medium-term lending facility) operation and the quoted interest rate of the LPR loan market will be synchronized.Downgrade.However, the decline in LPR has compressed bank interest spreads, and there has been increasing speculation about lowering the benchmark interest rate of deposits to “reduce the burden” on banks.Going forward, Liu Guoqiang said that the deposit interest rate is more direct to follow the relationship between ordinary people, adjustments need to consider the feelings of ordinary people, and also consider factors such as price, economic growth, internal and external balance.There are many ways to “reduce the burden” for banks, at least to provide budget funds.Lian Ping also analyzed that the current reduction in the benchmark deposit interest rate is not very suitable, because it affects many aspects, including the deposit income of ordinary people, the RMB exchange rate and so on.”There are some dilemmas in this situation.The real economy has encountered such a big impact as the world economic recession. This time the gradual reduction of the impact will be greater than during 2008 and 2009. Therefore, the policy intensity should be further increased. Reducing the deposit access rate by a certain amount is one of the policy options, but it is also necessary.Consider whether there is any impact.Many experts believe that there is still room for future RRR cuts and interest rate cuts.Dong Ximiao believes that in the early stage, the banking industry generally reduced the concession fee for the prevention and control of epidemic services and the resumption of production and production.Under the circumstances that the profit growth of the bank is affected, can the benchmark interest rate of deposits be lowered in a timely and appropriate manner, increase and reduce the cost of bank liabilities, and enhance the initiative and sustainability of banks to improve services.Regarding the decline in the benchmark interest rate of deposits, Lian Ping believes that the growth rate of existing bank deposits is not high, and loans will also be hindered.The benchmark interest rate for deposits has limited downward space and it is difficult to continue a substantial downward adjustment.Pan Helin believes that the upcoming RRR cut will gradually eliminate the market’s expectation of a comprehensive RRR cut and interest rate cut. In the context of the Fed’s interest rate cut, the space for the gradual comprehensive RRR cut and interest rate cut has been opened, but it is just waiting for a more appropriate time window.Sauna, Ye Wang Cheng Weimiao editor Chen Li proofreading Yang Xuli

2017 World Championship Xu Jiayu men’s 200m backstroke final match time live broadcast address_1

2017 World Championships Xu Jiayu men’s 200m backstroke final match time live broadcast address
On July 28th, Beijing time, the 15th day of the 2017 World Swimming Championships, five gold medals will be decided in the swimming arena, and Xu Jiayu will attack the men’s 200-meter backstroke gold medal.The following is the final live broadcast address of the Xu Jiayu men’s 200-meter backstroke at the 2017 World Championships.Xu Jiayu of Yitong, who scored 1 minute, 54 seconds and 79 seconds in the men’s 200-meter backstroke semifinals, ranked first in the semifinals and was 0 faster than the Olympic champion of the event, American star Murphy.14 seconds.He set a national record of 1 minute, 54 seconds and 03 in the National Swimming Championships this year, ranking second in the world rankings this year.  Russian player Lei Luofu traveled 1 minute 53 seconds 81, ranking first in the world ranking this year.It is expected that the title fight will start between Xu Jiayu, Lei Luofu, and Murphy. To win the championship, it may take 1 minute and 54 seconds to swim. This is not a small challenge for Xu Jiayu. Original title: The final time of the 200-meter backstroke in the 200-meter backstroke of the 2017 World Championships

CUBA-Huaqiao University scored 28 points in Chongqing’s liberal arts

CUBA-Huaqiao University scored 28 points in Chongqing’s liberal arts
The 2015 National College Basketball League (CUBA) 16 Finals was held in Xi’an on the 27th.The Huaqiao University men’s basketball team defeated the Chongqing liberal arts team and advanced to the quarterfinals.  At the beginning of this game, the traditional strong team Huaqiao University firmly controlled the situation on the field.In the second quarter, BGI Liu Junfeng hit three consecutive three-pointers.The two teams then attacked and defended each other. Huaqiao University ended the halftime game with a 59-41 lead.  In the second half of the game, Huaqiao University’s inside line greatly restrained the defense of Chongqing University of Arts and Sciences.In the last quarter, Chongqing Wenli faced with a huge difference and was unable to return to the sky. The game entered garbage time ahead of schedule.In the end, the Huaqiao University men’s basketball team beat the opponent 108-80 to enter the quarter-finals.(Reporter Wu Congwei Zeng Guangtai)

2014-15 CBA Finals-Beijing 4-2 Liaoning defending 4 years to win 3 crowns Marbury MVP_1

2014-15 CBA Finals-Beijing 4-2 Liaoning defending 4 years to win 3 crowns Marbury MVP
On the evening of March 22, Beijing time, in the sixth round of the 2014-15 season CBA Finals, the Liaoning team returned home to play against Beijing.Once the three-point frenzy in the last quarter, the Beijing team surpassed the victory in one fell swoop, defeating Liaoning 106-98, with a total score of 4-2 to win the CBA championship this season, four years to win the championship, Marbury won the finals MVP for the first time.  In this campaign, the Liaoning team made five double figures, Hudson 27 points, 9 rebounds and 7 assists, Thompson 11 points and 7 rebounds, Guo Ailun 15 points, He Tianju 21 points, Han Dejun 12 points and 7 rebounds.The Beijing team scored 4 doubles, Marbury 24 points, 5 rebounds, 7 assists, Morris 19 points and 7 rebounds, Zhai Xiaochuan 27 points and 6 rebounds, Li Gen 10 points, Sun Yue 9 points.In other respects, the Beijing team made 11 turnovers, 4 fewer than Liaoning.Marbury singled out Hudson Marbury won the finals MVP Beijing team showed a good state from the start. Although they were later beaten by Liaoning 0 to 11, they overtook the score in the second quarter and used it in the second half.The outside attack opened the score and laughed to the end.  Marbury played 40 minutes, 11 of 8 inside, 5 of 1 outside, and 7 assists to form a good team.At the end of the crazy counterattack in Liaoning, Lao Ma used his own experience to help the team stabilize the rhythm.With his outstanding performance, Marbury won the CBA Finals MVP trophy for the first time after the game.  Morris played 32 minutes. He played slower and hotter today. He scored 7 of 17 from inside, scored 19 points, and sent 3 assists and 2 steals.  Zhai Xiaochuan feels hot today, with 6 inside shots and 5 for 9 from the outside, especially his three-pointer in the second half, which helped the Beijing team expand its lead and eventually win the game.  Li Gen played 16 minutes and a half minutes, but his shots were not high but he was very efficient. He made 2 of 4 from the inside and 2 from the outside.When the Beijing team fell behind in the first quarter, it was Sun Yue and Li Gen’s three-pointer that helped Beijing narrow the gap.  Sun Yue scored 9 points and 5 assists on 7 of 3 from outside. Zhu Yanxi felt hot from outside and scored 9 points and 7 rebounds on 3 of 4 shots.  In other respects, Ji Zhe had 4 points and 6 rebounds, and Zhang Songtao had 4 points.  On the Liaoning team, Hudson almost played the whole game. He shot fewer shots than before, but he is also the team’s number one firepower player, 9 in the inside 3, 5 in the outside 10, 7 assists 2 steals 2parallel.In the last quarter, Hudson even set off a counterattack, but was defeated by the Beijing team’s outside.  He Tian had 28 minutes in the first game, 5 of 2 inside and 4 of 9 outside, winning the team’s second-highest 21 points.In the second quarter, He Tianju once played a foul foul, but he played even better without being hit. He scored two three-pointers in the second half of the last quarter to help Liaoning narrow the score, but in the end was unable to stop the Beijing team.  Thompson, another foreign aid, still played well, playing 28 minutes, 5 of 12 and 7 rebounds.  Guo Ailun, who scored 15 points, focused on the outside today. He scored 4 of 10 shots, scored 15 points, and had 2 assists.  Han Dejun scored 5 of 7 from the inside and contributed 6 rebounds, while Li Xiaoxu scored 2 of 5 from the inside and scored 4 points and 6 rebounds.Starting from both sides: Liaoning: Li Xiaoxu, Han Dejun, He Tianju, Guo Ailun, Hudson Beijing: Sun Yue, Zhang Songtao, Ji Zhe, Wang Xiaohui, Marbury

2016 Snooker National Championships latest game video recording Trump 6-5 reversal lore Murphy

2016 Snooker National Championships latest game video recording Trump 6-5 reversal lore Murphy
On October 27th, in the 2016/2017 season Snooker National Championship 1/4 knockout (attachment: 2016 Snooker National Championship complete schedule schedule + competition player match list/signature), TrumpCompleted three shots to break a hundred, 3-5 was scored under the match point in a three-game winning streak and 6-5 lore Murphy. After Trump advanced to the semi-finals of the National Championships, he will next play against Chinese famous Ding Junhui.  After Trump won the European Masters this season, the back-to-back English Open reached the final and lost to Liang Wenbo. In this national championship, winning streak Yuan Sijun, Ford and Wattana.In the quarter-final match, Trump’s opponent was Murphy, in addition to winning streak Hull, Yan Bingtao and Baird, the two two played 23 times, Trump’s 16 wins and 7 losses dominated.  In the first inning, Trump’s long table scored a coffee ball to serve as a snooker, and Murphy then freed the ball for 16 points.Murphy failed to score again and missed the ball again. Trump got a 67-1 lead and successfully won the game 1-0.  In the second game, Murphy started at 0-7 and scored 35 points. After a small angle, the red ball did not enter. After Trump scored 14 points, he posted a yellow ball to make it a snooker. Murphy made a continuous penalty.Points, Trump then established a 52-35 lead.The yellow ball competed for Murphy to seize the opportunity to get started, and scored a 1-1 draw after scoring the last difficult black ball.  In the third inning, Trump jumped with a long bench and began to intensively. This offense scored 102 points in a row and scored 100 points, winning this inning and leading 2-1 again.In the fourth inning, Trump took the lead to get the chance. After 17 consecutive points, the offensive turnover was interrupted. Murphy then scored 76 points in a single shot and won the game. The total score was 2-2.  In the 5th inning, after Trump’s long table entered, the cue ball was snooker with a green ball. Murphy missed the ball with two consecutive free throws. Trump jumped to a single shot and won the game.3-2 lead again.In the 6th inning, Trump’s long table didn’t make a missed goal. Murphy scored 77 points in a single shot and won this inning to make a 3-3 tie.  In the 7th inning, Trump also got the chance through the long bench. After 36-0, the simple red ball in the bottom pocket failed to score. At this time, Murphy, who was feeling hot, did not miss such an opportunity. He scored 75 points on a single shot.In this round, the total score of 4-3 overtakes.Trump, who took the lead in the eighth inning, scored 7 points and was interrupted. Murphy then won 70 points in a single shot and won the match. After winning three innings, he won the match point 5-3.  In the 9th inning, Murphy missed a chance to make a mistake in kick-off. Trump followed by consecutive overlaps. After scoring 74 points in a single shot, he won the game by overpoints and saved a match point 4-5 behind.In the 10th inning, Trump continued his good condition. After another fight, he completed the third shot of the game and broke 100 points, saving two match points 5-5.In the quarter-final of the 2016 Snooker International Championship, until the Murphy tiebreaker, Trump lost the black ball after 9-0, and then the two sides crossed each other, and the two won the mobile phone meeting in the chaos.After Murphy’s 49-30 lead, the yellow ball went to the safety ball.Murphy scored a yellow goal and a green goal, but Trump jumped and then lost the basketball.After Trump scored again to score the blue and pink balls, he called for the black ball cue ball to eat the corner of the bag and did not choose to defend.In the fight for the black ball, Murphy won’t miss the chance on the long table. After Trump scored the black ball, Murphy advanced to the semifinals with a 6-5 lore.  Watch the game live”》 2016 Snooker National Championship video live broadcast address 2016 Snooker National Championship Live Room/bar

IELTS combination mixed doubles out, Guo Yu burst the first upset in the All England

“IELTS” combination mixed doubles out, Guo Yu burst the first upset in the All England
Shi Yuqi successfully advanced to the quarterfinals of the men’s singles.Video screenshot of the World Badminton Professional Tournament All England Open on the second day of Beijing time. Mixed doubles defending champion Zheng Siwei / Huang Yaqiong lost to the Netherlands ‘Taborin / Pike 0 to 2 and broke the national feather.The first upset.After playing 3 rounds in the first round, the “IELTS” group once mentioned that the opponents in the second round had not played and needed to be fully prepared.As soon as they entered the actual battle, the two made too many mistakes. Most of the first game was chasing points, and the key points at the end of the game were not grasped. They lost by 20-22.In the second game, the Dutch combination took the initiative first. Zheng Siwei / Huang Yaqiong ended up 17-17, and the road to defending ended abruptly.Chen Yufei beat Thailand’s Busanlan 21-15, 21-13 tonight, scoring the first round of the game more easily.The women’s singles defending champion said that she is also in a better state than the first day, and she has played her stuff after adapting to the opponent’s rhythm and movement.Shi Yuqi defeated teammate Zhao Junpeng 21 to 13 and broke into the men’s singles quarterfinals.”Little Stone” admitted frankly after the game that the venue had more crosswinds today, and both his and his opponents made mistakes. “Maybe I played more proactively.”Shi Yuqi’s quarter-final is likely to face Danish star Anselon. The two met in the semi-final of the All England Championship last year. Shi Yuqi failed to win. He hopes to be fully prepared this year to achieve a breakthrough.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Chen Zhang Yunfeng proofreading Jia Ning